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Chapter 589

Seeing that there was a doll on the bed, Karl stuffed a doll into Grace’s place, pulled Alyssa into the bathroom, and closed the bathroom door with his backhand.

Karl did this series of movements very smoothly, in one go.

When Alyssa reacted, she was already in the bathroom.

“I read in the newspaper that you had a car accident? Are you doing anything?” Alyssa patrolled him worriedly.

He just had the energy to joke with her, it should be all fine.

Karl’s eyes were dim, and he did not answer her question. He clasped her waist with one hand and held her back with the other hand, and the h0t k!ss was pressed down.

The sound of hot breathing hit her eardrums with a tingling tremor.

Alyssa’s hand was slightly helpless against his chest, and she endured his eager k!ss with strange emotions.

After a long time, when Alyssa felt that the corners of her mouth were a little numb, Karl’s hand was slightly loosened, and he straightened up reluctantly.

Karl just relaxed a little, but didn’t let go, and pushed her against the bathroom door, still holding her.

“Missed me?”

His voice was hoarse after the k!ss, and even his breath was scorching heat.

Alyssa shrank her neck, and broke loose slightly, in exchange for a closer hug from Karl.

Alyssa stopped moving, let him hold it, and was silent for a while before whispering, “Grace missed you very much.”

“What about you?” Karl’s tone was stubborn.

Alyssa pursed her lips and said, “Yes.”

She clearly felt that her voice just fell, and the man holding her even had a slight change in his breath.

Before Karl spoke, she asked him first: “How did you get in?”

Karl’s eyebrows were twisted together, obviously not satisfied with Alyssa’s answer.

Despite this, he still answered Alyssa’s question obediently, but it was pretty perfunctory.

“Climbed in through the window.” As he spoke, he reached out to touch Alyssa’s face, his tone not too serious.

When Alyssa heard him say this, she discovered that there was a string of very thin rope on his waist, with hooks on both ends of the rope.

She probably also guessed that Karl climbed up with this rope.

The rope looks simple, but when Karl climbed up, he used other auxiliary tools.

Alyssa’s face suddenly changed: “This is the third floor!”

Hearing this, Karl snorted, “Only the third floor, even if you live on the 30th floor, I can still climb up.”

His expression looked very arrogant, almost arrogant, but he was a bit arrogant and a little childish.

Karl is such a man. Even if he is arrogant and proud, he can always make people believe what he has said.

He has arrogant capital.

His capital is not the Adams’ or is it the aura of the Adams’ family elder Sir, just because he is him, he is Karl.

Men are young until they die, and blood is flowing in their bones.

But what Alyssa had to do was to pour a basin of cold water to cool his blood down.

Is this kind of hot blood used to climb stairs?

Alyssa laughed back and said, “Karl, do you feel very proud? What if you fall?”

Karl was taken aback for a moment, and a flash of doubt flashed in his eyes: “Don’t you feel moved?”

“Moved…moved?” Alyssa said grimly: “You have time to climb the third floor to see me, should I be?”

As soon as Alyssa’s voice fell, Karl’s expression sank, and said coldly, “Dare you!”

Alyssa spread her hands innocently.

Karl’s face was cold, she squeezed her chin and k!ssed fiercely, Alyssa felt that the k!ss was full of dissatisfaction.

She didn’t tell him, she was very moved.

She was afraid that after she told him, he would do it next time.

Karl had k!ssed enough, and then he took a step back, looked at Alyssa carefully, and swept her back and forth several times before saying aloud, “Martin didn’t embarrass you?”

“He didn’t embarrass me.” After Alyssa said, thinking that Karl didn’t know that Martin was Clifford, she quickly told him: “Martin is actually Clifford.”

After Alyssa finished speaking, she found that Karl had only paused, and was not surprised.

Alyssa asked him: “Why are you not surprised at all?”

“I have found some information in the past few days, and there have been speculations, but I haven’t rushed to confirm it.”

“What happened in the car accident? I have completely no contact with the outside world in the villa. Today, Clifford showed me the newspaper. Only then did I know about the car accident. Moreover, Clifford might have gotten involved in the car accident.”

“If there is no’car accident’, how can I let Clifford relax his vigilance? How can I climb in to see you?” Karl’s tone was teasing.

Alyssa pursed her lips, glared at him, turned around and opened the bathroom door and walked out.

Karl followed closely behind.

Grace had fallen asleep holding the doll, and the little ball fell outside the quilt.

Fortunately, the heating in the room is turned on enough, otherwise the little girl will catch a cold after freezing for a while.

Alyssa was about to walk over and hug Grace. Karl took the lead with his long legs, and he hugged Grace easily.

Grace was still asleep, she opened her eyes dazedly to see Karl, her eyes filled with blankness.

Karl saw her heart softly, patted her on the back, and said softly, “Here is Dad.”

Grace blinked, seeming to be sure that he is really the father, then closed her eyes and fell asleep peacefully.

Alyssa looked at Karl in astonishment. She didn’t seem to have seen him appear so tenderly.

Karl turned his head and saw Alyssa still staring at him, so he reminded her: “The quilt.”

Alyssa regained consciousness, pulled the quilt away, and asked him to put Grace in the quilt.

Karl put Grace in the quilt, and Alyssa covered Grace’s quilt. Karl suddenly stretched out his hand and squeezed Grace’s face, his tone seemed dissatisfied: “She’s fat.”

Alyssa patted his hand away: “This is called baby fat.”

Grace is fleshy, but Alyssa thinks she is not fat, just right.

A little thinner looks too small, and a little fatter is unhealthy. This is just right.

Alyssa turned around and walked out the window to look out, looking down from the third floor, it was dark.

She imagined Karl climbing up from here, her eyebrows were twisted into a knot, and she remained silent.

Karl walked to her side and said solemnly, “Clifford’s adoptive father passed away half a month ago.”

Alyssa raised her head quickly: “When I left his villa, I saw an old man looking for him. Could that person be his adoptive father?”

Chapter 590

Karl pondered for a moment, and said, “It’s possible.”

“At that time, I drove away from Clifford’s villa, and only looked back and didn’t see the old man’s appearance at all.” Alyssa said here, and suddenly paused and asked Karl: “How do you know Clifford’s adoptive father passed away? Do you know who his adoptive father is?”

Clifford’s adoptive father, was also a very secretive person.

When she was in the country, let alone Clifford’s adoptive father, even Clifford’s information was difficult to find.

Karl walked to the side of the sofa and sat down, and said unhurriedly, “You should also know his adoptive father.”


Karl slowly uttered three words: “Wilfred Mann.”

“Wilfred Mann?” Alyssa was stunned: “It turned out to be him!”

Alyssa’s expression became more serious, and she sat down beside Karl: “Wilfred is a philanthropist with a very good reputation. He has a very good reputation and has helped many people throughout his life even a movie was made based on him.”

“It’s just that there has been very little news about him in the past few years. Some people say that he is not in good health when he is old, so he has gradually faded out of public view, but he has been doing charity.”

After Alyssa finished her opinion, she raised her head to look at Karl, “Is there anything suspicious about Wilfred?”

Clifford hides weirdness, and Wilfred, as Clifford’s adoptive father, may also hide some tricks.

Karl leaned on the sofa, looking very lazy, his low voice filled with looseness: “Is a great person, isn’t it?”

“From the information point of view, Wilfred is indeed a great person.” Alyssa nodded.

“Clifford has checked my mother’s affairs.” Karl said this lightly, and Alyssa’s mind became active.

“Clifford is only one or two years older than you. Back then…” Speaking of Karl’s mother, Alyssa took a careful look at Karl and saw that his face was as usual before she continued: ” When your mother’s incident happened, he was only a teenager. What does this matter have to do with him?”

Karl asked her, “How old is Wilfred?”

Alyssa thought for a while, and said, “He should be…about 60 years old.”

Karl lowered his eyes slightly, and said in a light tone, “Not much different from my mother’s age.”

“You mean, Clifford knows about your mother’s affairs. It may be related to Wilfred? It is very likely that Wilfred was involved in the incident? If Clifford has been helping others, then he must be helping Wilfred!”

The more information she got, Alyssa felt that things became more complicated.

She originally thought that what happened back then was only related to some people in the Adams’ family. She didn’t expect that Clifford and the internationally renowned philanthropist Wilfred would be involved in the future.

Alyssa made a simple summary: “Clifford is a doctor of criminal psychology, and Wilfred is a philanthropist. They are all people with a certain social status and influence, and their identities are very glamorous, because they have this kind of identity protection. If they want to do other things in secret, it will be harder to be discovered.”

Clifford is a good example.

He had rescued Alyssa and was Alyssa’s benefactor. If these things had not happened, Alyssa would have regarded Clifford as a good person.

After Alyssa said so much, seeing that Karl had been silent, she couldn’t help but raise her head to look at him.

From this look, she realized that Karl was staring at her with interest, looking very relaxed and not nervous at all.

Alyssa pursed her lips: “Karl, speak a word.”

There was no emotion in Karl’s tone, and he said in a hurry, “Don’t worry, I will use you and Clifford for the news of my mother?”

Alyssa shook her head first, and Karl narrowed his eyes, obviously not convinced.

Alyssa bit her lip and nodded again.

“Actually, I thought so at the beginning…” Before she finished her words, Karl’s eyes became dangerous.

Alyssa hurriedly said to remedy the situation: “At that time, I was a woman, can’t I think about it, I…”

“Do you also know that you are a woman?” Karl said with a sneer: “Since you know that you are a woman, don’t you know that you rely on me as much as a woman? You can make your own way, once or twice. Tell me, how many times have you been!”

Speaking of the latter, he unconsciously raised the volume, like a wife who swallowed for too long, finally found an opportunity to vent, and said all the thoughts in his heart…

Alyssa thought about it, this metaphor seemed too strange.

Karl is a person who swallows his anger, no one who offends him will end well, let alone make him swallow his anger.

Moreover, Alyssa used to make her own claim, not because he didn’t say anything, she could only solve the problem in her own way.

Thinking about it this way, Alyssa felt that she had more confidence: “Are you blaming me?”

“Alyssa.” Karl gritted her teeth and called her name.

Alyssa pointed to the bed: “Grace is sleeping, please keep your voice down.”

Karl held his breath in his throat and swallowed abruptly, slightly stunned, reaching out and pressing his eyebrows, no longer looking at Alyssa.

Only then did Alyssa notice the cyan shadow in Karl’s eyes.

When he opened his eyes and looked at people coldly, his aura was full, and his eyes had a great deterrent effect, but he closed his eyes, and once his sharp eyes were covered, the haggardness on his face appeared.

It turned out that he hadn’t rested well this time.

Alyssa sighed, stretched out her hand to embrace him, and softened her tone: “You only know that I make my own way, but every time you hide something in your heart and don’t tell me, have you ever thought about how worried I am? When you restrict my freedom and lock me up, what are you thinking about? Have you thought about how I feel?”

When she said the latter sentence, she could feel Karl’s body tightening again after he had just relaxed.

Alyssa stretched out her hand and patted her back a few times, with a soothing touch, especially gentle.

“Karl, I don’t want to turn over the old accounts with you, nor do I want to blame you. I know better than anyone how heavy, heavy, and depressing your heart is.”

Alyssa took a deep breath: “Remember when I was pregnant with Grace and burned your villa? That was the first time that Grace was taken away. You were afraid that I would replace her with myself. You locked me up, that’s the second time.”

“It can’t be a third time, okay? In the future, we must be able to find a better solution together.” At least this extreme method cannot be used.

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