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Chapter 447

Alyssa took a half step back, her face pale: “Thanks for your concern, his injury is almost healed.”

Isabel laughed, but what she said was completely provocative: “Then you really want to thank me, it was just that the brake cable was cut.”

Alyssa clenched her hands, the joints of her fingers were slightly white.

She looked at Isabel coldly, her voice cold: “Then you better pray, the person behind you who is protecting you can protect you for the rest of your life.”

A frantic expression flashed in Isabel’s eyes, and a vicious voice was in her voice: “Where do you need to protect me for a lifetime? Do you think you can live a lifetime? As long as I avenge Gerald, how long will you live? The big deal.”

When Alyssa heard this, her pupils shrank suddenly, and she said in a voice that only two people could hear: “Isabel, what does Gerald’s death have to do with us? The bombs on the island were all buried by him. I am also a victim.”

“Victim? Huh!”

Isabel snorted coldly, the corners of her bright red lips were raised slightly, her voice filled with suppressed hatred: “You are a victim, so why are you still alive? And Gerald is dead? Why are you and Karl alive? , Only Gerald is dead!”

When Isabel spoke behind her, the expression on her face began to become savage.

Her emotions became a bit agitated, her volume was involuntarily raised, and her voice was sharp: “You tell me why this is! Why is it not you, but Gerald!”

Isabel’s voice caught the attention of others.

Alyssa watched her go crazy with cold eyes, and Isabel had lost even the basic right and wrong views.

In her eyes, regardless of whether Alyssa and Karl made a mistake, the death of Gerald was their biggest mistake.

From a very young age, Isabel enjoyed the princess-like treatment at Hunt’s house.

Rachel indulged her, and Alyssa had always followed Isabel’s words because of Rachel.

It was because of their indulgence that Isabel became the person she is today.

When Isabel encountered something unsatisfactory, she would never find fault in others, she would never be able to reflect on herself.

Alyssa replied in a cold voice: “Because he makes himself up for it!”

Isabel’s emotions seemed to be out of control, she stared at Alyssa with cold eyes, and then raised her hand to hit her the next moment.

However, Alyssa had been paying attention to Isabel’s movements, she was a little taller than Isabel, and easily caught the hand that Isabel waved over.

Isabel’s hand was intercepted, and anger appeared on her face: “Alyssa, let go!”

Not only did Alyssa not let go, but instead pushed her harder towards her.

Isabel was staggered two steps by her and almost fell.

Alyssa said blankly: “You will never know someone who is introspecting. Sooner or later, you will suffer the consequences.”

“You…” Isabel was about to speak, her manager Avella didn’t know where she came from: “Isabel.”

Avella interrupted Isabel’s words and stretched out her hand to pull Isabel over, but Alyssa did not let go.

Last time Avella also went to the hospital together, so naturally she also knew Alyssa.

She had just heard that the screenwriter of “Lost City” had come to participate in tonight’s event, and she planned to take Isabel to meet the screenwriter of “Lost City”, but she did not expect that Alyssa was the screenwriter of “Lost City”.

Avella frowned slightly and looked at Alyssa: “Miss Alyssa, please let go.”

“Take care of your artist, otherwise you won’t know how to die with her.” Alyssa shook off Isabel’s hand, the second half of the sentence was very quiet.

Avella supported Isabel and sneered: “Is that gentleman’s injury healed? Even if Isabel is a little headstrong sometimes, what can you do to her?”

After she finished speaking, she glanced at Alyssa disdainfully, and left with Isabel.

Mattie had just chatted with a director, and noticed the movement of Alyssa, but she couldn’t get out of her body, so she came now.

She asked Alyssa aloud: “What’s the matter?”

Alyssa smiled at her and said, “It’s okay, you can go ahead, I can do it myself.”

“Okay, find me if you are unsure.” Mattie nodded at her, then turned around and continued to work.

Alyssa raised her eyes to the direction where Isabel had left.

Avella took Isabel out of the crowd, as if to go to the bathroom.

Does it cost two people to go to the bathroom?

Alyssa looked around vigilantly, then followed.

She quickly passed through the crowd and followed Isabel and Avella.

Isabel’s impatient voice came from ahead: “You let me go, I can go by myself.”

Avella let go of her hand: “Isabel, you have to bear with everything. So many people were there just now. It would be so ugly if you got into trouble with Alyssa, listen to me…”


Before Avella finished her words, Isabel raised her hand and slapped her severely.

“Are you teaching me how to do things? What qualifications do you have to tell me? I’m so kind to you, right?” Isabel finished speaking, and dropped her hand on Avella’s face.

“Take a long memory, I don’t have your turn to take care of what I do.” Isabel embraced her arms as if she was out of anger, and then kicked her fiercely.

Avella almost fell to the ground, but there was no sound.

After two seconds, Avella took out a pill box from her bag, poured two pills out and handed them to Isabel: “Isabel, you take the medicine first.”

“How many times have I told you that I have no problem with my spirit. I am normal now and don’t need to take this medicine!” Isabel glared at her, turned and left.

Avella picked up the medicine from the ground and looked around vigilantly, as if to make sure there was no paparazzi.

Probably because she was sure that there were no paparazzi, she hurriedly followed in the direction where Isabel left.

When they both left, Alyssa stood up from the side.

She recalled the scenes of seeing Isabel these few times, and after thinking about it carefully, she also found something unusual.

In the past, she and Isabel didn’t deal with each other. Isabel ridiculed her when they met, but she wouldn’t be like this. She was emotionally out of control in a few sentences and looked like she couldn’t wait to come up and tear her up.

Therefore, Isabel now has a mental problem, and she is particularly prone to lose control of her emotions.

If this is the case, no one can be sure what she will do.

Alyssa turned around and walked slowly into the venue, but her thoughts flew a little far away.

Isabel was already watching her now, and Clifford was the first person to be implicated by her.

And Isabel still dare not attack Karl, but if she knew Grace’s existence, I’m afraid…

Chapter 448

Isabel wanted to kill her.

Even if Isabel couldn’t do anything to her right now, if Isabel knew about Grace’s existence, Alyssa couldn’t imagine how Isabel would treat Grace.

Therefore, letting Grace stay with Karl was the best choice.

Alyssa took a deep breath, leaned against the wall to the side, and took out her mobile phone to call Karl.

The phone rang for a while before being connected.

Karl answered the phone and did not speak immediately.

Alyssa called out his name: “Karl?”

Karl spit out one word coldly: “Say.”

The voice sounded extremely cold, but Alyssa could hear a bit of dissatisfaction in his voice.

Alyssa thought for a moment, guessing that Karl might be unhappy because she sent Grace to his home.

Alyssa said sincerely, “Sorry, I sent Grace to your house without telling you in advance.”

“Don’t even think about picking her back when you send her.” Karl’s low voice sounded more textured on the phone, without a trace of extra emotion.

Recently, Alyssa has become accustomed to such a Karl.

She responded: “Okay.”

Karl did not respond to her immediately.

After a few seconds of silence on the other end of the phone, he hung up.

Alyssa took the phone to her and looked at it, and smiled bitterly.

This man is so indifferent sometimes that makes her a little…don’t know what to do.

Alyssa put away the phone and walked out in a bad mood.

This kind of activity is a bit tiring. She plans to go out and talk to Mattie before going back.

At this moment, a tall figure walked towards her.


Hearing the sound, Alyssa looked up, and it took a few seconds to call out his name accurately.


It was not someone else who came over, it was Norris.

Her last memory of Norris is already a little fuzzy.

All she can think of is the teenage Norris.

Therefore, Norris in front of her was actually a bit strange to her.

Norris wore a dark blue suit with a decent tailoring, which gave him a sense of elegance.

He looked a little excited: “It’s really you.”

He walked up to Alyssa and stretched out his hand to her, but in the next moment, as if he was thinking of something, he suddenly put his hand back and hung his side, looking a little at a loss.

“A few days ago, the media reported that you appeared. I still can’t believe it. I didn’t expect it to be you.” After Norris finished speaking, he said again like a sigh: “I didn’t expect it to be you.”

He repeated “It’s really you” several times.

Three years later, after wandering around the edge of life and death, Alyssa’s views on some things have also changed.

If Isabel didn’t have to count Gerald’s death on her, she might be willing to smile and befriend Isabel.

Not to mention Norris.

Norris no longer owes her anything.

“It’s really me.” Alyssa curled her lips and smiled and said, “Long time no see.”

Norris also followed: “It’s been a long time.”

Alyssa noticed that Norris’s hands hanging beside her clenched tightly for a while, and then loosened it again.

That’s the reaction when a person is nervous.

Alyssa looked at him with a complicated mood, and paused and said, “There are still friends waiting for me, I’ll go there first.”

“Okay.” Norris nodded mechanically, and stood still watching her go.

Alyssa walked in front, feeling that Norris’s gaze was still on her, she couldn’t help but speed up.

When she re-entered the venue, she could not find Mattie, so she had to call Mattie.

Fortunately, Mattie answered the phone soon.

“I’m a little tired and want to go back first.”

“Okay, you go back first, but be careful of reporters.”

If Mattie didn’t remind her, Alyssa would almost forget this.

“I see, you should go back soon.” She hung up the phone and walked out.

She walked outside to remember that she hadn’t seen Tina tonight.

This thought came out, and a cold voice came over: “Alyssa!”

Alyssa looked up and saw Peter and Tina walking towards this side.

“I didn’t expect that you would come to this event too. If I knew you were coming, I would just come to you directly.” As soon as Tina approached, she complained to her: “You must blame Peter that fool. He drove. I don’t know where it is, we are only here now…”

Peter followed up: “I am also to blame? Didn’t you say that the traffic jam on the road made me change one?”

Tina turned her head and looked at him without a smile.

Peter fell silent immediately.

Tina turned her head and asked Alyssa: “You have come to the event, where is Grace?”

“Sent to Karl’s place.” Alyssa finished speaking and looked at the time: “You can go in first, otherwise the activities will be over later.”

“Yeah.” Tina nodded, then raised her head sharply and asked her: “Are you going back now?”

“Well, I will go back first.”

Alyssa waved her hand and walked straight out.

Thinking of Mattie’s instructions just now, she was extremely cautious when she went out.

But still failed to escape the pervasive reporters.

Just as she was about to leave, a group of reporters gathered around him.

“Hello, are you the screenwriter of “Lost City”?”

“Where have you been in the past three years and what have you been doing?”

“Will there be a second part of “Lost City”? Who will you work with?”

“Did you really write “Lost City”?”

“The past three years are the same as the rumors. Have you gone abroad to have children in hidden marriage?”

Among these reporters, some pay attention to her work, while others pay attention to her private life.

Alyssa hadn’t been besieged by reporters for a long time, and was a little uncomfortable for a while.

The flashing light also made her eyes uncomfortable.

This is, a suit jacket is draped on her shoulders

Immediately afterwards, the security guard stepped forward and separated the reporter: “Don’t gather here, please cooperate…”

Alyssa looked back and found that it was Norris.

Norris held her shoulders and said, “Let’s go.”

The two avoided the reporter and stood by the roadside.

Alyssa took off the suit jacket and returned it to Norris: “Thank you.”

Norris didn’t reach out to take it, just asked her, “Isn’t it cold?”

“It’s not cold.” Alyssa shook her head.

It’s actually a bit cold, but I always feel it’s not good.

The expression on Norris’s face faded a bit: “It’s because I like you, that’s why you keep rejecting me like this for thousands of miles. Even friends can’t do it, right?”

According to Alyssa’s decisive temperament, she should reply “Yes” at this time.

But Norris didn’t give her this opportunity

He then said: “I know that you have a deep feeling for Karl. I don’t think so much about you now. I just want to be friends with you. I hope you can give me a chance to be friends with you. “

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