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Chapter 433

Alyssa nodded to Smith and said, “Goodbye.”

Smith raised his foot and ran after Karl: “Sir, here I am.”

When he chased him out, Karl had already reached the elevator entrance, but had not yet pressed the elevator.

Smith stepped forward and pressed the elevator, and shouted: “Sir.”

Karl sneered, “I have never seen a cheeky woman like Alyssa.”

Smith hesitated and corrected Karl aloud: “Sir, you don’t seem to know any other women except Madam.”

Karl, who was in his early twenties, really didn’t know any other women except Claire.

After meeting Alyssa, Karl has only a handful of women.

Karl turned his head and looked at Smith with cold eyes: “Did I let you talk?”

“No.” Smith lowered his head and said respectfully.


The elevator just came down.

With a cold snort, Karl walked into the elevator with his foot up.

Hours to keep up.

He just got into the elevator, and met Karl’s cold eyes.

He was stunned for a moment, not knowing what Karl meant, he tentatively exited the elevator.

At this moment, Karl looked at him blankly and spit out three words coldly: “Take the stairs.”

After speaking, he pressed the close button.

Standing alone outside the elevator Smith’s wind was messy.

Nearly ten years later, when looking back, Smith couldn’t help but feel a little confused. How did he endure Karl’s temper?

But after more than ten years, he can only bear it anymore.

He thought optimistically, maybe Sir will soon participate in the recovery of his memory?

When Smith and Karl left, Tina walked out.

She also hid behind the kitchen door with Smith just now and overheard. She listened to the conversation between Karl and Alyssa without fail.

Tina patted her on the shoulder and comforted her: “Don’t take the big boss’s words to heart, you just assume that he is sick now, maybe it will be better after a while.”

“I’m fine.” Alyssa turned her eyes and shook her head: “Karl was always thinking of me before, and now it’s just time I can do something for him.”

Tina frowned and said, “Although it is said that, but you can’t just wrong yourself because of him.”

“Will not.”

Alyssa thought about what happened before, and laughed: “Karl actually has a slight habit of cleanliness. Before Grace gave him food, he still ate it. The father and daughter are connected. He doesn’t feel at all about Grace.”

“What about you?” Tina sighed when she thought of the “wishful thinking” Karl had just said.

Alyssa’s complexion suddenly became a little uncomfortable: “It’s not completely insensitive to me.”

Tina didn’t understand: “Huh?”

“I won’t tell you.” Alyssa changed the subject: “I want to take Grace to take a bath and sleep.”

Tina asked unwillingly: “Hey, haven’t you finished speaking? To be specific, how does the big boss feel about you?”

Alyssa just smiled at her and took Grace to take a bath.

She gave Grace water while thinking about yesterday.

Yesterday she went to Karl’s house, finished making noodles for him, and finally k!ssed him stealthily.

According to Karl’s temperament, if he really didn’t feel at all for her, and hated her in particular, he would not come to her today and would sit with her for a meal in harmony.

Although he said that he was only here to meet Grace, he came to her after rounding up.

She stole a k!ss to Karl that day, and Karl was able to eat with her calmly. Doesn’t it mean that he also has feelings for her?

If Karl didn’t feel anything towards her, according to his character, Alyssa k!ssed him secretly, can he stand here safe and sound at the moment?

Of course not.

Karl hates a person, there are always countless ways to make that life worse than death.

This is also a good thing for Alyssa.

As long as Karl feels about her, doesn’t hate her, and doesn’t reject her approaching him, isn’t it just around the corner for them to be together again?

Alyssa asked Smith to help her with the ID card, and Smith quickly handled it for her.

He helped Alyssa re-apply for identity documents and various bank cards. After completing the application, he personally sent them to Alyssa.

Alyssa knew early on that Smith’s work efficiency was high, but he didn’t expect it to be so fast.

Alyssa took the box that Smith handed over, and said, “Thank you.”

Smith couldn’t help smiling wryly: “It’s okay, it’s much easier than helping Boss.”

Alyssa was surprised, and then agreed: “He has a bit of a big temper now.”

Smith shook his head: “I have to go to the company first.”

After sending it away, Alyssa took the things into the room.

She opened the box, and what was in it was Alyssa’s ID card, passport, bank card and the like.

Alyssa clicked on the things and put them in her wallet.

Now, the hypnosis expert who hypnotized Karl had no clue at all, and she had been sending people to investigate him all the time.

There are not many things she can do now, she can only take one step at a time.

The most urgent task is to find a place to live. It is not a problem to live here in Tina’s.

Alyssa thought about her Twitter account.

She tried the password a few times and finally got on.

Only when she opend the app, there were too many unread messages, and the phone kept shaking, making her hands feel a little numb.

Alyssa put the phone aside and let it vibrate.

After a while, when the phone finally calmed down, Alyssa reached out and picked it up.

There are countless private messages and notification messages, as well as many mentions.

She was dazzled.

Alyssa was a little moved.

At that time, she sold the script to Mattie, and she didn’t think about how popular it would be.

She was only thinking about not letting Mattie lose money.

But unexpectedly, “Lost City” was better than she thought.

Alyssa browsed some notification messages and private messages, and then posted a Tweet.

“Thank you for your love of “Lost City”.”

A very simple Tweet, no redundant language.

As soon as her Tweet was posted, it was immediately forwarded and commented.

“Is it really the screenwriter herelf?”

“Is it Grace herself?”

“Is the writer of “Lost City” herself?”

“I can’t believe that in my lifetime I can wait until the screenwriter is greatly improved. Is “Lost City 2″ already written?”


The number of comments and reposts is still increasing.

Alyssa didn’t read a few after reading for a while, she found that she couldn’t finish it at all.

She has just cleared the private messages and notification messages, and there will be new unread private messages.

However, seeing so many fans remembering her and paying attention to her, she was very happy and vibrated.

Chapter 434

Alyssa went to Twitter and forgot to check if there was any money in her account.

She checked and found that she still had hundreds of thousands of dollars in her card.

The money may not be a big deal to Tina and Karl, but to her, it is not too little.

It was enough to support her and Grace’s life before she wrote the new script.

Tina just opened the door and came in at this moment: “What are you doing?”

“Organize something.” Alyssa showed her her brand new ID.

Tina was in the room just now, and she didn’t know that Smith had come to deliver something to Alyssa: “Who got it for you?”

“I asked Smith to do it for me.” Alyssa said, putting the bank card back in her bag: “I remember that there is money in the bank card, but I don’t remember how much money there is. I just checked. It’s enough for me and Grace to live.”

When Tina heard her say this, she naturally heard Alyssa’s intention to move out.

Tina frowned slightly: “It’s okay to live with me. What are you polite to?”

“I know your intentions, but I want to raise Grace, I also have my own life to live, and there is nowhere to go. In fact, everything is developing in a good direction now.”

Tina just fell asleep, her hair was a bit messy, Alyssa reached out to help her brush her hair: “Don’t always call for takeaways when you rest at home, let Peter come over and cook for you.”

Tina immediately retorted: “What are you talking about, Peter doesn’t know how to cook…”

“I didn’t deny it? Are you two…huh?” Alyssa raised her chin, looking like she was hesitant to speak.

“I don’t know.” Tina shook her head, and the smile on her face faded: “Even if Peter and I are not together, we will be friends and relatives. You worry about me too much.”

As Tina said, she bumped Alyssa’s shoulder.

Seeing Alyssa still staring at her, she smiled and said, “At least I am richer than you. I have a house, a car, a bag, and brand-name clothes. I have everything I want. You should worry about yourself.”

Alyssa nodded seriously and said: “Well, what you said makes sense.”

Tina is a girl with her own ideas.

She and Tina have been friends for so many years, and there is a little similarity.

They all believe that love is not the whole life.

The meaning of life should be broader.

However, they will also go through fire and water for love.

Tina said with a serious face: “If you want to move out, I will ask my agent to help you find a house. She is good at these things, and it is not easy to find a place for you with your children.”

Alyssa responded, “Okay.”

At noon, Alyssa took a look at her Twitter again.

She found that the Twitter posted this morning had over 10,000 reposts and likes, and tens of thousands of comments.

Among those who forwarded it, there are many star directors in the entertainment circle, and some Internet celebrities.

Tina came over with regret: “You are on Twitter? Why didn’t you tell me so I could grab a sofa.”

Alyssa was helpless: “I’ll just go up and post a Tweet to try.”

Tina also took out her mobile phone and retweet the new Twitter that Alyssa posted.

“V Tina: I have waited for half my life, but fortunately you finally came back, so the question is, will the screenwriter write “Lost City 2”? Thank you for your comments on “Lost City” favorite.”

Alyssa was watching Twitter, and she happened to see Tina reposting her Twitter, and clicked on Tina’s avatar to follow her.

Only when she clicked, she found out that they were paying attention to each other.

This shows that Tina paid visits to her early in the morning.

When she first created this Tweet account, she didn’t pay attention to Tina, and asked Tina not to interact with her.

After all, her reputation at the time was not very good, and Tina was in the ascendant period. There were always roles in works, not the fire, but there was always a topical degree.

She was afraid of affecting Tina.

Alyssa asked her: “When did you follow me?”

“Of course, when “Lost City” was broadcast, your fans rushed upwards. All the discussions on the Internet were all about “Lost City”. Some of the producers bought the drafts and talked about the topics, but others All of them were discussed spontaneously by netizens…”

Speaking of the situation at the time, Tina was more excited than Alyssa.

Alyssa checked the news on the Internet before, and “Lost City” was launched the following year after filming.

It was the second year after she and Karl experienced the explosion on the island.

Two years have passed since now.

“In the past two years, many producers and directors have wanted to work with you. You don’t have to worry about not being able to sell your future scripts. The tide is rising, and you have to pick a partner…”

Tina stayed in the circle longer than Alyssa, and she couldn’t help but tell Alyssa some of her own experience.

Alyssa was actually thinking of Mattie in her heart.

If Mattie would come to her, she might still cooperate with Mattie.

It was Mattie who solved her urgent need, and now she is still willing to cooperate with Mattie again.

Moreover, she also believed in Mattie’s ability.

If “Lost City 2” is released again, she must cooperate with her.

Alyssa posted a Tweet and also appeared on entertainment news.

In the next few days, Alyssa received a lot of calls.

Most of these calls are for cooperation.

Alyssa all tactfully refused.

Except that she was waiting for Mattie to find her, she was still busy moving.

Tina had a family of relatives who immigrated and left a house. They were reluctant to sell it, but they were afraid that the house would accumulate dust if no one lived in it for a long time, so she asked Tina to rent it out for them.

Tina was originally entrusted to the agent to handle it, but the agent never rented out the house.

Since the house was not rented out, Tina rented it directly to Alyssa.

Tina and her agent took Alyssa to see the house.

The house is in a residential area with a beautiful environment and a very good location.

More importantly, the location of the house is on the way from Karl’s home to Adams’ family.

It can be said to be extremely convenient.

Fine decoration, complete furniture.

Tina opened the curtains and asked Alyssa, “How is it, do you think it’s okay?”

“Very good.” Alyssa was satisfied with the house.

“You can live there first. As for the rent, just give it whatever you want. Their family doesn’t lack the money. They just want someone to live in the house and add some popularity.”

Although Tina said so, Alyssa still paid the rent at the market price.

Since the house was ready, Alyssa moved in within two days.

Children are always curious about new environments.

As soon as Grace arrived in the house, he looked around here and there, running around curiously.

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