The Poorest Rich Man Novel Chapter 1040

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Chapter 1040

waited for two days, Chen Wu couldn’t help reporting the situation to Chen Diancang.

“Amaterasu disappeared?” Chen Diancang was still sitting in the thatched hut. He was not surprised by Chen Wu’s report. Although sheldon had not been taught by him since he was a child, the blood of the Chen family remained in his bones. This talent is still there.

“Yes, I have been contacting him, but I have never received any response. I am worried that he may have already fought sheldon on Gongdao, and even…” Chen Wu squeezed his fist.

Even though Chen Diancang regarded him as his own, almost everyone on the island knew that he was the orthodox successor, but after all, sheldon was Chen Diancang’s grandson, and he had to get rid of sheldon to be at ease.

“Patriarch, Chen Tianzhao may even have been killed by sheldon!”

“It’s just a cultivator who ranks in the middle of the family. If he dies, he will die. There is nothing to make a fuss about. sheldon can upset the Nanyue Kingdom by himself and solve Chen Tianzhao. , It’s not a surprise!” However, Chen Diancang waved his hands and smiled hoarsely.

“Then it should be…” Chen Wu gritted his teeth and asked.

“Send a few more experts to inquire about the situation. I want to know how this kid is now.” Chen Diancang took a sip of tea and said.

“Understood.” Chen Wu knew that Chen Diancang would say that. Although he was a little unwilling, he nodded and agreed.

He was sure that as long as Chen Diancang let go, he could immediately rush to Gongdao and kill sheldon in the shortest time, but Chen Diancang didn’t say anything, he didn’t dare to act at all.

“By the way, if he didn’t act alone, he designed to take all the people around him, but remember it to me, it can hurt, but it can’t kill people, you know?” When Chen Wu left the thatched cottage , Chen Diancang stopped him.

“I see, patriarch.” Chen Wu nodded and agreed

The island, which had been calm for three or four days, became a little turbulent because of the arrival of a ship.

In the past few days, in addition to thinking about the sea heart map, sheldon has also been thinking about how to reach Youlong Island. Just when he was at a loss, a fishing boat happened to stop on the pier.

Seeing this ship, sheldon immediately stood up.

You know, he learned from Chen Tianying that people living on this island are members of the Chen family’s clan, and having a boat approaching can only represent one thing, that is, the family on Youlong Island is preparing to come and ask for living supplies.

Taking a look at the time, it was only three or four days since the last time I saw the ship leaving.

Although it is a bit short, except for the boats from Youlong Island, there are any boats that can dock at the dock of the island at will.

sheldon didn’t alarm Bai Xiaofei and the others, but went downstairs alone and quietly leaned toward the dock.

However, as sheldon approached the boat, the people who got off the boat went straight to Chen Tianying’s house. The two opened the door and the two walked directly in.

In the living room.

Chen Tianying sat limply on the chair.

“Chen Tianying, we are under the order of Master Chen Wu to investigate. Where is your third brother, Chen Tianzhao, why hasn’t he contacted his family for so long?” The two of them looked at Chen Tianying with their arms around their chests.

“I don’t know, I don’t know anything.” Chen Tianying thought of what happened that night, and said, shaking his head vigorously.

“Why don’t you know that Chen Tianzhao is the person in charge who contacted you Gongdao, and you are the only person in contact with him, don’t you know where he has gone?” The two clearly saw Chen Tianying’s There was something wrong, so he continued to ask.

“I really don’t know, don’t ask me anymore.” Chen Tianying didn’t know how to answer the news. He was afraid that once he said it, sheldon would definitely trouble him, but if he didn’t say it, his family would do it. Will trouble him.

“If you don’t tell me, I will take you back to the Department of Penalties and let the elders of penalty come to interrogate you personally!” One of them couldn’t help but stepped forward and grabbed Chen Tianying’s collar and said.

“No, let’s say!”

At this moment, the woman rushed out of the room.

Even though they have been living on Gong Island, they have never seen the penalty elders, but they have also heard some things about the penalty elders from Chen Tianzhao’s words over the years.

In the most serious case, someone left Youlong Island without permission in violation of family rules, and suffered the pain of a hundred snakes.

This kind of punishment makes the scalp numb just thinking about it, let alone experiencing it.

“Where is Chen Tianzhao?” The man loosened Chen Tianying’s collar.

“I was killed by sheldon two days ago, and the corpse was transported to the sea at night.” The woman threw herself on her knees and pleaded, “We can’t do anything about it. sheldon’s strength is too strong. What he said, I’m afraid we won’t be able to survive.”

“It seems that Chen Wu’s guess is correct. Chen Tianzhao was indeed dealt with by sheldon.” The

two looked at each other and immediately agreed.

“Two adults, we have already said what we know, can we let us live?” Chen Tianying also knelt down.

“If you don’t let you go, it’s the issue of the Department of Penalty.” The two did not speak much. After understanding the truth of the matter, they turned around and walked out, leaving Chen Tianying and the woman on their knees.

The entrance to the yard.

The four got together.

“Chen Tianying has already recruited. Chen Tianzhao was killed by sheldon and thrown into the sea.”

“Are we going to do it directly?”

“Do it, Master Chen Wu said to go directly to sheldon, but don’t hurt them. I want to test their strength.”

“Then be careful. After all, it is the grandson of the patriarch. No matter what, it is not something we can hurt.”

The four weighed a little and left immediately.

On the other side, sheldon had sneaked around the cargo ship and leaped over to check the situation. Within a few minutes, sheldon had a thorough understanding of the cargo ship, but did not find any valuable clues about Youlong Island. This was just It’s just a ship.

sheldon didn’t stop. Since there was no clue on the boat, he started with those who entered the island.

At the moment of disembarking, sheldon’s body of the Nine-Ranked Yuanshen’s power spread out, sensing every move of everyone on the island, and soon, under the influence of perception, sheldon noticed those people, a total of four people, not very strong Strong, but they are all above Chen Tianzhao’s solution that day.

sheldon swept in the direction of perceiving the cultivation base, and stopped them in front of the wooden building where he lived.

“Is it from Youlong Island?” Under their surprised eyes, sheldon’s figure slowly emerged.

“You’re sheldon, right?” The leader stood a step forward, staring at sheldon and said, “We came here to meet you at the order of Master Chen Wu.”

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