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Chapter 445

She remembers the story structure of “Lost City”, but she can’t remember some details clearly.

Now to write the second part, she has to review the content of the first part again.

Throughout the afternoon, Alyssa watched “Lost City” with her tablet.

Even when she was cooking, she put the tablet on the counter, cutting vegetables and watching TV.

Suddenly, she heard a loud “bang” outside the door.

Alyssa’s face was startled, and after a pause, she raised her foot and walked towards the door.

Before she reached out to open it, it was opened from the outside.

A strange man in overalls stood at the door.

Alyssa’s face became cold and asked, “Who are you?”

The man was a little bit stunned by Alyssa, and his voice was a little vague: “I unlocked…”

Alyssa’s expression became colder: “I didn’t call to unlock.”

At this time, a familiar man murmured: “I asked him to unlock.”

The man who opened the lock stepped back, and Karl’s heroic face appeared in Alyssa’s sight.

“Karl?” Alyssa warmly smiled, “You are all right, let someone come to open my lock? You won’t knock on the door? No matter what, you can call my cell phone!”

Alyssa stretched out her hand, scratching her hair a little irritably.

Karl looked at her coldly, with a gloomy tone: “I didn’t knock on the door and didn’t call you?”

Hearing this, Alyssa quickly turned back to the room to get her mobile phone.

She found her mobile phone on the coffee table in the living room. There were several missed calls on it, all of which were called by Karl.

It turned out that Karl called her…

It must be because she had been watching “Lost City” just now, so she didn’t hear the phone ring.

She turned her head and found that Karl had followed her into the room, and at this time she was sitting on the sofa.

He loosened his tie and leaned on the sofa, looking at Alyssa with an unsullen expression.

Alyssa put down the phone, turned around and poured him a glass of water.

Karl took a sip of the water, frowned and asked, “What are you doing?”

Alyssa was a little embarrassed, but still said truthfully: “Watching TV.”

Karl sneered and said nothing.

Alyssa glanced in the direction of the door again, and made sure that only Karl was here, and she asked aloud, “Where is Grace? Why didn’t she come together?”

Speaking of Grace, Karl’s complexion darkened: “She has a cold. I just came back from the company. I will pick you up to see her by the way.”

Alyssa moved her lips, and when the words came to her lips, she swallowed again.

Children have poor immunity, and it is normal for children to catch a cold.

What’s more, it’s not necessarily the reason for Karl.

Karl is still a patient, isn’t he?

“Wait a moment, I’ll change my clothes.” Alyssa said, she got up and went back to the room.

Not long after, Alyssa came out.

It is autumn, the temperature is right, it is neither too cold nor too hot. Wearing a white sweater and a skirt underneath, it looks simple and warm.

Alyssa picked up the phone and urged Karl: “Let’s go.”

Karl stood up, put his hands into the pockets of his suit pants and strode out.

The two entered the elevator at the same time.

Karl glanced sideways at her and looked worried when he saw her pursing her lips.

“I’ve seen a doctor, no problem, children catch a cold, it’s normal.” Karl’s words sounded like they were comforting Alyssa.

His words did not affect Alyssa, she nodded perfunctorily.

Karl’s face became dark and stopped talking.

Twenty minutes later, the two arrived at Karl’s villa.

After getting out of the car, Alyssa quickly walked inside.

She had lived in Karl’s villa before, so she was very familiar with his villa. When she entered the lobby, she ran directly upstairs and went to Grace’s room.

Grace was undergoing an infusion, and before a small infusion bottle fell off the bed, she lay on the bed in a daze and fell asleep.

Alyssa walked over and yelled softly, “Grace?”

Grace’s eyes were dark and bright, and their eyelashes were long, but they were not upturned. When she was asleep with closed eyes, the eyelashes were straight to cover the lying silkworm underneath.

Half of her face was covered in the quilt, and the wings of her nose were gently closed when she breathed.

Especially pitiful.

Grace slept very lightly, Alyssa just let out a cry so shallow, she opened her eyes.

She rolled her eyes blankly, then when she saw Alyssa, she squinted and laughed: “Mom.”

As she said, she stretched out her hand to hold Alyssa.

Alyssa had already seen what she was going to do. Just as Grace stretched out her hand, she stretched out and held her arm: “Don’t move your hand, there are still needles in your hand.”

Hearing the words, Grace turned her head and glanced at the back of her hand, her slumped mouth and tears filled her eyes at once, but she did not cry.

Looking at her like this, Alyssa’s heart also followed tightly.

Alyssa touched her head: “It’s okay, Grace will be well soon.”

Grace nodded obediently: “Yeah.”

She held Alyssa’s hand tightly with her other hand without a needle: “Mom, don’t go.”

“I won’t go, I will be with you here.” Alyssa nodded with a smile.

Grace didn’t see her one day and one night, so she whispered something, and soon fell asleep.

Alyssa tucked her back corners, and turned her head back seemingly, and saw Karl walked in, standing behind her without knowing when.

She was taken aback by Karl, and said angrily, “When did you come in?”

Karl did not answer her question, his eyes fell on Grace’s face: “Sleeping?”

“Yeah.” Alyssa stood up, walked out, and asked him in a low voice: “How did she catch the cold.”

Karl said indifferently, “Last night, she ran out of the room to find you in the middle of the night.”

He always sleeps lightly. He heard movement outside in the middle of the night. When he came out, he found that Grace was standing at his door with bare feet, sobbing softly, asking him for mother.

In the middle of the night, where would he go to find her mother?

In the end, there was no alternative, Karl could only carry her to her room to sleep.

Nevertheless, she still caught a cold.

However, when Alyssa called in the morning, Grace was still sleeping, and Karl didn’t know that Grace had caught a cold at that time.

Alyssa heard what he said, walked outside the door, closed the door, turned around and said to Karl, “I will take her back when she wakes up later.”

Karl’s expression was cold when he heard the words, “What do you mean?”

“Grace needs my care now, so I want to take her back.” After Alyssa finished speaking, she smiled slightly, “Or, do you want me to stay?”

Before Karl could speak, Alyssa said negatively, “You don’t want me to stay.”

Chapter 446

Karl frowned and called her name: “Alyssa.”

Alyssa interrupted him, looked into his eyes, and said very seriously: “Karl, I know you better than you think.”

“Now you have no feelings for me or Grace. You are trying to accept us. This is already very good. Don’t be too anxious. Take it step by step.”

Karl was also working hard, trying to accept her and Grace.

But obviously, the results are not very good.

This may be related to Karl’s previous experience.

In his boyhood, because of his mother, the color was gray and dark.

It is not so easy to get into his heart.

And he is a person who likes to control everything in his palm.

However, his memory appeared chaotic, his memory stayed in his early twenties.

At that time, he did not know Alyssa and Grace.

He may be able to accept his identity as Adams’ CEO and accept the truth of his mother’s kidnapping case, but Alyssa and Grace are completely outside his control.

Because the two of them, one is his wife and the other is his daughter, they are both very close to him.

Oh, to be more specific, she is actually just Karl’s ex-wife.

When Karl was getting along with them, he was actually a little at a loss, which Alyssa could feel.

Alyssa didn’t know what she said, whether Karl had listened.

He stared at Alyssa for a while, and then said coldly: “It’s up to you.”

After speaking, he turned and left.

After Grace woke up, Alyssa took her back.

When Grace returned home, she felt much better. Alyssa simply cooked some food and coaxed Grace to sleep.

It may be because of illness, Grace is particularly clingy.

Alyssa coaxed her for a while, and when she was about to leave, Grace would hold her: “Mom won’t go.”

“Okay, I won’t go, I will sleep with you tonight.” Alyssa had to lean on the bedside to comfort her.

Joy flashed in Grace’s eyes: “Okay.”

Just as Grace fell asleep, Alyssa’s cell phone rang.

Alyssa quickly turned off the sound, and gently pulled away and walked out.

Mattie called.

She only met during the day and called back so quickly. Is there anything important?

As soon as the phone was connected, Mattie’s slightly eager voice rang: “There is an event tomorrow night, let’s go together.”

“what activity?”

She didn’t know the beginning and end, Alyssa still had to figure out what the activity was.

“A small award ceremony, many of them are insiders, and there are also some investors. Anyway, you will be in the circle in the future. Come and get familiar with me.”

Alyssa knew in her heart that Mattie was taking her to invest.

It’s actually nice to show your face.

Just like Mattie said, she will also have to eat in the circle in the future, and she also needs contacts, and naturally she has to make more of the talents in the circle.

Alyssa agreed, “Okay, what time?”

After hanging up the phone, Alyssa thought of Grace.

What about Grace when she goes to the event?

She was worried about Grace’s care for others.

Tina may also attend tomorrow night’s event.

In the end, she can only find Karl?

It is impossible for her not to participate in activities because of Grace.

There will definitely be reporters at this kind of award ceremony. Not to mention that she is unwilling to take Grace. Even if Karl knows about it, it is impossible to allow her to take Grace.

It seems that when the time comes, she can only send her to Karl’s house.

The award ceremony time is nine o’clock in the evening.

Alyssa sent Grace to Karl in advance, got a haircut, and went to the venue of the award ceremony.

Mattie waited for her at the door.

When she saw Alyssa, her eyes lit up: “Naturally the people are talking about a woman like you. She is so beautiful without makeup. To be honest, don’t you consider entering the show business circle?”

Alyssa wore a white gift today, a very conservative style, neither strapless nor low-cut, just a basic basic model.

The hair was done slightly, and a simple makeup was put on.

“If I enter the performing arts circle, who would write “Lost City 2″?” Alyssa teased Mattie.

Mattie smiled and patted her on the shoulder, without saying more, pulling her and walking inside.

Many people came to the event, some were familiar faces often active on TV screens, and some were newcomers who were just starting to splash.

Most of them are from the entertainment industry, but there are also some investors.

Mattie has a wide network of contacts and knows many people.

As soon as she entered, people kept greeting her.

“Miss Adkins is here too, long time no see, she is even more beautiful!”


Mattie responded with ease.

Someone saw Alyssa standing next to her and couldn’t help but ask: “Miss Adkins also brings newcomers? Is this preparing to train actors by herself?”

Alyssa is so good-looking, people who pass by will look at her more, and it’s not uncommon for someone to say that.

Mattie pretended to be angry and said, “You are wrong. Where can I have so much spare money and energy to train new people by myself, Alyssa, is the screenwriter of “Lost City”.”

When the man heard this, there was a flash of surprise on his face: “The screenwriter of “Lost City”?”

Alyssa nodded slightly: “Hello, I am the screenwriter of “Lost City”, Alyssa.”

“Hello…” the man reached out to Alyssa, “I didn’t expect the screenwriter of “Lost City” to be so young and beautiful.”

Mattie took her to say a few more polite words with that person, and then went elsewhere.

Soon, news that the screenwriter of “Lost City” also came to participate in the event was uploaded throughout the party.

From time to time, people came to Mattie to take the opportunity to look at Alyssa with an open mind.

Alyssa knew in her heart that besides being attracted to her screenwriter of “Lost City”, these people were also more curious because she was Karl’s “ex-wife”.

Some directors, investors, and actors came to exchange business cards with her.

It’s not difficult to deal with.

“Oh, isn’t this the screenwriter of our famous “Lost City”, Alyssa?”

At this moment, a strange sound came from behind Alyssa.

There is no need to look back, Alyssa can also tell who the voice is.

It’s just because the voice is too familiar.

Alyssa didn’t look back, Isabel walked around in front of her, and said casually: “How long hasn’t seen me before? Didn’t you know me? Your friends with Dixon, is the injury healed?”

Today, Isabel wore a black low-cut evening gown, her makeup was as strong as ever. She looked at Alyssa’s eyes with hatred that could not be hidden.

Perhaps, she didn’t even want to hide.

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