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Chapter 573

Hearing Alyssa’s words, Martin lifted the corners of his lips and looked at her with a smile but a rather light tone: “Really?”

Alyssa looked at Martin, but said nothing.

She felt that Clifford was full of weirdness. He and Clifford looked too much alike. As long as he wanted to pretend to be Clifford, he could completely disguise the real.

Alyssa and Clifford spent some time together. She was relatively familiar with Clifford. When she first met Martin, they didn’t see the difference between him and Clifford.

Alyssa withdrew her gaze, and asked him with a calm expression: “Since your goal in the morning was me, why did you let me go? It’s just superfluous to arrest my daughter and threaten me.”

“It’s unnecessary for you, but not for us.”

At this time, Martin obviously didn’t mean to conceal anymore: “If I detain you directly, Karl will come to me directly when he comes to United States, but if I let you go, you will have trouble again, Karl When we come to United States, we will be anxious to find you, and we will have the opportunity to bring your daughter out…”

Alyssa twisted her eyebrows tightly and looked at Martin coldly: “Isn’t the result still the same?”

She felt that Martin and the others took Grace out of nothing.

“Of course it’s not the same. Grace is in our hands, and you will take the initiative to send it to the door, just like today.” Martin held a face exactly like Clifford’s, saying this kind of thing, there is always a kind of very contradictory. feel.

“Why would you cooperate with Isabel?” Alyssa knew very well that Martin didn’t know Isabel.

“Isabel is also worthy to talk to me about cooperation? It’s just to reveal a little bit of your news to her. She hates you so much, and of course she will not let go of this wonderful opportunity.”

“What are you going to do?” Alyssa became more and more confused about Martin’s purpose.

Martin’s expression suddenly turned straight, and he leaned in her direction: “You let me go, and I will tell you our purpose.”

Alyssa glanced at him, didn’t say a word, turned around and went out.

After she went out, she closed the door and thought about it for a moment.

Martin’s thoughts are very deep, and he is almost the same as Karl. Even if he is captured by Karl, he still looks indifferent. Don’t know if he had expected this a long time ago or was true. Not afraid at all.

He even bewitched her just now and told her to let him go!

There are so many secrets in Martin’s body, how could she let him go?

Even if she wanted to let him go, Karl couldn’t let him go.

Not long after Alyssa walked, she met Smith again.

Smith knew that Alyssa was only going to see Martin, so he said with questions, “Madam?”

“No matter what I ask, he will bend around with me, and said nothing useful.” Alyssa took a deep breath and continued: “But it is undeniable that the people behind him are very powerful and can easily find out my relationship with Isabel and the holidays between us, and used Isabel to achieve their goals.”

When he heard the words, his complexion also became serious.

Alyssa suddenly remembered something: “I forgot to ask him about something.”

“what’s up?”

“Regarding hypnosis, Karl had suspected that he was hypnotized before, and it may have something to do with Clifford. Although Clifford is suspicious, I now think that Clifford’s suspicion may be greater.”

Speaking of Clifford, Alyssa pursed her lips before continuing: “Clifford’s profession is a psychiatrist, and Martin’s chef status can basically be used to cover people’s ears.”

Smith pondered for a moment, and said: “If the person who hypnotized Boss at the beginning was really Martin, then their purpose would be really elusive.”

In the evening, Alyssa called the doctor to administer medicine to Martin.

Smith took people to cross-examine Martin again. Whatever Smith asked, Martin said nothing, but the things he said were of no use.

During the meal, Alyssa had no appetite, so she ate something casually, then left the restaurant and went to the courtyard.

The weather is getting colder day by day, and the outdoor temperature is lower at night.

After Alyssa stood in the yard for a few minutes, she felt very cold.

And in her mind, it was all Grace.

In such a cold day, would those people take care of Grace? Will they take care of her deligently?

Still, Grace was treated harshly in a place she didn’t know.

Thinking of this, Alyssa became particularly anxious and became restless.

She wished she could fly to Grace immediately.

At this time, she would complain about Karl a little.

If Karl told her earlier, maybe she could work with Karl to find a way to rescue Grace earlier.

Alyssa thought too much, feeling confused, what Martin said broke into her mind.

——If you let me go, I will tell you our purpose.

When she heard Martin say this, she refused without even thinking about it.

But at this moment, her heart has begun to shake a little.

At this time, she couldn’t think so much at all, she just wanted to see Grace to make sure that Grace was safe.

Suddenly, Alyssa felt her body sink slightly, and she turned her head to see Karl was slightly lowering his eyes and draping her clothes.

Except when they came back, the two quarreled in the room, and the two of them hardly said anything at the end of the day.

Karl might be thinking about his mother, while Alyssa was worried about Grace.

Alyssa pulled the jacket that Karl had put on her, considered it, and said in a very serious tone: “Karl, I can’t wait any longer, I really want to see Grace.”

She wanted Grace very much, and she was willing to exchange for Grace with herself.

Karl directly answered her gloomily: “Impossible.”

Alyssa asked him back: “Don’t you want to know about your mother?”

Karl’s complexion sank quickly, like a frozen lake. Just standing next to him could feel the deep chill radiating from him.

After a few seconds, he said in a secret voice: “Back then, I saw her commit suicide with my own eyes.”

Although Alyssa knew how his mother died from Karl’s narrative, it was the first time she heard Karl talk about his mother so bluntly.

Alyssa stared at his eyes, pondered for a moment, and then continued: “Yes, you did see everything with your own eyes back then, but you still have expectations in your heart. You hope she is still alive.”

After she finished speaking, she fixedly looked at Karl.

Under her gaze, Karl turned his face away, avoiding her gaze.

Alyssa knew that she had guessed what Karl was thinking.

Chapter 574

Martin said that he knew the news of Karl’s mother.

Not to mention whether Martin really knew the news of Karl’s mother, this was a great temptation to Karl.

This is Karl’s heart knot, it is his seven inches, which can be hit by a pinch.

After a long while, Karl said aloud: “Martin has no evidence that she is still alive.”

“Martin would not say this for nothing.” Although Alyssa didn’t understand Martin, she could feel that Martin would not do anything uncertain.

Only when her ending fell, Karl immediately said, “This is the end of this matter, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

“What are you going to do? How are you going to find Grace? Martin doesn’t care what you will do to him! And it has been more than a week!” Alyssa was too worried about Grace.

Karl made a solemn face, did not speak, turned around and walked in the other direction.

The direction he was walking was the room where Martin was.

Karl went to Martin’s room and came out for a while.

Alyssa sat in the hall waiting for him to come out.

Seeing Karl coming in, Alyssa asked him, “What did you ask?”

Karl didn’t speak, and went straight upstairs.

It wasn’t until his figure disappeared that Alyssa took a deep breath, pursing her lips and fell into contemplation.

She stayed in the hall for a long time and did not go upstairs, and Karl did not come down to look for her.

If it was normal, Karl would have come down to look for her.

Karl was worried about his mother’s affairs, and Alyssa was thinking about Grace in her heart. The two of them had their own concerns, their hearts were agitated, and they had no other thoughts.

Alyssa sat in the hall until midnight before getting up and leaving the hall as if determined.

With a “bang”, the door was pushed open from the outside.

Martin was asleep, and was awakened by the sound of the door opening.

Before he got up, the light in the room was turned on.

Martin stretched out his hand to cover his eyes, and when he took his arm away, he saw Alyssa walking towards the bed.

A flash of astonishment flashed in his eyes, as if he hadn’t expected that Alyssa would come in to find him at this time.

He sat up and leaned against the bedside, staring at Alyssa silently, waiting for her to take the initiative to speak.

Alyssa walked to the bed and looked at him condescendingly, “Does what you say before still counts?”

A flash of surprise flashed in Martin’s eyes, and then a smile appeared slowly: “Forget it.”

Alyssa said again: “I have another question.”

Martin looked at her and motioned for her to continue.

“Grace, how is she?” Alyssa’s words showed a little bit of care not easily detectable.

“In your opinion, I am so despicable to abuse a child?” Martin smiled faintly, as if he was complaining.

Hearing what he said, Alyssa relaxed a little.

She believed Martin’s words and believed that he would not embarrass Grace.

Even if he didn’t embarrass Grace, but Grace was too young, how scared should she be taken to a completely strange place by a group of strangers?

You can’t think deeply about this kind of thing. If you think deeply, Alyssa will be overwhelmed by self-blame.

Alyssa took out a dagger from her pocket and handed it to Martin: “You can hold me away, Karl shouldn’t do anything to you.”

Martin glanced at her, her eyes were a bit complicated, and he didn’t know what she was thinking.

He got up and put on his jacket, then held Alyssa away with a dagger.

The bodyguard who kept watche in the courtyard saw Martin holding Alyssa out, so he sent people to notify Karl.

Smith heard the movement first to come out.

When he saw Martin holding Alyssa under his belt, he was stunned for a moment, then he was a little puzzled.

Karl followed him downstairs, still wearing daytime clothes, and his hair was not messed up.

Alyssa knew that Karl, like her, did not sleep.

After he got down, he walked straight to Alyssa and Martin, and the bodyguard retreated to both sides to make way for him.

The dim light hit Karl’s face brightly, making his already cold complexion even darker.

Alyssa only glanced at him, and saw a clear look in his eyes, she quickly lowered her eyes to prevent him from noticing the emotions in her eyes.

Karl must have guessed that Martin would hold her under his belt, it was entirely her own idea.

Martin tightened the dagger against Alyssa’s neck, and said in a steady voice, “Karl, if you want her to live, let me go now.”

Almost immediately, Alyssa felt the low air pressure and pressure from Karl’s body.

He seemed to be irritated by Martin’s words.

Karl looked at Martin with sarcasm, and said in a sarcasm: “You just have this skill?”

Martin was not angry, but rather seriously defended: “I really don’t have any abilities, but I just need to be useful to you.”

Karl’s expression became colder again, and the hands hanging beside him couldn’t help clenching tightly. He turned his gaze to Alyssa.

Since he came down to the present, Alyssa has not dared to look at him, he naturally understood what was going on.

“Alyssa.” Karl called her name.

Alyssa bit her lip, biting her scalp and raising her head to look at Karl.

As soon as she raised her head, she glanced into Karl’s deep eyes.

The two looked at each other for a few seconds, and the complex emotions in Karl’s eyes gradually disappeared, leaving only calm and indifference in the end.

“Aren’t you afraid? You haven’t asked me for help since I stood here.” Karl asked her indifferently, without any emotion.

Alyssa’s heart tightened suddenly.

She faintly felt that Karl seemed to have something to say.

He had already seen through Alyssa’s thoughts, his words seemed to be telling Alyssa that her actions made him very angry, but he was willing to give her another chance.

Although she was held hostage by Martin, it was still easy for Karl to rescue her from Martin’s hands.

Martin glanced at Karl, then turned his head to Alyssa, and whispered in her ear: “Your plan seems to have been seen through by Karl. His eyes look disappointed. He thinks you have betrayed. What do you think of him?”

Alyssa’s heart shook fiercely, and Martin’s words woke her up.

Karl felt that she had betrayed him!

She suddenly raised her head to look at Karl, who stood motionless, slender and tall, but he gave a sense of loneliness.

There was a momentary shaking in Alyssa’s heart.

However, when she changed her mind to Grace, the tremor in her heart disappeared.

Martin’s purpose was unknown, he was confident, and threats and temptations were of no use to him.

Following Martin, it was the only fastest way to meet Grace.

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  1. I find Alyssa very hypocritical. She says that she is not as important to Karl as his mother, when she herself chooses Grace over him every damn time. She says that she understands Karl better than anyone and yet continues to hurt him unintentionally. I do not get what she is playing at. Should she have to choose between her love and her daughter permanently, who is she going to go for? The man who has always stood by her, protected her, loved her or the daughter she doesn’t even know that well? If Alyssa is certain that she will choose Grace over Karl in a heartbeat, then Karl should just let her be.


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