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Chapter 443

Although Grace spoke intermittently, Karl had strangely understood the meaning of her words.

Grace wanted them to be a family of three, but their ability to express themselves was limited, and there was a little lack of meaning in what they said.

Karl said, “Why don’t I let her come? She doesn’t want to come.”

Hearing Karl’s words, Grace’s cries intermittently, looking at him seriously.

Grace said ignorantly: “She wants to come.”

Karl raised his eyebrows to look at her: “Really? Then why isn’t she coming?”

He thought the little girl was also very interesting. She cried so hard just now, and now she doesn’t cry anymore. She didn’t understand what he said, so she argued with him.

Grace was confused by Karl’s words, cheeked, and said violently, “She’s coming!!”

“Okay.” Karl took a deep breath: “She’s here.”

At this time, the elevator had reached the first floor, and Karl hugged her and strode out of the elevator.

He put Grace down and led her away.

Suddenly, Grace broke away from his hand, turned and ran to the elevator entrance.

Karl stared at his freed hand for a few seconds, then strode over.

Grace was pressing the elevator on tiptoe, but her hands were always unable to reach the elevator buttons, it was always a little bit worse.

Karl leaned over, and as soon as he stretched out his long arms, he picked up Grace, put her on his shoulders and walked out.

“Come down!” Grace thumped his calf: “Let me down.”

Karl didn’t say a word, and took her directly to the parking lot.

He freed one hand to press the car key, opened the door with one hand, and stuffed her into the car.

The back seat of the car is equipped with a child seat, which should have been installed before.

Karl pressed her on the children’s seat and buckled her seat belt. Seeing Grace still looked angry, his expression sank: “Sit down, don’t move, don’t call!”

Grace shrank her shoulders in fright, gave him a careful look, and quickly lowered her head, not daring to look at him.

Still afraid of him.

Karl closed the car door satisfied and walked to the front to drive.

When he started the car, he glanced at Grace in the rearview mirror, and saw that she was playing with a seat belt with her face down, and he looked away.

Usually it only takes twenty minutes to drive, and he drove ten minutes more.

The car stopped at the door of the villa. When he got out of the car and opened the car door to see Grace, he found that she was asleep.

Karl bent over to take her out, and whispered: “When you are full, you will go to sleep.”

Smith had recently lived in Karl’s place, and he was taken aback when he saw Karl holding Grace in his arms.

After being surprised, he remembered what Karl had said last time, and couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy: “Sir, how did you bring Grace back?”

Wouldn’t Karl just snatch Grace back?

Karl walked in without squinting, “She insisted on coming back with me.”

Although he just got out of the elevator, Grace wanted to run back, but when he went out, Grace voluntarily followed him.

Karl hugged Grace directly and went to her room.

After he put Grace on the bed, he stopped abruptly.

No one had told him that this was Grace’s room, and he carried Grace into this room entirely by instinct.

He stared at Grace for a few seconds, then turned and left.

At the door Smith.

Karl directly told him: “Go and call a maid over.”

Smith nodded slightly, went downstairs and called a maid to take care of Grace.

Karl went to the office.

Smith followed closely.

As soon as Karl sat down, he remembered the question Alyssa asked him before.

He raised his eyes to Smith and asked, “How is the investigation of the hypnosis expert?”

“There are not many practitioners in the hypnotist industry, and the top hypnosis experts are very low-key…” Smith suddenly paused when he said that.

“Moreover, it is inevitable that such top hypnosis experts have some habit. After they receive the patients, they will hypnotize the patients so that the patients forget their faces.”

When Smith finished speaking, he carefully paid attention to Karl’s expression.

Karl squinted his eyes slightly, and his voice was frigid to the bones: “In other words, no one has ever seen the true colors of those so-called top hypnosis experts?”

Smith nodded invisibly, then lowered his head and stopped talking, which was regarded as acquiescence to his words.


For a long time, Karl sneered and said, “It’s really interesting. Keep looking, I don’t believe it, he can hide for a lifetime!”


Without Grace, the house looked quite deserted.

Alyssa made breakfast and was about to ask Grace to eat. Only then did she remember that Karl took Grace away last night.

Really a little uncomfortable.

Alyssa watched entertainment news while eating breakfast.

After a few days, the media still made a fuss about her Twitter.

“Grace, the screenwriter of “Lost City”, who disappeared for three years, posted a Tweet a few days ago, which caused a storm. In addition to the fans’ industry-related closely following the movements of the screenwriter Grace, there are also some favorites Netizens who gossip, don’t know if they still remember that this screenwriter is actually Mr. Adams’s ex-wife Alyssa…”

“The more important point is that after Alyssa disappeared out of thin air, rumors about her on the Internet also disappeared completely, and she made a new boyfriend before she disappeared. Some netizens speculated that she might disappear in the past three years. Is it related to the new boyfriend she made three years ago, or is it…”

This kind of unsatisfactory report can still be used for entertainment.

Alyssa finished reading the full text with gusto.

The whole story is made up randomly, without any authenticity, and all false.

Do people in the media now write reports based on imagination?

New boyfriend?

Where did her new boyfriend come from?

Alyssa recalled carefully. It seemed that Clifford had arrived at her back then, and was photographed by the media that she had made a new boyfriend.

Later, she was kidnapped by Gerald.

After reading the report, Alyssa did not forget to read the comments below.

“Really? The screenwriter of “Lost City” is Karl’s ex-wife? Wouldn’t it be a ghostwriter?”

“The editor said something useless. I just want to know, when will the second part of “Lost City” be filmed? There are so many pits at the end of the first part. There must be a second part, right?”

“What about your new boyfriend and old ex-husband, I just want to know if the second part of “Lost City” is filmed.”

“I haven’t read “Lost City”. What is this called? You want to be popular. I have seen a lot of her news these days. How many drafts have you bought?”

Below the last comment, there are many follow-up comments.

“You haven’t read it yourself, doesn’t mean that others haven’t read it.”

“She wants to be read? She doesn’t have to think about it, is she already?”

“I think you want to be popular, so I’m specifically looking for cursing, right? I will fulfill you…”

Chapter 444

Alyssa scanned a circle of comments and found that most of them were for the second part of “Lost City”.

There are also some excellent comments, which were criticized by others as soon as they were posted.

Alyssa turned off the phone, cleaned up the tableware, and planned to call Karl later and ask about Grace’s situation.

She had just put away the tableware when the phone rang.

It’s an unfamiliar phone number.

There are not many unfamiliar numbers that have called her these days, Alyssa just took a look and answered the phone: “Hello.”

On the other end of the phone was a slightly familiar female voice: “Is it Alyssa?”

Alyssa heard this voice and paused slightly before saying, “Mattie?”

“It’s really you?” Mattie’s tone couldn’t hide the surprise: “Your reports are everywhere these days. I thought it was just a gimmick, but I didn’t expect it to be you!”

Mattie was very optimistic about Alyssa’s script.

When the filming of “Lost City” was finished, she wanted to ask Alyssa to attend the finale banquet, but where did she find Alyssa at that time?

Alyssa was not found at the finale banquet. Later, the broadcast volume of “Lost City” went up like a rocket, and Mattie did not contact Alyssa.

Alyssa seemed to have evaporated, and there was no news at all.

In the past three years, Mattie has also been paying attention to Alyssa’s news. When she saw Alyssa’s previous Twitter account had been updated, she was a little bit unconvinced that it was Alyssa herself.

Therefore, she waited and watched for a few days, and only after she was sure that it was Alyssa herself, she called.

Alyssa still feels kindly towards Mattie. She smiled and said, “It’s me. It’s been a while since I came back.”

“Then when shall we meet?” Mattie said.

“Okay, I have nothing to do recently anyway.”

Mattie is a very capable person. After hearing Alyssa’s words, she said directly: “If you are fine, how about meeting today?”

Alyssa also agreed: “Yes.”

Alyssa and Mattie had an appointment at a high-end restaurant.

This restaurant is opened by people in the entertainment circle, and people from the entertainment circle often come here for consumption.

Compared with three years ago, Mattie looked more capable and more beautiful.

As soon as she saw Alyssa, she hurried over and looked at Alyssa carefully: “It feels like you haven’t changed much in the past three years.”

Alyssa said sincerely: “You are more beautiful.”

“I’m tired of hearing such words. I didn’t expect you to be so hypocritical, so you would praise me when you meet.” Mattie said with a look of disgust.

After she finished speaking, she took Alyssa and sat down.

The two began to chat.

“Where have you been and what have you been doing in the past three years? It’s just like the world has evaporated. There is no news at all.” Mattie remembered that when the world was looking for people, there was no letter at all, and she shook her head.

“There was an accident. I lay down for three years.” Alyssa’s face was warm and lightly passed the three years.

Mattie’s eyes widened: “Lying for three years?!”

“Very curious?” Alyssa raised her eyebrows to look at her: “I won’t tell you.”

Mattie let out a cry, changed the subject, and said, “Do you know that “Lost City” is on fire? Fans are looking forward to the second part. What do you think?”

Alyssa shook the water glass in front of her and said with a smile, “No idea.”

Mattie stared at Alyssa for a few seconds, and said in a compromising manner: “Let’s say, how much do you want to share?”

When she bought Alyssa’s script before, she knew that Alyssa was definitely not a loser.

Alyssa is a very thoughtful person.

The “Lost City” fire, two years after it was broadcast, was still remembered by so many fans.

Mattie is the producer and Alyssa is the screenwriter. Who doesn’t want to take advantage of this enthusiasm and make some more dramas in this series to make a lot of money.

Alyssa just said, “No idea”, just waiting for Mattie to speak.

Alyssa smiled slightly, looking particularly gentle: “It depends on how generous you are.”

Mattie twitched her mouth, Alyssa was digging a hole for her to jump.

Alyssa didn’t say how much money she would want, and just waited for Mattie to speak up. This was to take the initiative in her own hands.

She thought Alyssa was a cunning person before, but now it’s even worse.

“I suspect that you have not been lying in the hospital for the past three years, but have gone to practice, how come you have become more and more cunning.” Mattie said angrily.

Alyssa pursed her lips slightly, and said aloud: “I take it as Miss Adkins’s compliment to me.”

Mattie twitched the corners of her mouth, and then straightened her expression, and her tone became extra serious: “In order to show my sincerity, I can divide you into this number for the previous “Lost City”.”

She said, raising a hand.

Alyssa didn’t move her heart, and said unsurely: “How much?”

Mattie raised her chin slightly, and said solemnly, “Five million.”

Alyssa paused slightly with her hand holding the cup.

Five million was beyond her expectations.

Although “Lost City” made Mattie a lot of money, she signed a contract with Alyssa, and the copyright was bought out for one million.

In order to sign the copyright of the second part of “Lost City” with Alyssa, Mattie was willing to divide the profit of the first part into five million.

It is already full of sincerity.

Alyssa did not speak immediately, and Mattie was not sure what she meant.

Although Alyssa is several years younger than her, she is just a young girl who is just a fledgling girl, but sometimes she is a little bit deep in Alyssa’s mind and is a little hard to think about.

However, Alyssa also has an advantage, which is sincerity.

Because of this, Mattie didn’t mean to her, she directly expressed the greatest sincerity she could give.

The two looked at each other for a few seconds before Mattie took the lead and said, “This is my sincerity, you can think about it.”

Alyssa did not answer her question directly, but just asked: “The second part of “Lost City”, how do you plan to sign a contract with me?”

Mattie showed a smile: “As long as you are willing to sell it to me, everything is easy to say.”

Alyssa also smiled and nodded, “Okay.”

Mattie is serious about her work, and Alyssa never thought of selling the second part of “Lost City” to others at first.

Even if the money paid by others may be higher than Mattie’s, but it is not necessarily better than Mattie’s team.

At least, she sold it to Adkins, and the script would not fall into her hands.

Alyssa discussed the plot of “Lost City” with Mattie again, and they separated after having lunch together.

In the afternoon, Mattie transferred five million to Alyssa’s account.

After Alyssa received the money, she naturally wanted to study the plot of the second part, and immediately searched for “Lost City” on the Internet.

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