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Chapter 585

“You can’t play in the water.” Alyssa held Grace’s hand away, twisted the towel with the hot water, turned off the water and started wiping Grace’s face.

Grace raised her head, obediently let Alyssa wipe her face.

Alyssa warmed her hand very lightly, and asked her, “Does it hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt.” Grace answered her words and said: “Mom, I have a question for you.”

“What’s the problem?” Alyssa discovered that Grace’s expression ability has improved by leaps and bounds during the recent period.

“Does Kalr hurt your heart?” Grace said childishly and asked very seriously.

The movement of Alyssa’s hands paused slightly. She looked down at Grace and found that Grace was looking at her with widened eyes, waiting for her answer.

Alyssa retracted her thoughts and continued her hand movement: “Do you know what sadness is?”

“Of course I know.” Grace’s tone was very serious.

Alyssa put the towel back, took the baby cream and prepared to wipe Grace: “Then tell me, how does it feel to be sad?”

Grace tilted her head and thought for a moment: “I just want to cry.”

Alyssa laughed and closed the box of the cream. After thinking about it, Grace actually made a lot of sense.

It turns out that a three-year-old child already knows so many things.

Alyssa put Baby Cream back, tidying up her bangs for Grace, and said softly: “Dad didn’t intentionally hurt your heart. He is just stupid and doesn’t know how to make you happy.”

Grace’s little hand figured it out, obviously not accepting Alyssa’s statement: “Humph!”

Alyssa knew in her heart that Karl still loved Grace, but he was sometimes paranoid. Clifford said he was indifferent and ruthless, but if he didn’t understand feelings, what would he do for her?

“Okay, don’t care about him. After all, he is relatively stupid, and our Grace is a smart baby. Smart babies shouldn’t care about stupid fathers, okay?”

Alyssa was short, her sight was exactly at the level of Grace, she leaned over, and touched Grace’s forehead affectionately.

Grace moved back, not keen on playing such int!mate games with Alyssa, so she nodded her head in difficulty, “Okay.”

“We Grace is so smart and so behaved, we are simply the best baby in the world.” Alyssa has never been stingy with her praise.

Grace asked her by analogy: “Am I great or Dad is great?”

Alyssa was stunned for a moment, then reacted and said: “…you are great.”

Grace smiled happily: “Hehe.”


Alyssa squeezed her face, took her back to the bedroom, put her on the bed and let her continue playing.

After she put Grace on the bed, she turned her head and glanced at the calendar.

It has been almost ten days since she arrived at Clifford’s villa, and there was no news from Karl.

At the beginning, Alyssa was still calm, but after a long time, she could not help but start thinking wildly.

What Clifford said actually had some truth.

With Karl’s method, it is impossible to find who and where Grace was captured for so long.

But Karl didn’t do anything to rescue Grace.

At the beginning, Alyssa had this idea in her heart, and she also felt that Karl didn’t say anything, and he didn’t do anything, just hesitating to exchange her for the news of his mother.

But now that she has been here with Clifford for so long, her heart has become more calm.

She firmly believes that Karl is different from Clifford.

Clifford would use her for his own purposes, but Karl would not use her for his own desires.

Even though, Karl had a strong desire for his mother to be there.

Alyssa also hoped that Karl’s mother was still alive, and if his mother was still there, perhaps Karl’s heart knot could be easily solved.

In the afternoon, Grace took a nap, and Alyssa went to Clifford’s study to find him.

He didn’t go out much in the past two days, as if he had nothing to do.

Alyssa walked to the door of his study, reached out and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Clifford’s voice came from inside.

Alyssa pushed the door in, and Clifford looked up and saw that it was her, so he put down his work, got up and walked to the side of the sofa to sit down, and raised his finger to the opposite position: “Sit.”

After Alyssa sat down, Clifford picked up the kettle and poured her a glass of water.

“Came to me so soon? Do you think what I said makes sense?” Clifford had a slight smile on his face, and he looked very gentle.

This gentle and handsome face is too deceptive, this face reveals the wisdom of a psychologist, and has a magic power that can easily be trusted.

Alyssa was in a daze. Perhaps he was kind in nature, but because of his cleverness, when he wanted to achieve his goal, he would use no means and no emotion.

From her own point of view, she felt that she had been deceived.

But from the perspective of Clifford, he just used a clever and self-interested method to achieve his goal.

He lied to her, but didn’t hurt her with a knife. He took Grace away, but let the servant take care of it with delicious food.

No matter how you look at it, he is not an unforgivable person.

But for Alyssa, what is the difference between malicious use once and malicious use countless times?

The only contact she has with him now is because she owes him her life.

Alyssa ignored what Clifford had just said, and said directly: “You said that as long as I let you go, you will tell me your purpose.”

“My purpose.” Clifford chuckled and asked with interest, “Do you want to guess?”

“Are you planning to turn back, don’t you plan to say it?” Alyssa didn’t have the mind to guess with him.

Clifford seemed to see that Alyssa was not interested, so he constricted his expression and groaned for a moment before slowly saying: “I said I wanted to tell you, naturally I won’t turn back. You don’t have to be so eager to guard me.”

After Clifford finished speaking, he picked up the cup in front of him and took a sip of water. Then he straightened his body again and said in a loose tone, “I just want to ask for justice and fairness. Why are you so nervous?”

Alyssa frowned, narrowed her eyes and asked him: “What do you mean?”

Clifford said to ask for justice and fairness. What does this have to do with her and Karl?

Could it be that Karl did something to Clifford before?

However, looking at Clifford’s current financial and human resources, and looking forward a few years, he is not a waiting person. In the past few years, Karl was still the “ugly and impot3nt” Karl, who was at that time. What can Karl do to Clifford?

Even if Karl could do anything to Clifford at that time, with Clifford’s ability, it didn’t mean he couldn’t compete with Karl.

Chapter 586

Clifford did not pay attention to Alyssa’s question anymore, and instead asked, “Grace is asleep?”

His purpose of changing the subject is so obvious that he obviously doesn’t want to explain too much to her.

Clifford is a person who seems to be very talkative, but if he doesn’t want to say it, it is absolutely impossible to ask.

Alyssa stood up and walked out without waiting for a moment.

When she turned around, Clifford’s expression sank, and there was a depressive breath in his voice: “Alyssa, do you feel embarrassed to sit down and drink a glass of water with me now?”

“I’m going to see if Grace is awake.” Clifford just used Grace to change the subject, and Alyssa also used Grace to treat him as well as Grace.

Seeing that Alyssa was about to leave, Clifford immediately stood up and said loudly, “Alyssa!”

There is a rare sullenness in his voice.

Alyssa had no choice but to stop and have an impatient tone: “If you have anything, please finish it all at once.”

With a calm face, Clifford walked around the sofa and walked to her, with a pair of eyes locked tightly to her: “Alyssa, Karl can give you a superior life for your servants, so can I, he can give it to you. I can give you things, and I can even give you more!”

Alyssa heard the weirdness in his words and involuntarily stepped back: “What do you mean?”

She is now increasingly unable to understand Clifford’s words.

Clifford moved forward half a step, trying to get closer to her, but after Alyssa realized his intentions, she quickly took two steps back and stretched out her hand to separate him: “If you have anything to say, say it directly.”

“Okay, let me just say it.” Clifford’s eyes flashed unpleasantly, but he was not angry. He is not a person who is easily angered.

“What kind of temper Karl has? You know better than me. It’s too hard to get along with someone like him. With me, you will be much easier. I don’t mind what happened before between you and him. Will treat Grace as if she is my own.”

After Clifford finished speaking, he tried to touch her again.

Alyssa drew her eyes and hands quickly, and looked at Clifford coldly: “Are you crazy?”

“You can think about what I said. I am more suitable for you than Karl. During the previous days, didn’t we get along very easily and happily?”

Seeing that Alyssa had been indifferent, Clifford’s eyes became a little anxious.

Alyssa didn’t know how Clifford had such thoughts. She thought that Clifford’s statement was very absurd: “Are you finished now? Can I go now?”

The Clifford in front of her was too far away from the Clifford that Alyssa knew. Alyssa was even willing to believe that he was just “Martin” instead of Clifford.

But this is the case, he is Clifford, even if he has exactly the same face, his personality cannot be fooled.

When Alyssa passed him and was about to walk past him, he grabbed her wrist.

Alyssa broke free, and did not free his wrist, she turned her head to look at Clifford: “What else do you want to do?”

The impatience in her tone made Clifford’s expression completely changed.

Has Alyssa ever spoke to him in such an impatient tone before?

Clifford curled his lips and laughed in a low voice, but it was obviously not a happy smile.

“I forgot to tell you something.” Alyssa stopped, and Clifford naturally let go of her.

He turned around and walked to the desk, pulled out a newspaper from under a pile of documents and handed it to Alyssa: “Don’t want to read it? News related to Karl.”

Seeing Clifford’s expression, Alyssa knew that he was not at ease.

During this period of time, she lived here without a mobile phone or a computer to access the Internet. She almost broke off all contact with the outside world and couldn’t get any news at all.

Now Clifford said that there was news about Karl in this newspaper, and Alyssa wanted to read it.

She only hesitated for two seconds, looked at Clifford, and took the newspaper.

Karl is a powerful business man. The Adams’ family is involved in many industries. Not only does it do a lot in the country, but it also has many industries and businesses abroad.

It’s just that Karl, in foreign business, rarely intervenes personally.

In the business world at home and abroad, Karl is a very influential person, and it is normal to have media attention.

However, at this juncture, he was in a foreign media newspaper…

Alyssa opened the newspaper and saw a photo that took up almost half of the page, as well as enlarged and bold headlines.

“In the early hours of this morning, there was a car accident on the XX bridge. One of the owners has been confirmed to be Karl, the CEO of a multinational group…”

The photo above was from the scene of the car accident, and the photo of Karl attached to it was obviously taken before, not on site.

Alyssa’s complexion changed abruptly, and she quickly scanned the text above. At the end, it read: “At present, Mr. Karl is undergoing secret treatment in a hospital, and the specific injury has not been disclosed to the media.”

“Car accident…”

Suddenly, Alyssa noticed the date above, and found that it was actually two days ago!

Suddenly, Alyssa thought of something, and turned her head to look at Clifford: “You will have a showdown with me, is it because of Karl’s car accident? How was he injured?”

The fact that Clifford announced his identity to her at a showdown was too sudden. If Karl was really hospitalized in a car accident, time would be relevant.

During this period of time, Clifford kept silent. He suddenly revealed his identity and said these words again. Alyssa felt strange at first.

But now that she saw this newspaper, she didn’t think it was any strange.

Clifford felt that something was wrong with Karl, she had no hope, so did she dare to do this and say this?

Thinking of this, Alyssa sneered: “The car accident has something to do with you, right?”

“Alyssa, am I so unbearable in your heart?” Clifford laughed, his smile looked a little bleak: “You know that I am a PhD in psychology, and an authoritative expert in psychology in United States. As a public figure, how could I do such a thing?”

Seeing that he didn’t seem to be lying, Alyssa stopped asking more questions, and turned her gaze to the newspaper again.

The photo above is in black and white, it’s a mess, and you can’t see anything at all.

How could Karl suddenly get into a car accident, and his injuries were not serious.

Clifford stared at Alyssa, and said unclearly, “You’re very worried about him.”

“If I said yes, would you let me see him?” Alyssa raised her eyes and asked him blankly.

Clifford hugged his arms and raised an eyebrow at her: “You can try to beg me, maybe I will agree.”

Alyssa glanced at him without a smile, turned and left with the newspaper.

It was she who let Clifford take her away, naturally she would not beg Clifford to go back to see Karl.

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