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Chapter 571

Alyssa drove out of Karl’s villa overnight and went to the city center.

As soon as Karl wakes up, he will find that she is missing, and he will definitely bring someone to look for her, and the people who have taken Grace must be keeping an eye on her movements.

So, what she has to do now is to wait for them to find her.

However, she was not sure whether Karl’s people will find her first, or those who had taken Grace will.

What she hoped in her heart was that the people who took Grace would find her first.

When Alyssa arrived in the city center, the sky was not too bright. She found a hotel and rested for two hours. When it was dawn, she went to the most prosperous commercial street in the city center for coffee.

All she has to do is attract attention.

Today is a working day, even in the busiest commercial street, the flow of people is less than usual.

Alyssa sat down by the window, ordered a cup of coffee, and began to pay attention to the people around her.

Most of them are office workers who take time out for a cup of coffee and a fast food snack. These people come and go without a suspicious person.

Alyssa drank several cups of coffee in a row, turned her head bored and looked out the window, at this moment, someone walked to her and sat down.

Alyssa turned her head fiercely and saw a familiar face.

Alyssa was stunned, and then said: “Clifford?”

The man sitting across from her just said, “Long time no see, Alyssa.”

Alyssa looked at him for a moment, then changed her words: “Martin, is it you?”

“It can be regarded as recognizing me.” Martin habitually wears black clothes. When his eyebrows are smiling, they are almost exactly the same as Clifford. Alyssa hasn’t seen Clifford for so long, except for the color of the clothes. There is no big difference between these two people.

Alyssa circled the surroundings for a while, and asked him vigilantly: “Why are you here?”

“You asked me in the coffee shop why I am here? Could it be that you run this coffee shop and only allow yourself to come in for coffee, but I can’t?”

As soon as Martin’s voice fell, a waiter came and asked him what he wanted to drink, and he ordered a cup of coffee.

Subconsciously, Alyssa didn’t believe that Martin would appear here for no reason. There are not so many coincidences in the world.

If it wasn’t a coincidence, then why did Martin appear here?

In this situation, the people who would come to Alyssa, except for Karl’s people, were the ones who took Grace away.

Can she think that Martin was in the same group as those who took Grace?

Alyssa thought so much in her heart, but she still said quietly, “Of course you can come in.”

After she finished speaking, she drank the coffee in front of her and stood up: “I have something to do, so I won’t be with you.”

Martin did not stop her either.

However, when she turned around to walk out, Martin suddenly said, “I just saw Karl leading a person across the road.”

Alyssa suddenly stopped, turned her head and looked out the window, but did not see Karl.

However, when she raised her head to look outside the cafe, she saw Karl walking in with someone into the cafe.

Alyssa’s complexion changed slightly, and she stared at Martin with complicated eyes for a moment, then walked through the back door of the cafe with her bag.

She can’t be found by Karl yet, although Martin’s presence here is suspicious, but she is not completely sure that Martin is taking Grace’s accomplice.

Alyssa walked quickly to the back door of the cafe, and as soon as she stepped out, she felt someone grab her arm.

“Come here.” It was Martin’s voice.

Alyssa turned her head and looked at Martin: “What are you doing? Where are you taking me?”

Martin just smiled mysteriously at her, and the strength to hold her arm only increased.

Although Alyssa has her own strength, she was a woman after all, and she was definitely not stronger than Martin, a tall man, and could only passively follow in Martin’s footsteps.

The two took the elevator to the underground parking lot. As soon as they got out of the elevator, someone was already waiting there.

They bowed respectfully and said, “Mr. Dixon.”

Alyssa stopped abruptly, and finally reacted: “Is it you?”

The words Alyssa asked without beginning and ending, but Martin knew exactly what she meant.

Martin curled his lips, smiling very confidently: “I guess it’s not too late. If you don’t want to save your daughter, you can also take the elevator up and Karl is on it.”

His tone sounded very ordinary, just like the tone Clifford used to chat with her before.

Although Alyssa had just guessed that Martin might be an accomplice who tied Grace, but now that Martin had admitted it, she couldn’t believe it.

She shook her head slightly, but quickly recovered her peace and said, “Let’s go.”

As soon as her voice fell, she heard footsteps coming.

The next moment, someone surrounded them.

Alyssa saw Smith at a glance, Smith nodded at her invisibly, and the bodyguards surrounding them scattered from the middle to make way.

Karl just appeared in front of Alyssa.

He looked at Alyssa with a gloomy expression, and his voice was as cold as freezing: “Come here.”

Alyssa’s heart trembled fiercely, and Karl looked particularly angry now, his face was terrible.

If in normal times, when Karl was so angry, she would definitely not mind following him, but in this situation, she would never follow him if she wanted to save Grace.

Alyssa didn’t speak, but Karl kept staring at her, waiting for her to speak.

The atmosphere fell into a strange stalemate for a while.

“Is it embarrassing?”

Martin’s words broke the deadlock. He took a step forward, stood beside Alyssa, looked at her slightly, and said in a relaxed tone like a chatter: “Did Karl tell you? Didn’t find any news about your daughter?”

Alyssa didn’t know what Martin meant by saying this, and turned his head to look at him with a little doubt.

Seeing that his words caught Alyssa’s attention, Martin smiled and said, “With Karl’s ability, it is easy to check your daughter’s news. He is just hesitating, hesitating whether to use you. It’s just his mother.”

After he finished speaking, he turned his head to look at Karl: “It seems that Mr. Adams has decided now and wants to exchange Alyssa for the news.”

Alyssa grasped the key words in Martin’s words: “Karl’s mother? What do you mean, speak clearly!”

“Yeah? Didn’t he tell you?” Martin said in surprise when he heard the words.

Chapter 572

Alyssa’s complexion changed slightly, and she turned to look at Karl: “What does he mean by what he said? How many things are you hiding from me?”

Karl fell silent, and there was no trace of emotion in those dark eyes.

But Alyssa at this time really hated his appearance.

Alyssa said loudly: “Karl, speak up!”

Smith, standing beside Karl, looked a little surprised after listening to Martin’s words.

Obviously, Karl not only didn’t tell Alyssa, but also Smith.

Karl’s mother, Sandra, is a knot in Karl’s heart.

Prior to this, Alyssa had always been confident, thinking that she knew Karl, and felt that she had a very important place in Karl’s heart.

However, if you compare Karl’s mother with her, this is an incomprehensible answer.

She even began to doubt Karl’s intention to keep her in the villa these days.

Was he afraid that she would take the initiative to find the person who tied Grace, or did he lock her up because he didn’t know whether to replace her with his mother, and was afraid of her leaving?

For a while, various conjectures and emotions surged in Alyssa’s heart.

But in the end it was calm again.

Didn’t Karl’s mother commit suicide in the kidnapping case back then?

Karl ignored Alyssa, but raised his hand expressionlessly, indicating that his men could do it.

He didn’t intend to talk nonsense with Martin, and it was impossible for Martin to take Alyssa away.

There were not as many people brought by him as Karl, and naturally he was not Karl’s opponent in the end.

But what puzzled Alyssa was that at the last moment, Martin clearly had a chance to hold her away, but Martin didn’t hold her, but showed her a soothing look.

Alyssa felt Martin was very weird.

When she was distracted, Karl had already fought with Martin.

Karl’s shot was very heavy, and every time he shot Martin, Martin was naturally not his opponent. He was beaten back and forth.

At this time, Alyssa didn’t care about Karl’s fight with Martin. Karl would definitely not lose out with so many people. If Martin really kidnapped Grace’s with accomplice, he deserved to be beaten.

Alyssa walked straight to Smith and asked, “What’s the matter? Just now Martin meant that Karl’s mother is still alive?”

Smith “Madam, if you ask me about this, don’t know. It’s the first time I heard about it today.” He shook his head, and he knew no more than Alyssa.

Karl and Martin who were fighting over there have stopped.

Martin was thrown to the ground, clutching his chest and panting, Karl didn’t even mess with his clothes, his expression was cold.

“Let’s go.” He took care of his clothes indifferently, and couldn’t tell at all that he had just fought with someone.

Alyssa returned to the villa, and Martin was also brought back.

As soon as he entered the villa, Karl grabbed Alyssa’s hand and walked upstairs. Karl walked very fast along the way, and his hands were strong. No matter how much Alyssa struggles, she can’t get away.

Karl didn’t let go of her hand until she entered the bedroom.

With a loud “bang”, the door was slammed over.

Alyssa was shocked by the sound of the door slamming, but quickly calmed down.

“Stun me? Run away in the middle of the night?” Karl looked at her with a sneer, her eyes filled with chills that seemed to swallow her: “Alyssa, you are really challenging my bottom line again and again! “

Karl pressed harder, but Alyssa did not back down. She even took a step forward, her face was not much better than Karl’s: “I’m challenging your bottom line? Are you not? “

“Alyssa!” Karl almost squeezed her name from between his teeth, his expression looked very depressed, as if it would explode in the next second.

Alyssa has always been afraid of Karl being angry, but now she has been dazzled by the anger in her heart, and she has so much scruples.

“Will Grace tell me if she is taken away? Don’t tell me about your mother? Karl, what on earth do you take me for?”

“Then you came to United States to find Clifford alone, did you tell me?”

“If I tell you, would you still let me come to United States to find him?”

“Heh.” Karl sneered, “Are you blaming me?”

“Of course I dare not blame you.” Alyssa pushed him away and walked towards the door.

She walked to the door, reached out and held the doorknob, but suddenly stopped and said to him, “Karl, you dare not tell me about your mother. It’s because of your guilty conscience and your heart is shaking, you Hesitating to use me for your mother.”

After Alyssa finished speaking, she laughed and said in a low voice, “I know you better than you think.”

In the past, Karl could use her to test Gerald, but now, he will also be shaken by his mother.

Alyssa used to think that she was a very important person to Karl, because there was no comparison.

If there is enough contrast, then to Karl, she won’t be that important.

After Alyssa finished speaking, she opened the door and went out.

When she went downstairs, she saw Smith standing alone in the yard smoking a cigarette.

She opened the door and walked over. Seeing her coming Smith pinched out the cigarette in his hand: “Young lady.”

“Where is Martin?” Alyssa asked aloud.

Smith pointed to the villa and said, “In the back room, someone guards it.”

“I’ll go see him.” Alyssa was about to turn around, and Smith suddenly called her to a stop: “Sir, he just…”

Alyssa stopped, took a deep breath, and said, “The time is special. You don’t need to speak for Karl. I understand that you have been with him for nearly ten years, and he and I have experienced so many things, but In his heart, none of us may be as important as we thought.”

Smith moved his lips, but in the end he just sighed and said nothing more.

When Alyssa went to see Martin, Martin was leaning against the bed.

After Alyssa approached, she looked at him back and forth, and asked, “Did they give you medicine?”

“I’m fine, no medicine is needed.” Martin looked back at her and said with a smile.

His tone and appearance are exactly the same as Clifford.

It might also be because he and Clifford look so much alike, so Alyssa couldn’t hate him.

Alyssa didn’t speak, and stretched out her hand through his clothes and pressed hard on his chest.

Martin took a breath of pain, his complexion changed.

“Is that what you said is all true?” Alyssa sneered.

Martin laughed again: “If I say something is wrong, you will give me medicine?”

Alyssa retracted her hand, with a hint of inquiry in her tone: “Do you know? You look exactly like Clifford.”

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