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Chapter 501

Clifford smiled kindly at Grace: “Really good.”

Grace pursed her lips, and took the lollipop to Grace: “Mom will open it for me.”

Alyssa took it, and while helping her to tear it apart, she asked Clifford: “Why are there candies in your office?”

“In addition to adults, my patients also have children.” Clifford said, and asked her with a straight face, “Say, coming to me, what’s the matter.”

Alyssa was slightly stunned: “Can’t I just come to you to chat?”

“I can’t ask for it, but are you just coming to me for a chat?” The smile on Clifford’s face remained unchanged, but there was a look through everything in his eyes.

Alyssa sighed helplessly: “I’m ashamed of you saying that, I really came here because of something.”

After she finished speaking, she took out the invitation letter from her bag and handed it to Clifford.

“On Friday, Karl is hosting a dinner, I hope you can come to attend.”

Clifford glanced at the invitation letter, his expression unchanged: “Karl asked you to give it to me?”

Alyssa’s eyes flashed slightly, watching him silently.

“You know that Karl and I have always been at odds. Naturally, he would not specially invite me to a dinner party hosted by him. Naturally, Karl asked you to give it to me.”

Clifford grinned, his expression looked a little playful, “Karl, this person is really interesting. He clearly wish I don’t meet you, but also asked you to come over and send the invitation in person, and don’t know what the idea is.”

Alyssa found that none of the men she knew were good.

Clifford’s origin is unknown, and he is equally smart. He doesn’t seem to be nasty towards her, but Alyssa knows that everything Clifford does can’t be for no reason.

For the same reason, Karl did nothing for nothing.

Alyssa frowned for a moment of contemplation, suddenly thinking of something, her complexion suddenly changed.

Clifford noticed the change in her expression: “What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing.” Alyssa twitched her mouth, smiling reluctantly: “I’ll go back I have something else, see you later.”

“Did you come here by car?” Clifford also stood up, picked up the jacket on the back of the chair, and walked out with Alyssa.

Alyssa said, “No need to drop me, I drove over.”

“I will send you out.”

Clifford didn’t listen to Alyssa, so he sent their mother and daughter into the car.

When he returned, the lady at the front desk laughed and teased him: “Doctor Dixon, Miss Alyssa made a special trip to see you.”

“Yeah, she made a special trip to see me. After sitting for less than ten minutes, she left.” Clifford didn’t get angry when he accepted her kindly.

When he returned to the office, his smile faded.

Walking to the chair behind the desk and sitting down, Clifford sneered with his lips curled.

His eyes fell on the invitation letter, fixed for a few seconds, and then he looked away.

Karl wanted to kill two birds with one stone.

He was not only testing Alyssa, but also testing him.

Now that everyone came to the door, he naturally wanted to fight.

On the way back, Alyssa drove a little faster.

Grace sat in the back seat and fell asleep eating candy.

When the car arrived downstairs in the community, Karl’s car happened to drive over.

Alyssa looked at the time, and it happened to be half past five.

Karl had just returned from work.

She opened the car door and got out of the car. On the other side, she got out of the car and opened the door for Karl. Karl got out of the car and saw Alyssa when she got off the car.

The two looked at each other in the air, their complexion was not very good.

Smith looked at Alyssa and Karl again, and said tentatively, “Sir?”

Karl’s face was stern: “You go back.”

After Smith left, Karl strode towards Alyssa, “Where is Grace?”

His voice and tone are the same as usual, but his eyes have betrayed him, and there is an undercurrent surging in the pitch-black eyes.

“Fell asleep.”

Alyssa turned around, opened the door of the back seat, and was about to lean over to take Grace out.

She stretched out her hand and was caught by Karl’s wrist: “I’ll pick her.”

After he finished speaking, he added: “She has gained weight again recently.”

“Where is it said that a child is fat? She is of healthy weight.” Alyssa glared at him, but she still stepped aside.

Karl unfastened the safety belt of safety chair and carried Grace out.

Grace slept deeply, and did not wake up when he was picked up by Karl.

Grace was lying on Karl’s shoulders, Karl had good arms, and he could hOld her firmly by holding her legs with one hand.

Alyssa walked behind, closed the door, and locked the car to follow.

When she followed Karl, he had already pressed the elevator button.

She stood half a step behind Karl and waited for the elevator with him.

Although the distance between the two was not far, Karl could feel that Alyssa was deliberately pulling away from him.

He twisted his eyebrows slightly, his eyes darkened a bit.

There was no extra communication between the two until they entered the room.

Karl hugged Grace into the room to sleep. When he came out, he saw Alyssa sitting on the sofa instead of cooking, as if she wanted to have a long conversation with him.

Karl walked over and sat down opposite her.

Alyssa raised her eyes and looked at him blankly.

Karl still looked like a silent man collapsed in front of her, and it was impossible to wait for him to speak.

Alyssa said impatiently: “I have personally delivered the invitation letter to Clifford for the dinner, are you satisfied?”

Her voice was originally soft, but when it was deliberately soft, it sounded a little uncomfortable.

Karl’s face suddenly became cold, and he stretched out his hand and pulled off his tie rudely, looking very irritable.

He threw his tie aside and said in a cold tone: “There is a fair chance to meet him. Isn’t it you who should be satisfied?”

He didn’t even want to mention Clifford’s name, and felt angry when he mentioned it.

Alyssa’s eyes dimmed a little.

Sure enough, just as she thought before, Karl was testing her.

In matters related to her, he has never been a generous person, so it is impossible for him to simply ask her to send an invitation letter to Clifford.

He was using this to test Alyssa.

In his opinion, he and Clifford are at odds, and Alyssa should not have any contact with Clifford anymore.

There is no need for Karl to say directly, Alyssa could guess what Karl was thinking at this time.

He must now feel that if she promised to send the invitation letter in person, she had other thoughts about Clifford. If she did not send the invitation letter, she would be able to prove her sincerity.

Alyssa found it ridiculous, but at the same time it felt a little sad.

Chapter 502

She sneered: “In your opinion, I look at other men more, just want to have something with that man?”

Karl’s expression was colder than hers: “At least Clifford wants to have something with you.”

“How many times do you want me to tell you! Clifford and I have nothing speical!” Because of her anger, Alyssa’s volume suddenly increased.

“When you were still having memory loss, you lived with Clifford, a single man and a widow in the same room…”

Before Alyssa became angry, Karl himself clenched his fists first, his face looked like a storm.

Alyssa was stunned for a moment, she really didn’t expect that Karl was thinking about this in his heart.

However, she had explained to Karl more than once, but Karl was still caressing, not only that, but also testing her.

Karl has his temper, and Alyssa has her own temper.

She couldn’t give in again and again.

Alyssa took a deep breath, her voice filled with suppressed anger: “Now I know that you mind? Do you think Clifford and I are innocent, do you and Miana have been innocent? I have been lying in the hospital bed for the past three years. Yes, but you and Miana exist as unmarried couples. Who doesn’t know that you and Miana are unmarried couples in Rostenvel?”

As she said later, Alyssa’s tone became colder.

She once had a hint of grievance in her heart, but because of Karl’s attitude, she believed in him.

Before she went to visit Tina’s place, the media also dug up the marriage contract between Karl and Miana, calling her a mistress.

She was also scolded on trending searchs at the time.

Karl dealt with the matter afterwards, and she didn’t think there was anything at the time.

However, Karl’s behavior this time angered Alyssa.

Things that hadn’t been angry before, and that didn’t matter much, now that she thinks about it, it makes her feel a little unbearable.

If you want to maintain the feelings between two people, you need to keep working hard.

But if you want to destroy it, it’s too easy. It only takes one of the two people to pull out the knife, which is enough to destroy a hard-knit relationship.

This time, Karl was the one who drew the sword first.

If in the past, Alyssa knew that Karl was a stingy man, it would have passed by giving in to please.

But between two people, concession and ingratiation cannot be a common weapon for maintaining feelings.

If this continues, concessions and courtesy may become the norm between them.

Although the two people seem to be in harmony during this period, there are still many problems between them.

Those problems seemed to have found a catharsis, and they all came out at this moment, and they came violently.

Karl stared at her tightly, pressing his lips tightly as if he was restraining something.

He didn’t know how long it had passed, but he was very angry and smiled: “What’s the matter with Miana and me? Don’t you know it in your heart?”

Alyssa sneered: “What’s the matter with Clifford and me? Don’t you know?”

“I was not clear at first, but I am clear now! Ha!”

The last sneer sounded strangely crippled.

Alyssa heating suddenly got up and pointed to the door: “Get out!”

Karl squinted his eyes slightly: “Are you driving me away?”

As soon as Alyssa was about to open her mouth to speak, she remembered that Grace was still sleeping inside, lowered her volume and said, “It seems that your hearing is normal!”

Karl’s clenched fists, loosened and squeezed, and squeezed and loosened.

Immediately stood up, turned around and strode out.


The door was closed roughly, making a harsh noise.

The room was quiet again in an instant.

Alyssa took a deep breath and paused for a few seconds before looking back in the direction of the door.

It was just a closed door, and there was no other person in the room besides her.

Karl actually left.

Alyssa sank back on the sofa and reached out to support her forehead. After a while she stood up and walked towards the kitchen.

Karl was gone, she and Grace had to eat.

However, she was a little absent-minded while cooking and cut her fingers.

Alyssa squeezed her fingers, and a little discouraged she stretched her hand under the faucet and rushed for a while, then went to find a bandage.

The wound is a bit deep, and it hurts even after the bandage is applied.

Alyssa was irritated, and after making a random cut, she poured the vegetables into the pot.

When she was cooking, Grace just woke up.

Grace rubbed her eyes and sat obediently at the dining table. She looked at Alyssa and the position beside her.

Alyssa made up an excuse: “Dad went to the company to work overtime.”

“Oh.” Work, dad has to work every day.

Grace nodded like an adult, and took a spoon to eat.

She just put the food in her mouth and chewed it, then vomited it back into the bowl with a bitter face, yelling, “It’s salty.”

Hearing the words, Alyssa quickly poured a glass of water for Grace, and then tasted the dishes by herself.

As soon as she made the meal, she first served Grace with vegetables, and she hadn’t tasted it yet.

She took a chopsticks dish into her mouth, she just sipped it, and then vomited it all at once.

Bitterly salty.

Grace drank a large glass of water while holding the cup “gurgling”. At this moment, she blinked her eyes and looked at Alyssa and asked her, “Salt it.”

“Salty.” Alyssa put down her chopsticks: “Let’s go out to eat.”

Grace clapped her hands happily: “Okay.”

Fortunately, it is not very late.

Alyssa added a coat to Grace and took her out to go out.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw Karl standing by the door.

He is also wearing suit pants and shirt, one hand is in the pocket of the suit pants, the other is holding a cigarette, one leg is slightly bent, leaning against the wall, like a pleasing portrait.

Alyssa remembered that when he went out before, he forgot to take his jacket.

Hearing the sound of opening the door, Karl also turned his head, he glanced at Alyssa, and subconsciously pinched out the smoke in his hand.

Grace happily ran out and took his hand, looking up at him: “Dad!”

But she quickly frowned in disgust: “Smelly.”

She was talking about the smell of smoke on Karl.

With a casual glance, Alyssa noticed a small pile of soot on the ground and countless cigarette butts.

Karl said blankly: “I come back to get my jacket.”

When he finished speaking, he turned straight into the room.

Alyssa glanced at the cigarette butts on the ground again, just came back to get his coat, or did not leave at all?

She felt soft for a moment.

But soon, she hardened her heart again. When Karl came out with his coat, Alyssa said quietly: “When you leave, sweep the cigarette butts at the door before leaving.”

She was satisfied to see that Karl’s always expressionless face was stiff for a while.

Immediately, she led Grace out: “We are going.”

“Where is Dad?”

“He is not hungry, he is full of cigarettes.”

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