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Chapter 503

Grace showed great curiosity about Alyssa’s words: “Eating cigarettes and full?”

She knew what cigarettes were, but she was surprised that she could be full after eating cigarettes.

Alyssa smiled and said, “That’s a special skill that your father has. Anyway, you only need to know that your father is full.”

Grace nodded ignorantly.

When Alyssa and Grace came back from dinner, the room was unusually quiet.

Alyssa turned on the light, looked around for a while, and finally set her gaze on Karl’s door.

She didn’t need to push the door to see, she knew that Karl was not here.

Because, the breath of Karl was missing in the room.

She herself didn’t know what kind of microsecond feeling it was, anyway, she could feel it as soon as she walked in, and Karl was not here.

When she first entered the door, she paid special attention to the door.

The ashes and cigarette butts there are no longer there, but Karl would really clean it up.

She imagined Karl bending down and sweeping the floor with a broom.

She had never seen Karl sweep the floor, and this scene can only be imagined.

It was Grace. As soon as she entered the door, she ran to push Karl’s door: “Dad?”

She patted the door a few times, and no one responded to her, so she echoed her head and cast suspicious eyes at Alyssa: “Mom, Dad won’t open the door.”

She thought Karl was still in the room.

“Maybe he’s asleep.” Alyssa walked over and led her to the bathroom: “Grace also goes to bed earlier.”

It was getting late, and Grace seemed a little sleepy when she ate before.

When she bathed Grace, Grace dozed off like a chicken pecking at the rice.

After coaxing Grace, Alyssa closed the door and came out, took out the phone and turned out Karl’s phone. She hesitated for a while at the top of the screen, but finally did not dial out.

It was obviously Karl’s fault, so why should she bow her head first.

Even if she lowered her head and made up with Karl, the problem between the two still remained unsolved.

don’t know what Karl is thinking…

Early in the morning, Smith received a call from Karl, and told him to go to the villa to help Karl get some daily necessities, and bring two sets of clothes to the company.

After answering the phone Smith was a little confused.

Didn’t Boss always live with the young lady? Why is he suddenly asked to bring his clothes to the company?

in argument?

When he arrived at the company, he knew that his guess was not wrong.

Throughout the day, the whole Adams’ was immersed in a depression.

Karl was in a bad mood, and he became more merciless when speaking.

At the end Smith, after receiving a text message from his wife urging him to go home for dinner for the third time, Smith went to Karl’s office under the pretext of sending documents.

“Sir, should I drive you back today?”

Karl said without raising his head, “No.”

“Then I can work first?” Smith asked tentatively.

When Karl heard this, he looked up at him: “work?”

Smith nodded slightly and said respectfully: “It’s almost nine o’clock.”

Karl said unclearly, “You never rushed home before.”

“My wife is waiting for me to go home for dinner.” When referring to his wife, Smith’s face also showed a smile.

That smile is really eye-catching.

Karl narrowed his eyes and stared at Smith for a while, then suddenly stood up and walked out with his coat.

As he passed Smith, Karl simply said, “Let’s go.”

“Where is Boss going?” Smith followed closely.

“Go to Best Day for dinner.”

Smith had to drive Karl to Best Day.

He thought that he could go home by sending Karl to Best Day, but when he opened the car door for Karl, Karl said casually, “Eat together.”

“Sir…” Smith wanted to refuse, but Karl had already entered the golden cauldron, his tall and lofty figure exuding a sense of depression under the light.

He didn’t want to eat with Karl at all, he wanted to go home to his wife and children.

Older, love home.

But Karl’s order has been given, what can he do?

Of course, bit the bullet and went in.

Karl was extravagant today and ordered a large table of dishes.

But these dishes are very light.

This is not Karl’s taste. After having been with Karl for so many years, he naturally knew that Karl was addicted to spicy food.

The two big men sat face to face without saying a word, even the air was embarrassing.

Smith suspected that Karl had a quarrel with Alyssa and couldn’t go back to eat, so he didn’t let him go back to accompany his wife and children, and deliberately pulled him to eat together.

Karl noticed Smith’s expression, raised his eyebrows and asked, “It’s hard to eat with me?”

“No.” Smith quickly denied.

Then he sighed and asked boldly: “Sir, you…did you quarrel with Madam?”

Karl was originally picking up vegetables, but after hearing Smith’s words, his action of picking up vegetables gave a violent stop.

He retracted his hand, placed his chopsticks on the dining table, and looked at Smith with a torch.

“I just asked casually, if Boss is willing to say, I might be able to help you analyze it.”

Smith said this very sincerely, he knew Karl and Alyssa, the two people quarreled, mostly because of Karl.

Karl didn’t respond to him immediately, he lowered his head. Smith, waiting for him to speak.

After a long while, Karl’s deep voice sounded slowly: “Do you think Clifford is playing Alyssa’s idea?”

“Mr. Dixon’s origin is unknown, he must have another purpose for Madam.” There is no doubt about this.

“Even you know that Clifford is plotting against Alyssa, and Alyssa even said that there is nothing between her and Clifford!” Karl finished speaking and sneered.

When Smith heard Karl’s words, he frowned slightly: “Sir, I think that Mr. Dixon’s purpose for Madam is not necessarily the love of men and women, but may also have other purposes.”

Boss still can’t get rid of this problem. I always feel that all the men who are close to Alyssa are men and women towards Alyssa.

Insecure, suspicious, paranoid.

He had seen these problems in Karl too early.

However, that was Karl who was in his early twenties.

When he first got to work under Karl’s hands, Karl didn’t actually trust him.

After a long time, Karl grew older and became more restrained. At work, he would hardly have such a time when he was almost unreasonable.

But his problems were applied to Alyssa.

After all, it was related to Karl’s childhood experience.

After experiencing something like that, Karl was somewhat psychologically disabled.

Sometimes he becomes a little paranoid and insecure, which is understandable.

But if this happens for a long time, it is not a good thing.

Chapter 504

Karl obviously didn’t listen to Smith’s words.

He leaned back, and said without rush: “Then tell me what kind of purpose is for him to take care of Alyssa for three years, and lie that he is Alyssa’s fiancé and is in the mountains. At that time, he could find me and Alyssa the first time, as for other purposes…”

He pondered for a moment, then sneered: “Heh!”

Just being unruly towards Alyssa was enough to make Karl attack him, let alone other purposes.

Smith sighed softly, not knowing what to say.

When Karl thought of something, he raised his eyes slightly to look at Smith: “Have you found other people following Alyssa recently?”

“No.” Smith shook his head.

Karl lowered his eyes slightly and didn’t know what he was thinking about. After a long while, he said again, “Clifford, keep a close eye on him.”

At the beginning, Clifford was able to find the place where he and Alyssa were in the first time, which meant that Clifford had sent someone to monitor Alyssa’s every move, otherwise it would be impossible to find Alyssa’s whereabouts so clearly.

After returning to Rostenvel, he had always sent people to protect Alyssa in the dark, but Clifford did not move at all.

Over the years, Clifford is the smartest opponent he has encountered.

He has not found out the identity and purpose of Clifford so far, but Clifford has always shown special concern for Alyssa.

But Alyssa is also…

Karl stretched out his hand irritably and pressed his eyebrows, with a trace of fatigue in his voice: “You go back.”

Smith wanted to go back home, but looking at Karl’s appearance, he couldn’t bear it: “Sir, I’d better accompany you to dinner.”

“Do not talk nonsense.”

Smith didn’t say much, got up and left.

When he was leaving, he looked back at Karl one step and three times without worry.

It’s Friday soon.

In the past few days, Alyssa didn’t go out much. After writing the manuscript, she sent it to Mattie to read. If she wanted to talk about it, she would call directly.

This is thanks to the age of technology.

“Are you really not going to the dinner party tonight? I can take you in.”

Mattie basically added this sentence after talking to her these days.

“I’m really not going.” Alyssa didn’t know why Mattie was so persistent in this matter.

“Well, if you change your mind temporarily, just call me.” Mattie refused when she saw her, and did not force her.


After turning off the video call, Alyssa took the mobile phone, and there were no missed calls or unread text messages.

Karl was really calm. Karl did not contact her for three days.

If she was only a little angry when she first quarreled with Karl, then after three days of fermentation, Alyssa was really a little angry.

Since Karl didn’t take the initiative to contact her, let’s see who of them is more calm.

Alyssa was holding the phone and could not imagine, the phone suddenly vibrated.

She thought it was a call from Karl, but when she looked down, she found that it was a call from Tina.

As soon as she answered the phone, Tina asked her: “Come out and let’s do hairstyles together. Have you chosen the dresses for the banquet?”

The fact that Karl was about to hold a dinner party almost spread throughout Rostenvel.

And this time Karl hosted a dinner under the banner of giving Trevor a bit of fun. Naturally, there was no threshold set up. As long as the people in Rostenvel had a reputation, they would attend.

Many people from entertainment circles like Tina come to participate.

Tina’s voice sounded excited. Although Alyssa didn’t want to distract her, she could only tell the truth: “I shouldn’t go.”

Tina is especially keen at this time.

“Have you quarreled with the big boss?”


“If you have a quarrel, you have to go to the party even more! Think about it, so many ladies at the party want to crawl on your child’s father’s bed. The quarrel goes to the quarrel, can you still separate or what? Go watch him!”

Alyssa hadn’t thought about this problem, maybe because she trusted Karl too much.

Karl was such an arrogant person, someone who didn’t like it, let alone crawling on his bed, he couldn’t get close.

“That’s it, let’s go pick a dress and make a hairstyle together later!”

After Tina said fiercely, he hung up the phone.

After half an hour, Tina knocked on Alyssa’s door.

Alyssa did not expect that she would come so soon, opened the door to take a look, and said in surprise: “So soon?”

“It just happened to be nearby.” Tina brushed the hair that got into her neck and waved her hand: “Don’t stand in the middle, let me.”

“What?” Alyssa was a little inexplicable, but still gave way to the side.

Alyssa stepped aside, and Tina turned around and said to the person behind her: “Come in.”

After Tina finished speaking, she walked in first.

Behind her was a group of costumers and makeup artists, and they also brought dresses for her to choose.

Alyssa asked her, “What are you doing?”

“Choose a dress and make-up together, and then attend the party.” Tina curled her lips and showed her a standard lady smile.

Alyssa didn’t want to go to the dinner party, but Tina took her thoughts and brought beautiful dresses.

Women are born with no resistance to beautiful clothes, and then put on makeup to make a look, just want to go out and show off.

She doesn’t go out much these days, and she is very abstinant at home.

The stylist and the makeup artist are both in the team, and they are relatively reliable.

“Pick the dress first.” Tina took Alyssa to pick the dress, but her eyes looked everywhere in the room: “Where is Grace?”

“Sleeping, she slept for a long time since she recently took a nap.” It’s only four o’clock in the afternoon, and Grace can sometimes sleep for an afternoon.

Speaking of Grace, Alyssa frowned slightly: “I can’t take Grace to the dinner party. Grace has not been exposed until now.”

Tina was taken aback when she heard the words, and asked, “What should I do? Or I will send her to the big boss, there are so many servants in the villa.”

“No, I’m arguing with him now. If I send Grace over, he thinks I’m showing weakness with him.” The dinner is not a must. If she can take Grace well, she will not send her to Karl. Go there.

Choosing to give up something for the sake of children is an essential course for parents.

Tina also felt reasonable after hearing this, and didn’t know what to do for a while.

Suddenly, Tina’s eyes lit up: “I thought, let Peter lead Grace, and we two will go to the dinner party together!”

“Peter?” Alyssa paused: “Is he all right?”

Although Peter can coax children, he is a big man after all, and Alyssa is not sure that he can take a little girl well.

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