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Chapter 439

Alyssa asked her: “You mean Aunt Weber and Uncle Grant?”

“Hmm.” Grace nodded quickly.

“They went back last night.”

After Alyssa finished speaking, she saw a frustration flashing across Grace’s face.

Children just like fun.

Moreover, Grace has never had any small playmates of the same age, either toys or cartoons all day long.

Although Alyssa can accompany her, the world of children still needs more playmates and fun.

Alyssa couldn’t bear to watch her lose, and said, “Dad said, he will come over tonight.”

“Come here, Dad?” Grace repeated what Alyssa said, her eyes sparkling.

“Yeah.” Alyssa nodded, wiped the corners of Grace’s mouth with a tissue, and said, “So, you can eat well now, and you can see Kalr in the evening.”

Grace probably thought it was fun for Alyssa to call Kalr just like her, so she laughed, “Hehe.”

After Grace had eaten, she went to play on her own.

Maybe it was because Grace had always played alone, and Grace could have fun by herself.

Alyssa looked at her for a while, then went to clean up the kitchen.

At this time, her cell phone rang.

Seeing the caller ID on the mobile phone, Alyssa hesitated a bit before answering the call.

Alyssa answered the phone and called out, “Clifford.”

There was a slight smile in Clifford’s voice: “I’m a bit busy lately, and I don’t have time to call you. How are you doing?”

Alyssa could faintly hear the sound of turning over the paper documents. Alyssa asked him: “You have already gone to work so early?”

Clifford said half-jokingly and half-seriously: “It doesn’t make any difference whether you are alone at home or at work.”

Hearing this, Alyssa was unavoidable.

In any case, the person who rescued her was also Clifford. She moved to invite people for dinner, and she never thought of Clifford at all.

“Your female patients are lining up, I’m afraid they will be able to queue to the airport?” Clifford is famous. In addition to some real patients, some female patients deliberately ask to see a doctor, but it is also a drunkard who does not want to drink.

Clifford chuckled softly when he heard the words, “I hope you can make an appointment with me.”

Alyssa naturally followed his words and said, “Ask you for dinner. It’s better to hit the sun if you choose a day. Just today.”

Clifford seemed to be taken aback: “Really?”

“Well, I will send you the address of the restaurant at that time.”

Just after Alyssa finished speaking, Grace was calling her again outside.

After talking to Clifford, she hung up and went out to find Grace.

A small glass ball that Grace played with was buried in the sofa, and Alyssa helped her take it out.

At noon, Alyssa took Grace out of the house.

In order to show the sincerity of the dinner, Alyssa took Grace first for half an hour.

She first ordered a snack for Grace before the meal, and sat there waiting for Clifford to come over.

She had lost her memory before, and she was naturally very close to Clifford.

But now that she has recovered her memory, she naturally remembered what happened three years ago.

Three years ago, Clifford appeared so suddenly that she didn’t even know who he was.

Before she had a chance to figure out who Clifford was, those things happened again…

And the one who saved her was Clifford.

She is even more curious about Clifford’s identity now.

Alyssa didn’t wait long before Clifford came.

“I thought I will be the first one.”

Clifford smiled and sat down in front of her, his eyes fell on Grace involuntarily, “Your daughter?”

“Well, she’s Grace.” Alyssa smiled and patted Grace on the head: “It’s Uncle Dixon.”

Grace still had food in her mouth, so she called out vaguely: “Uncle Dixon…”

“Really good.” Clifford smiled so that the corners of his eyes narrowed, looking harmless to humans and animals.

This look of Clifford coincides with the one Alyssa saw three years ago.

Although Clifford and his identity seemed innocent, he appeared too suddenly, even if he had a life-saving grace for Alyssa, he could not help but make Alyssa’s heart vigilant.

“What’s wrong today? Why are you staring at me all the time?” Clifford said narrowly, “Are you deciding to give up Karl and stay with me? I can’t ask for it.”

Alyssa raised her eyebrows: “Want to be the picker?”

Clifford smiled, stopped continuing the topic, and asked, “How is Karl?”

“Fortunately, good.” For her, Karl was willing to contact her, which was pretty good.

“That’s fine.” Clifford nodded, as if thinking of something: “If you need, you can also bring him to my place. I will help him with psychological guidance. What if it will be useful?”

Alyssa straightened her expression: “Thank you.”

After she finished speaking, she passed the menu to Clifford: “Let’s order first.”

Clifford took the menu and looked at it carefully.

When he lowered his eyes and looked at the menu intently, he was no different from an ordinary man.

If he had to say something special, he seemed to be extraordinarily kind, and this feeling emanated from the inside out.

He has a little humor, and is calm, he is the kind of elite man who is most popular with women nowadays.

A successful career, an elite in the industry, and an economic foundation.

Compared with Karl, it seemed a bit ordinary.

But how did ordinary people rescue her from the island?

She had talked with Tina before, when Karl was seriously injured, Claire rushed to take Karl away, and also took away the search and rescue team. Later, when Peter rushed over, he did not find her.

Then when did Clifford find her and take her away?

Alyssa stared at Clifford in a daze.

“If you look at me like this, I will really feel that you are empathetic and have fallen in love with me.” Clifford suddenly raised his head and looked at her.

Alyssa came back to her senses abruptly, and asked calmly, “Is it so?”

Clifford nodded, his gaze was also somewhat probing: “Yeah.”

When the food was served, the two of them said nothing, and the atmosphere suddenly became a little uncomfortable.

Clifford suddenly said, “When did it happen?”

Although he didn’t say it clearly, Alyssa knew what he meant.

“After I came to you, on the day I went back, I went to a mall to buy something, and someone brought explosives to the mall…” Alyssa briefly summarized the situation that day, and said: “Maybe it was caused by the sound of the explosion. Because of that, so I remembered everything.”

Sometimes, everyone loves to talk to smart people.

Because talking to a smart person can save a lot of brain cells, he can guess directly without abduction.

There was no obvious change in the expression on Clifford’s face. He just said lightly: “Congratulations.”

Chapter 440

Alyssa was about to speak, but was interrupted by Clifford.

“I know what you want to ask, but today’s theme is that you invite me to dinner.” Clifford looked at Alyssa calmly: “If you really want to ask those questions, you can ask first.”

Alyssa felt that she wanted to take back her previous words.

She doesn’t like talking to smart people.

Because smart people can tell at a glance what you are thinking, what you want to ask, and what you want to do.

Now that she had a showdown with Clifford and admitted that she had recovered her memory, she naturally wanted to ask about what happened three years ago and how Clifford knew her.

However, Clifford’s words were for this purpose, so naturally she would not ask them again.

This meal became a simple meal among friends.

Without mentioning the doubts in Alyssa’s heart, the two of them were eating happily.

However, things are often not as smooth as people think.

Just when they were almost finished eating, a group of people walked in from outside.

Alyssa just glanced, but didn’t take a closer look.

And Grace, who was sitting next to her, saw Karl standing behind the crowd very sharply.

Grace exclaimed excitedly: “Kalr.”

But she was sitting in the children’s dining chair at this time and couldn’t get out, so she could only sway on it in a hurry.

As soon as Karl stepped into the restaurant, he frowned and stopped: “Someone called me.”

When Smith followed him, he had to stop with him.

He listened attentively and found that he had not heard anyone called Karl.

The person who walked in the front was originally too careful. When he noticed that Karl had stopped, he naturally didn’t dare to go any further, so he could only stop and wait for Karl.

When Smith was about to remind Karl, he saw Karl look at a certain place.

Smith followed Karl’s sight and saw Grace sitting in the children’s dining chair with excitement, and Alyssa sitting next to her.

If it’s just that, then forget it.

There was a man sitting opposite Alyssa.

Smith turned his head and carefully glanced at Karl’s expression at this time, and found nothing unusual. He then retracted his gaze, stood behind Karl respectfully, and said: “It’s the young lady and the young lady. Is Boss going there?”

He was used to calling Alyssa “Young Lady”, and Karl didn’t ask him to change his tongue, so he didn’t bother to change his tongue.

“Didn’t you see her having a good meal with other men?” Karl sneered, “Don’t go over and disturb her.”

The words “other men” clearly emphasized the tone.

Is this jealous? Anger?

Not sure Smith.

If it was the former Karl, he could be sure that Karl was angry.

And now Karl, he was also uncertain.

After Karl finished speaking, he strode towards the box without turning his head back.

When Alyssa first saw Karl, she secretly said that it was not good.

Although her relationship with Clifford was innocent, Karl didn’t think so.

Karl had already demonstrated this very clearly before.

Although she didn’t know what Karl thought, Alyssa knew he was angry.

“what happened?”

Clifford turned and looked back, just in time to see Karl striding towards the box.

Just now Grace called “Kalr”, he didn’t understand it too well, and he didn’t know that she was calling Karl.

Now that she saw Karl, she knew what was going on.

Clifford teased Alyssa: “You really have fate, you can meet them all over the meal.”

“Yes.” Alyssa smiled reluctantly, she always felt that Clifford was gloating.

When Alyssa and Clifford finished their meal, Karl and his party had not yet come out.

And Grace saw Karl before, and Karl ignored her, and was always depressed. Even if she coaxed her with ice cream, she didn’t see how happy she was.

Alyssa sighed slightly.

“Are you waiting for Karl here?” Clifford asked.

Alyssa glanced at Grace and nodded: “Yeah.”

“I still have several patients in the afternoon, I’ll go back first.” After Clifford finished speaking, he turned and left.

Alyssa ordered a cup of fruit tea and accompanied Grace and waited for Karl to come out.

Karl’s delay in coming out made Alyssa suspect that he might have already left.

She took out her mobile phone and dialed Karl, but Karl did not answer.

Alyssa had to send him a message: “Grace is waiting for you.”

The fact is that Grace wants to see him.

Karl still didn’t reply to her.

Alyssa waited for a while, but still did not see Karl coming out.

The doubt in Alyssa’s heart became heavier.

She took Grace directly to the box door, knocked on the box door symbolically twice, and pushed the box open.

Where are the figures of Karl and Smith in the box inside?

Alyssa frowned and asked, “Where is Karl?”

Alyssa was not a lively person, and looked a little cold when she didn’t laugh.

Someone in the box speculated that she might be Karl’s pink confidant, and someone said, “Mr. Adams left early.”

Alyssa pursed her lips, gritted her teeth and said, “Thank you.”

Then she quit and closed the door for them.

She lowered her head and turned to Grace’s suspicious eyes.

“Dad.” Didn’t you say you can wait for father to come out? Where’s dad?

Alyssa didn’t know how to explain to her, Karl didn’t want to see them… No, Karl might not want to see her.

Alyssa hugged Grace: “Go home first.”

It was already afternoon, and on the way back, Grace started to feel sleepy again.

When they got home, Grace was already asleep.

Alyssa hugged her to the bed, and in order not to wake her, she had to act lightly.

But Grace’s little body already weighed more than twenty kilos. Alyssa came back and hugged her all the way. At this moment, she was a little soft, and it was already a little laborious to put Grace on the bed smoothly.

Alyssa stared at her face that looked exactly like Karl, sighed, reached out and nodded her little nose, and whispered: “Little fat baby.”

Coming out of Grace’s room, Alyssa called Smith.

Smith’s voice is still respectful: “Young lady.”

Alyssa didn’t mean anything, and asked directly, “I was in the restaurant just now, when Karl saw me and Clifford eating together, was he angry?”

Smith glanced at the man sitting behind his desk, looking through the information blankly, turned around and looked aside, and whispered: “It should be…”

Alyssa paused and said, “If he goes straight back from work tonight, I will trouble you to come and pick up Grace.”

If Karl was really angry, he would definitely not come to her again tonight.

But Grace missed him, and it seemed that he did not reject Grace. Alyssa felt that if she took Grace to Karl’s house and let her stay for one night, it should be fine.

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