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Chapter 557

The blond man laughed back in anger, pointing at Alyssa and could not speak.

The passers-by who were watching were basically accusing the blond man.

Among them, two young boys walked up to Alyssa and asked her, “Are you okay? Are you from country Z?”

Alyssa nodded: “I am.”

One of the boys helped her lift the suitcase, and the other reached out to help her: “You are going back to the country, so do we, don’t know if it’s the same flight.”

Maybe it’s because they are both nationals of Z. Alyssa doesn’t have much sense of rejection of these two boys. Another reason is that the two boys seem to be young and they should be studying here.

The two boys looked polite, and at first glance they came from a good and educated family, Alyssa’s heart was less guarded.

“Thank you.” Alyssa thanked them, then took the suitcase and walked forward.

The two boys followed, and one of them said with a look of concern: “Why don’t you sit with us first, do you have any other friends?”

“My friend is actually coming soon, so thank you.” Alyssa thanked again, and left with the suitcase.

Seeing Alyssa’s words, the two boys didn’t say much, so they let her go.

Alyssa turned around and found a place with more people to sit.

After sitting down, she raised her wrist to check the time.

It was five o’clock in the afternoon, and it was almost five or six in the morning in the country, and Karl had not yet got up at this time.

After thinking for a while, she sent a text message to Karl: “Airplane at night.”

After the text message was sent, she never thought that Karl would immediately reply to the text message or call her, but Karl called her almost immediately.

Just as Alyssa was about to answer the phone, a hand suddenly stretched out and took away her mobile phone very neatly.

Alyssa raised her head fiercely, and saw a person who was completely unexpected.

“Isabel?” Alyssa’s voice was a little unbelievable.

She almost forgot about Isabel.

After Isabel came out to be a demon before, she fell silent.

Alyssa never thought that she would meet Isabel here.

She thought of the blond man just now, could it be that Isabel had come to hold her specifically?

Isabel wrapped one hand in front of her chest, holding her mobile phone in the other hand, glanced at her mobile phone, and then looked at Alyssa, her smile seemed to be poisoned, and she looked a little sullen: “Do you want to answer the call from Karl?”

Alyssa held out her hand with a cold face, “Give me the phone.”

“Here you?” Isabel hung up the call, and then stretched out her hand back.

Someone immediately handed her a cup of drink, she threw the phone into the drink in front of Alyssa, and then handed the cup to the bodyguard behind her: “Give her the phone.”

The bodyguard took the phone out of the drink cup and handed it to Alyssa.

The phone was soaked in a drink, and it was dead by now.

Despite this, Alyssa reached out and took the phone.

She noticed that behind Isabel stood her assistant and some bodyguards.

At this time, it was in a foreign country, and in such a place where there was no familiar person. Isabel also brought so many people…

Today, she cannot leave easily as it seems.

But there were so many people here, Isabel wanted to pick her up, and it wasn’t that easy.

Alyssa thought about the right method, so her action to answer the phone became a little slow.

Of course Isabel could see what Alyssa was thinking, she walked over to Alyssa and sat down with her bodyguards around them.

Isabel leaned her legs in a lazy tone: “Are you taking the initiative to follow us? Or what do you want?”

At this time, Alyssa knew that she couldn’t be tough, and said with no expression: “Okay, where to go?”

“Of course to going to a good place.” After Isabel finished speaking, she looked at Alyssa with a smile on her face.

There was a feeling of confusion in Alyssa’s heart. Suddenly, the bodyguards surrounding her suddenly stepped forward and covered Alyssa’s mouth with the towel he prepared in his hand.

There was medicine on the towel, and Alyssa felt dizzy with just one breath.

“Help…” She fainted and it was too late to say the following words.

Isabel looked at Alyssa who had passed out, a crazy light flashed in her eyes, and she whispered: “Gerald, I will avenge you soon…”

Rostenvel City.

Karl leaned against the bed with his mobile phone.

He called Alyssa just now, but Alyssa hung up?

He would say something like that yesterday, but he was just impatient.

He felt uncomfortable when he thought of Alyssa living in a villa with another man.

Alyssa is a smart woman, she should know what to do.

Although he was angry, it was impossible for Alyssa to return home in such a short time. That would be too hard, as long as Alyssa could not live in Martin’s villa.

Unexpectedly, Alyssa was really so obedient to return to the country.

He has never seen her so obedient before.

Has he been wronged outside?

He hasn’t seen her for several days…

The wrinkles between Karl’s eyebrows eased slightly, and she called her again.

However, this time the call was not connected.

She just hung up his phone, why didn’t he get through this time?

Karl’s complexion changed slightly, he got out of bed in his pajamas, and while walking to the study, he kept calling Alyssa.

Has she already boarded the plane? That’s why he can’t make a call?

But Alyssa sent him a text message saying it was a plane at night.

He turned on the computer and checked the latest flight from the city in US to Rostenvel.

He found that the latest flight was two hours later!

Karl shook his hand holding the mouse, stared at the flight information on the computer screen, and made another call.

“Sir.” Smith answered quickly. Although he was awakened, there was not a hint of impatience in his tone.

“Check the latest flight from City Y in United States to Rostenvel.” Maybe he got it wrong? Maybe a flight just took off, but there is no record on it?

He knew that Alyssa had gone to United States. After hearing Karl’s words, he immediately thought of Alyssa, and didn’t dare to get up for a moment to help him check flight information.

There was a rustling sound on the other side, and then his voice came from the phone: “The last flight will take off two hours later, and the previous one took off an hour ago.”

Hearing this, Karl flipped the keyboard in front of him with one hand, and his voice was terrible: “Book a ticket. The sooner the better.”

Chapter 558

Listening to Karl’s tone Smith guessed that something might have happened, and didn’t ask too much, so he immediately hung up to book a ticket.

After booking the tickets, he drove to Karl’s villa.

When he arrived, Karl had just come down from the stairs.

Smith slightly nodded and called out, “Sir.”

Karl was about to speak when he heard a sudden movement from upstairs.

The handrails of the stairs in the villa are carved with wood, and there is a gap in the middle. When Karl turned his head, he saw Grace sitting on the steps of the stairs, a pair of small tender hands holding the handrails of the stairs, through the gap in the middle. , Staring at Karl eagerly.

The weather is getting colder and colder. Under normal circumstances, Grace didn’t wake up so early, but today is an exception.

Grace just woke up and was still a little dazed, and she was resting on the handrail of the stairs, staring downstairs with sleepy eyes, making people feel soft.

Seeing that Karl was silent Smith called out, “Grace.”

Grace frowned and said, “Yes.”

When children are not sober, they don’t talk too much.

At this moment, a servant came over and saw Grace’s face changed drastically: “Sir…”

Karl glanced at the servant coldly, “Not going up yet?”


The servant hurried up, took Grace to get dressed, and brought her down again.

Grace was already awake a lot at this time. When she was hugged by the servant, she blinked and stared at Karl.

Karl stretched out his hand, she handed her two small arms out, expressing her willingness to let Karl hug.

Karl hugged her to the sofa with a serious expression as if talking to an adult: “I have something to leave home.”

Grace wrung her little hand, looked up at him, and said, “Where are you going.”

She looks like Alyssa inexplicably. Karl stretched out his hand to tidy up her messy bangs, and his voice became softer: “Going to Alyssa.”

“Mom!” Hearing Alyssa’s name, Grace’s eyes lit up suddenly.

Karl replied quietly, “Yes.”

Grace said immediately: “I want to go too.”

She hadn’t seen Alyssa for many days, and she missed her very much.

Karl refused her expressionlessly: “No.”

“Go!” Grace squeezed her small fist and looked at him angrily.

Karl didn’t put her angry look in his eyes at all, and said quietly, “You have to be obedient at home.”

Grace’s mouth was closed, eyes filled with tears, as if she wanted to cry or not, Smith felt very distressed when he was aside.

“Sir, otherwise…” Before Smith had finished speaking, he was swept over by Karl with a cold eye and shut up.

Karl is a one-of-a-kind person. He said that he wouldn’t take Grace, he would naturally not take her.

Grace was a child, and finally she couldn’t help crying loudly: “I want to see my mother, and if you see her, I also want to see…uuuuu…”

Karl stopped talking to her, turned his head and told the servant: “Hold her up.”

“I do not want!”

Grace is usually very well-behaved in front of Alyssa. Although she occasionally feels a little skinny in front of Karl, she is still obedient most of the time, but she has indeed inherited Alyssa’s temperament.

Karl said that everything was fine, but she couldn’t hold back unless he took her to Alyssa. She was crying in the servant’s arms, thumping like a cat with fried fur.

While crying, she shouted: “Mom, I want mom!”

But Karl walked outside as if he hadn’t heard it, and stopped Smith stopped him with an embarrassed expression, “Sir…”

“If you don’t want to go with me, you can stay in Rostenvel.” Karl said without looking back.

“Sir, Grace is too young. She hasn’t seen Madam for so long. Now you have to leave home and leave her alone…”

Although he knew that Karl had a tendency to become angry, he still helped Grace speak.

People with children are always easier to soften their hearts.

Karl turned his head and stared at him blankly: “Are you teaching me what to do?”

Smith frowned slightly and said, “Sir, don’t you think you have been too indifferent to Grace recently?”

When the voice fell, Smith felt the strong cold air emanating from Karl’s body.

He lowered his head slightly, and did not dare to speak.

After a few seconds, Karl suddenly called out his name: “Smith.”

When Smith heard this, he raised his head and looked at Karl, and found that Karl’s eyes were dark.

His tone was extremely indifferent, as if he was saying something that had nothing to do with him: “If there was no Grace, Gerald would not have the opportunity to force us to go to the island.”

Smith has been with Karl for so many years, and he doesn’t need to say what Karl said too clearly, he also knows the meaning of Karl’s words.

What Karl meant was that if there was no Grace, there would be no subsequent things.

“But what’s wrong with Grace?” Smith was talking to Karl from the perspective of a father.

“She didn’t, it was me who was wrong.”


After Karl had finished speaking, he strode away, not giving Smith a chance to talk more.

Knowing Karl Smith, he always goes to the corner when it comes to Alyssa.

His knot is too heavy.

Back then, his mother’s affairs left an incomprehensible knot in his heart, and Alyssa’s affairs became a knot in his heart, so after recovering the memory of loving Alyssa, he became indifferent to Grace.

It’s not that he doesn’t adore her, but he can’t simply and purely adore her like the former Karl who lost his memory.

His mind is too deep and he needs time and correct methods to slowly untie it, and he can’t be anxious for a while.

The most important thing right now is to go to United States to find Alyssa.

When Smith returned to his senses, he found that Karl had already left the gate of the villa, and he hurriedly followed.

When Alyssa woke up, her head seemed to be stuffed with stones, heavy.

She stretched out her hand to press her temple, but found that her hand looked like a thousand pounds, and she couldn’t lift it at all.

Alyssa was taken aback, and suddenly remembered what had happened before.

Airport, Isabel…

She awoke suddenly and looked around.

The room was clean and empty, with no other people.

Alyssa tried to sit up with her arms on the bed, but found that she couldn’t sit up at all and she didn’t have any strength on her body.

Isabel took her away and dared not leave a person to look at her, she must be expected to be unable to escape.

She couldn’t exert any strength now, and Isabel must have given her the medicine.

Alyssa clenched her hands, pressed her lips tightly, stared at the ceiling a little discouragedly, and then began to look at the room.

It’s a pity that the furnishings in the room can’t tell.

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