His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1920

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Chapter 1920

What happened?

Why was the truth that had been obscured by him more than 20 years ago suddenly started to be dug up?

“The entertainment industry has been relatively turbulent recently… a lot of gossip and illicit material are flying all over the sky, and the stars are overwhelmed. It’s not surprising that they were dug into this suddenly…”

Ace thought for a while and said to Jammy, “Just keep going like this It’s not very good for us, sir, because when dealing with Sarah An and Sugar corpses, our methods were too impulsive and obvious. Over the past two decades, now that technology and equipment have been developed, some people will find it weird… “

Therefore, it can be inferred that there are too many unreasonable things in this dog-blooded and drama-filled giant sadomasochistic tug of war.

Those loopholes can’t even be explained by Tang Poetry and Bo Ye himself, so everyone can’t help but guess whether there is someone behind them who is controlling them.

“Pay attention to the direction of the recent discussions, and don’t let the comments point to us.” Jammy paused, “As much as possible, publish some news to divert their attention, such as how Bo Ye treated Tang poetry at that time, Sarah An was How bad, after the attention of the onlookers is sucked away by this shoe, no one will care about peaceful death.”

“Well, I also noticed that Miss Su Jia has opened Weibo. Maybe she is the fuse. “

Ace turned over Ameli Su’s homepage and placed it in front of Jammy, “It just opened, but the comment area has already exploded.”

“…” After taking a few deep breaths, Jammy’s eyes suddenly appeared. Killing intent, said coldly, “Block the account for me.”

Half an hour later, Ameli Su’s account was blocked.

Ameli Su stared blankly at the interface where he could not log in, and said to Christian, “Jammy’s news is very fast. How long I have only opened the account, I was immediately blocked.”

“What I want is the title.”

Tang Weizheng cocked the keyboard and communicated the next move with other classmates. He raised his head and said to Ameli Su, “When everyone is eating melon, your account is suddenly blocked, which makes it even more suspicious.”

“Jammy is panicking. Normal people know that in the face of public opinion control, blocking is better than sparse. If a total ban on cutting off is unilateral, it will only further arouse everyone’s emotions. People shut their mouths, because this behavior means that the decision-makers want everyone to shut up and have no way of starting.”

People are always rebellious, and eating a good meal may pass.

The more banned, the more digging deeper.

See if Ameli Su is behind a terrible person, or if she provokes a terrible person, she is forbidden to speak on social platforms.

“Next, throw out a photo of Shitang’s cosmetic surgery, and compare photos of my mommy.”

Christian smiled, he was like a chess player, putting the past bit by bit in front of the public. Release the photos of Bialla An and Sarah An, as well as the evidence of Sarah An’s suspended animation.”

“By the way, when comparing my mommy’s photos with Shi Tang, remember to pick my mommy’s beautiful photos.” Christian grinned, ” The more beautiful the better.”

Sure enough, Ameli Su’s account was blocked, but the discussion became more intense.

“Do you think Ameli Su offends a terrible person.”

“It’s not that the Su family is not weak…”

“I can’t twist my thigh with my arm. Until now, these things, could it be that…”

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