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Chapter 599

Smith came out of the room, walked behind Karl, took a look over Karl’s line of sight, and then whispered to him: “Sir.”

“Is there any smoke?” Karl retracted his gaze and looked back at him.

Although he doesn’t smoke too much Smith always bring cigarettes.

He took a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, half smoked a cigarette from it, and handed it to Karl.

Karl took the cigarette out, held it to his lips, and took out the lighter, as if to light his cigarette.

Karl frowned slightly, reached out and took the lighter over: “I’ll do it myself.”

With a “pop”, the lighter was ignited, igniting a cluster of flames.

Karl lit the cigarette by himself and returned the lighter to Smith.

Smith took the lighter, stood behind Karl and did not leave, and did not speak again.

Since moving to the villa next door to Clifford, Karl has basically been standing here in his spare time except for dealing with things, not knowing what he is thinking.

Smith could feel it, Karl was thinking of Alyssa in his heart.

But he felt that what Karl was thinking in his heart was not all Alyssa, but he could not figure out what else he was thinking.

“Can you tell, when will Clifford start to act?”

Karl asked Smith coldly, and Smith was taken aback. After thinking about it carefully, he was uncertain and said, “Should it be soon?”

Karl took a deep breath of cigarette, took it off and clamped it between his fingers, and flicked the ashes off with his long fingers. His voice was loose: “What day is it?”

“What does Boss mean?” Smith could still understand the thoughts in Karl’s heart on such matters.

Karl would ask him this way, he must have his own thoughts in his heart.

When Smith finished speaking, he bowed slightly and waited for Karl’s answer, but Karl fell silent.

It wasn’t until Karl finished smoking that cigarette that he said, “He will act at the latest tomorrow.”

He had just smoked a cigarette, and his smoky voice was hoarse, which made him appear deeper.

Smith’s thinking was active, and his mind was running fast, and he immediately understood what Karl meant: “Sir meant that Clifford would act the first tonight?”

“Isn’t that young lady…” After seeing Karl’s gloomy expression, Smith didn’t say anything.

If Clifford would act tonight, Alyssa’s situation would become unsafe.

Karl did not refute Smith, which means that Smith guessed right.

Karl tightened his fingers, grabbed the stab of the cigarette that he had just smoked, and crushed it into his palm, and then began to give orders.

“Send someone overnight to investigate a woman named Muffi who is seriously ill and has been on a ventilator. She may be related to Clifford.”

Smith was stunned for a moment: “Yes.”

“And…” Karl paused, but Smith already knew what Karl was going to say.

Smith said consciously: “I will send someone to follow Clifford’s movements at any time.”

Karl said nothing.

In recent days, Karl’s words have become extremely rare.

In the past, Karl hadn’t said many things, but he wouldn’t get an answer in eight sentences out of ten sentences like now. He had to guess all of them to guess what Karl said.

Fortunately, all the questions that Karl ignores at the moment can guess the answer all the time.

Smith got Karl’s order, turned around and left the room to execute them.

When Alyssa slept until midnight, she felt a noise outside the room.

After she came to Clifford, her sleep was very shallow, and she was very easy to wake up. Especially if there is a little movement at night, it is easy to wake up.

A bedside lamp was turned on by the bed, and Alyssa opened her eyes for a moment, and her eyesight returned to clarity.

She turned her ears slightly to listen to the movement outside, but found that she couldn’t hear anything.

Could it be that she had auditory hallucinations just now?

This is not impossible.

How about going out to have a look?

With this in mind, Alyssa got out of bed lightly.

Grace was still asleep, and Alyssa leaned over and closed the quilt to Grace, and then tucked the quilt. Then she turned to put on her coat.

She paused slightly just as she was about to put on her coat.

What if there are people outside?

Alyssa hesitated, took off her coat, and put on all her clothes carefully.

She walked to the door and put on her shoes. After finishing the installation, she reached out and twisted the door handle.

With a “creak”, the door was slowly opened.

Alyssa looked through the crack of the door and found that there was no one outside.

When she felt relieved, she opened the door a bit wider.

However, when she opened the door wider, she saw Clifford standing one meter away from the door!

Clifford stood there with a solemn black coat, expressionless, his whole body exuded an aura of indifference, and his eyes were extremely gloomy.

Daisy stood behind him, followed by several bodyguards.

Clifford hooked his lips, looking calm and gloomy, and his voice was still gentle: “It seems that I didn’t even have to knock on the door.”

The voice is gentle, it’s just that there is a bit of coldness in the gentleness.

Alyssa probably understood in her heart that Clifford couldn’t help but act finally.

Without the stimulation of Karl, he might still be sitting as firm as a mountain, without taking the initiative to take the initiative.

However, Karl’s series of behaviors over the past two days made Clifford less calm.

He was irritated and no longer so confident. After his emotions were uncontrollable, he couldn’t help but want to take action.

Alyssa held the door with one hand, and clenched involuntarily with the other.

After living in Clifford’s villa for so long, Alyssa suddenly felt like “what should have come is finally here” at this moment.

She was so calm that she herself was a little surprised.

“Is there anything important, do you need to bring all these people to come to me at night?” Alyssa looked at Clifford calmly, without a trace of surprise or panic in her tone.

Clifford’s eyes changed slightly: “You don’t know what I am going to do, so you are not afraid of it?”

“When I colluded with you and asked you to hold me away, I knew there would be such a day.”

After all, it was just after waking up in the middle of the night, Alyssa’s hair was still a bit messy, she reached out and hooked the hair hanging on her cheeks behind her ears, and seriously negotiated with Clifford: “If I go with you, you can let Grace? She is just a child.”

Clifford smiled: “Of course I am willing to let her go.”

The more he was like this, the less Alyssa believed him.

Alyssa pursed her lips and said, “I want to go back to the room and get a scarf, can I?”

Chapter 600

Right now, she had no other way except to follow Clifford.

No matter what Clifford wants to do, she is an adult, able to think and act, and can always think of a solution.

And Grace is too young, she can’t let Grace make any mistakes.

Clifford raised his hand and looked at the watch, and then moved his gaze from the watch to her: “One minute.”

“Thank you.” After Alyssa said, she turned and closed the door.

As soon as the door closed, Daisy said in dissatisfaction: “Sir, why are you so polite to her? I just said just open the door and take her away!”

Clifford didn’t speak, just turned his head and looked at her coldly.

Daisy fell silent immediately, lowered her eyes slightly, and respectfully stopped speaking.

Clifford said: “Speak less and do more.”

Daisy bit her lip: “Yes.”

Inside the room.

Alyssa closed the door and quickly found the mobile phone Karl had left for her before. She found Karl’s number and quickly edited a text message:

“He acted, pick Grace and leave.”

Time is in a hurry, Alyssa can only type these words.

However, these words were enough for Karl to make a response.

After Alyssa sent the text message, she emptied everything in the phone, then turned the phone to mute, and put the phone in Grace’s pocket.

If she guessed correctly, there should be a location tracker in this phone.

She put the phone on Grace, even if Clifford was going to be against Grace, Karl could find Grace the first time.

After doing this, Alyssa took a deep breath, put on a scarf and walked quickly to the door, and opened the door calmly.

She walked out and slowly closed the door.

Daisy was very dissatisfied with Alyssa, she sneered and said, “Alyssa, Mr. Dixon gave you one minute, now it’s almost two minutes!”

Daisy has the right to speak, and Alyssa has the right not to listen.

Alyssa looked directly at Clifford: “Let’s go.”

Seeing that Alyssa ignored her words, Daisy was about to get angry again, but when she saw Clifford’s expression, she abruptly shut her mouth.

Daisy is actually a very calm person, but because he seems to be interested in Alyssa, Daisy can’t treat Alyssa calmly.

Women are always like this, and are always more willing to embarrass women.

Daisy couldn’t avoid the vulgarity. She loved Clifford in her heart, but she never wanted to express her love, nor did she fight for herself. Instead, after knowing that Clifford was interesting for Alyssa, she began to embarrass Alyssa everywhere.

For a smart woman, it is also possible to become a fool because of feelings.

For she was a fool, Alyssa didn’t care about her.

Clifford glanced in the direction of the door, then turned and left with Alyssa.

However, the last look he looked at the door made Alyssa a little uneasy.

She didn’t believe in Clifford anymore, and she didn’t believe that Clifford would really let Grace go so easily.

A kind-hearted person has kindness in his bones, and after the disguised kindness is uncovered, the malice will become more obvious.

Clifford is the latter.

Alyssa didn’t believe that there was still a little kindness in his heart, but only hoped that the malice in his heart was not so evil.

Karl lived next door, if Karl could be faster, then Grace wouldn’t have any trouble.

Alyssa thought about a lot of things in her heart, and walked a little slowly.

Daisy has been staring at Alyssa closely, and seeing her walking so slowly, she directly reached out and held her away.

Alyssa glanced at her and sneered.

Daisy’s face suddenly became ugly. Just as she was about to speak, she heard Clifford say: “Let her go.”

“Sir!” Although Daisy was unwilling, she finally had to let go of Alyssa.

After she let go of Alyssa, she snorted towards her and walked to the front to lead the way.

After they got down from the upper floor, they did not leave immediately.

Alyssa noticed that Clifford winked at Daisy, and Daisy took her to summon their men.

When the men were all there, Daisy spread her hands on both sides, and then those men were divided into two teams.

Daisy pointed to one of the people and said: “You take the people and drive through the back door of the villa, and the rest will follow us from the front later.”

When Alyssa heard the words, she turned her head to look at Clifford.

Clifford lowered his eyes, and finally saw a trace of surprise on Alyssa’s face as he wished, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: “Alyssa, do you want to bet with me.”

Alyssa looked at him very vigilantly: “What are you betting on?”

“Of course it’s a bet on whether Karl can guess correctly, whether we will go to the front door or the back door later.” The expression on Clifford’s face became excited, like a child about to get his beloved toy.

When Alyssa saw Daisy’s behavior just now, she vaguely guessed what Clifford had made Daisy do.

Back then, when she ran away from villa on fire, Norris helped her escape and used this trick.

Such familiar tricks made Alyssa’s mind a flash of light, squinting slightly and asking Clifford: “Do you know Norris?”

“Your first love, of course I know it.” The expression on Clifford’s face became even more excited: “Alyssa, don’t you know? helped you leave the Rostenvel that year, and I also did it.”

Immediately, he didn’t know what he thought of, and he said with regret: “It’s a pity, we could have met formally in Australia, but the people of the Karl faction took you too tightly. Without giving me a chance, I just solved the group of bad teenagers who used drugs. What a pity…”

There was a “boom” in Alyssa’s mind, and it took a long time to react.

She murmured and asked: “What do you mean?”

Clifford was extremely patient and explained to her: “The group of bad teenagers was made by me. They were originally heroes to save the beauty, but they were first tackled by Karl’s people and did not give me a chance to save the beauty.”

“You said that I rescued you before, is it fake?” When Alyssa was in Australia, she had indeed encountered several bad incidents and called the police.

At that time, Clifford said that he had saved her, so she didn’t think too much.

It now appears that the appearance of Clifford is completely a scam.

Now when she think about it, Alyssa feels cold all over.

At the same time, Alyssa also felt a little surprised.

When she was abroad, she had a big belly, which was indeed not very convenient, and she had encountered several things.

At the time, she only thought she was lucky, so she was always able to save money.

She didn’t realize that Karl had been sending people to follow her until a group of bad teenagers started to live next door.

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