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Chapter 603

Seeing that Alyssa didn’t touch the teacup at all, Clifford didn’t get angry. He folded his legs and leaned back in a comfortable way, staring at Alyssa.

“Alyssa, listen to me, it’s useless if you are nervous and worried now. Karl hasn’t found this place yet. The victory or defeat between me and him is divided.”

Clifford paused, squinting to see Alyssa’s reaction.

Seeing that Alyssa was still numb and expressionless, Clifford’s expression finally changed.

His expression was slightly restrained, and his tone became colder: “I can give you another chance to make your own choice. What I said to you before is still valid, after all…”

“We are the best people to be together.”

Alyssa directly replied coldly: “No need to think about it, I don’t think we are suitable.”

The expression on Clifford’s face froze for a moment, the next moment, he took a deep breath, stretched out his hand to tidy up his cuffs, and said softly and gloomily, “Let her be quiet. I don’t want to hear her talking for the time being.”

Alyssa hadn’t understood what he meant by coming over, and when she turned her head, she saw Daisy walking two steps towards her.


In the next second, Daisy dropped a hand knife on the back of her neck, and when her eyes went dark, she leaned forward and fell on the sofa.

The moment before she passed out, Alyssa thought in a daze. It turned out that Clifford was making her quiet. This is what Clifford said of being quiet.

Alyssa didn’t know how long she had passed out.

When she woke up again, she was still in the basement.

She was lying flat on the sofa without blankets and quilts. Even though the basement was heated, she still felt a little cold.

When she woke up, her vision was still a little blurry, she closed her eyes a few times, and the vision in front of her became clear.

The chandelier is in the eye, the sofa is next to the side, and then Clifford and Daisy standing not far away.

Daisy raised her head slightly and said something to Clifford, Clifford curled his lips, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

The smile he showed made Alyssa cold all over, and her heart sank so much that her whole body instantly became sober.

Clifford turned his head again and said something to Daisy. Daisy’s complexion became a little unhappy, but she nodded.

Later, Clifford walked over to Alyssa.

As soon as Alyssa turned over, she sat up from the sofa and looked at Clifford with alert.

“Daisy’s hand is a bit heavy, I wronged you, you…” Clifford walked to her and sat down, reaching out to touch Alyssa’s face.

Alyssa tilted her head back and successfully avoided Clifford’s extending hand.

Clifford glanced at his hand that was still in the air. He was taken aback for a while, and quickly eased his expression: “It’s fine if we wake up, we can go.”

Alyssa wasn’t sure how long she had slept, and she didn’t know what time it was. According to the situation in the basement, Karl had not found this place.

Daisy also came over, staring at Alyssa with an unkind expression: “You go by yourself, or should I help you?”

Alyssa stood up and said nothing, indicating that she wanted to go by herself.

Daisy snorted coldly and walked ahead to lead the way.

Daisy led them through the basement, and finally stopped in front of an iron door. She raised her hand slightly, and some of her men stepped forward to open the iron door.

The iron door was heavy, and the two men opened the door together.

Daisy looked closely at Alyssa, she led the way, and naturally wouldn’t let Alyssa fall behind.

So at this time, Alyssa was walking in front, and Clifford was walking behind her.

As soon as the iron door opened, Alyssa smelled something burnt.

Although the sky is not bright at this time, there is already light, and she can still see a little after getting used to it.

People are born with a keen sense of danger and with awareness of bad things, and the uneasy feeling in Alyssa’s subconscious has reached its peak.

She didn’t even bother to look back to question Clifford, and began to run outside the exit.

Outside the iron gate is not a flat road, but a step.


Daisy called her name behind her, and Alyssa continued to run forward as if she didn’t hear her.

“Sir, I’ll chase her back!” Daisy turned her head and said to Clifford, and was about to chase Alyssa.

Clifford’s voice sank slightly: “Come back.”

Daisy turned back unwillingly, and heard Clifford say: “She can’t run.”

Alyssa ran all the way up, ran to the exit, and when she opened the outermost door to go out, there was a fire in her eyes.

The exit from the basement is in the small garden behind the villa.

After Alyssa lived in Clifford’s villa for so long, she naturally knew that his villa was big and luxurious.

However, at this time, most of the villa had been burned, and the flames blazed into the sky. It was clear that it had been burned for several hours.


Alyssa’s first reaction was to think of Grace, and she raised her foot to run towards the villa.

It was just that she took the first step and her wrist was caught.

When she turned her head, she saw Clifford’s pale face.

“You said you would let Grace go!” Alyssa’s voice was a little trembling with another free finger on the flaming villa, “This is what you said to let go? I never thought about it, Clifford, you To the extent that you have lost your conscience, if Grace has any mistakes, I will not let you go!”

Regarding Alyssa’s accusation, Clifford only slightly changed his expression: “If I let Grace go, will Karl let me go?”

“One more thing you said was wrong. If Grace died in it, you can’t blame me. If you want to blame, you can blame Karl. He didn’t have the ability to protect you. He killed your daughter. It was his fault!”

Alyssa bit her lip, trembling with anger, raised her hand and slammed Clifford’s face.

She played so suddenly that Clifford was unprepared and slapped her abruptly.

With this slap, Alyssa exhausted all her strength, resented and angry, slapped down, half of Clifford’s face immediately turned red.

“Don’t make excuses for your own evil, Karl’s mistake is that he is not as conscientious as you!” Alyssa said bitterly, and wanted to throw away his hand.

But Clifford’s grip was too tight, and Alyssa couldn’t shake him off with a lot of effort.

Clifford was slapped by Alyssa, his face was already very ugly, but when he heard these words, his face became even more ugly.

He shook his hand abruptly, and Alyssa fell to the ground with an unstable center of gravity.

The ground was covered with small stones, and Alyssa’s arm was also scratched.

It’s just that Clifford didn’t see this in his eyes. He stood in front of Alyssa and looked at her condescendingly: “Alyssa, don’t force me.”

Chapter 604

Alyssa sat on the ground with a face that was so white that there was no blood.

Without even looking at Clifford, she ran towards the villa still surrounded by fire.

Daisy also followed up at this time.

As soon as she came over, she saw Alyssa running towards the villa, but she narrowed her eyes slightly, and said indifferently: “Such a fire, is she planning to rush in?”

When a person is blinded by jealousy, it is naturally impossible to see the advantages of the person she is jealous of.

It was as if Daisy took a look at Alyssa, she felt that Alyssa was just acting, she didn’t dare to rush into the villa at all.

Now that the fire is so big, Alyssa rushing in is a dead end, and will be burned alive.

Clifford didn’t speak, just watched Alyssa charge in.

Seeing that Clifford was silent, Daisy stopped to say more.

At this time, Alyssa had already run to the villa and plunged in.

Daisy’s face changed drastically, “Alyssa…”

“Sir, I’ll bring Alyssa here.” After Daisy finished speaking, he was about to run towards the villa.

But Clifford stopped her at this moment: “No, let her suffer.”

“What if she gets hurt? Her body can’t be hurt…” Daisy’s tone was mixed with a trace of anxiety.

And Clifford had a calm face, standing there as steady as Mount Everest, without saying a word.

He didn’t speak, and Daisy couldn’t act without authorization. He frowned and stood on the spot, his face solemn.

Alyssa ran to the villa and coughed violently by the burning peculiar smell, and her face was sore due to the raging fire.

Alyssa took a look at the fire and found that the room next to it hadn’t burnt much, so she turned around and rushed into it.

Smoke billowed in the room, Alyssa coughed as she walked in.

She suppressed the urge to cough and called out Grace.


“Grace, are you inside? Can you hear me?”

The more Alyssa walked inside, the heavier the smoke and the more scorching heat waves.

She gradually walked to the fire place and walked in with her lips tightly pressed.

She walked in extreme difficultly for a while, very slowly, and occasionally avoided the debris on the ground.

Alyssa was not particularly detailed about the layout in the villa. She walked into a room before gradually remembering the direction of the hall, and the location of Grace’s room.

When she walked to the side entrance of the hall, looking at the sea of ​​fire in front of her, she almost couldn’t stand firmly, staggered twice and knelt on one knee.

“Impossible…Impossible!” Where is the shadow of the stairs in front of her?

Most of the hall has been burned.

When she first looked outside, the villa was already half burned.

Even if she didn’t want to believe it, the scene in front of her told her that it was the half of Grace’s room that was burned.

The chill rushed into her limbs in an instant.

There was clearly a sea of ​​scorching heat in front of her, but Alyssa’s whole body was chilly, and it was so cold.

Grace was still sleeping when she was taken away by Clifford.

Now that the fire is so big, she must have burnt as soon as her forefoot was gone.

She sent a text message to Karl, and Karl would definitely come to find Grace after receiving her text message…

Alyssa didn’t dare to continue thinking about it.

She doesn’t believe it!

She doesn’t believe that Grace and Karl are here!

But how do you make sure that they are not here?

She wants to go in and see! Be sure to check in!

Suddenly, she felt a chill under her knees.

Alyssa looked down and found that there was water under her knees.

She turned her head and found that the water came out of the kitchen. The hall was not far from the kitchen. There would be so much water flowing out of the kitchen. The water pipe must have exploded.

Alyssa cheered up again, stood up and walked to the kitchen.

There is already an ocean in there.

Alyssa took off the clothes on her body directly, soaked herself, then put her coat soaked in water, and then rushed into the fire with her clothes on.

The moment Alyssa thought a lot when she rushed into the fire.

If Karl and Grace were inside, she would not come out.

She has seen the life and death of others, and she has experienced it herself.

The more people who have gone through life and death, the more they cherish everything they have.

There are always people who say that in this life, even if there is no loved one, for only oneself, they must live.

But if there is only oneself, what is the point of living?

What is the meaning of being alive?

When these things happen to others, maybe she can say some comforting words.

But these things happened to her, and she felt that she couldn’t make it through.

It’s too hard to cheer up and live.

Alyssa smelled the burnt shoes, but she insisted on walking inside.

Somewhat unexpectedly, there was a place inside that was not so hot, but it was still hot. She has no doubt that she will be cooked in the next moment.

“Grace! Karl! Cough cough…” Alyssa opened her mouth and couldn’t help coughing again.

“Dang Dang!”

Alyssa heard the sound, thinking that something had fallen off nearby, but when she turned her head to look, she saw a figure in the corner…

Outside the villa.

Ten minutes had passed, and Alyssa hadn’t come out of it yet, and Clifford finally couldn’t stand up.

Daisy’s complexion was very solemn, but she dared not say much.

Clifford glanced at the villa and said with a black face, “Go in and take a look.”

When they entered, they did not see Alyssa’s figure.

Daisy’s expression changed: “Isn’t it just running away?”

“Where is she running?” Clifford turned his head to look at her, his expression cold.

Daisy looked around, except where Alyssa came in, there was indeed no other place to escape.

“Could it be…” Daisy shifted her gaze to the fire, with a look of disbelief.

“Go inside and find her out!” Clifford gave an order, and the subordinates following her rushed into the fire to save people.

Daisy was hesitant to go in, Clifford said aloud at this moment: “You don’t need to go in.”

Daisy was stunned when she heard the words, and then his eyes lit up: “OK, Sir.”

Not long after Clifford’s men went in, they brought out Alyssa who had fallen into a coma.

Alyssa’s original white face was so smoky that he couldn’t see her original face, and her clothes were soaked, she didn’t wear a jacket.

Clifford stared at Alyssa with a gloomy expression for two seconds, then turned and walked outside.

“Come.” Daisy walked behind.

They took Alyssa out of the villa and got in the car and left.

The car drifted away, and a person rushed out of the fire in the villa.

And what this person was wearing was the coat that Alyssa had soaked before. He stood there for a while, and he didn’t hear any movement outside before starting to walk outside.

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