His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1910

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Chapter 1910

Sakurako Sakura didn’t go to see Christian like her, but she couldn’t get rid of Ameli Su, so she was twisted like this, like a thief being caught and twisted by the police. The appearance of the police station, when walking down the road, Ameli Su even really took the time to find the hotel front desk to report the incident. When the front desk heard it, the woman in Master Tang’s room reported the case. , Didn’t dare to neglect at all, and immediately went to the security guard to see the situation.

Sakurako Sakurako didn’t expect that she would encounter such a thing at all, but fortunately, she took care of her. If she didn’t meet her subordinate within 20 minutes, then… the

subordinate would contact the adult for her.

When that time comes, the adult will definitely be able to protect her.

The night was really wonderful. Sakurahara Kurosawa and Christian received a call saying that there was a disturbance at the front desk of the hotel and they were friends. They rushed over and found Ameli Su with a cigarette in his mouth and wearing a white bathrobe with half of his body exposed. Thighs, sitting sexy and beautiful in the hotel lobby, even wearing headphones, listening to an English rock song leisurely.

“Take me I”m alive never was a girl with a wicked mind.

Take me away . I’m still alive and no longer a weak little girl.”

“But looks better when the sun goes down.

When the sun goes down, everything is more Okay.”

She didn’t care whether the outside world was paying attention to her appearance. She was immersed in the vocalist’s tobacco and alcoholic voice. Erlang’s legs overlapped and her bathrobe was loose. This look looked like a queen.

Christian’s eyes were so suppressed.

This tone is not like that silly and sweet personality, more like… It’s just that everyone finds that there is a woman sitting next to her, and a bunch of people just surround her and guard her. Christian and Sakura Kurosawa are seeing her. At that time, their eyelids jumped.

Sakurako Sakahara? !

Why is it here?

Christian immediately realized that the major event was not good. Their whereabouts seemed to be clearly felt by others, otherwise why could Sakurako Sakurahara chase here? There must be someone behind her who was helping her to deliver news about them.

However, in front of everyone, Christian did not speak first. Instead,

Sakura Kurosawa stepped forward and slammed his unbelievable sister over, “What are you doing!” Sakurako was caught by Ameli Su. The current twister was sent to the front desk of the hotel, even with these scratches on her face. She is not ugly, but the embarrassing look on her face nowadays, she can no longer see the manners of a wealthy daughter, she was yelled in person by Eldon Valles. Sakurako Sakurako was a little delirious, “Why are you shouting at me?!” Sakura

Kurosawa didn’t know that his sister would become like this after years of not seeing her. It became more and more overdone, and it was necessary to Does the so-called honor of the family turn yourself into such a clown?

Christian didn’t speak, but walked to Ameli Su’s side. Ameli Su waved at him, and the man covered her sitting on the chair from behind.

“Long time no see.”

“Your breathing is exciting, you scumbag.” Ameli Su took a puff of cigarette and smiled slowly, and then handed the cigarette to Christian’s mouth with her slender fingers. The man grabbed it and the two of them The movements between the two were clearly not pretending to be ambiguous, but they were filled with astonishing sexual tension. After a pause, Ameli Su said to Christian, “Wake up in the middle of the night and find someone rustling at the door of our room. I caught her.”

Sakurako Sakura didn’t realize she was talking about herself.

Ameli Su narrowed her eyes slightly, stretched out her finger to scratch Christian’s chin behind her, and said to him, “Looking at her like this, I kind of doubt that she has been taking any bad medicine for a long time.”

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