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Chapter 435

Alyssa sat down on the sofa and watched Grace come in and out, only then did she remember that she hadn’t seen Karl for several days.

Alyssa was a little lost and thought that it was different from before.

Before, when she and Karl couldn’t live together, Karl was angry with her because she didn’t take the initiative to contact him.

Now that he is busy for several days, he can’t contact him, and he won’t take the initiative to call and ask.

Lost, Alyssa took out her mobile phone and dialed Karl’s number.

The phone is connected, but no one answerd.

Alyssa pressed twice consecutively, but no one answered.

She felt a little nervous, wouldn’t Karl have blacked her out?

Adams’s House Building.

In the conference room, Karl sat in the first place, and a group of high-level officials sat down.

Karl looked at the file in his hand, his frowning brows never let go.

The people below dared not say anything.

Smith stood behind him, watching his heart and his nose.

At this moment, Karl’s cell phone rang aside.

The crisp cell phone ringtones are particularly abrupt in the quiet conference room.

The gazes of those high-level officials below all focused on Karl’s cell phone.

Smith stood behind him, and when he lowered his eyes, he could see clearly the caller’s note displayed on the phone: “Cheeky woman.”

Smith only thought for a second, and knew that this was Karl’s remark to Alyssa.


Don’t know who is more cheeky.

Karl did not answer the call immediately, he just kept staring at the ringing cell phone.

This was a huge difference from Karl, who was swift to pick up when he saw Alyssa call.

Karl did not answer until the phone rang and hung up automatically.

Smith couldn’t figure out what Karl meant.

If Karl didn’t feel Alyssa at all, it would be impossible for Alyssa to call him.

But if he does feel, why doesn’t he answer the phone?

Is it playing a trick of getting caught up?

Smith was taken aback by this thought.

In the past, Karl had so many twists and turns to Alyssa. If he liked it, he would grab it directly, and if he didn’t like it, he would push it far.

Karl’s memory is regressing, but his emotional intelligence is improving?

The phone fell silent, and the screen went dark, Karl retracted his gaze and returned his gaze to the document in front of him.

But soon, the phone rang again.

Calling again?

He wanted to see how many times that cheeky woman could hold on.

However, before he could detect how many times Alyssa wanted to keep calling, he found that he couldn’t help but want to answer the phone.

Alyssa has not taken the initiative to come to him in the past few days, nor has she contacted him.

Is this the practice of a woman who wants to remarry him?

If you really want to remarry him so much, shouldn’t you seize every opportunity to offer him hospitality?

But Alyssa was ready, just came to make a bowl of noodles for him to eat.

The next day he took the initiative to call for her. She said something plausible and ignored him?

Where is such a woman!

When Karl thought of this, he couldn’t help but sneered.

The person sitting close to Karl heard his sneer, and even his hair stood up.

The CEO’s temper has become more and more weird recently, and they are all afraid of meetings.

Even in meetings, they dare not talk casually.

Karl stared at the phone blankly for a while, then decided to reach out to answer the call.

Forget it, because Alyssa had already taken the initiative to call him, he fulfilled her wish and answered her call.

However, his hand reached halfway, and the phone ringing stopped abruptly.

Alyssa hung up the phone.

When Smith stood behind Karl and saw Karl’s behavior in his eyes, he secretly screamed badly.

Sure enough, Karl clenched his fist stiff in the air. After he retracted it, he stood up slowly, picked up the plan in front of him and slammed it out, saying coldly, “There are also such things. Show me your face? Pick it up and do it again.”

After he finished speaking, he turned around angrily and went out.

Smith quickly picked up Karl’s cell phone and followed him.

Entering the CEO’s office, Karl picked up the water on the desk and drank it, untied his tie, and walked back and forth in front of the desk.

It looked like he was angry, but also anxious.

Smith stayed aside. When Karl stopped, Smith walked up and handed him the phone: “Sir, your phone.”

Karl stared at the phone for a few seconds, and said coldly, “Throw it away.”

Smith: “…”

However, Karl’s words were all about it, and he had to take the phone and threw it into the trash can by the desk.

After throwing the phone Smith looked at Karl: “If it’s okay, I’ll go out first.”

Karl waved his hand and motioned for him to go out.

After he went out, Karl pulled off his tie and sat down behind the desk.

As a result, just as he sat down, the phone in the trash can rang again.

Alyssa called again?

Karl curled his eyebrows in thought for a moment, then bent over and picked up the phone from the trash can.

The note displayed on the screen is not “cheeky woman”.

With a dark face, Karl answered the phone: “Peter, you’d better find me if you have something big, otherwise…”

He didn’t finish the latter words, but sneered.

Halfway through, it sounds even scarier.

Peter didn’t know where he provoke Karl.

Karl’s situation was erratic. Last time he finally agreed that he could go to Karl’s house to eat and drink. In a blink of an eye, Karl was like this again…

With this thought, Peter was relieved.

Peter went straight to the subject: “Alyssa moved house and said she was going to invite everyone to dinner, want to go?”

Alyssa just called him and said that Karl didn’t answer her phone, and asked him to call and try. He didn’t expect that Karl would actually answer his call.

To use a popular word on the Internet, Karl is now dying.

Alys? Called so affectionate!

Karl asked coldly, “Are you familiar with Alyssa?”

Peter was very sensitive-he could sense that Karl’s tone was wrong, and he said with a strong desire to survive: “…I’m not familiar, my wife knows her well.”

Karl raised his eyebrows: “When did you get married too?”

Peter felt that Karl was piercing his heart.

Before he and Tina, they couldn’t tell there was a problem, but they always felt that there was something between them.

Peter covered his chest, “…I’m not married, don’t you just call it fun in private?”

Karl continued to pierce his chest with a knife: “What’s so good about getting married? Alyssa has been chasing after me recently and wants to remarry me.”

Chapter 436

Listening carefully, Karl’s tone seemed a bit proud.

Peter felt that his knowledge of Karl in the past was still too shallow, and he did not expect that there was such a soul of love hidden under Karl’s cold face.

But seeing the deep friendship between the two, Peter felt that he still had to remind Karl.

“Karl, do you know a popular saying on the Internet?”

“I don’t know.” Karl obviously didn’t want to hear what he was going to say later.

Peter didn’t mind being demolished by Karl, he continued: “That sentence is: It’s a good time to die, when you can chase the wife in the crematorium.”

Karl asked coldly: “Is this sentence related to me?”

His tone was dangerous and cold, Peter knew how to answer even if he was a fool.

“It doesn’t matter to you…hehe.” It doesn’t matter now, it will matter later.

Karl snorted coldly, Peter didn’t forget what was going on, and continued: “I’m sending you the address… come over tonight.”

Karl categorically refused: “No.”

Peter: “…”

Although Karl could not say anything, after Peter hung up the phone, he still sent him Alyssa’s address.

If Karl recovers his memory in the future, he won’t blame him for not helping. There is only so much he can help Karl.

However, as long as he thought of Karl’s remorse and regret in the future, Peter felt a little dark in his heart.

Looking forward to it.

Alyssa made two phone calls to Karl, but Karl did not answer.

She first thought Karl was in a meeting.

But she thought about Karl’s recent attitude towards her, and felt that he most likely did not want to answer her calls.

So she called Peter and asked Peter to try.

She waited, and did not see Peter calling her back, she guessed that Karl might have answered Peter’s call and was talking to Peter.

Although she was prepared early, she was still a little frustrated.

Karl actually didn’t answer her phone…

Alyssa leaned back and fell onto the sofa.

She was also a little tired these days, it wasn’t that she didn’t think of calling Karl.

Mainly because of her “wishful thinking” that day, it still had a little impact on her.


Grace ran out of the room holding a pink rabbit, ran to the sofa, leaned on the edge of the sofa, and looked at Alyssa eagerly: “Rabbit.”

Alyssa asked her: “Do you like it?”

This pink rabbit was bought by the way when she went out shopping yesterday.

Grace nodded repeatedly: “Yeah.”

Alyssa reached out and touched her hair.

At this time, Peter called.

Alyssa sat up from the sofa at once and asked anxiously: “How is it?”

“Karl answered the phone, but he…”

Listening to Peter’s hesitation, Alyssa guessed the result.

“He won’t come, will he?”


“I see, thank you, come over to eat at night, I even called Tina.”

“Good, good, I’ll come over at night.” As long as there is Tina, let alone eating, he has to go even if it’s a hunger strike.

Alyssa said a few words to Peter, and then hung up.

As if feeling Alyssa’s depression, Grace yelled, “Mom…”

Alyssa stretched out her hand and squeezed Grace’s face: “We are going out to buy things, buy meat, buy vegetables, and then cook, ask Aunt Weber and the others to come over and eat.”

Grace’s eyes lit up: “Eat meat and lollipops.”

Alyssa shook her head: “You can only eat sweets tomorrow.”

Grace loves sugar too much, Alyssa stipulates that she can only eat sugar the next day.

Grace pouted, obviously not happy: “Today.”

Alyssa hugged her: “Eat meat.”

“Okay.” Although reluctant, it’s satisfying to have meat.

Alyssa took Grace to the supermarket to buy a bunch of food.

She moved to the place where she lived and treated guests to dinner, which was a renewed ceremony.

The only people originally planned were she and Karl, Tina and Peter.

Now Karl couldn’t come, there were only three of them.

Even if there were only three people, Alyssa still cooked a lot of dishes.

I also prepared a little wine.

Tina and Peter came one after another.

In the afternoon, Alyssa took Grace out to buy things, but Grace did not take a nap.

When eating dinner, Grace began to doze off.

Alyssa had to feed her quickly and take Grace to the room to sleep.

Grace didn’t recognize the bed, and fell asleep in bed.

Alyssa made sure that she was asleep, and put the pink rabbit into her arms before leaving the room.

Tina asked her in a low voice, “Asleep?”

“Yeah.” Alyssa nodded, and said, “The house has very good sound insulation, and it’s okay if the sound is louder.”

Today she turned on the TV in the living room and went back to her room without hearing a word.

Tina picked up the glass and poured her wine: “Drink some wine.”

Alyssa gave a little hand gesture: “Less.”

As a result, Tina poured her half a cup.

When she and Tina finished drinking, the doorbell rang.

Alyssa drank the wine and glanced at the door.

Tina kicked Peter under the table, Peter quickly stood up: “I’ll open the door.”

When Peter opened the door, he saw Karl standing outside the door blankly.

Peter was taken aback for a moment: “Karl is here.”

Karl squinted his eyes slightly and examined his face: “What are you doing here?”

This look at the adulterer made Peter’s scalp numb.

“I am not only your friend, I and Alyssa are also friends, okay?”

Karl glanced at him, raised his foot and walked in.

Peter closed the door, followed behind him, and muttered to himself: “Even if this person has amnesia, how can he be so stingy…”

After drinking half a glass of wine, Alyssa looked towards the door, wanting to see who came.

When she saw Karl, she opened her mouth slightly in surprise. When Karl approached, she said, “Karl? Why are you here?”

Isn’t it impossible to say before?

Turning back is not his style.

Karl looked at her coldly, with a dangerous tone: “Should I not come?”

“No…” Alyssa hurriedly stood up, pulling him to sit down on the chair next to her.

Alyssa pulled his hand, and Karl folded his palm slightly, feeling that her hand was as soft as boneless.

Although Alyssa just led him to the chair and sat down, then let go, but Karl felt that the place where she had been led by her still felt a little soggy.

It seems that there is an electric current passing through.

Alyssa added a pair of tableware to Karl and asked him in a low voice, “Have you eaten?”

Karl noticed the concern in her eyes, but as soon as he spoke, he only said: “I’m here to see Grace.”

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