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Chapter 555

Alyssa took a look at the time. It was ten o’clock in the morning, and it would be less than twenty-four hours before it gets dark tomorrow night. Let’s not say how far it is from here to the airport. It would be consumed on the plane alone. It takes more than ten hours.

Even if she leaves for the airport now, she may not be able to buy a ticket and set off immediately.

Karl’s situation was clearly difficult for a strong man.

Alyssa said angrily: “Do you think I have wings on my body, can I fly back by myself?”

Karl didn’t speak, his attitude was already obvious. He didn’t care if Alyssa had wings or how to go back, he only wanted her to go back.

Hey, this man, is so unreasonable!

Alyssa said a few more words, not knowing that Karl didn’t hear it. At the end, he only said one sentence: “I’ll pick you up.”

Alyssa did not respond to Karl’s words.

At this moment, Karl said: “I have eaten.”

He asked Alyssa to hang up.

Before Alyssa hung up the phone, she said to him: “I can handle it, you don’t use it.”

After she hung up the phone, she remembered that she had just said a lot of nonsense to Karl, but she didn’t say a word of what she should say.

Alyssa put down the phone in annoyance, and her eyes fell on the suitcase on the side.

She stared at the suitcase for a while, then began to organize her things.

She only came to Martin to stay for one day, and she didn’t have many things to tidy up, so she packed her luggage in a short time.

If she left like this, would Martin really let her go?

If it was like what Clifford said, and she wanted to go and Martin would not stop, she would believe what Clifford said, and believe that what he said was all right.

After making up her mind, Alyssa dragged the suitcase out.

As soon as she went out, she met Daisy.

Daisy held a tray in her hand, and a cup of coffee was placed in the tray.

When she saw Alyssa, she smiled and said, “Miss Alyssa.”

Alyssa guessed that she was delivering coffee to Martin, and asked, “Where is Martin?”

“He’s in the study…” Daisy looked at the suitcase behind Alyssa, and asked with a puzzled look: “Miss Alyssa, are you… leaving?”

Alyssa didn’t answer Daisy’s words, and asked directly, “Where is the study room? I’m looking for something to do with him.”

Seeing that Alyssa didn’t mean to answer, Daisy walked to the front with the tray: “Come with me.”

Daisy took Alyssa to the door of a room in the deepest part of the corridor. She knocked on the door first, then opened the door and walked in.

Alyssa followed Daisy, and at a glance he saw Martin sitting at the desk.

Behind Martin is a large bookshelf with many original English hardcover books, some ornaments, and some models.

How is this like a chef’s study?

Moreover, Alyssa glanced over and saw books related to medicine, none of which were cooking.

Therefore, Martin’s career as a hotel chef should be just a cover. He is probably the only one who knows what he actually does.

Daisy walked straight over and put the coffee in front of Martin: “Sir, your coffee.”

Martin saw Alyssa.

Daisy put down his coffee and went out consciously, and took the opportunity to close the door.

“What’s the matter?” Martin asked her.

Alyssa said straightforwardly: “I want to leave and return to Rostenvel.”

Hearing this, Martin sneered after being silent for a moment: “You just stayed for one day, so you are so anxious to leave. You didn’t expect Clifford to look away. It seems that you don’t care much about him, an ungrateful woman.”

His words sounded a bit mean, but don’t know why, they always sound a little deliberate.

Alyssa narrowed her eyes and said, “Don’t talk about these useless nonsense, I am leaving now.”

Martin opened the drawer on the side, took out a car key and threw it to her: “No.”

Alyssa recognized the sign on the car key. It was the car key of the car Martin drove when he came over yesterday.

His actions aroused Alyssa’s suspicion.

She didn’t expect Martin to let her go so simply.

Alyssa reached out and grabbed the car key in her hand. When she reached her mouth, she said, “Just let me go? Then why did you try so hard to let me come to United States?”

Martin raised his eyes fiercely to look at her, his eyes were clearly shocked.

Alyssa’s heart was clear. She leaned forward on the desk with one hand, and stared at Martin condescendingly, and said quietly, “You guessed it?”

Martin’s eyes fell cold: “You could go, but now you can’t go.”

“Since you deliberately brought me to United States, you should know who Karl is. Since you know Clifford saved me, you should also know what my relationship is with Karl. Can I leave? Forget it.”

Alyssa had a calm face, and her face was calm and confronted with Martin, without giving up.

At this time, someone knocked on the door.

then. Daisy’s voice rang.

“Sir, a guest is here.”

Hearing this, Martin leaned back, “Are you threatening me?”

“I didn’t threaten you, just let you recognize the facts.” Alyssa curled her lips and looked at him with a smile.

She hadn’t noticed it herself, the arrogant tone when she spoke was exactly the same as Karl.

Martin took a deep breath and waved his hand: “Okay, I understand the facts. Let’s go.”

You compromised so easily?

This is nothing like Martin’s style of acting.

Although Alyssa had doubts in her heart, she still grabbed the car key and left.

Just leave, she wants to see what tricks this Dixon is going to play.

It only took her twenty-four hours to get to Martin’s full play. Even though nothing happened during these twenty-four hours, she felt that it became more and more weird.

Perhaps, leaving here first is the best choice.

Even if she stays here, she can do nothing but be restrained in this villa, and is in a passive state. It is better to leave here first and then investigate these things for the entrance from other directions.

As soon as she walked outside with her front foot, she heard the sound of a chair sliding on the ground behind her.

Martin followed, and she was relieved when she remembered that Daisy said that there was a guest coming.

Martin went down to see the guests, not changing his mind temporarily.

There is no elevator in the villa, and Alyssa can only carry the suitcase down by herself.

However, when she reached the top of the stairs, someone took a step ahead and carried her suitcase in his hands.

When she turned her head, she saw Martin.

He didn’t say anything to Alyssa, and went straight down with her suitcase.

Chapter 556

Alyssa followed, watching Martin easily lift her suitcase downstairs, she couldn’t help but look into his eyes.

If Clifford did it to help her carry the suitcase, she wouldn’t think there was anything.

But at this time, the person who helped her carry the suitcase was Martin, which seemed a little abrupt.

Martin put down her suitcase, and when he turned around, he saw Alyssa staring at him steadily.

His eyes flashed slightly, but he soon calmed down: “Let’s go.”

There was a very strange feeling in Alyssa’s heart.

Seeing her motionless, Martin said, “What? You don’t want to go anymore?”

Alyssa walked over, stretched out her hand to hold the suitcase, and for a while, she said two words: “Thank you.”

However, Martin’s expression remained unchanged.

Alyssa didn’t say any more, pulling the suitcase and walked out.

She put the suitcase directly in the back row and sat in front to drive.

When starting the car, she glanced out the window again.

Everything she saw was exactly the same as the day she first came.

She had a hunch that this matter would not end so easily.

The car moved forward slowly, and she saw a black car oncoming before she drove not far.

Alyssa glanced more subconsciously, and unconsciously noticed the car’s whereabouts from the rearview mirror. She saw the black car stopped at the door of Martin’s villa.

Then, the driver got out of the car and opened the door of the back seat, and an elderly man in a gentleman’s hat got out of the car.

The old man wore a black woolen coat and a thick scarf, so she couldn’t see clearly.

Suddenly, the old man looked over here.

Alyssa suddenly retracted her gaze, and the next moment, she regretted it again. Why didn’t she just look at him more, as long as she looked, she could see the old man’s face clearly.

That old man might be the foster father of Martin and Clifford.

She was a little curious about the foster father.

People who can raise such an excellent pair of adopted children as Clifford and Martin must not be ordinary people.

But now, everything is in a mess, and Alyssa can only go back to Rostenvel for a while.

Alyssa drove to the airport.

She took a look on the Internet, and she actually had tickets, probably because it was the off-season travel recently.

She checked the time and chose a flight ticket that departed recently.

The ticket was bought, but there was still a long time before departure, so Alyssa found a cafe to sit in, flipping through the magazine boredly.

Before she turned a few pages of a magazine, she felt as if someone was watching her.

She looked up warily.

There were a lot of people in the cafe, but they all consciously lowered their voices, and at first glance they were normal.

Suddenly, she turned to look behind her and saw the back of a man’s head.

The man sat upright on the sofa, looking a little stiff.

Alyssa stood up and patted the man on the shoulder: “Sir, borrow a lighter.”

The man has blond hair.

The man who was slapped on the shoulder stiffened, then turned his head and spread his hands toward her: “Miss, I don’t smoke.”

Alyssa smiled, showing a slightly apologetic smile: “Excuse me.”

The man nodded and said nothing more.

Alyssa glanced at him, then pulled out her suitcase.

When she got out of the cafe, she observed it, and walked to a corner with no people. After entering the corner, she hid against the wall.

It didn’t take long for the blond man who was in the coffee shop to walk over.

Before he saw Alyssa, Alyssa took advantage of his carelessness and slammed her suitcase out and hit him.

Although the blond man was tall and mammoth, he fell straight to the ground when he was hit so hard with no defense at all.

Because she has to fly, Alyssa wears casual clothes that are very convenient for sports, which also facilitates her activities.

While the man fell to the ground, Alyssa quickly walked over, kicked his joints twice, making him unable to get up for a while, and then took it out of the coffee shop from his jacket pocket. His water cup smashed on the ground and held the fragments against his neck: “Say, who sent you here and what will you do with me?”

The previous fights with Tina were not in vain.

The blond man sucked his breath in pain, cursed a few lowly, then reached out and held his head: “don’t know who asked me to follow you, he just called me for a sum of money, let me follow you, no Let you get on the plane…”

Alyssa’s face shrank: “Don’t let me get on the plane?”

Sure enough, someone didn’t want her to leave United States so easily.

“Apart from not letting me get on the plane, what else?” Alyssa pressed the glass shards against his neck again, and there was a ruthless voice in his soft voice.

The blond man felt that he was being restrained by a woman and felt very shameless, but he couldn’t get rid of it. He was so angry that he cursed a few more words before saying: “The man said, just hold you down, and he will do the rest. deal with it!”

“I don’t believe it.” Alyssa’s hand holding the shards of glass pressed down again, and bloodshots appeared.

Her voice was cold, and it sounded somewhat intimidating.

“I have told you everything I know! You let me go, or I will call someone!” The blond man was forced to scream by Alyssa.

Alyssa heard someone approaching, threw the fragments in her hand, scratched her hair, knelt on the ground to make herself look embarrassed, and then pretended to be extremely panicked: “Sorry sir, I just really didn’t see you, I didn’t mean to knock you down…”

She spoke with a panic look in her eyes, as if she had been bullied by a blond man.

When those people came over, they saw this scene.

The blond man is almost 1.9 meters tall. Although Alyssa is not short among domestic women, she has a small frame and a slender figure, which makes her look very thin.

When the two figures compare, passers-by will naturally stand on Alyssa’s side.

The blond man yelled: “Don’t spit people! I didn’t do anything to you!”

He would take this business because he thought it was very simple. Isn’t it easy to prevent a woman from getting on the plane?

But he did not expect that this beautiful woman would be so difficult to deal with!

The expression on Alyssa’s face looked even more pitiful: “I’m sorry, I really didn’t hit you on purpose. Please forgive me.”

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