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Chapter 471

After Peter’s question was asked, he didn’t get Karl’s answer, but was directly hung up by Karl.

Peter took the phone and took a look, then sighed, “This temper!”

After Karl hung up, he called Alyssa.

The phone got through first, rang, and then prompted that it was not in the service area.

Karl played several times in a row, all of them.

He called Smith to come in inside.

Smith soon came in: “Sir, what’s the matter?”

“Book a ticket.” After Karl finished speaking, he immediately raised his hand to veto: “No, prepare a private jet.”

When the voice fell, he stood up, picked up his jacket and walked out.

When he saw him with a serious face, he guessed that something serious might have happened, so he didn’t ask much, but respectfully said: “I will arrange it now.”

Karl left the company and drove back home.

He simply packed his luggage and came out of the room, and he saw Grace eagerly guarding the door and asking him, “Where are you going?”

Grace hadn’t seen Alyssa for several days. She knew that she was going to travel far away with her suitcase.

Karl held the lever of the suitcase in his hand, and looked down at Grace slightly: “Go find your mother.”

In his voice, there was the calmness and indifference that an adult would have.

Grace reached out to pull the corner of his clothes and whispered, “I want to go too.”

“You can’t go, it’s too far.” Karl didn’t wave her hand away, but only faintly explained.

“But I miss my mother. If you miss her, go find her, and I want to find her too.” Grace could hardly express her thoughts so clearly.

Karl was stunned, there was no obvious change in his expression: “I didn’t say I missed her.”

“Huh!” Grace had a little temper and turned around with her little hand and turned her back to him.

She doesn’t care if Karl wants Alyssa now, she only knows that Karl will not take her to find her mother.

Karl stretched out his hand to pull her, and told her: “You stay at home and wait for us to return.”

His voice was calm as usual during company meetings, but a closer look revealed that his slightly soothed eyebrows proved that he was not impatient with Grace.

Although Grace was reluctant, she nodded, “Okay.”

Karl took Smith on a private jet to find Alyssa.

Although Peter’s main purpose is to find Tina, he is also the current CEO of AdamPic Media. If he does not pass, he will naturally have people under his hands to deal with matters over there.

The people in the crew are all from AdamPic Media, and he is going to pass now, naturally as the CEO of AdamPic Media, he can only take the people under his hands on the plane.

He and Karl were destined to the small villages that arrived back and forth.

Karl got off the plane and drove to the small village overnight.

When he arrived in the village, it was the next afternoon.

The mood in the village is not as serious as reported online, but it is not much optimistic.

Because the houses in the villages are built against the mountain, many houses are leaning against the mountain.

During the mudslides, the landslides, the slid stones and mud, and the flood water directly rushed to the houses that were close to the mountain. The houses were severely damaged and there were casualties.

The houses a little farther away from the mountain, although they are also affected, but the impact is not big and can basically be ignored.

As for Tina and their crew, they live farther away from the backing, so the crew is basically fine.

However, because the signal tower was built on the top of the mountain, the landslide destroyed the signal tower, and the mobile phone had no signal and couldn’t make calls. Others could not contact her, and she could not contact others.

When Tina saw Karl, her eyes widened in disbelief, “Big Boss!”

Why did Karl come here?

Karl had no time to worry about other things at this time. He walked up to Tina with a tense face and asked, “Has Alyssa contacted you?”

Tina nodded: “I’ve been in touch.”

When Karl heard the words, a gleam of light appeared in his eyes, and he grasped the cold shoulders, his tone a little anxious: “When?”

“Two…Two days ago…” Tina was frightened by Karl’s reaction, and she stammered a bit.

It took Karl to come to this village for a day, and Alyssa had set off two days ago. If she were to arrive, she would have arrived long ago.

His complexion changed slightly, and he turned to leave.

Tina realized that something was wrong, and hurriedly followed up and asked him, “Big boss, what’s the matter?”

She remembered that Alyssa had said that she was coming to visit the group before, and her expression changed drastically. She asked, “Alyssa…Is she coming to see me?”

Karl glanced back at her, with a calm tone: “She set off two days ago.”

Tina’s face paled: “Are you going to find her? I’ll go too.”

“You are here waiting for Peter to come over.” Karl made a decision for her coldly and simply, without giving Tina any opportunity to refute, and left after speaking.

Tina also knew that Karl was much better at finding people in such a place.

Even if she went, she could only add to the chaos, so she had to stay in the village and wait for Peter to come.

However, even if Karl had come out to find someone in person, he couldn’t make Tina feel at ease.

Before Alyssa said that she will come to visit the group. Although she had expectations, she didn’t think that Alyssa would come. After all, she had clearly refused.

Unexpectedly, Alyssa really came, and something like this happened…

It had rained for several days before, but it stopped suddenly today.

The rain stopped, but the road conditions were particularly bad.

Not long after Karl’s car drove out, he got stuck in the mud.

He got out of the car to check the road conditions, and Karl went down with him.

The roads were all built around the mountain. When the two people got off the car, Karl heard the sound of “wow”.

He looked up and saw mud and rocks and broken trees sliding down the mountain.

Karl grabbed the man next to him and backed away a few steps.

The two people backed away, and the mud and stone stuff slid down, and quickly submerged Karl’s car at a speed visible to the naked eye.

There are still soil and stones on the mountain, including whole trees sliding down.

The road was broken.

Karl looked at the destroyed road, his face was extremely ugly, and his body exuded a gloomy breath.

If, when Alyssa drove into the village yesterday, she also encountered a landslide on the road…

Karl’s gaze fell on the body of the car that was covered by mud and stones, only showing the rear lights.

He looked back at his men beside him blankly, and asked coldly: “Is there any other way?”

The subordinate quickly said: “There is still another road, but that road was the first to be broken. When we entered the village before, it was because that road was broken that we chose this road.”

Chapter 472

Karl stood on the spot and pondered for a moment, then raised his foot and walked in the direction he was going to.

The subordinates realized that Karl was going to another road that had long been destroyed by mudslides. He walked ahead and led the way, but couldn’t help but remind Karl aloud: “Sir, that road is very unsafe now. The damage was very serious, and when we entered the village, we were blocked from passing through.”

If that road was the first to be destroyed, then when Alyssa entered the mountain, it was most likely the same road he took.

She has been disconnected from the news since yesterday, either because she was trapped in the road, or…

When Karl thought of this, his expression was a bit ugly, and the steps under his feet became faster.

His subordinates speeded up their steps and followed behind him, only to barely be able to keep up with him.

When Karl walked to the entrance of another road into the mountain, he gritted his teeth and looked solemn when he looked at the pitted and ruined road.

The road is basically impossible to pass.

Before Karl passed, he heard a “bang!”, and in the next second, a large rock hit not far away, smashing another piece down the edge of the highway.

Without a word, Karl walked over there.

The subordinates immediately grabbed him: “Sir, you can’t go!”

Smith was originally going to come with him, but Karl didn’t let him come.

This time the incident happened too hastily, and many things in the company were not dealt with, so he let Smith stay in Adams’s House to watch.

When they came, Mr. Smith had specifically asked them to hold Karl in an emergency.

But how could Karl be able to hold it by anyone?

“let go.”

Karl glanced back at him faintly, his voice was cold and without temperature.

The subordinates were shocked by his eyes. They wanted to speak but didn’t dare to say, wanted to stop but didn’t dare to stop, so they had to let go and watch Karl walk over.

The entrance of this highway was not far from the highway they had driven on.

As soon as Karl left in front, he heard someone talking behind him.

When he turned his head, he saw Peter walking with a group of people, but the clothes they were wearing were covered with mud, and they couldn’t see the original appearance.

Karl’s car was just flooded on that highway. Peter and the others came from the other side of the highway. They would definitely not be able to get in while driving. They should have abandoned the car and climbed over with bare hands. That’s why they were so embarrassed.

When Peter saw Karl’s men, he hurried over and asked, “Where is Karl?”

“Sir, he left that way…” Karl’s men pointed at the place where Karl had just disappeared.

Peter raised his eyes and looked over. What he saw was a ruined road, where there was Karl’s figure.

Peter walked over, trying where to get off his feet, but turning around at the intersection, he found that there was nowhere to get off his feet.

He kicked the stone in front of him with anger, and cursed in a low voice: “This lunatic! Don’t die!”

Although he was very worried about Karl, he also believed that Karl would not be so reckless.

Karl would walk from here, he must have full confidence.

Peter couldn’t think about that much, so he decided to go to the village to make sure that Tina was safe.

The road was severely damaged, and some sections were basically washed away.

There are still some roads, after Karl walks in front, some mud and stones will fall from behind.

He was struggling, but he did not see the shadow of a car.

It will never really be washed under the cliff.

One side of the highway is close to the mountain, and the other side is a cliff. It is not very steep, but in a dense forest with no one, if the car falls, the life in the car is unpredictable.

Karl looked at the low cliff, and remembered Alyssa knocking on his door before leaving.

He suddenly regretted it.

If he opened the door and prevented Alyssa from leaving, would she disappear now?

Karl didn’t know how long he had been walking, he was walking and watching for the presence of a car while calling Alyssa’s name.

There was a muddy road in front of him, without a single figure.

Karl took a deep breath and shouted at the bottom of the cliff: “Alyssa!”

After walking so far, he didn’t know how many times he called Alyssa, but he never got a response.

He also thought that this time would be the same as before, unable to get Alyssa’s response.

Just when he was about to turn around and continue looking forward, a faint voice rang behind him.

“I am here……”

Karl stopped abruptly, turned his head and walked towards the place just now.

“Alyssa? Is that you?”

“……it’s me.”

There is a response.

The sound seemed to come from the side of the road.

Karl followed the sound to find it, bent over and looked at the side of the highway by the cliff, and saw Alyssa who was so muddy that he could not even see her clothes.

She was holding a thick-armed cypress tree in one hand. Next to the cypress tree was a rock that seemed to fall at any time, and under her feet was a crumbling rock.

She looked stiff and didn’t know how long she stood in this position.


At the moment she saw Karl, Alyssa felt tears in her eyes for the first time.

She called his name, then bit her lip and stopped talking.

Thousands of words, do not know where to start.

Karl stood by the rock, bent over and handed her his hand, and said in a deep voice, “Give me your hand.”

Almost immediately, Alyssa put her hand into his.

Karl’s arm strength was astonishing, and he forced her up.

After Alyssa was pulled up, her whole body was limp.

She closed her eyes and took a slow breath before speaking out about her experience: “I rented a car from the county seat and drove over yesterday. There was a mudslide on the road. The car couldn’t drive past, so I got out and walked… “

As a result, the farther ahead she went, she found that the road ahead was worse, and when she wanted to go back, the road behind her was also destroyed.

In the end she almost fell off the cliff while protecting herself from a debris fall.

She stood there all night in such a posture.

Probably because of the explosion on the island, even if she stood there for a night, no one came to rescue her, she didn’t feel fear at all.

However, these were all kinds of ideas.

When she heard Karl calling her name, she suddenly understood that she was waiting for Karl.

She knows, so she is not afraid of anything.

Karl wrinkled his eyebrows, pulled her up from the ground, and asked aloud, “Can you walk?”

Alyssa’s whole body was stiff, she couldn’t stand at all, and she was about to fall down when she was pulled up by him. Karl quickly hugged her into his arms with quick eyes and tightly wrapped his arms around her waist. She used her strength to stand firm.

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