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Chapter 721

Several actors who were filming had just entered the state, and heard this voice all looking over here, including the director.

“Miss Palmer, what’s the matter?” The director looked back at Miana, still looking very polite.

“I don’t think the play is very logical. There are still abandoned teaching buildings in schools now.” When Miana spoke, she looked at Alyssa.

The director frowned tightly, and suddenly said: “When I was looking for a shooting location, several schools had a disused teaching building.”

Alyssa didn’t speak, but looked at Miana with a smile.

Miana looked at the desk for a while, just trying to pick something wrong in it. It turned out that she couldn’t find any problems, so she found a point that she thought was a loophole.

The result is now being said by the director, but Miana’s face is not good.

Alyssa didn’t speak, but it didn’t mean that Mattie couldn’t speak.

Seeing Miana’s face looking ugly, she took the opportunity to ask, “Does Miss Palmer still have any questions?”

What can Miana do? Can only bite the bullet and say: “You continue.”

Several actors finally got into the state, being interrupted by Miana like this, they have to adjust again.

Although they are a bit dissatisfied with Miana, they dare not show it. They had no choice but to continue shooting like a okay person.


The filming continued, Miana had no face this time, so he threw the notebook away, pointed at Alyssa and said, “You, go buy me a cup of ice coffee, go now.”

Alyssa glanced at her, didn’t intend to care about her, but thought of something, stood up and said, “Oh, I will go now.”

Mattie was stunned to see, Alyssa really went to buy it?

Miana glanced at Mattie contemptuously.

Mattie was panicked and wanted to stop Alyssa: “Alyssa, you…”

Alyssa glanced at Mattie: “It’s okay, Miss Palmer wants to drink coffee, I just need to buy it.”

Miana thought that Alyssa had realized the reality because Karl spent 200 million to get her a brooch yesterday, and she would be so obedient today.

She touched the brooch pinned to her body and was extremely satisfied. The previous unhappiness was wiped out.

After a while, Alyssa came back.

Her hands empty, she didn’t have drink at all.

As soon as Miana’s complexion changed, she knew that Alyssa would not be so obedient.

Miana walked to her and asked, “Where is the drink?”

“It’s in the back.” Alyssa said, looking back at the back.

Miana looked up and saw two waiters in restaurant uniforms, pushing the dining car toward this side.

And the dining car is full of drinks.

Miana was a little confused at first, she couldn’t figure out what Alyssa was going to do.

Alyssa retreated to the side and let the dining cart push over.

One of the waiters came over and asked loudly, “Who is Miss Miana? The fifty drinks you ordered are here.”

The director just yelled “What” and was telling the actors about the play.

Hearing the voice of the waiter, everyone looked over.

Alyssa pointed at Miana with a smile: “This is Miss Miana.”

The waiter respectfully handed over the bill: “This is the bill. Please check and settle the bill.”

Miana was about to explode with anger at this time, why would she want to take this bill.

However, the bill has been handed to her, and she can’t help her at all.

If she doesn’t answer, others will call her stingy. She took it, and couldn’t swallow the breath again.

However, in full view, she had no other choice but to take the bill.

Miana gritted her teeth to control her facial expression, and reached out to take the bill.

Alyssa walked to the dining car and took a glass of juice, then turned her head and smiled brightly at Miana: “Thank you Miss Palmer, Miss Palmer is so generous.”

Miana was signing, she couldn’t help but tremble after hearing Alyssa’s words, and the hand holding the pen also exerted a lot of strength, making a heavy mark on it, cutting the paper.

The waiter who delivered the drinks gave Miana a surprised look.

Miana gritted her teeth and raised her head again, with a generous smile on her face: “Everyone has worked hard, come over and have a drink.”

“Thank you Miss Palmer!”

“Miss Palmer is too polite!”

Although the rest of the crew didn’t know what happened just now, they only thought that Miana was blaming herself for the previous filming, so she invited them to drink.

They all smiled and thanked Miana.

Miana felt aggrieved, but still smiled and told them you’re welcome.

Alyssa sat aside and drank the juice in a good mood, Mattie came over and pushed her shoulder.

Alyssa turned her head, glanced at the same juice in Mattie’s hand, picked up her own and touched her cup, smiling harmlessly.

“I really underestimated you! I thought you were really going to buy a drink for Miana.” Mattie took a sip of the juice and looked at Alyssa.

“I did buy it,” Alyssa said with a smile, and she couldn’t tell that she had just cheated Miana.

“Miana doesn’t know how angry she is now.” Mattie now thinks that Miana is so angry that she can’t attack, she feels particularly refreshed.

The smile on Alyssa’s face became colder: “Teach her a little lesson. I really thought that she was with Karl. Does anyone have to give her some points? She probably doesn’t know, I even am not afraid of Karl.”

Mattie eyes caught a glimpse of Miana walking towards this side, and whispered to Alyssa, “Stop talking…”

Alyssa stopped talking, waiting for Miana to come over.

After Miana came over, she said to Mattie, “Miss Adkins, I have something to tell her.”

“Say what? Can’t I listen?” Mattie did not intend to leave.

Alyssa pushed Mattie: “You go first.”

Although Mattie was reluctant, she still raised her foot and left. But she didn’t go very far, just staring at Alyssa not far away.

The little assistant ran over and asked Mattie: “Ms. Mattie, what’s the matter with Miss Palmer and Sister Alyssa?”

Several staff members on the side also raised their ears and waited for Mattie to turn her head. Mattie slowly said, “You want to know?”


“Go ask Miss Palmer yourself.”


If they dared to ask Miana, they would have asked.

Mattie left, and only Alyssa and Miana were left in this small area.

“Alyssa, I really underestimated you.” Miana looked at her coldly: “I start to admire your courage not to be afraid of death.”

Alyssa glanced at her, moved her lips, and said in a humble tone: “Acceptable.”

Miana choked: “Do you really think I was complimenting you? Karl only spent 200 million for me last night. You should know my place in his heart.”

Miana repeated these words over and over again, and Alyssa was tired of hearing it.

She raised her eyebrows, her beautiful eyes became cold, and her whole person looked a little bit colder: “What does your position in his heart matter to me? I’m not your Mom, what do you tell me about this?”

Chapter 722

“You…” Miana was so shocked by Alyssa that she didn’t know what to say.

Alyssa stood up impatiently, a pair of cat-like eyes filled with bone-piercing coldness, and the voice she said without a trace of emotion: “Miana, you have been aiming at me like this. You must know my past. You should know very well that my classmates were afraid of me when I was in school. As for why they were afraid of me, you can find out more.”

“Also, regarding the matter between you and Karl, whether he spent 200 million or 1 billion for you. No matter where you did it several times a night, I have no interest in knowing. So, for you it’s not necessary to target me everywhere! The last and most important point: you don’t want to cast your idea on Grace.”

When Alyssa said this, she paused slightly before continuing: “How good Karl feels with Grace, I must have understood in the past three years. If something happens, Karl will definitely not let you go!”

Miana came over to find Alyssa aggressively, intending to trouble her, but unexpectedly, she was overwhelmed by Alyssa’s series of words.

And the thing she cares most about is that during the three years when Karl lost his memory, she actually failed to make Karl fall in love with her!

Alyssa was still in front of her for three years!

“Are you threatening me?” Miana clenched her hands, her eyes full of resentment.

Alyssa said blankly: “No, I’m warning you.”

Miana smirked, “Who do you think you are? Do you really think I am afraid of you?”

“I don’t think I am afraid of you, but you. I always thought I was afraid of you. So everywhere you wanted to suppress me and deal with me.” Alyssa’s tone was extremely calm.

Miana stopped speaking.

She was not such an irrational person before.

She was also a proud person in her twenties. There was a large group of followers behind her, only she looked down on her, and there was nothing she looked down on.

Later, she suffered a lot from Karl. She failed to make Karl fall in love with her for three years. This hurt her self-esteem greatly.

After that, she became less like herself.

She felt that Alyssa was blocking her way and put all the resentment on Alyssa.

After being with Karl, she became more concerned about gains and losses, always feeling that Alyssa would come and snatch Karl away. So she targeted Alyssa everywhere, always seeing Alyssa not pleasing to her eyes.

Seeing that Miana stopped talking, Alyssa took a close look at her, and continued: “Karl and I really broke up. The separation is very thorough. If you really love him, stay with him. Don’t waste time on me. Life is short and precious.”

Alyssa’s tone was somewhat emotional, and it seemed to be advice. Miana couldn’t tell for a while, what exactly did Alyssa mean.

She looked at her with a weird expression, and said nothing.

Alyssa had to admit that she was indeed a softhearted person.

Even though she said that she would hate Karl, she still hoped Karl would be happy.

Probably because they were not happy before.

Probably because Karl had sacrificed his life to save her.

Probably because she… still loves him.

Alyssa stopped her thoughts in time, and when she raised her eyes again, her gaze returned to her usual calmness: “You don’t have to look at me with this kind of eyes, you don’t want to listen to my words, anyway, your business has nothing to do with me. It’s up to you.”

After speaking, Alyssa left without looking back.

Miana turned her head, looking at Alyssa’s back, a thought flashing through her eyes.

What did Alyssa just say?

Although Mattie was far away, she could still vaguely see Miana’s expression.

As soon as Alyssa came over, Mattie pulled her to the corner and asked, “What did you say to Miana, her expression looked strange.

“I told her not to bother me again.” Those words Alyssa said probably meant this.

Mattie frowned: “Really?”

Alyssa glanced at the director and smiled at Mattie: “Director, I’ll go there first.”

Don’t know if Alyssa’s words had an effect on Miana, and Miana left the next day.

When she left, she didn’t notify anyone, just talked to the director and left quietly.

Mattie became more curious, she thought that Miana would leave so quickly, it must have something to do with Alyssa.

During the filming, she asked Alyssa: “Miana left so soon, is it related to you?”

“Am I so capable? Or do you think she will listen to me?” Alyssa said without looking up, flipping the table in her hand.

Mattie thought for a while, and felt that neither was possible, so she stopped pestering her.

When she returned to the hotel from work, she received a call from Smith.

When Karl came to the crew with Karl, Alyssa only glanced at him, but didn’t see it afterwards. It should have been after Karl had attended the charity party and left.

Alyssa answered the phone and yelled very politely: “Mr. Smith.”

“Miss Alyssa, I took Grace home, and she said she missed you very much. Is it convenient for you to make a video call now?” The other side of Smith was quiet, probably in the car.

After hearing Smith’s words, Alyssa also blamed herself.

It has been almost ten days since she joined the group, and she never called Grace in the middle.

She hurriedly said: “Yes, you can do it now, is it convenient for you now?”

“I’m driving, but I can take my phone to Grace.”


After Alyssa hung up the phone, she found Smith on WeChat and made a video call.

As soon as the video was connected, Grace’s face appeared on the phone screen.

Not long after the end of the new year, it is still the first lunar month, the spring is cold, and the Rostenvel area is still somewhat cold. Grace was still wearing a sweater, with two small twitches on her head, a face tightly leaning against the camera of the phone, her face was all over the screen.

Alyssa couldn’t help laughing, and said softly: “Grace, you put your face too close, take your phone away.”

Grace didn’t know if she was listening to her, but excitedly called her: “Mom!”

“Yeah!” Alyssa responded with a smile, and said: “You take your phone a little bit farther, mom wants to see you.”


Grace responded loudly, and then she took the phone a little farther away, leaning on the back of the chair, wearing a red sweater, with a round face, bright and dark eyes, pursing her lips and looking at Alyssa.

Alyssa looked at her carefully, and then said, “My Grace seems to have grown up a little bit again!”

“When will you come to see me? It’s been a long time since you left.” Grace pouted, looking very disappointed.

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