The Poorest Rich Man Novel Chapter 1046

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Chapter 1046

hear Chen Dasan’s cry, Chen Da Er didn’t hesitate and rushed over immediately.


sheldon narrowed his eyes. Through the fight just now, he understood that the two Chen family disciples in front of him were not here to test his own cultivation level, but wanted to kill himself. In that case, sheldon naturally did not Will spare them easily.

The palm of his hand was hard, and sheldon twisted vigorously. With the sound of a broken bone, Chen Dasan’s wrist was abruptly broken, and his palm and arm became a twisted arc.

“My hand!” Feeling the intense pain, the expression on Chen Dasan’s face instantly became painful. He struggled hard, took two steps backwards, and sat on the ground.

“sheldon, you dare to come near our Youlong Island, then don’t go back alive!” Seeing sheldon hurt his brother with his hands, Chen Daer instantly became annoyed, and shook the knife in his hand again. Charged to sheldon.

In the case of solving one person first, sheldon easily subdued him one-on-one, and threw the short knife aside. Chen Da Er was stepped on the ground with sheldon’s foot.

“You let me go!” Chen Da Er stared in horror. He didn’t expect that sheldon’s sudden burst of strength would make him unable to resist at all. He almost flashed in front of him, and then he was stepped on the ground. Struggling hard, but sheldon’s strength was so strong that he couldn’t break free no matter how hard he tried.

Looking at the two people who were trembling under his feet and covering their wrists not far away, sheldon lit a cigarette and took two sips slowly.

Soon, the movement outside attracted Bai Xiaofei and the others.

The ghost operator rushed to the forefront. He ran in front of sheldon, looked at the situation here, and asked in a low voice, “Is it the person sent by the Chen family to find trouble again?”

“This time, I’m not just asking for trouble, but wanting to kill me.” sheldon squinted, if it weren’t for the fact that they were the Chen family, as soon as he knew their motives, he would immediately take action to solve the trouble. .

“Kill you?”

“The few people who came to trouble before said that they were ordered by the patriarch to inquire about your strength. Did your grandfather suddenly change his mind?” Guishuan felt a little weird.

“Maybe.” sheldon shook his head and smiled. He couldn’t find any memories of getting along with Chen Diancang in his memory. For this grandfather, he was only related by blood, and he didn’t know his character and behavior. style.

But sheldon also had some doubts in his heart. How could the Patriarch of the dignified Chen family’s idea become so fast, but before thinking about it carefully, an idea appeared in his mind. sheldon faintly smiled and said, “It is also possible. They were sent by other members of the Chen family. After all, the Chen family has more than just a head of the family.”

“What do you mean?” The ghost operator scratched his head.

“Bring them in, I’m going to interrogate them personally to see who is in the Chen family who wants to kill me!” sheldon put down his feet and pulled Chen Daer from the ground, dragging him into the living room, letting him go. No matter how he struggled, he couldn’t get rid of sheldon.

Five minutes later.

sheldon sat on the sofa with a cigarette in his hand.

Chen Daer and Chen Dasan stood in front of them unconvinced, and the short knife was placed on the table in front of sheldon.

“Let’s talk about it, who is the expert of the Chen family who sent you to do it on me?” sheldon raised his head to look at them and asked faintly.

“sheldon, now our two brothers are all in your hands. You can do what you want. Don’t talk about these ink stains, we won’t tell you anything!” Chen Daer looked at sheldon with scarlet eyes.

He did not expect sheldon’s strength to be so strong. In his impression, a clan member who had lived outside the family since he was a child, even if the grandson of the patriarch has some talents, should be just a beginner cultivator. The strength of it can be easily solved.

But now they realized that sheldon’s strength was far beyond their imagination.

Not to mention that their cultivation in the family is only at the middle level, even if they are inner disciples, they will not necessarily be able to hurt sheldon.

“Oh? It seems quite stiff.” sheldon raised his brows. What they said did not surprise sheldon how much.

“sheldon, if you are acquainted, you can leave here as soon as possible. Even if you tell you who instructed us to go to Gongdao, can you find Youlong Island?” Chen Dasan said with his wrists and teeth.

“It turns out that this place is called Gongdao.” sheldon lit another cigarette.

“Don’t talk nonsense, today you don’t want to know anything from the mouth of our brothers, kill if you want, we have already admitted it!” Chen Da Er looked away.

“I will not easily kill you, after all, in a sense, I was a young master Chen, and you are a disciple of Chen, be my hands.”

“But today, things can not hospice, since all If you don’t want to talk, let’s try my method.”

sheldon’s smoking hand stopped a little when they heard what they said.

Immediately after that, he extinguished the two cigarettes he had just smoked in the ashtray and got up and walked towards them.

When the voice fell, sheldon just walked in front of Chen Dasan.

“What do you want to do?” Seeing sheldon, Chen Dasan swallowed, a little scared.

“Don’t do anything, get to know you.” sheldon smiled faintly, stretched out his hand to hold his twisted wrist, and tried again.


the sound of bone fracture came out again.

Hearing this voice, Bai Xiaofei and Guishuan couldn’t help frowning, while Liang Lu went straight back to the room. She had never seen such a situation, and did not expect sheldon to be cruel to this degree. , To twist a person’s wrist abruptly.

“sheldon, you…” The severe pain caused Chen Dasan to almost crush his teeth.

After suffering two severe injuries in a row, Chen Dasan knew very well that his right hand had been abolished, and even if he returned to the family for treatment now, he would be disabled.

For a cultivator, a disabled wrist is tantamount to a death sentence.

“sheldon, if you want to kill or pluck, hurry up, don’t torture us!” Chen Daer clenched his fists, he would have tried desperately if he didn’t know that his strength gap with sheldon was too great.

“For the sake of our surname Chen, I will give you another chance to answer my question honestly. I can consider letting you go and let you return to Youlong Island safely. Otherwise, you only have Staying with me all the time, as for when I will be missing arms or legs, it depends entirely on my mood.” While

speaking, sheldon held Chen Dasan’s wrist again.

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