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Chapter 527

Grace squashed her mouth, and muttered softly: “It’s fierce.”

Karl glanced over, and she immediately shut her mouth and got out of bed aggrieved.

She was small, so she could only lie on the bed, sliding down the bed little by little, the corners of her mouth collapsed into an arc.

Grace looked in the room and looked over, but could not find her clothes.

She was about to speak, and wanted to look like Karl just now, she just covered her mouth in fright, and didn’t dare to speak anymore, and ran to the side to pull Karl’s quilt.

Karl raised his eyebrows to look at her.

Grace looked up at Alyssa with her little head up, and then said quietly, “I can’t find clothes.”

This is Karl’s room, of course there will be no Grace’s clothes.

Hearing this, Karl looked down at Alyssa in his arms, then carefully rolled over and got out of bed, leading Grace back to her room to change clothes.

He changed Grace’s clothes and asked the servant to take her down for breakfast.

Before going downstairs, Grace looked at Karl’s bedroom unwillingly, and whispered, “Mom wants to eat breakfast too.”

“you eat first.”

Karl’s simple three words made Grace not dare to repeat it.

After watching the servant take Grace away, Karl returned to the room.

Alyssa still slept deeply.

Karl stood by the bed and looked at her for a while before changing his clothes and going downstairs.

When he went down, the servant was feeding Grace breakfast.

Grace had good eyesight, she saw Karl coming down, and immediately grabbed the spoon from the servant’s hand to eat by herself, looking very well-behaved.

Karl certainly saw her behavior, but didn’t say much.

The father and daughter sat face to face, without saying a word, each eating their own breakfast.

When almost finished eating, Alyssa came down.

Without a face, she walked over and sat next to Grace directly, arousing dissatisfaction in Karl’s eyes.

Alyssa pretended not to see it, and turned her head to look at Grace: “Wow, Grace has eaten so much?”

“Yeah.” Grace nodded, and took a spoonful of porridge and handed it to Alyssa’s lips.

However, she didn’t hold it very firmly, and she dropped a bit on the dining table.

Alyssa smiled and held her hand, pushed the spoon to her lips, and said softly: “You eat it yourself, and mom has it too.”

As soon as the voice fell, there was a “clang” on the dining table.

Alyssa looked up and found that Karl had placed the spoon in his hand heavily on the dining table.

Alyssa asked him with a look in her eyes: What is your temper after eating breakfast?

“Nothing.” Karl lowered his head blankly.

He had never seen Alyssa spoke to him in the same gentle tone as when Grace spoke.

Oh, woman!

Alyssa didn’t know why Karl was angry. After breakfast, she went straight to the company without saying a word to her.

Just as Mattie called again to talk about the script, Alyssa went back to the house she rented and took the computer to Mattie’s studio to find her.

When she arrived, Mattie had just finished a meeting and was waiting for her.

Mattie took her to the conference room, where several associate screenwriters were also waiting.

The first part of “Lost City” was completed by Alyssa and Mattie on the premise that there were ready-made manuscripts.

Usually some screenwriters will have their own assistants. In the production of a play, in addition to the main screenwriter, there are also several deputies.

Mattie made a lot of money from filming “Lost City”, so she opened her own studio and recruited a lot of people, so she didn’t have to be as hard as before.

After the meeting, everyone else left, and Mattie took Alyssa to her office.

Mattie asked her to sit on the sofa, and then asked: “What to drink? Water, coffee, juice, or other drinks?”

Alyssa said, “Water will do.”

Mattie asked the secretary to send a cup of water and a cup of coffee.

The coffee is hers, and the water is for the guest.

She sat opposite Alyssa, leaning against the back of the sofa, looking at her.

Alyssa picked up the water glass and let Mattie look at her.

Mattie looked at her for a while, and finally came to a conclusion: “The spring breeze is all over your face.”

Alyssa smiled, not paying much attention to Mattie’s words.

Suddenly, Mattie curled her lips and smiled, nodded to Alyssa’s chin, and said, “The news report a few days ago, the little girl at the dinner, is this the daughter of you and Karl?”

Alyssa paused, put the water glass in her hand back on the coffee table, and then said, “Your guess?”

“It’s my guess, but I believe it is also a fact.”

Mattie also received an invitation to the dinner before. She originally wanted to go with Alyssa. After all, Alyssa and Karl had such a relationship. She was very curious about the relationship between the two, so she wanted to go. Watch the excitement.

But she couldn’t go, she just happened to have something, so she didn’t go.

She regretted it for a long time.

Alyssa, a rebellious woman, went back later and made such a big news.

“From the time you were pregnant and the size of the little girl, that was the daughter of you and Karl. However, you did a good job in secret work at the time, and your child was born abroad, so the domestic media can’t easily dig this material.”

After Mattie finished speaking, she looked good at the show: “As for Miana? She didn’t seem to have much contact with Karl at that time, right?”

Alyssa smiled without speaking.

“What are you pretending to be dumb at this time? What’s the matter with Karl? Is that little girl your daughter?” Mattie was so curious.

“Working hours, don’t talk about personal matters.” Alyssa didn’t intend to talk about these matters with Mattie.

So far, the only person in this world who can let her say anything without scruples is probably only Tina.

Mattie saw that Alyssa was so stubborn, she didn’t reluctantly: “Okay, you don’t want to say it, but I have to remind you that Miana is not a fuel-efficient lamp.”

Mattie’s father is the head of the station, and he is also a big leader.

But Miana’s father had a bigger background, so if you say that, they are also in the same circle, and Mattie also knows her.

Alyssa asked her: “How to say?”

Mattie stirred the coffee, thought for a while, and said aloud: “How can I put it, Miana’s position in our circle is like Claire’s position in the business circle.”

Alyssa nodded, expressing understanding.

It is precisely because Claire and Miana were both grown up chased by people, they are extremely proud, and the two can be friends together.

However, this kind of friendship does not seem to stand the test.

Seeing Alyssa listening carefully, Mattie paused and continued: “However, Miana is usually very low-key, but people who offend her have no good end.”

Chapter 528

Alyssa thought for a while, and asked Mattie: “What is her father’s background?”

She has always heard that Miana’s family is not simple, but she is not clear about Miana’s family situation.

Now that she heard Mattie say this, she was really curious.

“don’t know, no one knows.” Mattie shook her head: “That’s why she said she was low-key, you know, these days, people with a lot of background, the more low-key, but if she meets someone or something It’s something that can be solved in minutes.”

“Anyway, you just need a little cotton on the embankment.”

Knowing that Mattie was kindly reminding her, Alyssa nodded: “I know, thank you.”

Mattie gave a noncommittal smile.

After coming out of Mattie’s studio, Alyssa received a call from Karl.

“We will have dinner at noon and look for the wedding dress with you in the afternoon.”

“Are you so free?”

“I’m just an employee. Of course, I have to focus on the boss’s business.”

Karl left early by himself, so he had to use her as a cover.

Although Adams’ is indeed hers now, the person in charge is still Karl.

After all, she knows nothing about these management operations.

Since Karl had that leisurely mind, Alyssa naturally accepted it.

The two had lunch together and went to the bridal shop to see the wedding dress.

The bridal shop is also an industry under Adams’ family. Before Alyssa went to look at the wedding dresses, it has already been arranged to clear the venue.

Alyssa felt that Smith was very versatile.

“How much salary do you pay for the Mr. Smith?” Alyssa was suddenly curious.

Karl laughed, “Guess.”

Alyssa punched him once, and Karl caught her hand, and said after a moment of thought, “I don’t remember it, anyway, it’s a few million in annual salary. I don’t remember the salary increase every year.”

Seeing that Karl was so sincere, Alyssa no longer embarrassed him.

The two talked as they walked towards the bridal shop.

The manager took the clerk and greeted them at the door.

“Mr. Adams.”

Karl walked in with Alyssa’s hand.

Suddenly, he stopped, and turned his head to look at the store manager. There was a bitter aura in his voice: “You can’t say ‘Madam’, do you want me to teach you?”

The store manager glanced at Alyssa, and hurriedly bent over and called out, “Madam!”

The other clerk followed in the footsteps of the shop manager and called “Young Lady”.

Alyssa glanced at the store manager and found that the store manager’s gaze was a little evasive, and the other store employees also had expressions similar to anxiety.

There is a problem.

Alyssa looked at them calmly, and didn’t say anything.

Karl took her and walked inside.

After a few steps, the store manager suddenly stopped them: “Sir, young lady, I’m sorry, we haven’t finished the new arrivals today. It’s too messy, how about you come to see the wedding dresses?”

Karl stopped and looked back at the store manager.

His face is not good-looking, and his eyes are cold.

The store manager didn’t dare to look into his eyes at all, and pressed his head very low, looking very scared, Alyssa also noticed that his hands were shaking.

In fact, Alyssa could also feel the low pressure coming from the man next to her, but she was used to it, and she was not as scared as the store manager.

A more important reason is that it is not her who angered him.

Karl was silent for a moment, with a gloomy tone: “Really? Very messy?”

Although his tone was gloomy, it was still within an acceptable range. No matter how frightened the store manager was, he bit the bullet and replied: “Yes.”

“Heh!” Karl sneered, and his tone became even more gloomy: “You still have the face to say ‘yes’ to me! I confessed this matter two days ago, but I postponed it until today. Today I came here, and you tell me it’s messy up to now, is this your ability to do things?”

“I…I…” The store manager was too scared to say anything.

Alyssa pursed her lips, trying to persuade him.

At this moment, a familiar female voice suddenly came from inside.

“Why embarrass an employee.”

Alyssa turned her head and saw Miana wearing a pure white suit walking out of it.

Miana is indeed the most famous lady among the women Alyssa has ever met.

She is really elegant and beautiful.

If Miana was not trying to steal her man, she would still appreciate Miana this woman.

Just now Alyssa noticed that the expressions of the store manager and clerk were wrong, but she didn’t expect it was because Miana was here.

Before they came here, Karl had already ordered Smith to clear the venue.

But why is Miana here?

Alyssa found the answer only after a little thought.

As soon as the news from the previous dinner came out, almost everyone stood in line to Miana, and everyone thought Miana and Karl were a pair.

The people in this bridal shop probably think so too.

So after clearing the field, they still let Miana in.

When Karl saw Miana, the aura in his whole body was a few degrees colder.

Alyssa could feel that he really hated Miana.

Seeing that Miana came out, the shop manager walked forward and whispered: “Miss Palmer, sorry, please come back another day.”

“Okay.” Miana responded to the manager’s words very easily.

Afterwards, she looked back at Karl, took two steps in his direction, and said, “Here to see the wedding dress? Are you planning to get married? Are you going to make Grace public?”

Karl looked at her coldly, there was no warmth in his voice: “Stay away from me.”

Miana’s complexion changed a bit, but soon returned to normal.

She took a step back in a kind-hearted manner: “Karl, why bother to be so anxious, stop thinking about who is more suitable for you?”

After Miana finished speaking, she glanced at Alyssa coldly, her eyes full of hostility.

Since Miana is provoking her head, there is no reason why Alyssa should not attack her.

Alyssa let go of Karl’s hand and walked to Miana in a leisurely tone: “I think Miss Palmer should consider her own problems before concerning herself with our marriage. Karl, a thirty-year-old man is starting to get anxious about getting married. Although Miss Palmer is well maintained, she still has to think about herself.”

Miana’s complexion was slightly angry, and her breathing became heavy, but she did not reply to Alyssa.

But don’t take a deep look at Karl and leave.

However, from her heavy and fast footsteps, one could hear that she was in a bad mood at this time.

It feels good to tear a rival.

But this happy feeling didn’t last for three seconds, it disappeared.

Alyssa couldn’t be happy when she thought of Miana’s last look at Karl’s deep eyes.

“What does Miana mean?”

“Old man?”

The two spoke almost simultaneously.

The air was quiet for a few seconds, Alyssa glanced at the store manager and staff respectfully standing behind Karl, and dragged him inside.

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