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Chapter 535

Because of Alyssa’s great news value, it is even more unlikely that the entertainment reporters will let her go.

The car that just drove over with her, if not an entertainment reporter, there is only one possibility…

Alyssa narrowed her eyes slightly, took Mattie’s arm, and dragged her into the studio.

“Let’s go, let’s let go in first.”

Now that the car had already driven away, it didn’t make sense for them to stand here and study.

The two entered the studio, Alyssa took advantage of the coffee break and called Karl.

The phone rang twice and was picked up.

Although Karl answered the phone, he did not speak.

Alyssa had to take the lead and asked him: “You sent someone to follow me?”

There was silence on the other end, and then Karl’s indifferent voice sounded: “No.”

When the water boiled, Alyssa put the cup on the water inlet and turned on the switch before slowly saying, “Do you know? When your mouth is hard, your tone of voice will be unconsciously colder than usual when you speak. a little.”

Her response was a deathly silence, followed by a beep when the phone was hung up.

Alyssa put the phone down and smiled.

This man is sometimes awkwardly hard and cute, and sometimes paranoid is particularly hateful.

What can we do?

You can’t separate, you can only take it slowly.

Before the meeting, Alyssa went up and checked Twitter again, and she found that the hottest number one was topped by a topic of “Little Princess of Adams'” again.

These people were too curious about Grace and Grace’s biological mother, and directly posted trending searchs.

Alyssa sat next to Mattie, and turned her head to ask her in a low voice: “How to withdraw trending search? Can I just contact the platform directly?”

“What trending search are you going to withdraw?” Mattie turned her head, looking like she had already seen through her heart.

Alyssa raised her eyebrows: “Forget it.”

“Tell me, why don’t you tell you, I found out that you are now in front of me, and you are becoming more and more unscrupulous.” Mattie said while talking, but she still told her how to withdraw trending search, and also helped her contact the people on the platform.

Alyssa contacted the people on the platform, negotiated the price, and the trending search was quickly withdrawn.

After the meeting, Mattie still didn’t hold back the curiosity in her heart: “That little girl, is your and Karl’s daughter? Are you still together?”

Alyssa turned her head to look at Mattie in her spare time, and smiled: “Want to know?”

“Yeah.” Mattie nodded.

The smile on Alyssa’s face deepened: “Guess it yourself.”

Mattie twitched the corners of her mouth, so angry that she wanted to punch Alyssa: “Our relationship is like this, you still tell me the truth?”

“Yes, our relationship is so good, how about I invite you to dinner at noon?” Alyssa said with a smile.

Mattie felt that she had hit the cotton with a punch, and she couldn’t help it.

Although she guessed in her heart that the little girls who appeared at the dinner that day were the daughters of Karl and Alyssa, but Alyssa did not admit it all day, she could not be very sure that it was their daughter.

Who has no curiosity?

Mattie felt that she was going to be driven crazy by the curiosity in her heart, but Alyssa didn’t give her any joy.

Mattie decided to kill Alyssa warmly.

She glanced at Alyssa, and said blankly: “Going to Best Day to eat!”

Alyssa answered, “Yes.”

She doesn’t lack the money to eat at Best Day now.

At noon, Alyssa and Mattie went to Best Day for dinner, driving Mattie’s car.

Not long after they drove, Mattie found a car following them.

When passing a certain traffic light intersection, Mattie motioned to Alyssa to look at the rearview mirror: “Is that the car that followed you in the morning? It has been following us since we came out.”

Alyssa only took a look, then looked away, “Don’t worry about them.”

Those people followed them all the way to Best Day.

When getting out of the car, Mattie said: “I don’t think they are like media reporters at all, but like bodyguards, following not far away.”

Alyssa smiled imperceptibly, and pulled Mattie into the golden tripod: “Okay, let’s go in.”

It was lunch time at noon, and there were many people eating in Best Day.

Mattie has a wide network of people, and Alyssa followed her in. Before sitting down at the table, Mattie had stopped to say hello several times.

With such a big circle in Rostenvel, and there is only one Best Day, you will naturally meet acquaintances.

The people who greeted Mattie naturally knew Alyssa, and they would cast a curious look at her, but they would not say anything or ask anything.

They are all human beings.

When Mattie stopped to greet people again, Alyssa said in her ear: “I’ll pass first, and come when you are finished.”

“Well, I know.” Mattie nodded and pushed her.

Alyssa walked to the table and sat down alone, and the waiter walked over with the menu.

She looked at the menu, ordered two dishes first, and waited for Mattie to come.

Alyssa glanced in Mattie’s direction, feeling a little boring, turned her head and looked away.

Suddenly, she saw a familiar figure in the crowd.

She looked at the familiar figure and murmured, “Clifford?”

Clifford wore black casual clothes very rarely today, and his hair was longer than usual. Because of the distance, Alyssa couldn’t see his expression clearly.

But after all, after living together for a period of time, Alyssa still recognized him at a glance.

However, in her memory, Clifford always liked to wear light-colored clothes, because of work, he and Karl would wear a suit every day.

This was the first time she saw Clifford wearing casual clothes, so she felt a little rare.

Clifford was standing there and talking to a waiter.

The distance was a little far away, and Alyssa couldn’t call him, so she took out her mobile phone and called him.

When she dialed the phone, her eyes were tightly locked with Clifford.

It’s just that Clifford turned around and went out one second before the phone dialed.

After the call got through, it rang several times before being picked up by Clifford.

Clifford’s voice was the same as before, with a hint of ridicule: “Alyssa? Why do you have time to call me today?”

Alyssa smiled and said, “I just saw you, are you coming to Best Day for lunch too?”

Clifford was silent for a while, and Alyssa called him again with some doubts: “Clifford?”

Chapter 536

Although she yelled Clifford, Clifford didn’t say a word immediately.

Alyssa took the phone to her and took a look, and made sure that the phone was still in a talking state, then she continued to put the phone to her ear and said, “Are you still there?”

At this moment, Mattie just came over, Alyssa glanced at her and pushed the menu to Mattie.

Later, Clifford’s voice rang again on the phone.

“Sorry, Alyssa, I kind of hung up beforehand.”

“then you……”

Before Alyssa could say anything, Clifford hung up the phone.

Alyssa took off the phone and looked at the phone being hung up, a thought flashed between her brows.

How does she feel that Clifford hangs up her phone on purpose?

Clifford is usually a thoughtful person, even if he encounters something, he can behave calmly.

But just now, his tone seemed a little strange.

As for the abnormality, Alyssa could not infer.


Mattie stretched out her hand and shook it in front of Alyssa’s eyes, and Alyssa suddenly recovered and looked at Mattie.

Mattie put her other hand on the dining table, leaning forward: “What do you think? I called you so many times and you ignored me.”

Just now, Alyssa was a little invested in thinking about things, and didn’t notice Mattie calling her.

“It’s nothing.” Alyssa lowered her eyes, fixed her gaze on the menu in front of Mattie, and asked her, “Are the dishes ready?”

Mattie nodded: “I’m done.”

When she spoke, her eyes still fell on Alyssa.

Mattie is now particularly interested in the relationship between Alyssa and Karl, as well as the daughter of Karl who appeared at the dinner party.

But she knew in her heart that Alyssa would not tell her, so she had to give up after thinking about it.

After eating, Alyssa had been thinking about Clifford, but she was a little absent-minded.

The words before contacting Karl showed that Clifford was indeed suspicious, and she had to look for him again.

After dinner, Alyssa and Mattie returned to the studio.

There was not much work in the studio in the afternoon, so Alyssa left early.

When she came out, the car that followed her in the morning still followed her not far away.

The people in that car seemed to know that Alyssa had spotted them a long time ago, and no longer deliberately hid in hiding, so they followed in an open manner, but still kept a distance.

Alyssa drove the car to a section of the road where it could be parked temporarily, pulled the car over, turned around and walked towards the car following her.

She went to the car and reached out to open the door.

She tried it and found it couldn’t open…

Alyssa kicked off the body with an angry foot, with a cold tone: “Open the door! Don’t pretend to be dead, I know that Karl sent you.”

The people in the car unlocked the lock, opened the door and got out of the car.

A few tall and majestic bodyguards lined up in front of Alyssa, standing neatly in a straight line, and then reverently said in one voice: “Young lady!”

Alyssa was a little helpless: “You should stop following me from now on. I’m going to do some private affairs.”

The bodyguard certainly disagrees: “But Boss ordered…”

Alyssa interrupted them directly: “I don’t care what he tells you, it’s not that someone is going to kill me, it’s just a few media reporters, I can still avoid it.”

The bodyguards stopped talking, obviously they didn’t intend to follow Alyssa’s words.

Alyssa was standing next to the car door. When these bodyguards got off the car, they got off the car from the other side.

She glanced at the car door handle calmly, and asked, “It’s just that you don’t want to follow me for the time being, can’t it?”

The bodyguards pressed their heads lower.

Alyssa narrowed her eyes, suddenly opened the car door, bent over to enter and pulled out the car key, then exited, and threw the car key hard, not knowing where it was.

The bodyguard did not expect that Alyssa would come to this hand.

When Alyssa got out of the car, although they already knew Alyssa’s purpose, they did not dare to go over and grab the car keys.

If in the process of grabbing the car key, Alyssa was injured without control, and Karl would skin them.

Alyssa curled her lips and spread her hands: “Hurry up and find the car key!”

After speaking, she turned and ran towards her car.

As soon as she got in the car, she drove away while the bodyguards behind her were still looking for the car keys.

Alyssa drove the car around, making sure that the bodyguards sent to her by Karl could not find her, and then drove to Clifford’s psychological consultation room.

When she arrived, Clifford’s assistant was chatting with the two little girls at the front desk.

They all know Alyssa.

“Miss Alyssa, are you coming to see Doctor Dixon?”

“Yes, is he busy?” Alyssa said with a smile.

The assistant glanced inside and said, “Doctor Dixon went out before, he hasn’t come back yet. How about you wait for him?”

“Out?” Alyssa didn’t expect Clifford to be away.

After a brief surprise, Alyssa asked aloud: “Did he say where he went? When will he be back?”

The assistant shook his head: “Doctor Dixon didn’t say, I didn’t ask, but you can call him.”

Alyssa had come here on a temporary basis. Since Clifford is not here, then forget it.

She rejected the assistant’s proposal, smiled and said, “No, I will come again next time.”

“Okay, Miss Alyssa, go slowly.”

Alyssa turned around, and as soon as she walked to the door, she remembered about meeting Clifford at Best Day at noon, and then asked his assistant: “Where did Clifford eat at noon today?”

“I ordered the takeaway for him.” Although the assistant didn’t know how Alyssa would suddenly ask this, he still told the truth.

Alyssa’s complexion changed slightly: “Takeaway?”

If Clifford was eating takeaway at noon, who was the “Clifford” she saw in Best Day?

“Yes, it’s a restaurant on the opposite street. Doctor Dixon has always ordered meals at that restaurant, and now he has become a senior VIP member of that restaurant!”

Seeing that Alyssa’s expression was different, the assistant couldn’t help asking, “Is there any problem?”

Alyssa condensed the emotions on her face, and said as usual: “He is a big man, he is busy with work all day, and he certainly can’t take care of his food. As a friend, I should care about him.”

The assistant easily believed Alyssa’s words and shook his head and said, “Yes, Dr. Dixon is so good, he doesn’t have many friends in Rostenvel City, and often works overtime…Miss Alyssa, if you have time, please persuade him…”

Alyssa pursed her lips: “Well, I will, I will go back first.”

“Goodbye Miss Alyssa.”


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