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Chapter 561

Of course Isabel was not reconciled.

Rachel and Alyssa are just servants at her command. This concept has taken root in her heart since she was a child. Even now, she still has this idea in her heart.

In her opinion, Alyssa was about to crawl under her feet and be a servant without complaint.

However, Alyssa, who was supposed to be a servant at her feet without complaint, killed her Gerald!

She was finally with Gerald, but he was killed by Alyssa, a b!tch woman, and Karl!

Isabel bit her lip, stood up and walked to Alyssa. She raised her hand and slapped her face severely: “Alyssa, these two days have been my happiest days in the past three years. , Do you know why?”

Isabel’s slap used a lot of strength. Alyssa was numb by her slap. She took a breath and moved her jaw. It took a few seconds for that face to feel sensation.

She turned to look at Isabel’s hideous face, and sneered: “No matter how happy you are, Gerald will never come back to life.”

Alyssa intentionally said these words to excite her.

And Isabel was easily irritated by Alyssa’s words.

She reached out and grabbed Alyssa’s clothes: “Alyssa, don’t think that after a few days of comfort, you really think that you can be heart-free and worry-free. You don’t need to pretend to be calm, because you won’t be able to calm down soon.”

Alyssa raised her eyebrows, her face was inconspicuous: “Really?”

She didn’t completely ignore Isabel’s words, but because she wanted to know what medicine was sold in Isabel’s gourd so much, she wanted to use the radical method to let Isabel speak out by herself.

However, Isabel was exceptionally tolerant this time. From yesterday to today, Alyssa angered Isabel when she caught the opportunity, but Isabel did not disclose a word.

This made Alyssa feel incredible, but at the same time a little uneasy.

She suspected that Isabel might have really hidden some powerful fallback this time.

Isabel sneered, got up and went back to the dining table, and threw a piece of bread to Alyssa, in a high charity tone: “Are you hungry? Eat.”

Alyssa was a little hungry, but she was not so hungry that her head went faint and picked up something to eat.

“Very stiff!” Isabel’s eyes became extremely gloomy.

What she hates most is Alyssa’s appearance as if she can’t be defeated anyway, it is very eye-catching to look at.

But soon, she was able to break Alyssa everything inside and out, so that she could no longer maintain this calmness.

Alyssa sat on the floor without speaking, and Isabel didn’t bother to care about her, and started eating on her own.

Although Alyssa sat on the ground very embarrassed, she was paying attention to Isabel.

Compared to the Isabel she saw last time, Isabel now thinner, she has a small appetite, eats a small piece of bread very slowly, and only drank half a cup of milk.

Even with heavy makeup, it is not difficult to see that Isabel’s complexion at this time is extremely bad.

When she saw Isabel last time, Alyssa found that Isabel seemed to have some mental problems, and she easily became very irritable and still taking medicine.

Alyssa looked at Isabel calmly, until she left after eating.

Isabel took people away, but did not take Alyssa away, leaving only two bodyguards beside her.

The two bodyguards didn’t pay attention to Alyssa either. They stood together chatting, not worried that Alyssa would run away.

Alyssa felt that there was a problem in Isabel’s heart. The things that Isabel did to her in the past two days, in terms of Isabel’s personality, weren’t really tortured.

Isabel was restraining herself and didn’t hit her cruelly.

The bodyguards had been chatting nearby, and Alyssa sat on the ground and was a little tired, so she moved to the next chair and leaned against the chair.

It’s still tiring to pretend to be a weak person.

don’t know how long it took, and there was a loud noise outside.

“You can’t go in.”

“—Ah! Who are you?”

“You can’t go in!”


Among the screaming and noisy sounds, a very recognizable man’s voice sounded.

“Step aside!”

The man’s voice was low and deep, with a shuddering gloom.

This voice…

Alyssa looked fiercely towards the entrance of the restaurant, only then did she remember that she could see nothing from the restaurant.

The two bodyguards also heard the movement outside, and one of them said: “I am watching here, you go out and see what happened!”

“Why do you want me to go out to see, can’t you go out?”

“How about you…”

“How come there is so much nonsense, if I ask you go, go quickly…”


One of the bodyguards exploded and walked outside.

However, he walked to the door of the restaurant and backed away.

It wasn’t until he retreated to the dining room that Alyssa saw that someone was pointing a gun at his forehead and told him to retreat.

Behind the person holding the gun, there was a figure familiar to Alyssa.

Alyssa looked at the figure and murmured, “Karl.”

There are chairs and tables in front of her, and most people come in from the door of the restaurant and cannot see her at a glance.

She spoke in a very small voice, but Karl walked towards where she was exactly as if he had heard her voice.

Karl brought a lot of people over, and Smith and a group of bodyguards followed him, all with cold faces, and they didn’t seem to be the general ones.

The two bodyguards who were guarding Alyssa originally were here. One of them was pointed at the head by Karl’s gun. The other saw it and said bluffingly: “Who are you, you are in a private house, holding… …With a gun…”

Karl just turned his head and glanced at him, the corners of his lips hooked, and then he lifted his foot and kicked the man out.

Then, he walked to Alyssa.

He stared at Alyssa for a few seconds, stretched his hand halfway, paused, and then retracted.

At this time, he spoke slowly, his voice slightly lower, and a little hoarse: “Can you stand up by yourself?”

Alyssa stretched out her hand to support the chair and stood up.

Before she could stand firm, the man in front of her fished into her arms.

Since she was caught by Isabel yesterday and now, for nearly twenty-four hours, she has neither washed nor changed clothes. At this time, the whole person looked very embarrassed.

Alyssa quietly let Karl hug her for a while, then pushed him, and said in a very relaxed tone: “You let me go first, I haven’t washed my face since yesterday.”

Karl didn’t let go of her, and held her silently for a moment, before saying without emotion, “You used to be as ugly as a ghost, and I didn’t despise you.”

“…” Alyssa pursed her lips, and squeezed his fist in an angry way, and beat him: “You are as ugly as a ghost, not me!”

Chapter 562

Karl did not hear her, holding her and not letting go.

Until Smith came over and called out: “Sir, Young Lady.”

Alyssa quickly reached out and patted Karl, motioning him to let go.

Only then did Karl let go of her, but he did not let go. He still held her hand tightly and looked at her carefully with his eyes down.

When he first came in, he saw Alyssa sitting on the ground leaning on a chair, and his heart was all pulled up.

Karl, like Alyssa, knew how much Isabel hated her, so when she knew that Isabel took Alyssa away, her heart sank to the bottom of the sea.

The moment he saw Alyssa, apart from being happy, the rest was panic.

He was afraid that Isabel had done something unforgivable to Alyssa.

Fortunately, Alyssa could still stand up.

Karl stretched out his hand and touched Alyssa tube’s blood clot wound very slightly, twisting his eyebrows into a knot.

Alyssa herself reached out and touched the blood-coagulated wound on her forehead, and explained to Karl: “It doesn’t hurt, just a little.”

When Karl heard this, the knot on the center of his eyebrows didn’t relax a little, it was still tight.

Alyssa patted his hand: “Let’s go.”

Karl looked around for a while and said, “You go out with Smith and wait for me in the car.”

“You…” Alyssa was about to ask him what he was going to do, so she guessed that he might be looking for Isabel, so she didn’t say any more, and obediently followed Smith out of the villa.

There were several cars parked in front of the villa, all of which were driven by Karl and his men.

As soon as she got into the car, she found the medicine box and Smith said to Alyssa, “Madam, I’ll get you some medicine.”

Although Alyssa’s wound only injured the skin layer, it can still heal faster if treated.

She closed her eyes and asked Smith to help her treat the wound, and asked, “You prepared the medicine box?”

“No, on the way here, Boss asked me to buy it at the drugstore on the roadside.” Smith said to the back, with a smile in his voice.

He has followed Karl for many years. Most of the time, Karl looks cold and indifferent, but when it gets to Alyssa, he becomes extra careful.

As long as it is related to Alyssa, Karl can arrange everything in every detail.

Smith thought of the words Karl had said to him before leaving, and his expression faded.

Alyssa could feel that Smith was very skillful in treating her wounds, and she could see that he might be used to help people treat wounds often.

She suddenly remembered that when she first married Karl, she rented a house in a slum, and that day, Karl was hit by a gunshot wound.

That time, Karl threatened her to fetch him a bullet, and without anesthesia, he carried it off abruptly.

This happened for too long. When Alyssa recalled this time, she felt like it happened in her previous life, but it actually happened.

Alyssa asked Smith: “Did Karl get hurt often before?”

She had seen Karl’s body, but she hadn’t looked at his body carefully. There were scars on his body, but not many.

“It’s not often, there are always accidents occasionally.” Smith said a sentence, obviously not wanting to say more.

At this time, Smith had already helped Alyssa wash the wound, put the medicine on the gauze.

Alyssa opened her eyes and said, “I met Karl suffering a gunshot wound. It was when I got married, in the slum where I rented a house. You should also know about this.”

Smith, who was receiving the medicine box, had a pause, and nodded slightly: “I know.”

“What happened that time?” Alyssa didn’t know the cause of Karl’s injury, and never asked again.

Thinking about it now, it is impossible for Karl to be injured by ordinary people, and it is even more unlikely for him to be wounded by ordinary people.

“I’m not very clear. Boss didn’t hand it over to me to deal with the matter. He took care of it himself.” Smith put the used up medicine into the medicine box one by one, and said slowly.

Alyssa frowned, “Didn’t the Adams’ family do it?”

At that time, Karl focused on investigating his mother’s kidnapping case. Who else can he offend besides the Adams’ family?

And what he offends is someone who can get a gun, not ordinary people.

Even a person with status like Gerald may not be able to get a gun.

Smith seemed to realize that she had missed her mouth, and his expression was a bit complicated.

Alyssa wanted to say something more when she heard the sound of a car engine outside.

She turned her head and looked over and saw Isabel stepping off the car, and Karl’s men had already surrounded the car.

Alyssa also opened the car door and walked down.

Isabel’s gaze passed through the crowd and fell straight on Alyssa’s body, then curled her lips to reveal a very strange smile.

Alyssa thought of what Isabel had said before, frowned slightly, and did not walk over.

The bodyguards surrounded Isabel in the middle, and Isabel leaned on the body, not angry or smiling, calmly.

Her appearance made Alyssa more suspicious.

Karl walked out of the villa. He saw Alyssa outside. He strode towards her, pressed her shoulder directly, and stuffed her into the car: “Go and wait for me in the car.”

“Why should I go to wait for you in the car? I’ll wait for you outside.” Alyssa looked at his expression, always feeling that his expression was a bit wrong.

Alyssa suddenly remembered what Isabel had said before.

She looked at Karl, her mind suddenly flashed, and there was a tremor in her voice that she hadn’t noticed: “Where is Grace?”

She held Karl’s arm tightly with her hand, a pair of beautiful cat eyes gradually seeped a trace of fear.

Karl pursed his lips slightly, and said, “She is at home. After we settle the matter here, we will go back to see her.”

“Really?” Alyssa asked with uncertainty in her heart.

Karl gave her a very affirmative answer: “Really.”

When he finished speaking, Smith winked, Smith immediately understood and quickly closed the car door.

Seeing Alyssa got into the car and the door was closed, Karl walked towards Isabel.

Although Alyssa still felt uneasy in her heart, she believed Karl’s words.

Karl would not lie to her.

She watched Karl walk towards Isabel, then retracted her gaze, turned her head to look at Smith: “Mr. Smith, lend me the phone.”

“Who does Madam want to call?” Smith asked while holding his mobile phone.

“Call home, I want to have a few words with Grace.” She would feel relieved only if she heard Grace’s voice.

Although Isabel always looked high in front of her, this time Isabel was too confident, Alyssa always felt it was not that simple.

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