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Chapter 597

This particular disease may be psychological, mental, or physical.

Clifford was a secret, too complicated.

Alyssa lowered her eyes slightly, covering her emotions, and asked: “Can we come in?”

“Come in.” Clifford only noticed that she also brought Grace.

The smile on Clifford’s face deepened a bit, he stretched out his hand to touch Grace’s head: “Grace.”

Grace yelled obediently: “Uncle Dixon.”

Alyssa felt Grace leaned against her, seeming to repel Clifford a bit.

Clifford turned and walked inside, and Alyssa followed with Grace.

After entering the study, Alyssa and Grace sat down on the sofa.

“What can I do?” Alyssa asked him aloud.

With a kettle on the coffee table, Clifford poured water for her, and said in a casual tone: “Don’t you want to know what I said to Karl?”

Alyssa raised her eyes slightly, and there was no emotion in her eyes: “If you want to tell me, you can just say it.”

On the other hand, Grace heard the words “Karl” and poked Alyssa’s waist with a small hand. Alyssa looked back at her and saw the doubt in Grace’s eyes.

Seeing Alyssa looking at her, Grace whispered, “Dad.”

Alyssa held her little hand in her hand and said without looking up, “If you want to tell me, just say it.”

She had already seen the scene of Clifford throwing something out of study before, and she could naturally guess that Karl must have said nothing good in Clifford’s study before.

Clifford chuckled lightly, the laughter sounded a bit cold.

He pushed the poured water to Alyssa, his voice soft and almost tense: “Drink water.”

“Thank you.” Alyssa thanked him, but did not reach for water either.

The room became quiet for a while, and neither of them spoke.

Grace leaned on Alyssa, playing with the zipper on her clothes with her head down, not noisy.

It seemed to be acting a silent farce, and he didn’t say anything special, but there was an absurd and funny feeling inexplicably.

After a while, Clifford slowly said aloud: “Let’s go and see, it’s not always clear who will kill you.”

Speaking of the back, he raised his head and gave Alyssa a meaningful smile.

There was a feeling of competition in his tone.

He seemed to regard Karl as a strong opponent, and why there was such a contest, Alyssa felt baffled.

Alyssa curled her lips and did not speak.

In the evening, Karl returned.

Alyssa heard the noise outside, and before she went out to see what was going on, Karl had already walked in from the entrance of the hall, and brought Smith with him this time.

The distance between them and Alyssa was still a little far away. When Alyssa looked over, Karl also looked at her, her eyes dark and it was difficult to distinguish the true emotions in his eyes.

Smith walked a step behind Karl’s side, and the invisibly nodded slightly, just like before.

This gave Alyssa a moment of trance, as if they were in the villa of Karl in Rostenvel, not in the villa of Clifford in a foreign country.

Clifford came down from the stairs with a heavy face, followed by Daisy behind him.

He walked down the stairs, stood not far from Karl, and sneered: “Is Mr. Adams using my house as a vegetable market?”

Karl raised his eyebrows and said in a casual tone: “Mr. Dixon is too demeaning to me, I have never been to a vegetable market.”

The last little smile on Clifford’s face also disappeared, but he still endured his temper and didn’t have a way to drive people away.

At this time, a servant came over: “Sir, dinner is ready.”

Before Clifford could speak, he stepped forward and asked the servant: “Excuse me, how can I get to the restaurant?”

Smith was dressed in an elegant suit and looked cautious and polite. The servant thought it was Clifford’s guest, and pointed in the direction of the restaurant: “Go this way, it’s the restaurant.”

“Thank you.” After Smith finished speaking, he took a step back and stood aside to let Karl go first.

Karl walked directly to the restaurant as if he were in his own home, not being polite at all, as if he was in his own home.

Alyssa had only seen Karl’s unreasonable appearance, but had never seen him such an upright rogue.

Clifford is good at disguising. He habitually disguises himself as a good person, a gentleman who is thoughtful and careful in his words and deeds.

If Clifford was a real gentleman, these rogue behaviors of Karl would not have any effect on him, but Clifford just pretended to be.

In this way, these behaviors of Karl were tantamount to challenging Clifford’s bottom line.

It just depends on how long Clifford can bear.

During this period of time, Clifford had no clear plan for the next step except for causing a car accident to kill Karl.

It has been a while since Alyssa has been here, and has always been settled here.

When Clifford didn’t act, Karl tried every means to force him to act.

Seeing Karl walking toward the restaurant, Grace quickly pulled Alyssa toward the restaurant: “Mom dinner!”

“Let’s go.” Alyssa glanced at Clifford, then took Grace to the restaurant.

Upon seeing this, Daisy was about to speak with anger, but was stopped by Clifford.

“Karl is too much. He obviously relied that we didn’t dare to act in the light, so he is so confident, and Alyssa, we treated her well during this time, and she has no conscience at all!”

Daisy said more and more angry, and finally turned around and kicked on the sofa next to her.

“Let’s go, eat.” Clifford’s emotions had already calmed down.

When he and Daisy entered the dining room, Karl and Alyssa had already been seated.

Alyssa sat next to Karl, sitting across from them is Smith.

After Clifford came in, he sat directly in the main seat, and Daisy sat beside Smith.

This dinner was very weird. Except for Clifford and Daisy, everyone else ate very much, especially Grace.

“Dad, this is delicious…I want that…” Grace has short hands and can use chopsticks, but she doesn’t pick up dishes very neatly. Adults usually pick up dishes for her.

Today Karl was here, so she naturally relied on Karl to pick up food for her.

Karl patiently took care of Grace for dinner, and the closeness of the biological father and daughter was vividly expressed.

But Alyssa noticed that Clifford’s face became increasingly ugly.

Karl and Grace are close, can this also stimulate Clifford?

She observed Clifford calmly and found that Clifford’s emotions became more and more obvious.

Chapter 598

Finally, when Karl was picking food for Alyssa again, Clifford violently threw the chopsticks in his hand onto the dining table, and said sharply, “Daisy, see off the guests!”

Seeing Karl’s dislike early, Daisy immediately stood up and walked to Karl: “Mr. Adams, please.”

Karl slowly put down his chopsticks, and asked Smith opposite, “Smith, are you full?”

Smith was silent for a while, and then said, “Not very appetizing.”

“Yeah.” Karl stood up: “Then go.”

Not to mention Clifford, objectively even Alyssa felt that Karl was too much.

The two sang them one after another, and didn’t pay attention to Clifford at all.

Karl and Smith walked out one after another without turning their heads.

Suddenly, Clifford stood up abruptly and swept the dinner plate in front of him to the ground.

The plate fell to the ground with a crackling sound.

Alyssa’s first reaction was to hug Grace.

Grace was completely frightened.

When his memory suddenly became chaotic, he lost control of his emotions and fell something in the villa.

Clifford was obviously out of control at this time.

Daisy asked Karl to go out. Before they had gone far, he heard the movement in the restaurant and immediately returned.

She looked at Alyssa with a constant expression, “Not leaving yet?”

Grace was frightened, even if Daisy didn’t say anything, Alyssa planned to leave.

Now that Daisy said so, she picked up Grace and walked out without stopping.

Seeing that Alyssa walked so neatly, Daisy smiled with anger, but Clifford’s situation at this time made her too late to think about other things. She walked up to Clifford, took out the medicine she brought with her from her pocket and handed it to Clifford.

Clifford waved away the medicine bottle that Daisy handed over, and he was in a rage: “Take it away!”

He swept the medicine bottle out, and Daisy quickly picked it up.

“Sir…” Daisy looked at Clifford with worry, but didn’t know what to do.

Did not dare to pass him the medicine bottle again.

The anger in Clifford’s heart rose up. He put his hands on the dining table and said viciously, “Why do you say that Karl is different from me? Karl should have been the same person as me!”

Every word he uttered seemed to be quenched by cold ice, revealing the chill of an iceberg.

Alyssa took Grace out of the restaurant, Grace was silent, with a strained face and said nothing, just leaning on Alyssa tightly.

Alyssa knew in her heart that Grace was frightened by Clifford.

It was already the second time that Alyssa saw Clifford like this, and she was no longer as surprised as the first time she saw it.

Alyssa looked back in the direction of the restaurant, then took Grace upstairs and comforted her. While Grace was asleep, Alyssa looked for the phone given by Karl. Found it out and called Karl.

The phone rang only once and was picked up.

“what happened?”

Karl’s voice was deep and nice, and it was easy to recognize.

“Some things, I haven’t had time to tell you.” Today, she overheard the conversation between Daisy and Clifford at the entrance of the study, and Alyssa has not told Karl the news that she analyzed from it.

There was silence on the other end of the phone, and Alyssa could only hear Karl’s slight breathing. From the breathing, it was difficult to guess what he was thinking.

However, Alyssa could feel it strangely, and Karl’s mood had changed again.

She was about to ask Karl what was wrong, but at this moment Karl said, “Talk and I will listen.”

“Before you came this morning, Clifford lost his temper in the study and fell a lot, just now, but I overheard the conversation between him and Daisy in the morning. He did have other purposes when he first approached me. Now that you have been investigating Clifford’s matter and there has been no progress, you can start with a girl named Muffi.”

Alyssa told Karl these things directly, “Muffi is a seriously ill girl who lives on a ventilator. It should be a very important person to Clifford. It is possible she is his relatives.”

For the average person, relying on these few superficial information to find someone is tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack.

But for Karl, this information was enough for him to find out the girl named “Muffi” in a very short time.

After Alyssa finished speaking, she found that the opposite Karl did not speak aloud, she said with some confusion, “Karl? Are you listening?”

Karl’s voice was heavy: “How do you know this?”

Alyssa just wanted to tell Karl these things, and she felt that Karl’s tone was not right. Now she heard Karl’s voice, only to hear the anger implied in his tone.

“Overheard?” After Alyssa finished speaking, she asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”

“Do you really think that Clifford will not do anything to you?” Karl’s voice was cold and indifferent, with a sense of coldness.

Alyssa was stunned for a moment, then replied, “They didn’t find me…”

“Heh.” Karl sneered, and suppressed all the words behind Alyssa.

Alyssa stopped talking, how would Karl tell her to pick it up like this.

Suddenly, Alyssa thought of another thing.

It is far away from the city. After Karl came in the morning and had dinner in the evening, it means that he did not return to the city, but stayed here.

Alyssa asked him, “Where do you live now?”

Karl directly replied, “Next to Clifford.”

“When did you start to live here?” Alyssa asked him in surprise.

Karl’s voice was still very weak: “Two days ago.”

When it was rumored that Karl had a car accident, he used the car accident to attract other people’s attention and lived quietly next door to Clifford.

“Clifford should be doing something soon. Call me anytime if you have something to do.” Karl’s tone was aggravated in the last two words, showing a serious tone.

Alyssa nodded, and then remembered that Karl couldn’t see her nodding, she hurriedly said: “Okay.”

“Good night.” Karl didn’t hang up after speaking, he was waiting for Alyssa to hang up first.

Alyssa understood what he meant and hung up the phone.

She hung up the phone, put her phone away, and went back to bed to go to sleep.

On the other side, Karl’s expression became gloomy again after putting down the phone.

He was standing in front of the window on the third floor of the villa. The villa he lived in was not far from Clifford’s villa. From his location, he could just see the location of Alyssa’s room.

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