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Chapter 559

Although Alyssa could not move, but luckily she could still make a sound.

“Is there anyone?” She yelled out the door again: “Isabel!”

It didn’t take long for someone to push the door open, and a person who looked like a bodyguard pushed the door and looked at her: “What’s your name!”

Seeing someone coming in, Alyssa said: “Where is Isabel? I want to see her.”

“Wait!” The bodyguard dropped this sentence and turned around and went out.

With a “bang”, the door was closed, and the room was quiet again.

Alyssa struggled in bed for a while, but found that she still couldn’t move.

At this time, the door was pushed open again from the outside.

Alyssa turned her head to look at the door and found that the person who came in this time was Isabel.

Isabel was followed by bodyguards and assistants.

She walked in, sat down on the sofa not far from the bed, folded her legs together, and looked at Alyssa with cold eyes: “You are looking for me? I am here, and you still lie on the bed to do it. what?”

Isabel knew that her men had prescribed medicine to Alyssa, and she deliberately said so, just to embarrass Alyssa.

Alyssa knew this in her heart and didn’t talk nonsense with her on this matter.

Alyssa stared at Isabel, and said calmly, “What are you going to do? Are you planning to kill me and avenge Gerald?”

Isabel seemed to be irritated by Alyssa’s calm expression, she looked at Alyssa angrily: “Kill you? You know your situation well, of course I want to kill you! But I don’t just want to kill you. It shouldn’t be that simple!”

After she finished speaking, she gave a weird laugh, and a flash of pleasure flashed in her eyes.

Alyssa frowned slightly, a strange feeling in her heart.

Isabel couldn’t wait for her to die, she would definitely not end well when she fell into Isabel’s hands, and in addition to hating her, Isabel also hated Karl.

Would Isabel use her to lure Karl into the hook?

If Isabel really wanted to do this, she would have taken advantage of Alyssa’s intention.

What a clever person Karl was, Isabel wouldn’t dare to make this idea if she had a little brain.

If Isabel really used her to hook Karl, she might even be countered by Karl and fall into Karl’s trap.

“You still want to kill Karl.” After Alyssa said calmly, she sneered, and her tone was full of mockery: “Only you, can you beat Karl? I think too much of yourself. .”

Isabel’s eyes suddenly became abnormally cold. After a few seconds, she lifted her chin slightly, her face showing a certain expression: “Of course I can’t beat Karl, but I can beat you. “

Her voice was very soft, and there was a horrible feeling in people’s ears, as if some huge conspiracy was brewing with confidence.

Alyssa couldn’t think of what she would do besides using her to lure Karl.

Isabel didn’t know what she had thought of, her eyes glowed with excitement, and her face with heavy makeup was distorted by the crazy excitement in her eyes.

Immediately, Isabel returned to her normal expression and sighed quietly and said: “The distance is too far. After talking for a while, my neck hurts.”

As soon as her words were uttered, a bodyguard stepped forward and rudely pulled Alyssa out of the bed and threw her to the ground.

There was no carpet on the floor, and Alyssa fell abruptly on the cold floor, making her whole body hurt.

She tightened her lips, struggling to support her body, and barely sat up, but she couldn’t stand up anyway.

Watching Alyssa writhing on the ground like a dog, Isabel felt all over her body happy: “I didn’t expect the effect of this medicine to be so great, and they didn’t have any seriousness when they started. I knew I would let them give you less.”

Alyssa knew very well in her heart that Isabel just wanted to torture her and see her in pain.

However, the more Isabel wanted to see her suffering, the more she wanted to be quiet.

Alyssa allowed Isabel to talk to herself. After Isabel finished speaking, Alyssa smiled and said, “Do you want to know what Gerald said before he died?”

When she heard Gerald’s name, Isabel’s deliberately pretended sense of ease on her face couldn’t be maintained. She picked up a cup on her hand and threw it straight towards Alyssa.

Her voice was sharp: “You shut up! You don’t deserve to say Gerald!”

Alyssa tilted her head, but couldn’t avoid the cup that Isabel threw over. The cup hit Alyssa’s forehead and fell to the ground again, smashing to pieces.

Alyssa lowered her head slightly, and drops of blood fell drop by drop on the white floor tiles in front of her.

She reached out and touched her forehead, her fingers touched the warm liquid, she stretched her fingers to her and took a look, without blinking her eyes, she looked up at Isabel and continued: “It seems you don’t want to know what Gerald said before he died.”

Compared with Alyssa, Isabel looked like someone smashed by a water glass at this time. She sat there with her hands clenched tightly. Because of the emotional ups and downs, her whole body was tight and her back straightened. Staring bitterly at Alyssa.

She stared at Alyssa, and Alyssa stared at her, without giving back, no fear was visible on her face.

When Isabel realized that Alyssa’s death was approaching, she was not afraid at all. This recognition made her feel even more angry.

She stared at Alyssa fiercely: “Alyssa! I will really kill you!”

“I know.” Alyssa’s face was still calm, as if what she had heard was not someone trying to kill her, but was chatting with an unimportant person.

Isabel choked, then repressed her anger and said, “If you tell me what Gerald said before he died, I can make your death easier.”

Alyssa seemed to be interested, and asked seriously, “Really?”

“Now I know I’m afraid?” A smug flashed in Isabel’s eyes, and she knew that no one in this world was afraid of death.

“Yes, I’m terribly scared.” Alyssa laughed and continued: “It’s useless to be afraid, and you won’t let me go.”

Isabel sneered: “Let’s talk about what happened before he died.”

Alyssa secretly moved her legs and found that she could exert some strength, but the expression on her face remained unchanged, and she said indifferently, “I won’t tell you.”

“You!” Isabel stood up with a brush, “Don’t toast or eat fine wine! Believe it or not, I will kill you now!”

Alyssa found that these people liked to threaten her.

Isabel is like this, and Karl is like this.

However, Karl would not talk so much nonsense like Isabel.

Alyssa’s complexion was still calm: “In the past three years, have you been in a lot of pain? There is not even one person around you who talked about Gerald with you, and you didn’t even see him for the last time…”

Chapter 560

Alyssa’s tone was light and fluttering, but when she heard Isabel’s ears was utterly smitten.

In the past three years, she has had a very painful life every day.

She did not see Gerald for the last time, and the people around her did not have friendship with Gerald.

When she missed Gerald, there was not even one person who could talk to her about Gerald.

Nostalgia, regret… She is suffering in all kinds of emotions, revenge is the only belief that supports her to live.

Finally let her find a chance to catch Alyssa, but she didn’t want to kill Alyssa directly. She hates Alyssa too much, she can’t let Alyssa die easily.

Isabel looked at Alyssa with a gloomy look, and said sharply: “Shut up! Alyssa, shut up, Alyssa!”

“Oh.” Alyssa closed her mouth honestly and stopped talking.

Isabel stared at Alyssa, her eyes were like sharp swords, she seemed to be slamming Alyssa to death in the next second, but she didn’t say much, instead she suppressed her anger and said: “You will Please.”

After she finished speaking, she took a group of people out.


The door was closed, and Alyssa was left in the room.

At this time, Alyssa felt the pain on her forehead.

Alyssa stretched out her hand to hold her forehead, and it took a lot of effort before she staggered to get up from the ground.

There were no towels in the room. She took a piece of glass from the floor and cut a piece of bed sheet to hold the wound.

Fortunately, the wound on her forehead was not very big, only the skin tissue on the surface was injured. Just press the wound and let the blood from the wound coagulate.

She was bleeding a lot just now when she was sitting on the ground. She had no strength when she was sitting on the ground. She was bleeding now, but she had a trace of strength.

When she was at the airport, her mobile phone was scrapped by Isabel in a cup of drinks, and there was nothing to watch the time in the room at this time.

Alyssa could only tell from the pitch black scene outside the window, it was night.

It is night in United States, so it is daytime in the country.

She had sent a text message to Karl at the airport before, but she didn’t receive it when he called. He should have been suspicious, maybe he has already started to leave for United States at this moment.

But, after all, this is United States, not Rostenvel. What Karl wants to do when he comes over will not be as easy as in the country.

Alyssa thought about things, and finally fell asleep faintly, and slept till dawn.

When she opened her eyes, the room was bright and the curtains were not closed, and sunlight came in through the glass windows, shining warmly on her body.

During the period when Alyssa came to United States, the sky was clearing for the first time. Before that, it was cloudy and cold every day without a trace of sunshine.

In such a good weather, maybe something good has happened?

Alyssa reached out and touched her injured forehead, where blood clots had already condensed. Fortunately, it was winter. If it were summer, the wound would have become inflamed.

After waking up from sleep, Alyssa noticed that the weak feeling on her body eased slightly, at least she didn’t fall again when she got out of bed.

don’t know where Isabel got these messy medicines.

Also, this time she traveled from Rostenvel to United States, not many people knew it, and it was not accidental that she was able to stop her at the airport so accurately.

Is it because Isabel has been paying attention to her movements, or is it that Isabel has other accomplices.

Before Karl found out that the person who had secretly colluded with Isabel was Trevor. But after Karl knew about this, he sent someone to look at Trevor.

When Trevor was young, Trevor was in trouble for a while. After being disabled three years ago, Karl ignored him, and he could still collude with others secretly and make small moves.

But now Trevor was under Karl’s eyelids, and didn’t think Trevor could turn up any storms.

In other words, this time Isabel caught her, it is very likely that Isabel sent someone to follow Alyssa from the beginning.

Otherwise, someone else who knew Alyssa’s whereabouts secretly told Isabel of her whereabouts.

If Isabel had a new accomplice, who would this new accomplice be?

The people who knew Alyssa’s whereabouts, in addition to the Rostenvel, were the two brothers Clifford and Martin, as well as Daisy.

Of course it is impossible for Tina and Karl to tell Isabel her whereabouts, so it is possible that the people who tell her whereabouts are Clifford and Martin?

It is impossible for Clifford to do this, so that only Martin is left.

Martin let her go so easily at the time. Was it because Isabel was waiting for her?

Thinking of this possibility, Alyssa laughed at herself with her lips curled.

Or she underestimated Martin too much.

Alyssa walked to the window and looked at the scenery outside.

The space outside is woods and villas. She is not familiar with United States, but she also knows that such woods and villas are everywhere in United States. She doesn’t know where she is at this time, even if she ran out, she didn’t know what to do. Where to go.

Even so, she still has to find a way to escape.

The calm in front of Isabel was forced out by her.

She knew better than anyone how much Isabel hated her and wanted to kill her.


The sound of opening the door came from behind.

Alyssa quickly ran back to the bed and lay down, pretending to be weak.

Isabel asked her men to give her this kind of feeble medicine, just because she was afraid that she would run away. If Isabel knew that she could stand up and walk now, she might have to give her the medicine again.

After she lay down on the bed, she opened her eyes when she heard someone coming in. She looked dazed and looked like she had just woke up.

Two bodyguards pulled her up from the bed directly, and carried her out.

The strength of the bodyguard was so strong that Alyssa felt that her arm was about to be dislocated, but she had to pretend to be weak.

They took her to the restaurant.

Isabel was sitting at the dining table for dinner. The bodyguard threw Alyssa onto the chair opposite her. She wiped her hands with a towel, looked up at Alyssa, and opened her eyes with disgust, and turned her face cold towards the bodyguard. Angry: “Did I ask you to bring her down to eat with me? She is also worthy to sit at a dining table with me?”

The bodyguard heard the words and immediately pulled Alyssa off the chair.

Alyssa gritted her teeth and was thrown to the ground. Fortunately, the chair was not high. Even if she was thrown to the ground, she did not fall. But it looked very embarrassed.

Isabel looked at Alyssa, who was lying on the ground with satisfaction, while she was sitting on a chair with a sense of superiority.

She enjoys the feeling of looking at people from a height, because she is looking at Alyssa.

Alyssa was inferior to her in every way since childhood, but when she grew up, she didn’t know what was going on, Alyssa actually lived better than her.

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