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Chapter 507

“I’ll pass first.”

Alyssa’s gaze was fixed on Karl’s body, she did not look away when she spoke, but Tina knew that Alyssa was speaking to her.

“Disaccompany.” Clifford nodded towards Tina, and walked towards Karl together with Alyssa.

Tina’s eyes widened, watching Alyssa really took Clifford’s arm and walked towards Karl, feeling a little dazed.

She whispered: “Alyssa? What are you doing?”

Alyssa is actually a very soft person. Only when she is really offended will she start to do something similar to counterattack.

Obviously, the quarrel between Karl and Alyssa was not that simple.

And Karl asked Miana to sit next to him, and Alyssa was indeed angry, so she took Clifford to go along.

Tina felt that this behavior was actually somewhat naive.

But when she thought of the thunderous expression that Karl might have after watching the two pass by, she felt a little exciting.

Hearing Tina’s words, Alyssa turned her head to show her a soothing smile, indicating that she was reasonable.

When Tina saw this, she had no choice but to give up, leaning over there excitedly among the crowd, thinking about watching the excitement.

Just now Alyssa and Tina were standing together in the corner, and all those present were busy paying attention to Karl, naturally no one saw her.

But now that she walked out of the corner and walked straight towards Karl, she naturally attracted the attention of others.

“Who is that woman? She’s pretty?”

“A little familiar.”

“Oh, isn’t that Alyssa, Mr. Adams’s ex-wife? I can’t recognize her?”

“The one on the trending search before?”

“I think this woman has a thick skin. She has been divorced from Mr. Adams for more than three years. Mr. Adams has a new fiancée, and her face is so sticky…”

“Mr. Adams specially held a dinner party this time, brought his dad out, and called his fiancée again. Isn’t it to give her a rectification?”

“Then I have no chance again?”

“I say..”

Alyssa took Clifford’s arm and walked forward without squinting.

She heard everything they said clearly.

She knew exactly what these women were thinking.

As one of the parties, she couldn’t be more clear about the matter, and their words didn’t affect her.

After Miana sat next to Karl, she kept talking softly.

Although she is thirty years old, Miana is well maintained and elegant, and sitting there is also a beautiful scenery.

Karl didn’t talk to her anymore, but she didn’t see any impatience on his face, and his expression was as indifferent as usual.

However, when he turned his eyes and saw Alyssa walking towards him holding Clifford, his eyes that had no emotional fluctuations suddenly tightened.

In the originally deep eyes, there seemed to be an undercurrent turning inside for an instant.

The two looked at each other in the air, and then moved their eyes away very tacitly.

Alyssa lowered her head slightly, curled her lips and smiled, but the smile did not reach the bottom of her eyes.

Clifford slowed down, sighed, and said in a voice that only two people could hear, “Why bother.”

Alyssa was taken aback.

She understood the meaning of Clifford’s words.

Clifford was asking her, why use such a naive way to provoke Karl?

Maybe women seem to lack reason in their emotions.

She always said that Karl was naive, but now she is not.

She has already come here, naturally there is no reason to go back now.

In fact, she and Karl were not far apart, but she and Clifford walked slowly, so they walked for so long.

Finally, she and Clifford walked to Karl’s face.

Many people were talking around Karl, but the people who spoke were very tacitly keeping a distance from Karl, as if they were afraid of disturbing him.

Just after Alyssa walked out, when everyone saw her, her identity was no longer a secret.

When they saw Alyssa coming, they retreated to the side and made way for Alyssa.

After Alyssa approached, she gracefully thanked those who gave way to her.

Alyssa is beautiful, because as she grows older, her facial features have grown and she has experienced so many things. Her beauty has been polished to be more charming. When she smiles at a person intently, she becomes more so brilliant that people can’t ignore it.

The person who was thanked by her replied in a daze: “You’re welcome.”

Only then did Alyssa turn her head. Amid the inhalation of the crowd, she stood in front of Karl over the dangerous area they dared not step into, and opened her lips slightly. The slowing voice sounded a little loose: “Mr. Adams ,long time no see.”

Karl leaned on the back of the chair, raised his eyes slightly to look at her, a pair of black eyes fixedly staring at him, and a smile seemed to ooze from the corner of his mouth.


Karl is not a person who loves to laugh. There are very few things that make him so happy that he laughs involuntarily. Most of the time, he laughs very angry.

There seems to be nothing particularly happy right now, it’s worth his laugh.

Alyssa also smiled back: “What? Mr. Adams knows me?”

After that, she raised her chin slightly: “Do you need me to introduce myself?”

Smith just greeted the guests with a group of guests. When he saw Alyssa coming, he hurried over.

When he came over to see, he found that the atmosphere between the two people was not right. Coupled with what Alyssa said, he secretly cried out.

Karl didn’t take the initiative to speak for a while, he looked a little anxiously at Smith, just about to speak, but Karl gave him a cold look.

Karl’s warning was very obvious, he was not letting Smith intervene.

Afterwards, he slowly stood up and looked at Alyssa condescendingly, speaking indifferently as if talking to a stranger: “You don’t need to introduce yourself. Just remembered who you are.”

Alyssa was still holding Clifford at this time. After listening to Karl’s words, she couldn’t help but force her hands, and Clifford’s arm was hurt by her, but he only slightly frowned, and his expression was not obvious.

Alyssa’s attention was on Karl at this time, and he did not notice Clifford.

Just now Karl was sitting, she was standing, probably because she was looking down, so she didn’t feel any special pressure.

Now that Karl stood up, she had to raise her head again to see his face. Under the pressure of her body, the natural aura of his body was exuding.

That was the aura that belonged exclusively to Karl.

A bit cold, and a bit domineering.

Alyssa couldn’t help but stepped back: “Really? That’s good.”

Chapter 508

Karl did not speak, but cast his eyes slightly, and his gaze fell on Alyssa’s arm holding Clifford.

Clifford raised his eyes slightly, the smile on his face was so gentle that he didn’t have the slightest offensive power, and said in a simple way: “Mr. Adams.”

There seemed to be other emotions in the gentle voice.

Karl’s lips curled up, and the curvature of the corners of his lips was unusually cold.

His gaze fell on Alyssa again.

If she had to say anything, Alyssa was still a little afraid of Karl, especially Karl at this time.

However, life always has to go upstream.

As a result, Alyssa hooked Clifford’s arm and applied some additional force to bring the two closer together.

Miana, who had been sitting next to Karl without making a sound, suddenly stood up at this time, walked to Karl’s side, and said with a smile: “I didn’t expect Karl to invite you too. I knew I should greeted you in the past, lest they even let you over.”

The 30-year-old Miana looks no different from the Miana three years ago.

Speaking of which, this is Alyssa’s first face-to-face conversation with Miana after three years.

Miana can be friends with Claire, and naturally they are not ordinary characters.

Miana deliberately said that Karl had invited Alyssa. Just now Karl acted as if he didn’t remember who Alyssa was. This was a different way to tell everyone that Alyssa came uninvited.

Moreover, she spoke in the tone of half a hostess.

Miana is obviously more mature and cautious when she is not a daughter raised by ordinary people.

Just a few light words can embarrass Alyssa.

Without waiting for Alyssa to speak, Clifford chuckled and said: “This young lady does not know something. Mr. Adams originally invited me to the dinner party. He was just worried that Alyssa would be bored by herself, so he pulled her. Come here.”

Miana didn’t pay much attention to Clifford just now. After all, except for Karl, she never looked at other men.

At this time, she heard Clifford speak, and turned her head to look at him.

She glanced critically at Clifford, a flash of disdain flashed in her eyes.

In her opinion, although Clifford looked good and had a good temperament, he was still far behind Karl.

Miana stretched out her hand and stroked her hair, smiled decently, and said in a natural tone: “So it’s like this.”

Alyssa looked at Miana’s expression in her eyes.

A woman from Miana’s background, looking down on her and Clifford, she can understand.

After all, some people always need to use family background and other foreign objects to show their superiority and show that they are superior.

Alyssa sneered, and didn’t say deeply: “Ms. Palmer doesn’t know a lot. If you have time, you can ask Mr. Adams more.”

The marriage contract between Miana and Karl has always been an empty rumor. Just now she was sitting next to Karl. In the eyes of others, this confirmed the relationship between the two.

But Alyssa and Miana both knew what was going on.

On weekdays, not to mention that Miana was talking to Karl, even meeting each other was not easy.

Only Miana understood the ridicule in Alyssa’s words.

The smile on Miana’s face became a little reluctant: “That’s what I said, but Karl and I are usually very busy at work, and we don’t care about the trivial things of these outsiders.”

Little things for outsiders?

Alyssa raised her chin slightly, and there was a sneer in her eyes: “Oh? You don’t even have time to chat. I can wait to drink your wedding wine, and don’t know how long to wait. “

The onlookers, who didn’t hear the smell of gunpowder in the words of these two women.

Throughout the Rostenvel, although many women coveted the position of Adams’ daughter-in-law, they have never seen a woman confront him in front of him.

What’s more, there are two women who are closely related to Karl.

One is an ex-wife and the other is a fiancee.

This is really a good show.

Miana seemed to realize that these people were watching her good show, and her complexion became extremely bad.

But she still kept her smile, grinned reluctantly, then turned her head and warmly said to Karl, “I have a friend here, let me take a look.”

Karl ignored her.

Miana had long been accustomed to running into a wall with Karl, her expression was as usual, without showing a trace of embarrassment.

After Miana left, Alyssa turned her head and glanced at Clifford.

Although she did not speak, Clifford also understood what she meant, nodded slightly, and turned to go with her.

She was upset and didn’t make Miana feel better. The excitement was over, and it was time to leave the scene when it was over.

However, they wanted to go, but Karl refused to let them go.

“Hold on.”

Karl’s voice suddenly sounded, and Alyssa stopped when she almost heard his voice.

Clifford patted her hand comfortably, then turned to look at Karl: “Mr. Adams still has something important to advise?”

“I specially invited Mr. Dixon to come, naturally something is going on.” Karl said to Clifford, but he couldn’t help looking at Alyssa.

When Alyssa spoke to him just now, she was facing him, so he didn’t see what Alyssa was like behind.

At this time, Alyssa turned her back to him, and he realized that Alyssa was wearing a backless evening dress.

Compared with the backless evening dresses worn by other women at the banquet, Alyssa wears a conservative body, because the back of the dress only has a V-shaped mouth, and the bottom of the “V” is only exposed to the back. One-half place.

It’s not so bold, but it has an unspeakable sense of petty-ness.

The expression on Karl’s face quickly became cold, and his eyes became cold for an instant, and his low voice contained a depressed anger that could only be heard by people familiar with him: “Before I talked to Mr. Dixon. There is something more important. I want to talk to the lady next to you.”

The last word “talk” sounded like they were spoken through gritted teeth.

Clifford didn’t speak, but looked back and asked Alyssa’s opinion with his eyes.

“It’s a pity. I accompanied Mr. Dixon to the dinner today, not to talk to you Mr. Adams. Let’s talk about thing another day.”

After Alyssa finished speaking, she pulled Clifford and left.

Alyssa just refused Karl’s request to “talk” just now, and the guests on the side also squeezed a cold sweat for her.

At the same time, they admire Alyssa.

Therefore, when Alyssa passed by, they all consciously gave way to her.

Karl looked at the back of the two walking away, the expression on his face did not change, but the hands hanging beside him were already clenched into fists.

Alyssa, very good.

Trevor’s low laughter came from the side: “Heh.”

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