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Chapter 521

Tina was anxious, and she was already scolding Karl at this moment.

Alyssa was a little bit dumbfounded: “You wait for me to finish!”

“Well, well, you finish.” Tina was obviously not interested in the words behind her, so she shook the glass to play.

Alyssa said with a straight face: “He said, he wants to give me Adams’s Group.”

“Huh? Adams’ give it to you?” Tina said this time she didn’t think there was anything.

After two seconds, she reacted violently to what Alyssa said, and then violently grasped Alyssa’s hand: “What did you say, say it again?”

Alyssa repeated it again: “Karl said that he wants to give Adams’s Group to me.”

Tina opened her mouth wide, and then realized that it was so ugly, then she lifted her chin and closed her mouth.

Tina stared with a pair of eyes, and her voice was shaking: “The big boss really said that?”

“Really…” Alyssa nodded.

Tina stammered and took out her mobile phone: “I’m going to find out how valuable Adams’ Group is now.”

Everyone knows that the Adams’ is rich, but no one knows how rich.

Alyssa glanced at Tina disgustingly: “Do you know that you now have the words ‘I like money, I am powerful’ all over your face?”

“Who doesn’t like money? I have never disliked money.” Tina thought of something, and suddenly raised her head to look at her: “As the saying goes, you don’t need to give me half when you meet. You only need big resources and good resources. Just smash it all on me, let me walk sideways in the entertainment industry!”

Hearing this, Alyssa deliberately said, “If you really want to walk sideways in the entertainment industry, just say no to Peter?”

In this era of rampant traffic stars, most people who rush to gain popularity rely on traffic because it is easy.

And what Tina wants to do is an actor.

The actors watched acting, so they became popular slowly.

AdamPic Media is seated by Peter, who naturally wants to support Tina, but Tina does not accept those traffic scripts, but only chooses the scripts she likes.

Tina pretended to be angry and rolled up her sleeves: “Alyssa, do you want to fight?”

At the end, she said: “You and Peter are not the same. If you are developed, then I will be developed. If I eat yours, wear yours and use yours, I will not have any psychological burden.”

“Then I can help you talk to Karl, so you don’t have to worry about what you owe Peter.”

“It’s a joke, and the script plays it. I’m satisfied if the money is enough.”

Tina turned the topic back: “The big boss really said that? He really wants to give you Adams’?”


“Then do you dare to ask?”

Alyssa froze for a while, and spoke very honestly: “Don’t dare.”

“Hahahahahaha…” Tina laughed so hard that she couldn’t help herself: “Couldn’t you! You dare not ask for it!”

“I’m not for business. If Adams’s Group falls into my hands, it will to collapse within three years.”

“Three years? You too value your own.”

Alyssa: “…”

Tina finished laughing and patted her shoulder: “However, the big boss is really generous, Adams’s can give it to you, but I always don’t believe it…”

“He’s serious, and he asked me to go to Adams’ to find him tomorrow.” Alyssa leaned back in her chair as if she didn’t work hard, “How dare I go? He will let me go tomorrow, and he must have me sign Yes, I don’t know how to end it now.”

“Isn’t it? So many procedures can be done so quickly? Maybe you think too much?”

“Impossible, Karl said nothing, never telling me lies.”

Tina: “…” I felt confused by the cold junk food.

“Do you know what you said just now, how harsh it is in my single dog’s ears?”

Tina tilted her head to look at her: “This matter still needs how to end it, he just wants to give it to you, maybe you accept Adams’s House, he still feels quite safe.”


Seeing Tina speaking more and more outrageous, Alyssa simply changed the subject.

At the same time the next day, the door of Alyssa’s house rang, Smith.

“Madam, Sir asked me to pick you up to office.”

“wait for me.”

Alyssa turned around and took a coat, and went out with Smith.

Today she still entered through the gate.

When she entered, she waved to the front desks, smiling gently: “I’m here again.”

And those front desks lowered their heads tremblingly not to look at her.

Are they so afraid of her?

Only because Karl came down to pick her up in person.

The smile on Alyssa’s face faded. Yesterday these people ridiculed her, but Karl just came to pick her up in person and told them to shut up.

The power of Mr. Adams cannot be underestimated.

When Alyssa walked past them, they dared to raise their heads.

One of the front desks asked in a low voice, “Gone?”


“Scared me.”

“I was talked by the manager yesterday and thought I would lose my job…”

“Who knew that the CEO actually followed Alyssa…”

When she arrived at Karl’s office, Alyssa saw Clayton who she hadn’t seen for a long time.

Clayton looked at her with a big smile: “Miss Alyssa.”

Because it’s been too long since she saw Clayton, Alyssa thought for a while before remembering who he was.

She slightly nodded towards Clayton: “Lawyer Clayton.”

When Alyssa walked over, she found that the desk was full of various documents.

Karl stood up, pushed the chair behind Alyssa’s body, and pressed her onto the chair to sit down.

“These are all needed…” Before Clayton finished speaking, he was swept over by Karl with a cold eye.

He pushed his glasses to cover up the moment of stiffness on his face, and said very naturally: “These are all documents that require your signature, Mrs. Adams.”

Alyssa looked at it roughly, and it turned out that it was all transfer agreements.

As she had guessed, Karl actually took a day to prepare these, and she was asked to sign it today.

Alyssa turned her head to look at Karl, her voice mixed with other emotions, and it sounded a bit sharp: “Karl, you are crazy!”

Karl just handed the pen to her.

Clayton’s psychological quality is particularly good, as if he hadn’t heard Alyssa’s words at all, he began to explain to her the content of each document without anyone else.

Alyssa stretched out her hand and covered her forehead, then turned to look at Clayton: “Lawyer Clayton, please wait a moment, I want to talk to Karl.”

“I advise Mrs. Adams to not waste time trying to persuade him. It’s better to finish signing earlier, and I will finish sooner.” Clayton had a professional smile on his face: “After all, as you said, he is already crazy. Lunatics can’t listen to normal people.”

Chapter 522

Karl gave Clayton a cold look, and Clayton lowered his head slightly, as if he was not what he said just now.

He looks very calm.

But Alyssa still noticed that Clayton’s hands clasped together tightly.

Alyssa chuckled slightly, she thought that Clayton’s mental quality was so good that he was not afraid of Karl at all.

Karl stood behind Alyssa, with one hand resting on the tabletop, this posture looked like he was holding Alyssa in his arms.

He stretched out two fingers and tapped twice on the table to remind Alyssa: “Sign it.”

Where can Alyssa dare to sign.

Clayton is a well-known lawyer in Rostenvel, as well as a personal lawyer hired by Karl privately. These things will have legal benefits once they are signed.

For a company as big as Adams’, Karl was like a child’s play, and gave it to her if he said it was for her.

She hadn’t even thought of Adams’s. Now Karl handed it to her, she didn’t dare to ask for it.

Alyssa no longer knew how to persuade him, frowning and calling out his name: “Karl!”

Karl raised his eyebrows and said in a deep voice, “Clayton’s time is valuable. If you spend a minute longer, I will pay him a minute more. We still have to raise Grace, and save a little bit.”

His tone was serious, as if he really cared about the money.

Alyssa knew that he was teasing her.

He was still in the mood to tease her at this time.

“Karl, don’t know how to sign this word. The Adams’ belongs to your family. How can you treat it as a child’s play and give it to me if you say it to me?”

Karl seemed to think her serious expression was funny, and said with a light smile: “This is not a trifling matter, it’s my betrothal gift for you.”

Alyssa was stunned for a while, and it took a while to find her voice.

She lowered her voice and asked him, “Aren’t you afraid that I will change my mind in the future? If I run away with other men with your money?”

“Oh? I remember you said a word before.” Karl paused, and then slowly said, “Is there a man with more promising prospects than Karl in Rostenvel?”

Alyssa almost forgot that she had said this sentence.

Time has passed too long. When she said this sentence, she said it in front of the media.

Unexpectedly, he even remembered such old things.

Karl pulled her out of her memory aloud: “Then I will ask you now, do you think there is a man with a more promising future than me in the entire Rostenvel?”

Her answer is the same as before.



Clayton, who had always been used as a background board, coughed, trying to attract the attention of these two people, indicating his existence.

He didn’t come here to watch these young couple reminisce about the past.

Only then did Alyssa remember that there was another person in the room

She glared at Karl, then turned to look at Clayton.

Clayton sighed, “Do you want me to come back another day?”

Karl’s answer was, putting the pen back into Alyssa’s hand.

“I’m hungry, hurry up.” After Karl finished speaking, he went to sit on the other side and signed with Alyssa.

Alyssa still didn’t move.

Karl looked at her pretendingly: “If you don’t sign, I won’t let you see Grace!”

“…” Alyssa twitched her mouth, feeling that Karl was really naive and boring sometimes.

Clayton also sat down and began to organize documents.

There are a lot of documents to be signed, and by the time the signing is finished, it is a bit close.

As soon as they signed, Clayton left.

Before Clayton left, Alyssa asked him for dinner.

“Thank you for your kind intentions, I still have a lot to deal with, next time, if Mrs. Adams cooks herself…”

Before he finished speaking, Karl took the book and threw it at Clayton: “You can think of it more beautifully.”

Clayton dodged dangerously, and complained to Alyssa in a particularly upright tone: “Look, he treats me like this, where can I dare to eat together with him.”

After he finished speaking, just one second before Karl became angry, he said “Farewell”, and then hurriedly left with his briefcase.

Alyssa looked at the closed office door, then looked back at Karl: “Can’t you be polite to them?”

“I’m not being polite to them, so they dare to go crazy. If I be polite to them, their tails are up to the sky?” Karl’s tone was extremely serious.

Alyssa had nothing to say.

The two went out to eat together.

The two went down the elevator together, and when Karl took Alyssa out of the elevator, the front desk ladies looked straight again.

Karl turned his head and glanced, frowning slightly.

Those few fronts immediately retracted their gaze, nodding respectfully: “President!”

Karl’s gaze swept over in turn, and then he said coldly, “What else?”

Several people looked at each other, and it took a few seconds before they understood what Karl meant.

They all bowed to Alyssa, “Miss Alyssa.”

“Heh!” Karl only sneered when he heard the words.

He was so scary, and scared the little receptionists.

Alyssa took his hand and motioned to him to forget it.

It’s not a big deal at first, and you have to care about what a title does.

One of the discerning girls immediately called out: “Hello Madam!”

Seeing that Karl’s complexion improved, the other girls hurriedly shouted “Hello Madam”.

Karl’s face was slightly dark, and he took Alyssa away.

After leaving the office, Alyssa looked down at the hand that she and Karl were holding together, a little lost.

It seemed that it was the first time that she and Karl appeared in Adams’ office in a fair manner.

After getting in the car, Alyssa asked him: “How did the news matter later be resolved?”

“That’s it.” Karl buckled his seat belt, then leaned over to help Alyssa buckle.

Alyssa knew what he was going to do, and refused aloud: “I will do it myself.”

“Don’t you give me a chance to please the boss?” Karl put one hand on the back of the chair behind Alyssa warming, and the other hand on the door of the car. He lowered his eyes slightly and asked her in a low voice.

The space in the car was already small, and Alyssa was trapped in his arms and did not react for a while: “What… please?”

“How do you please?” Karl said, bowing his head and k!ssing her ear.

A k!ss that was as light as nothing, it was only a touch, but it made Alyssa feel a tremor.

She shuddered and shrank back: “Be serious.”

“I’m your employee now. You are the one who pays me. I’m trying to please my boss. I hope my boss will pay me more to earn a living. Isn’t that serious?”

Karl spoke sternly, but in Alyssa’s ears, he felt that he was being molested.

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