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Chapter 525

As Alyssa spoke, she bypassed Karl and hugged Grace and walked upstairs.

Karl stretched out his hand halfway, and watched Alyssa go upstairs before putting it back.

He took a deep breath and lowered his eyes not knowing what he was thinking.

When Alyssa put Grace on the bed and helped her undress, Grace suddenly woke up.

She called out in a panic: “Mom.”

Alyssa quickly took her hand and k!ssed her face: “Mom is here.”

Grace quickly fell asleep again in peace.

She watched by the bed for a while before turning around and going out.

She went down the stairs along the corridor and found that the hall was empty, except for a few servants, there was no Karl.

Alyssa looked at the location of Karl’s study upstairs. She guessed that Karl should be in the study.

When she was about to go up, she saw that Karl had come down.

He changed into his home clothes, and the sharp breath on his body eased a lot.

“Grace is asleep?” Karl walked up to her, lowered his head and k!ssed her on the cheek.

Alyssa nodded: “Well, did you go up and change your clothes?”

At this moment, a servant walked over and said respectfully: “Sir, Young Lady, dinner is ready.”

After dinner, Alyssa went upstairs to see Grace.

Grace had eaten before, and Alyssa didn’t have to worry that she would wake up hungry in the middle of the night, but she didn’t worry about coming to have a look.

Maybe mothers have the same mentality, the more they look at their children, the more cute they feel.

She stayed in Grace’s room for a long time, until Karl came to find her: “Are you planning to sleep here tonight?”

Alyssa turned her head and stretched her index finger to her lips: “Shhh, be quiet.”

Karl walked over and turned his head to look at Grace.

Then he looked at Alyssa: “You should sleep too.”

Alyssa looked at Grace and said softly, “I want to sleep with Grace tonight.”

Karl raised his eyebrows and said in a low voice, “What about me?”

His tone was the same as usual, but Alyssa just heard a bit of resentment of being abandoned.

Alyssa looked at him and said, “You sleep by yourself, do you want me to coax you?”

“Yeah.” Karl replied and stared at her with his arms around him, as if he was waiting for her answer.

Alyssa thought for a while, and said tentatively, “Then…sleep together?”

Karl didn’t say a word, so she assumed that Karl agreed.

She lifted Grace’s quilt and said to Karl: “Hold her, lightly, don’t wake her up.”

Karl narrowed his eyes and said, “Sleep together?”

“Yes, the three of us sleep together.” Alyssa looked at Karl’s not-so-friendly expression and realized that the “sleep together” that Karl understood was not the same as the “sleep together” she meant.

When she said sleeping together, the three of them were sleeping together.

And what Karl said about sleeping together was that she and Alyssa were sleeping together.

It really is……

However, Karl was forced to make concessions in the end.

He carried Grace to the master bedroom.

When Alyssa entered, she saw Karl putting Grace on the side of the bed.

She walked over and moved Grace to the middle of the bed.

“Alyssa!” There was a hint of anger in Karl’s voice.

Is he angry? She is still angry!

Alyssa walked up to Karl, looked up at him, stretched out a hand to click on his chest, and said, “Karl, is Grace your own daughter? Of course the children have to sleep in between.”

Karl said blankly, “It’s my own.”

“You still know it’s your own!”

Speaking of this topic, Alyssa suddenly remembered the conversation between Karl and Grace on the road when she was discharged from the hospital.

“You suspected that she was not yours before!”

Alyssa said without beginning and ending, Karl did not know what she was talking about.

Karl denied: “I have no doubts.”

“On the day I was discharged from the hospital, I was sitting in a car next to your car. I heard you clearly. You said that Grace’s aesthetic made you doubt whether she was your biological daughter!”

Alyssa glared at him when she said a word.

“What’s the matter?” Karl’s current memory can only remember the months of his marriage with Alyssa.

She told him all the time about important things that happened later, and he knew all about it.

However, Smith never told him about these small details.

Alyssa also thought of this. She didn’t intend to turn over the old accounts with Karl, but suddenly remembered this incident.

“Well, let’s not talk about this, Grace must sleep in the middle.”

Karl did not speak, and went straight into the bathroom.

Alyssa went to cover Grace and read the news on her mobile phone.

Tina sent her a WeChat message before, but she didn’t see it.

Tina still gave her the voice.

“How is today? I heard that you also called Peter to eat together.”

Alyssa knew what Tina was referring to.

“What can I do, signed.”

At the next moment, Tina sent her a big-legged emoticon.

Alyssa found an emoticon showing money and sent it back to her.

At this time, Karl’s voice came from the bathroom: “Alyssa, I have no clothes.”

Alyssa heard his voice and replied a text message to Tina: “Stop talking now, something is up.”

Tina’s hand was very fast, and she returned a text message to her: “What are you doing in the middle of the night? Isn’t it a matter of creating people?”

Alyssa gave her a beating expression and ignored her.

Putting down the phone, Alyssa saw that Karl hadn’t taken the clothes she found just now, so she took the clothes and knocked on the bathroom door.


The bathroom door opened a gap, and the hot and humid breath burst out. Alyssa stood by the door and passed the clothes in: “Clothes.”

She held it for a few seconds, and didn’t feel Karl taking the clothes away, so she turned to look into the bathroom with some doubts.

However, before she had time to see the situation in the bathroom, she felt that her wrist was gripped and she was pulled into the bathroom.

The bathroom door closed behind her, and she was pushed against the door panel by Karl.

Karl stood n@ked in front of her, with one arm around her waist, and the other on the door.

Alyssa was taken aback for a moment, and then said angrily: “Karl, are you bored?”

“It’s because it’s too boring, so I’m looking for something meaningful to do.” Karl said in a calm voice.

Alyssa heard the deep meaning in his words, and her face turned red: “What is in your mind all day!”

Karl replied with kindness, “I miss you.”

Then he lowered his eyes to k!ss her.

He walked along her delicate and white neck and k!ssed her collarbone. He lifted the hand that was holding her waist up, so that her eyes were level with him…

Chapter 526

The bathroom was filled with mist and steam.

Alyssa’s hair was also soaked in the mist, and her hair was tightly attached to her forehead.

She has no bangs anymore, and there is only a layer of soft velvet hair on her forehead, which is wet and tightly attached to her forehead, making her look more gentle and pleasant.

Alyssa put her arms around Karl’s neck, feeling a little difficult to breathe.

“Karl, you’ve been… thinking about… these… you…meet…” Before she could say anything after her, she was so speechless by Karl’s deep tip. Come.

She was already out of tune, but Karl had done something bad, and she was even more speechless now.

It was useless for Alyssa to squeeze his fist, but he was even more fierce.

Grace was sleeping outside, she didn’t dare to scream, she bit her lip and whimpered.

The whole person was under the control of Karl, and there was no room to fight back.

She seemed to be Karl’s opponent for nothing.

!ntercourse is even worse.

At the end, Alyssa was like a fish pulled out of the water.

Her body was full of moisture, but she couldn’t move, and she could only breathe carefully, and felt tired even if she moved.

Karl hugged her to take a b@th.

Alyssa warmed her waist and twisted his waist, but Karl grasped her hand, and asked her in a low voice, “Want to come again?”

Alyssa’s hand shook, and she did not dare to move.

Karl chuckled, “What are you afraid of? I am comfortable with what you are comfortable with. Wouldn’t it be better to do more?”

Alyssa chuckled, “Who told you that I am comfortable?”

“Uncomfortable?” Karl thought seriously for a moment, and then said: “Then let’s continue until you are comfortable with this.”

He said, his big hands climbed up her wa!stline again. Alyssa shook her whole body and grabbed his hand: “No…not coming…comfortable…”

She said the last three words without shame.

Karl got a satisfactory answer, and smiled on his face, as bright as the sunshine after rain.

“Since it’s comfortable, you should do more.”

He said this in a teasing tone, but the gesture of b@thing her with his hands was extremely gentle.

Karl is really happy today.

This is what Alyssa hasn’t seen for a long time.

She stretched out her hand and touched Karl’s face, and whispered, “Be happy too.”

Karl snorted coldly, “This sounds like a last word. I don’t like to hear it.

” …” The beautiful atmosphere was successfully destroyed by Karl’s words.

Alyssa pushed him: “You go out and I will wash it myself.”

Karl smiled at the corner of his eyes, looking a little wicked: “Can you wash it yourself?”

“I am so good, why can’t I wash my hands and feet? Isn’t it annoying.” Alyssa’s temper came up, and she said what she thought of.

Karl didn’t get angry either, and slid his big hand down: “All right, but I have to get it out for you.”

Alyssa looked at him in doubt.

Karl k!ssed her earlobe, pressed his breath to her ear, and said word by word: “I just got it inside, I’ll get it out for you…” When

he spoke, the heat was in the air. After

Alyssa realized what he was saying, her face suddenly flushed.

Her skin was white, the red glow on her face went down her neck, and even the snow-white neck was burning red.

Karl’s throat rolled twice.

So cute.

He lowered his head and k!ssed Alyssa, and while Alyssa’s attention was on the k!ss, his other hand dropped.

“Um…Um…” Alyssa felt his movements and struggled subconsciously.

Karl left her lIps and said with a slight breath: “Be good and don’t move, we can have Grace…”

There is a little girl who grabs his place and sleeps between them. He doesn’t want to go anymore. one more.

The little girl is better to accept, soft, temperamental and warm.

He can’t stand another brat.

The two had tossed in the b@throom for so long, and when they returned to the bedroom, it was already early morning.

Alyssa was lying on the bed, feeling that she was reborn.

She was lying flat on the bed, and Karl was lying sideways, his eyes fell on her, and there was a Grace between them.

The little girl slept very deeply, with her little hand raised to her ear, and she snored.

Alyssa felt cute when she heard her little purring, so she couldn’t help but turn her head to look at her.

As a result, she turned his head and saw Karl.

She moved down and couldn’t see Karl’s face.

She carefully pulled Grace into her arms, and closed her eyes contentedly.

As a result, the next moment, a k!ss fell on her lips, and she could still feel the stubble of the man’s newborn stubble stuck on her chin.

She opened her eyes, and Karl touched her head: “Go to sleep.”

Then, he didn’t take his hand back.

Between Grace, he had to stretch his arms so long to hug her, but it was really embarrassing for him.

The next morning, it was Grace who woke up first.

She opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling for a long time, only to realize that it was not in her room.

The color of the quilt is also ugly, not her little pink quilt.

And beside her, there was something exuding warmth.

She reached out and poked the steaming thing, and found it moved.

The next moment, she heard a familiar voice above her head: “Grace.”

She raised her head and saw Karl’s cold face.

However, Karl, who had just woke up, had messy hair and didn’t look as good as usual.

Grace was not so afraid of him either.

She slept very well this time and didn’t cry, so she asked him gruffly, “Kalr, why are you sleeping in my bed?”

” Be quiet.” Karl lowered his eyes, not angry. .

Grace exaggeratedly stretched out her hand to cover her mouth, and blinked at him.

Karl raised his eyebrows and asked her, “You can see for yourself, is this your bed?”

He slept in his bed and occupied his place. Now he blames him for sleeping in her bed?

Grace turned over and sat up, rubbed his eyes, and found that this was indeed not her bed.

As soon as she turned her head, she saw Alyssa who was sleeping deep on the other side.

Grace’s eyes lit up: “Mom…”

Before the word “Mom” came out, she was covered by Karl’s mouth: “Tell you to be quiet.”

His voice was low , with a hint of deterrence.

Grace nodded quickly, indicating that he would not be so loud anymore.

But as soon as Karl let go, she looked excited and wanted to crawl next to Alyssa.

Even though Karl was lying on the bed, he could easily grab her with one hand and throw aside.

“Don’t disturb her, you can get up when you don’t sleep.” Karl looked like a stepdad when she said this.

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