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Chapter 1041

“Chen Wu, who is Chen Wu?” sheldon asked with a light smile.

“You don’t need to know, as long as you know that soon you will be lying on the ground begging for mercy.” The four lined up, the voice fell, and the momentum was instantly released.

The contest between the masters of comprehension caused all the ordinary clan members on the island to leave, hiding behind rocks or trees one by one, while on the wooden building, the ghost operator was standing on the balcony with a compass in his hand, and Bai Xiaofei was one by one. Standing behind him with a nervous face.

“Master, do you say that Brother Chen will have no problem, right?” Bai Xiaofei squeezed a sweat in his hand. Although he knew sheldon’s strength very well, after all, this was the first time sheldon competed with others. It is inevitable to be a little worried.

“No problem, Youlong Island should already know the news that we have arrived. This is the person sent by his grandfather. Let’s just look at it and let sheldon handle it.” The ghost operator shook his head, at least He did not see from the hexagram that sheldon would encounter any danger.

“What’s the matter? The brothers in Xuanyang Palace and I rushed out to capture them, and asked them about the location of Youlong Island.” Bai Xiaofei couldn’t understand.

“If you don’t want to make sheldon angry, just stand here.” Guishuan shook his head.

The atmosphere froze for more than a minute.

“Let’s talk, Chen Diancang has something for you to bring to me.” sheldon clenched his fists. This was his first contact with his grandfather’s people. For a while, sheldon was in a daze.

The grandfather who was kind and kind in his own impression, and who had the ability, suddenly became a mastermind behind the kidnapping of his parents and sisters.

No matter how sheldon thought about these things, he couldn’t understand.

Of course, now that it is very close to solving the mystery, sheldon knew in his heart that Chen Diancang would know everything he did here.

“Nothing, just let us see your strength.” The person stretched out his palm, and soon a very light yellow halo appeared on his palm.

When the voice fell, he galloped forward, slashing at sheldon’s shoulder with a hand as a knife.

The three people behind him also worked on sheldon together. Chen Wu gave them the order that the patriarch said that sheldon’s life could not be injured, but he did not say that sheldon could not be injured.

Facing the four people rushing from the front, sheldon frowned slightly, with one hand behind him, and leaning forward with his right hand, easily blocking the man’s palm and knife, while his elbows, knees and side legs were almost at the same time. Hit.

As soon as they met, the four of them all fell to the ground.

sheldon only used one trick to defeat them all.

“Does the Chen family have only this kind of strength for comprehension?” sheldon looked at them lightly.

“It seems that there are really two or three punches!” The four slobbered, and stood up on the ground together. Although their status in the Chen family is not very high, they are all serious practices in the family. As soon as he met sheldon and was put down by sheldon, he naturally couldn’t accept it.

However, they only thought that they had underestimated sheldon’s strength.

“Where is Youlong Island?” sheldon narrowed his eyes, he didn’t like to clean up.

“Stop talking nonsense, let’s take a look at our Chen family’s thong-arm fist!” The man who slashed sheldon with a hand knife once again gathered momentum and rushed towards sheldon, his fists roared, even the surrounding fallen leaves. And the dust was blown up.

“Haha, sheldon, please give up. His thongs are ranked among the Chen family. If you accidentally beat you to death, we can’t deal with the patriarch!” The other person looked at him with disdain. Xiang sheldon, they knew that sheldon was the grandson of the patriarch, but a cultivator who hadn’t grown up in the Chen family since he was a child can have a high level of cultivation.

And they have been cultivating in the Chen family, and the exercises and fighting methods they have practiced all come from the core of the family, which gives them a lot of confidence, and even the confidence to replace the Chen family to participate in the cultivator conference not long after.

If you emerge at the conference and get good grades for the family, you might be able to become a close disciple of the patriarch like Chen Wu. By that time, he will be the star of the Chen family, and may even become a candidate for the future Patriarch of the Chen family. One of the people.

After all, Chen Diancang is eighty years old, even a cultivator will return to the dust in another twenty or thirty years.

“Through-arm fist?” sheldon narrowed his eyes slightly.

He once heard his father mention that there was a very powerful boxing technique in the family, called Tong Arm Boxing.

It is said that the Chen family’s most primitive Patriarch created four sets of boxing techniques. They are vigorous and powerful. As long as they enter the doorway, they can defeat the masters of fellow practitioners with strength.

Thinking of this, sheldon couldn’t help but shook his head with a smile.

I, the eldest grandson of the Chen family, theoretically the successor of the Chen family, is now intercepted outside of Youlong Island by the masters of the Chen family, and even treats himself with the Chen family’s fist.

Although sheldon didn’t have any favorable impressions of Chen Family and Chen Diancang, but the blood of Chen Family was still flowing in his bones.

“Yes, but I guess you haven’t heard of a wild species like you in the Chen family. I will let you see it today!” The man suddenly stretched his arms forward, like two iron plates, with violent The sound of breaking wind looks full of energy.


“Let me see.”

sheldon suddenly showed a bright smile.

In the face of these Chen family masters, he still retains the last bit of mercy, and does not want to kill them all. As for Chen Tianzhao, it is because of the people around him that he will end up like that.

Withdrawing his anger, sheldon assumed a fighting posture.

The moment sheldon withdrew his qi, the man immediately stepped forward, his feet on the ground, aroused violent dust, his figure kept approaching where sheldon was standing, and his two fists kept throwing out in the air. An afterimage soon appeared.

Seeing the moment when he appeared downstairs, Bai Xiaofei squeezed his sweat and clasped his palms tightly on the railing. He had already made a decision in his heart. As long as sheldon showed signs of retreat, he would immediately step forward to help.

“Is this the Chen family’s thong arm fist?” sheldon frowned slightly, looking at the situation in front of him.

When the man rushed in front of him, sheldon raised a sigh, and then punched forward without fancy.

The fist hit the man’s arm hard.


The crisp sound of broken bones sounded.

Everyone looked in the direction of the fight.

The masters of the Chen family all sneered. Every punch of the thong-arm fist was thunderous. Not to mention the human arm, even the iron plate can be interrupted forcibly, and with the frequency of swinging just so fast, sheldon’s arm As long as he stretches out, he will be beaten dozens of times in an instant, at least as a result of a comminuted fracture.

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