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Chapter 605


In the ward, the sound of medical equipment sounded regularly from time to time.

Alyssa on the hospital bed woke up at this moment.

She lifted her eyelids slightly, and the sound of footsteps coming and going on the corridor outside the ward came into her ears first, and nearby was the sound of medical instruments.

She moved her fingers and noticed something pinched between her fingers.

She turned her head and found that it was a finger clip connected to the monitor.

Alyssa took off the finger clip and sat up on her back.

She first looked at the ward.

The ward looks very spacious, bright and transparent.

It should be a high-end ward of a private hospital. The equipment looks very new. In addition to the bed on which she lay, there are sofas, tables, and accompanying beds in the ward.

There is a little confusion in her mind.

Big fire, Grace, Karl.

The memory gradually returned, and Alyssa’s bloodless face was suddenly bleak again.

At this moment, a nurse opened the door and walked in.

The nurse saw that Alyssa was awake, and was very pleasantly surprised: “Are you awake?”

Alyssa glanced at the nurse but did not speak.

The nurse quickly put down what was in her hand: “I’m going to call your friend over now, wait a minute…”

She spoke a little hard, and her pronunciation was a little heavy.

Alyssa nodded.

The nurse smiled slightly and turned to go out.

When the nurse went out, the door of the ward was not closed tightly. Not long after, Alyssa heard a rush of footsteps coming from far and near.

With a “creak”, the door was pushed open.

When she saw the incoming person clearly, the glimmer of hope in Alyssa’s eyes also disappeared.

“Woke up?” Daisy walked to her and looked at her condescendingly: “How do you feel?”

Alyssa still did not speak.

Daisy frowned slightly, then turned to the nurse and said, “Check her to see if she has been smoky.”

Seeing that Daisy looked bad, the nurse didn’t say much, turned around and called the doctor.

After checking, Alyssa still didn’t say a word.

Just do regular inspections, and the results of the inspections came out soon.

“Miss Daisy, apart from a slight weakness, this patient has no other problems.”

After getting the doctor’s answer, Daisy raised her hand to signal that they could go out.

The doctors, nurses and all of her men withdrew.

“Alyssa, I know what your mood is now, but she can’t come back from the dead, I am sad.” Daisy’s tone was extremely cold.

Alyssa, who had been showing no expression, finally had a slight wave on her face, and asked dumbly, “Who is dead?”

She had been smoked in the villa for a while before, and her voice was a bit smashed. At the moment, she had difficulty speaking, and her voice was dumb, not as good as before.

Daisy’s expression seemed a little pity: “Let’s face reality, Grace is dead.”

Alyssa has a pair of beautiful eyes, which are rare cat eyes. They usually look gentle and bright. When they smile, they look forward to brilliance, which is very moving.

At this moment, she opened those cat-like eyes and stared at Daisy.

The chill in her eyes was so deep that it could overflow in the next moment.

Daisy is also a person who is used to seeing big scenes. At this time, under the gaze of Alyssa’s eyes she felt a little chilly.

She regarded Alyssa as an imaginary enemy. Even though she felt sympathy for Alyssa at this time, she didn’t want to admit that she was a little bit shy about being stared at by Alyssa just now.

Daisy couldn’t help but raised her chin, and said blankly: “The body has been found. After determination, it matches Grace’s DNA. You don’t need to have any fluke mentality. What I’m talking about is the truth.”

The slight fluctuation on Alyssa’s face also disappeared.

She turned her head and stared at the bunch of flowers on the bedside table as if she hadn’t heard what Daisy said.

It was a bunch of fresh lilies, and you could smell the scent of lilies when you took a deep breath. Underneath is a white glass vase, which looks clear and beautiful.

Alyssa’s eyes fixed on the glass vase.

Daisy took Alyssa’s series of reactions under her eyes, looked at the vase, and then at Alyssa, and tentatively called out, “Alyssa?”

Isn’t it irritating?

However, she didn’t think that Alyssa could not stand the stimulation so much.

This woman is soft on the outside and strong on the inside, not so fragile.

Alyssa stared at the vase for a while, then reached out and picked it up, took it in front of her, and put it on the quilt.

She looked down at the lily, as if looking at something rare, without moving her eyes.

After a few seconds, she didn’t look up, and asked softly, “What did you just say?”

Daisy originally planned to leave after speaking, but at this moment Alyssa’s appearance made her very puzzled, and it was inevitable that she would stay and want to see what happened to Alyssa.

Alyssa’s reaction was too weird and too calm.

It is also possible that Grace’s death hit her too much.

Now that Alyssa asked, Daisy didn’t mind repeating it again.

“Your daughter is dead, and the fire in the villa is now extinguished. There is a charred child’s body inside. After testing, the DNA of that child is your daughter’s. You are now…”

At the end, “Did you hear clearly?” Before the words came out, Daisy suddenly reached out to block the oncoming vase.

The vase was thrown with great force. Although Daisy reached out to block it and didn’t hit her in the face, her hand was hurt by the vase and it was a little numb.

Daisy shook her hand vigorously, and said angrily: “Alyssa! Are you crazy!”

She felt that Alyssa was really irritated and smashed her with that vase.

Alyssa’s eyes were as cold as a cold night, her red lips lightly opened, and a clear voice came out from her throat: “Leave!”

“You let me leave, who do you think you are!” Daisy is an arrogant woman in her bones, and she originally thought Alyssa was a bit pitiful. But at this time, the little pity in her heart also disappeared.

The expression on Alyssa’s face did not fluctuate, and she stretched out her hand and took all the things she could get and threw it at Daisy.

Daisy did not rush to guard, and reached out to block the left and the right, but it was still inevitable that she would be hit by something thrown by Alyssa.

The advantage of the advanced ward is that there are many things equipped, and Alyssa can smash many things.

Daisy was not in a hurry to evade, and backed again and again in an extremely corrupt manner.

Finally, Alyssa had nothing to smash, and she screamed in a low voice: “Get out!”

Alyssa was sitting on the hospital bed at the moment, pale and frail, obviously without the slightest power, but Daisy opened her mouth and did not dare to make a sound.

Chapter 606

Daisy herself was a little shocked, she was so shocked by Alyssa that she did not dare to speak.

At this time, she was not only angry, but also angry at herself.

Naturally, her tone was worse.

“Alyssa, what’s the use of you smashing me now! Dead is dead, accept the reality!” Daisy almost retreated to the door at this time.

Seeing that she was not going out yet, Alyssa turned her head and picked up the pillow behind her and smashed it.

After smashing, she looked at her coldly without speaking.

Except for Clifford, who would dare to be so to Daisy?

But at this time, Alyssa was sitting on the hospital bed, and Daisy couldn’t do anything to her, so she coldly snorted and left angrily.

With a “bang”, the door of the ward was closed.

The ward returned to the initial quietness.

Alyssa sat on the bed for two seconds, before suddenly remembering something, she lowered her head and touched her body, as if looking for something.

But the clothes on her body have been changed, and now she is wearing a sick coat, where can she find out what she was lookin for?

Alyssa lifted the quilt out of the bed, lifted the quilt up and threw it on the ground, and opened the bed sheet again, almost lifting the bed, but did not find what she was looking for.

She stretched out her hand to hold her forehead, suddenly squatted to the ground, closed her eyes slightly, and her tight lips revealed her emotions at this time.

After a few seconds, she opened her eyes, and she caught a glimpse of something under the bed.

Alyssa put one hand on the hospital bed, and leaned forward to leaned under the bed.

She patrolled under the bed, and finally turned her gaze to an old pen on the leg of the bed.

Alyssa’s eyes lit up, and she leaned over to pick up the pen.

She took the pen in front of her, wiped it carefully, and held it in her hand very cherished.

This pen is exactly the one that Karl kept in the safe before.

She rushed into the fire and saw Smith in the fire.

Both of them smoked a lot of heavy smoke at the time, and both had difficulty speaking, so they handed this pen to her.

And she knew that Clifford would definitely come in to find her, so she left her coat for Smith.

Smith gave her the pen to tell her, is Karl okay?

If Karl is fine, is Grace fine?

She was listening carefully to what Daisy said just now, but she didn’t believe what Daisy said.

Her Grace is so smart and cute, how could she be killed in the flames?

Alyssa clenched the pen tightly, sat on the ground with her legs bent, and hugged the pen tightly in front of her chest.

Not knowing how long it took, Alyssa suddenly raised her head and saw the TV facing the wall.

She stood up abruptly, found the remote control, turned on the TV, and found the news channel.

Daisy said that the fire had been extinguished, and there would definitely be news about such a big fire, especially since Karl was living next door to Clifford. The media reporters knew it.

She flipped through several channels, but did not see relevant news.

Suddenly, a man’s voice came from the door of the ward.

“You stay outside.”

Hearing this, Alyssa looked towards the door, just in time to see Clifford coming over here.

“Listening to Daisy said that you are awake, I will come to see you.” Clifford walked up to her and looked at her calmly.

Then, Clifford frowned and said, “Your body is still very weak. Go back to bed and rest first.”

“Resting?” Alyssa stared at Clifford with a smile, and said coldly: “You kept promised that you would let Grace go, and turned around and set a fire to burn her to death! What I need now is rest?”

Alyssa’s eyes were as cold as a sharp sword, and she said word by word: “I don’t need to rest, I need you to die!”

Clifford didn’t even blink his eyes, but laughed instead.

“Hate me?” Clifford turned around, walked to the side of the sofa and sat down: “Hate me, but you can’t just hate me? Don’t you hate Karl? You don’t complain at all in your heart. Karl?”

Alyssa looked at him expressionlessly, and did not speak aloud.

Clifford looked at her with a weird smile: “Never mind! It doesn’t matter.”

A bad premonition rose in Alyssa’s heart, and she vaguely felt that Clifford was planning something again.

“First raise your body, I will see you tomorrow.”

Clifford didn’t give Alyssa a chance to explore him, so he got up and left after speaking.

When the door opened, Alyssa saw the bodyguard guarding outside the ward door.

Even if Alyssa didn’t believe that Grace was dead, but Daisy and Clifford were so sure that something happened to Grace, she felt a little panic in her heart.

If Clifford was so scheming, how could he admit that Grace was buried in the flames if the evidence were not conclusive?

She can’t imagine if Grace is really in the fire of the villa…

No, it’s impossible.

As long as Karl is alive, Grace must be alive!

Relying on this belief, Alyssa stayed in the hospital for three days.

These three days have been like years for Alyssa.

The floor of the ward is very high, and there are bodyguards guarding the ward. Alyssa can’t escape with her wings, so she can only passively recuperate in the hospital.

Three days later, Clifford brought people to pick up Alyssa and she was discharged.

Alyssa followed Clifford out of the hospital blankly, no matter what Clifford said, she didn’t say anything.

She didn’t want to talk to this man who might have killed her daughter. Not only did she didn’t want to talk to him, she even wanted him to die quickly.

Alyssa felt that she was actually a weak person in her bones.

When she was at Hunt’s house before, she was too weak to let Rachel grasp her weakness and let her marry the “ugly and impot3nt” Karl at the time.

That’s why Isabel always wanted to ride on her head.

Only then will Clifford have the opportunity to deceive her.

Only if Clifford deceived her, he would have a chance to harm Grace.

If being a vicious person can protect important people… Then she is willing to fall into the abyss.

The car steadily crossed the street and the crowd, and finally stopped in front of a strange building.

It is a round dark black villa with a strong weirdness.

It was the first time Alyssa saw such a strange villa.

Clifford got out of the car first, and then waited for her outside the car.

Alyssa glanced at him, opened the door and went down.

Clifford hooked his lips, glanced loosely across the villa, and then returned to Alyssa.

“Karl has also been here.”

Alyssa was stunned at first, and then quickly reacted: “It was here you hypnotized Karl?”

“Yes, it took me a lot of effort at the time.” Clifford sighed, with an annoyed look as if he was just complaining to his friends about the troubles at work.

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