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Chapter 469

“Karl, my plane will be at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning.”

After Alyssa finished speaking, there was no movement in the room, so she couldn’t help but put her ear on the door to listen to the movement inside.

It was quiet inside, and there was no sound at all.

The soundproofing of the room is very good, but if it is attached to the door and the people inside are walking here, you can still hear a little movement.

Alyssa sighed helplessly, it seemed that Karl still didn’t want to care about her.

This man is really… even harder than Grace.

Alyssa reached out and knocked on the door again, and said, “I will leave if you don’t come out?”

There was finally movement in the room.

Karl said with a cold anger: “If you want to leave, hurry up!”

Alyssa pursed her lips and left!

When she turned and left, the door of the study was opened from the inside.

Karl stood at the door, looking toward the empty corridor, his expression increasingly gloomy.

If you want to go, you have to come and tell him.

In case he couldn’t help but want to force her to stay, she asked for it.

The next day.

When Karl got up and stood in front of the full-length mirror to tie his tie, he couldn’t help raising his wrist to check the time.

There are ten minutes to seven o’clock.

Alyssa must have boarded the plane at the airport now.

Thinking of this, Karl’s expression darkened again.

His tie-up movement became mechanical and a little stiff.

After breakfast, Smith will drive him out of the house.

During this period of time, after Karl gradually got used to it, Smith didn’t live in Karl’s house anymore, but instead drove to pick him up to the company every day.

Smith respectfully opened the car door for Karl: “Sir.”

Karl walked up to him and was about to get into the car. Karl frowned when he saw Smith’s tie, “Your tie color doesn’t match your clothes.”

Smith: “???” Why did Boss suddenly care about the color of his tie?

Karl did not get into the car immediately after speaking, and was still standing in front of the car door staring at him.

Smith thought for a while, lowered his head slightly, and said, “I will change one tomorrow.”

Karl still didn’t move.

Smith’s complexion was slightly stagnant, and he took a look at Karl, and stretched out his hand to untie his tie.

At this moment, Karl got into the car shortly.

Smith was murmuring in his heart. Although Boss is usually picky, he is not yet so picky about his clothes.

What happened when he didn’t know it?

However, what Smith didn’t expect was that this was just the beginning.

He walked around to the other side and sat in the driving position. When he was about to drive, Karl sitting in the back row said quietly, “What kind of air freshener is in the car, it smells bad.”

Smith said, “I have always used this air freshener. You said it smelled good last time…”

Karl only said two words indifferently: “Really?”

When he had already felt Karl’s temper a long time ago, he naturally didn’t dare to say more, so he directly covered the air freshener and threw it into the trash can.

When he was driving, Karl said again, “It’s also a skill to drive so shaky after so many years.”

First, he disliked the color of his tie, and then the smell of the air freshener in the car, and now he think he is not driving firmly enough…

Smith realized that Karl didn’t suddenly care about the color of his tie, nor did he suddenly dislike his unsteady driving, but because Karl saw nothing pleasing to his eyes now.

Why is it not pleasing to see anything?

Of course it’s a bad mood!

Why is he in a bad mood? It must be related to the young lady!

If it was because of Alyssa, Karl would be so abnormal, and it made sense.

Having figured this out, Smith felt extremely transparent, and let Karl’s many faults calmly dealt with it.

When he arrived at the company, Karl was not pleasing to his eyes, but also to the senior management.

Everyone had a hard time all day.

Smith secretly wondered what happened this time that made Karl feel so unhappy?

When got off work, he asked too often: “Sir, going to Madam for dinner today?”

“What are you going to eat, did I say to leave work?” Karl sat behind his desk, raised his head and said blankly, “Working overtime today.”

Smith nodded slightly: “Okay, I see.”

Out of the CEO’s office, Smith came out and sighed helplessly.

Today’s work is basically done, and there is no need to work overtime, but Karl is his immediate boss, and Karl says he will work overtime. What can he do?

Karl and Alyssa had a cold fight last time because of Norris’s affairs.

What is it this time?

Smith went back to his office while taking out his mobile phone to read the news online.

There is no scandal between Ms. Alyssa and other men on the Internet.

Boss’s mind is really hard to guess.

Smith had just returned to his office and received Karl’s inside information.

“Come here for a minute.” He finished his instructions coldly and hung up the phone.

Smith thought there was something urgent, so he hurried over: “What is Boss looking for?”

“Call Alyssa and ask where she is.” Karl’s tone was as serious as he was discussing work with Smith, and his tone remained the same.

Smith smoked the corners of his mouth, a little wondering what to say.

Under Karl’s gaze, he took out his cell phone and called Alyssa.

The phone rang for a long time before it was picked up.

Smith consciously turned on the hands-free so that Karl could hear Alyssa’s voice.

“Mr. Smith?” Alyssa’s voice came through the phone, and it sounded a little soft and soft.

Smith directly asked the question Karl asked him to ask: “Where are you, Madam?”

Alyssa gave him the location, and then asked him, “What’s wrong? Did something happen to Karl?”

When Smith heard this, he couldn’t help but look up at Karl.

Karl looked at him indifferently and motioned for him to play freely.

“No, I just planned to call a customer, and accidentally called you, just asking.”

Although this reason is very lame, because Smith is usually a very respectful and rigid person, Alyssa didn’t think much about it and believed his statement.

Alyssa thought for a while, and then said, “I left Rostenvel by plane this morning. It may take more than ten days to come back. Please remind Karl to eat.”

Smith immediately replied: “I will, young lady, don’t worry too much.”

The two said nothing more.


After hanging up the phone, he looked up at Karl, and was about to speak only to realize that Karl’s complexion was worse than before.

Karl didn’t know if he heard Smith calling him, and he narrowed his eyes and didn’t know what he was thinking.

After a while, he faintly said, “She didn’t take what I said in her eyes.”

Chapter 470

When he was at Alyssa’s house that day, he told Alyssa that she could not exceed five days at most.

What did she say on the phone just now?

It will take more than ten days to come back.

Oh, she didn’t pay attention to his words at all.

Smith didn’t know the details in the middle, listening to Karl’s endless sentence, didn’t quite understand what was going on, naturally he didn’t dare to speak easily.

After a long while, Karl took a deep breath and said, “Let the news go out and we will hold a party in Best Day tonight.”

Smith responded: “Yes.”

Karl almost never took the initiative to hold a party. In his capacity, if a party was held, celebrities from all walks of life would definitely attend.

Smith can already imagine how lively the party will be.

However, what Boss just said was to hold a party tonight?

Smith silently rolled his wrist to see the time.

It’s six o’clock now, and Best Day is the time when there are most people. For meals and accommodations, Best Day has special boxes and rooms reserved for Karl.

But as for the banquet hall to hold a good night, it is not so well arranged.

After all, Karl never participated in events, let alone hosting a party by himself, so Best Day would not reserve a banquet hall for Karl.

Although Best Day was also created by Karl, it was always managed by Peter, so these things were also arranged by Peter.

In this way, it seems not so easy to hold a banquet tonight…

When Smith was about to speak, he heard Karl say: “The time is tomorrow night.”

Smith breathed a sigh of relief: “Okay, I will tell someone to arrange.”

Karl leaned back in his chair, slightly lost in thought.

All day long, as long as he thinks that Alyssa is not in the Rostenvel, is not within his sphere of influence, but is in a place separated by thousands of miles, he feels uncomfortable, what to see Not pleasing to the eye.

When Alyssa was usually under his nose, he didn’t think it was a big deal.

Is it because he’s too used to it?

Karl reached out and pressed his eyebrows.

It was no more than five days after she had said that she had completely regarded his words as deaf ears.

When they went back, after knowing that Alyssa was not at home, Smith drove directly towards Karl’s house.

Although Alyssa’s rented house is also on this street, if you want to go to Alyssa, you have to turn into a small street halfway.

Karl would go to Alyssa for dinner recently, and was already very familiar with the way to Alyssa.

When the car passed the intersection, Karl’s voice sounded from the back row: “Go in at the intersection.”

Smith looked up in surprise and saw Karl frowning slightly in the rearview mirror.

Smith asked aloud: “The young lady is not at home, do you want to go to her?”

Karl glanced at him coldly in the rearview mirror: “Who said I’m going to her?”

Smith was choked for a while and felt nothing to say.

Then, under Karl’s instructions, he drove the car to the community where Alyssa lived, and stopped downstairs for a while, until Karl said that he could leave, then he turned his head and drove the car.

That night, it rained heavily in Rostenvel.

The heavy rain continued until the next morning.

When he drove to pick up Karl at night, he said in passing: “It’s already late autumn, and it’s very rare to have such a heavy rain.”

Karl tilted his head, staring at the rainy and misty world outside the window, frowning slightly.

Today’s Karl, who is no longer displeased by seeing anything like yesterday, is even more restless.

Smith brought him coffee in, and as soon as he put it in Karl’s hand, he overturned the coffee with his backhand.

The coffee cup fell to the ground and smashed to pieces with a harsh sound.

Karl’s hand was also dripped with coffee, and coffee stains dripped from his hand, and the area that was scalded by the coffee immediately became red.

Smith turned around and walked within two steps, quickly went to the lounge inside, took a wet towel out and pressed it on his hand, and asked, “Sir, are you okay?”

Karl glanced at the smashed coffee cup on the ground, his expression ugly.

“I’ll clean it up right away.” Smith said, and went out and took tools to clean up the debris.

At this moment, Karl’s cell phone rang.

Karl’s heart trembled inexplicably at this moment.

He took the mobile phone and found that it was Peter’s call, which made him feel relieved.

He answered the phone with a calm expression: “What’s the matter?”

“I have arranged the party tonight. Go by yourself. I won’t go. I have something to go outside.” Peter’s voice sounded different from the usual relaxed tone, but a little serious and worried.

How come these people have to go out of town for something.

Alyssa is like this, and now Peter is like this.

Karl asked, “What happened?”

“Originally, this matter didn’t have much to do with you. It was a new play from the company. They to the western mountain area to shoot, but it has been raining heavily in recent days. The news reported that there was a mudslide there, and the crew couldn’t get in touch. , I want to go there in person.”

AdamPic has basically been in the hands of Peter over the past few years. He is a clear CEO, and he has actually managed a lot of things.

Now Karl wants to manage the Adams’ family, and he has no time to manage AdamPic Media’s affairs. If it is not a major matter of AdamPic Media’s life and death, Peter would not find Karl.

In the previous three years, Karl had completely ignored the affairs of AdamPic Media, and Peter provoked the great task alone, and he experienced it.

Karl said very calmly: “Just send someone there, you don’t need to go.”

Peter’s voice sounded a little tight: “No, Tina is also in the crew. I must go there. I haven’t contacted her all day today. I have to go there. I can only feel relieved when I see her with my own eyes.”

After he finished speaking, he waited for a few seconds and didn’t hear Karl’s voice. He thought that Karl didn’t want to say any more, so he said, “I won’t tell you for now. I’ll have to catch the plane at night……”

Before he could finish speaking, Karl interrupted him.

“You are talking about the crew that Tina is in, a small mountain village in the west. It takes a day or two to walk from Rostenvel to that place?”

Peter was a little surprised: “How do you know?”

Karl hadn’t taken care of the company’s affairs, no matter how powerful he was, he couldn’t predict it.

“Alyssa also went and said she was going to visit the group. She set off yesterday morning. It should be on the crew at this time today.” Karl’s voice came from the phone, unusually calm.

When Peter heard the words, he was stunned for a few seconds, then he burst into a swear word, and then asked him: “Have you contacted Alyssa? Have you talked to her tonight?”

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