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Chapter 431

Although Alyssa couldn’t ask Karl anything, she didn’t feel much depressed either.

She believed that it was not difficult for Karl to find such a hypnosis expert.

Karl returned home, handed the coat to the servant, and sat down on the sofa.

He looked up at the crystal lamp above his head and looked around.

Only the bodyguards and servants were deserted in the huge villa.

He took out his cell phone and swiped his finger to the text message page unconsciously.

There is only one message in the message box.

It was sent to him by Alyssa last night, and the content contained only the simple words “good night”.

When he received the text message, he only thought the woman was extremely boring and wanted to black her out, but he didn’t know why he didn’t black out.

Maybe he was too sleepy and fell asleep later.


Smith’s voice pulled Karl’s thoughts back.

Karl locked the screen of his phone before looking up at Smith.

He didn’t speak, but raised his eyebrows and motioned to Smith to speak if he had something.

Smith asked cautiously: “Sir, what would you like to eat tonight?”

Karl was in a special situation recently, and Smith stayed directly at Karl’s house.

Fortunately, Karl still trusted him very much.

However, his special assistant is really comprehensive. Even if he is Karl’s subordinate, he still needs to deal with the clothes, housing and transportation on weekdays.

Because of what happened last night, the servants in the kitchen dare not cook easily.

Fearing that Karl would be out of taste and lose his temper, he had to ask Smith to ask Karl.

Karl said indifferently, “I asked them to come, isn’t it just for cooking? You need to ask me for such a small thing?”

Smith said that it is a trivial matter to him, but a top priority to the servants.

Smith boldly asked, “Sir, do you want to eat the meal made by Madam?”

Karl did not correct Smith’s tone for the first time, but asked, “You mean Alyssa?”

Smith noticed this little detail, and responded: “Yes.”


Karl sneered, and said with a mocking tone: “Last night it was delivered to the door for cooking. It’s what time tonight and no one is here. She wants to remarry me like this! I’m crazy!”


Smith wiped the sweat from his forehead.

When he followed Karl as his special assistant, he had just graduated. At that time, AdamPic Media was not very famous, but it was already profitable.

Karl is a born businessman with extraordinary methods.

The progress of AdamPic Media can be seen by the eyes.

However, Karl, who was in his early twenties at that time, had a very violent temper.

When Smith had just graduated, he was a stunned young man, and he was not as comprehensive as he is now, and he had received a lot of scolding from Karl.

At that time, although he was a little dissatisfied and was scolded by a boss younger than himself, he had to be convinced after seeing Karl’s strength.

Smith was accustomed to the prudent Karl, who became increasingly fierce.

However, Karl’s character suddenly changed back to when he was just in his early twenties…

It’s been so many years, Smith really doesn’t know how to get along with such a Karl.

Does he want to tell Karl that he actually called Alyssa to come to the rescue last night?

Does he want to tell Karl that he used to be staring at Alyssa closely, is that baby?

In fact, he also mentioned it vaguely, it was useless at all.

Karl would not listen.

After Karl finished speaking, he didn’t hear Smith’s response, and looked at him blankly: “Why don’t you speak? I’m not right?” “Sir is right.” Smith got a straight look, and returned with a serious look. .

Karl was obviously satisfied that Smith had the same idea as him, and then asked, “Then why doesn’t she come to cook?”

Does he really treat the young lady as a cooking?

It didn’t show up on the face of Smith, and only said: “The young lady has to take care of Grace. It’s normal if she doesn’t come over to cook for you.”

Karl was silent for a moment, and said, “My daughter?”

When Smith talked about Grace, there was a smile in his voice: “Yes, Grace was raised by you, very cute.”

Karl remembered the little dumpling that he saw in the hall yesterday at noon. She looked so soft that he felt like a finger could hold her down.

He didn’t know whether it was cute, he thought it looked very small.

“Since I was the one who brought it up, why should Alyssa come back to pick it up so cheap.”

Karl said, and stood up.

Smith couldn’t figure out what Karl was thinking now: “…Sir?”

“Do you know where Alyssa lives?”

Smith nodded: “I know.”

But he still didn’t know what Karl wanted to do.

“Let’s go.” After Karl finished speaking, he took the lead in raising his foot and walking forward.

Smith followed up from behind: “Sir, where are you going?”

Karl didn’t look at him, and said indifferently: “Go and get back the little dumpling I brought up.”

Smith: “…” He seemed to have done something bad with kindness.

“Grace, come to get your bowl, eat right away.”

Alyssa cooked the last dish in the kitchen and asked Grace to come in and get a bowl.

“Come on!” With Grace’s little milky voice, the little meat dumplings rushed into the kitchen.

Alyssa handed her the bowl and chopsticks: “Take it and put it on the table.”

Grace responded crisply, “Okay.”

Grace ran out holding the bowl with “clang”, and put it on the dining table with “clang”.

Alyssa opened the lid to see if the soup was ready, and heard Grace calling her outside: “Mom, someone is knocking on the door.”

“Where is Aunt Weber?”

“She’s still in the toilet.”

Alyssa stirred in the soup pot: “Wait, I will open the door.”

“I’ll go.” Grace volunteered, and before Alyssa could speak, she hurriedly ran to open the door.

Alyssa quickly put down the spoon in her hand and walked outside: “Grace, I’ll open the door.”

When she went out, Grace had already opened the door.


Grace raised her head and looked at the tall man standing outside the door, with bright eyes: “Kalr!”

Alyssa wanted to stop her, but it was too late.

Grace had already rushed over… and hugged Karl’s leg.

And her height can only hug Karl’s legs.

Karl turned his head and glanced at Smith, who was behind him. Is this what you call cute?

Then, he lowered his eyes to look at Grace and raised his eyebrows: “What do you call me?”

Grace “hehe” smiled twice, with a little flattery in his tone: “Dad!”

Karl was stiff. Is such a slippery girl his daughter?

He raised his head to look at Alyssa, he suspected that Alyssa taught her.

Alyssa seemed to see Karl’s thoughts, and she hugged Grace and stuffed her into Karl’s arms: “Grace hasn’t seen you for two days, so she is missing you.”

Chapter 432

The soft ball hit his arms, and Karl subconsciously reached out to support Grace.

Grace put her arms around Karl’s neck, her eyes were shining.

She pointed her finger in the direction of the restaurant: “Dad, eat.”

Alyssa didn’t know how Karl would suddenly come to Tina’s house to look for her, but she knew that Karl would come, so she must have his purpose.

Grace was so happy, even if something really happened, Alyssa wouldn’t ask Karl now.

She was about to speak when Tina heard the sound and said one step ahead of her: “Big Boss, so… long time no see.”

This was the first time Tina saw Karl after meeting in Best Day last time.

With so many things happening during this time, she would inevitably be a little curious when she saw Karl.

“Why are you standing here? Come in and sit.” Tina was standing next to Alyssa. After she finished speaking, she pushed Alyssa.

Alyssa raised her head slightly to look at Karl: “Come in.”

Smith whispered in Karl’s ear, “Sir, go in.”

Karl twisted his eyebrows slightly, and didn’t know what he was thinking, he lifted his foot and walked in.

As soon as he came in, Grace struggled to slip off him and took his hand to the dining table.

When she walked to the dining table, she helped Karl pull a chair.

“Dad sit and eat.”

It’s just that the chair was big and heavy, and Grace only pulled the chair out with the strength of the milky hands.

Karl lowered his eyes as he watched Grace’s small face flushed with force, and the corners of his mouth were tightly pressed, making him look stubborn and serious.

Smith said before that his daughter is very cute.

But in his opinion, the adjective “cute” is a very subjective feeling.

At this moment, he also felt very subjectively that this little dumpling was very cute.

He moved his fingers to help Grace, but seeing her so seriously, he just didn’t move.

Since he entered the door, Alyssa has been paying attention to him, seeing all his reactions without fail.

Where does this man have so much bad taste?

Alyssa walked over and pulled Grace up: “Grace, it’s okay, Dad can sit down.”

Grace looked up, her expression a little dumbfounded, she dialed her bangs, patted the chair, took Karl’s hand, and motioned him to sit.

Karl sat down.

Tina had always been afraid of Karl.

After she waited for Karl to sit down, she chose the farthest position from Karl to sit down.

The dining table is not very big. After Smith and Tina sat down, the remaining seat was next to Karl.

Alyssa sat down beside Karl, and let Grace sit between them.

The child didn’t have a clear concept of time, but she hadn’t seen Karl for two days, and it was a long time for Grace.

The child’s happiness is straightforward.

Alyssa picked her vegetables, she used her chopsticks soaked with rice grains to pick her own dishes, put them in Karl’s bowl, and smiled cutely: “Dad, eat this.”

Karl is actually a slight profanity.

Although he and Alyssa were not very obvious when they were together, it was not difficult to find out.

Karl looked at the piece of meat stained with rice grains, then glanced at Grace, who was looking forward to it, his brows were twisted into a knot.

Alyssa’s heart was not good, and when she was about to speak, she was surprised to see Karl pluck the rice grains on the piece of meat and put the meat into her mouth.

However, when he chewed, his expression was stiff.

Alyssa wanted to laugh a little, but Karl was willing to cooperate with Grace and it was already very good. If she dared to laugh, Karl would definitely turn her face in person.

Seeing Karl had eaten that piece of meat, Grace happily bowed her head and gave him grilled rice.

Alyssa only fried three dishes and one soup. Fortunately, when she was cooking, she was thinking of eating fried rice tomorrow morning, so the rice was cooked a bit too much.

Karl had only eaten Alyssa’s noodles before, but now after eating rice, he realized that her cooking skills really suit his appetite.

Three dishes and one soup were all eaten cleanly, leaving only one plate.

After eating, Tina and Smith, consciously cleaned up the dinner plate.

There are only three Karl’s family left in the restaurant.

Karl sat motionless in the chair with a calm face, and it was the tall Mr. Adams.

Alyssa wiped Grace’s mouth.

Then Grace jumped off the chair and ran to play.

At the dinner table, only Alyssa and Karl were left.

Alyssa asked aloud first: “Why are you here suddenly?”

In Karl’s deep voice, no other emotions could be heard: “Come here to pick up Grace.”

“Pick Grace?” Alyssa turned her head to look at Karl, her tone could not help but a hint of sarcasm: “What do you want to pick her up for? Show her your temper? Or do you want to throw something to scare her?”

Karl let out a low voice, “Alyssa.”

His tone was a little colder than before, and there was a hint of anger.

Alyssa moved her lips and said nothing.

It could be seen that Karl hadn’t spoken yet, she waited for Karl to speak first.

As a result, Karl said quietly: “With your attitude, you still want to remarry me?”

Alyssa: “…”

She actually didn’t quite understand, Karl’s brain made up something.

But after thinking about it, Karl’s memory now stays in his early twenties, which means that he has no feelings for her at all.

Smith may have already talked to Karl about the past few years.

She and Karl are divorced now, and she is very active now, Karl will naturally think about this.

Thinking in another direction, Karl’s words were actually correct.

She just wanted to remarry Karl.

Just want to help him recover his memory and be with him again.

They have gone through so many things, they just want to be together.

When Alyssa thought about it, she felt a little more relieved: “Yes, I just want to remarry you, and I want to remarry you in my dreams.”

She suddenly regained her memory yesterday, and when faced with all this, she felt a little unfair in her heart.

Seeing a man who should be a close lover is unfamiliar with herself, she feels uncomfortable.

However, feelings are not measured by fairness and unfairness.

As long as we can be together.

Karl snorted: “Wishful thinking.”

Alyssa’s complexion changed slightly, but soon calmed down.

She curled her lips and smiled at him: “If people don’t have delusions, what’s the meaning of living.”

Karl stared at her for two seconds, stood up quickly, and said coldly, “Smith, leave.”

Behind the kitchen door in the dining room, when Tina and Smith were eavesdropping on the two of them, they suddenly came out.

He sorted his clothes, and said in a hurry, “Madam, I’m leaving now, thank you for dinner.”

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