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Chapter 1044

“It’s not necessarily, this is just my own thoughts. It is also possible that the location of Youlong Island and its concealment are not enough to find out based on the sea heart map. But judging from the current situation, it is still possible.” Guishuan shook his head.

“It makes sense.”

“If Youlong Island refers to the island group here, it’s over. I just don’t know which island the Chen family is on. At least, it won’t be this one.” sheldon Frowning slightly, carefully recalling what the ghost operator said.

“Why do I sound a little confused.” Bai Xiaofei scratched his head.

“You can’t understand it so simple. You should take good care of Liang Lu. You don’t need to worry about other things.” sheldon didn’t explain, but patted him on the shoulder and said.

“Why don’t I understand, I just think it’s a bit weird. The islands here are very close. The Chen family can take advantage of the night to do it right away. Why do we have to send someone to investigate our situation.” Bai Xiaofei is still struggling with the last question. .

“Okay, stop this question for now.” sheldon waved his hand and interrupted him.

“Well, then you say, I’m going to rest.” Bai Xiaofei didn’t struggle too much. He only knew that following sheldon, he would take action when he needed to take action, and other things had nothing to do with him.

“This kid.” Watching Bai Xiaofei return to the room, sheldon couldn’t help but shook his head.

“Do you think what I said makes sense? If Youlong Island is on an island near us, we don’t have to wait here. Instead, go to Youlong Island to check the situation.” After Bai Xiaofei left, the ghost operator continued.

“Let’s talk about this later, we can’t act like this now.” sheldon shook his head and rejected the idea of ​​the ghost operator. “We are telling the other party in the dark. If we act without authorization, once we are discovered, it will be too bad for us.”

“But now we are too passive.” The ghost operator knew sheldon’s thoughts, but now there is no other better way.

“Where is Haixintu?” sheldon thought for a while and stretched out his hand to the ghost operator.

“Always keep it with me.” The ghost operator unbuttoned his coat and took out the sea heart map from his personal pocket.

But before he handed it to sheldon, he saw something wrong with the picture.

“sheldon, look at this, is this Youlong Island?” The ghost operator stared at the map. The pattern that was almost all in his mind had suddenly changed.

This happened within ten minutes, because before talking to sheldon, he was still trying to discover the secrets of Haixintu.

“What?” sheldon hurried forward.

On the map of the sea, in the direction of the ghost operator’s finger, sheldon clearly saw the appearance of a new island, but before he could get closer, the island disappeared under the gaze of the two.

The strange situation that suddenly appeared made sheldon and Ghost Operator a little confused.

Ever since they got the map, the two of them have always thought it was an ordinary map, but the scene that suddenly appeared now represented that Haixintu was far more than just what they looked like on the surface. secret.

“What’s the situation?” sheldon raised his head to look at the ghost operator and asked as he watched the island disappear.

“I think about it.” The ghost operator was also a little surprised.

As soon as the voice fell, there was another change on the Haixin map.

This time, an island gradually emerged in the edge corner, and even the island was still moving. If you look closely, you can see that there are many figures on the island, and it seems that some sacrificial ceremony is being held.

“Haidong?” After

seeing this scene, the ghost operator blurted out.

“What is the Haidong Clan?” sheldon was even more confused. He didn’t expect Hai Xintu to have this appearance, which was completely beyond his imagination.

“sheldon, I remember now, I know how to find the location of Youlong Island!” The ghost operator slapped his thigh, and a smile appeared on his face.

“You mean, don’t sell it.” sheldon asked, frowning slightly.

“This Haidong tribe is a tribal race thousands of years ago. They have always lived on Youlong Island. Later, Chen Diancang arrived and drove them away from the island and took possession of Youlong Island privately.” Guishuan’s voice Said excitedly.

“I didn’t understand a bit, isn’t Youlong Island one of the islands near us?” sheldon lit a cigarette, and he didn’t know what the ghost operator meant.

“This matter is to blame. Youlong Island is too mysterious. I only heard Master talk about it. If it weren’t for the changes in the Sea Heart Map just now, I might not remember it.”

“Youlong Island is not the island where we are located. , But a floating island, which can only appear by chance every time, and the Haidong people are in control of the way to enter the Dragon Island. Of course, the ships sent by the Chen family can also enter.”

Ghost operator Cleared his throat and explained.

“Of course you can’t follow the Chen family.” sheldon immediately refused.

“So, if we want to find Youlong Island, we must find the Haidong people, and learn from their mouths the way to enter the Youlong Island, before we can find and enter.” The ghost operator continued sheldon’s words.

“What are you still waiting for, act.” sheldon squeezed out the cigarette in his hand.

“Where to go?” The ghost operator grabbed sheldon’s arm.

“Of course I went to the Haidong people. The islands they are on are not all marked on the sea heart map. As long as the specific location of the Dragon Island can be obtained, the initiative will be in our hands.” To his parents, sheldon was very excited.

“This is just an image of Youlong Island. The Haidong people no longer live in the sea. If I remember correctly, their descendants should be in the country of Japan, but whether there is still a way to find Youlong Island, then I don’t know.” The

ghost operator shook his head and said.

“Image?” sheldon’s brows suddenly frowned, and he quickly looked at Hai Xintu.

Sure enough, the island where the Haidong tribe is located is fundamentally different from other islands. It looks very illusory, as if it would break up with a wave of a hand.

“It’s up to your decision now.”

“Is it to stay here and wait for the Chen family to continue sending people, so as to gradually find out the situation of Youlong Island, or to go to the country to find the Haidong tribe and know Youlong from the mouth of the Haidong tribe? The location of the island and how to enter.” The ghost operator looked at sheldon and asked in a low voice.

“I think about it.” sheldon exhaled a sullen breath.

Sitting on the chair, sheldon continued to light a cigarette and smoked.

Now that he has reached the vicinity of Youlong Island, he has even come into contact with the Chen family, which means that the distance with his parents and sister is gradually getting closer.

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