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Chapter 1056

almost certainly a member of the Haidong tribe . In any case, sheldon will ensure her safety.

“Yeah.” Although the woman didn’t know why sheldon helped her, she still obediently agreed, and took a step back and hid behind sheldon.

“Answer my question, which family are you from, why do you want to intervene in our affairs, and listening to your verbal response, it seems that it is not our Japanese people, right?” That person stared at sheldon, he almost Has succeeded.

If the person in front of him hadn’t suddenly appeared, his dagger would have penetrated Erye Feixu’s chest.

“Do you want to get rid of him?” sheldon ignored him, but turned to ask the woman behind him.

“Don’t kill him, just let him leave.” Er Ye Feixu whispered to sheldon without thinking.

sheldon nodded, turned to look at the man in front of him, and suddenly put his hand forward, slamming his fist on the man’s chest.

The man couldn’t keep up with sheldon’s speed. After feeling the pain, his figure flew upside down and landed on the construction waste more than ten meters away. With a thumping sound, a burst of smoke rose.

The man grabbed his chest and got up and looked at sheldon with dread. He was not so stupid to go directly to sheldon, but he clearly understood how big a power gap he had with this person who suddenly appeared. If he continues to fight, he will not be able to complete it. The tasks accounted by the family, it is even possible that he will die here.

After understanding this, he got up and immediately disappeared into the night.

Watching him leave, sheldon couldn’t help but smile. This time was a good opportunity. After all, trying to save people can make her feel good about her, and she can get to know her smoothly, and then ask the Haidong people for news.

When he turned to face her, sheldon deliberately looked down. Although he did see a pendant with a special pattern, he also saw a touch of whiteness that shouldn’t be seen.

“Ahem, you haven’t suffered any injuries?”

sheldon touched his nose awkwardly, turned his head quickly, and asked.

“I’m just some skin trauma, nothing too serious.” Er Ye Feixu looked at sheldon, stroked his hair, and asked softly, “Why are you helping me today? I have never seen you before. “It’s just a

matter of drawing a knife to help when the road meets injustice.” sheldon said lightly.

“Thank you then.” Er Ye Feixu said softly, but as soon as the words fell, she fell straight to the back.

Thanks to sheldon’s quick eyes and hands, he immediately held on, or a fall might make the injury worse.

Holding her arm, sheldon yelled in a low voice. Seeing that she was completely unconscious, he stretched out his hand under her nose for an interview, and breathed a sigh of relief.

Carrying her back to the hotel, sheldon neither knew which room she lived in, nor could he carry her back to her own room, so he could only open a new room.

Putting her on the bed, sheldon exhaled a foul breath.

He was taken seriously by what the woman said just now. Any skin injury or fainting means that she has suffered a very serious external injury or internal injury, but from the surface, there is no blood on her body. If you want to know her specific situation, you must wear your clothes Just take it off.


This thought came to mind, and sheldon hurried to the bathroom to wash his face.

sheldon didn’t want to do this, but now it seems that if she doesn’t do it now, this woman is likely to be in danger. He finally found a Haidong tribe with a special pendant, maybe in the family. Has an unusual position.

If this person dies, it will be very difficult to find the Haidong Clan, and may even never be found again in the future.

After thinking about it, sheldon let out a deep breath, calming himself down as much as possible, and not thinking about the chores in his mind.

After a while, sheldon reached out and slowly took off the woman’s clothes.

passed two hours, Chen songs pondering understand her situation and spent nine turn Yuan the power of God for her injuries in the body back to normal, it quickly gave her covered with blankets, and immediately rushed to the bathroom a cool shower , And then he calmed down his mood completely.

Sitting on the sofa, sheldon smoked cigarettes one by one.

A few more hours later, a sound suddenly came from behind him, and sheldon quickly turned his head, but by looking at it, he saw the woman just getting up on the bed without any clothes on.

“Well, you fainted behind the hotel. I learned some medical skills. I was afraid that your life would be in danger, so I made an advocacy to treat you. Now that your injury has healed, you should put on your clothes first.” sheldon quickly turned his head. , Explained aloud.

“Thank you!” A blush flashed across Erye Feixu’s face, but she could clearly feel that her body was a lot more comfortable, and she could also know that sheldon did not tell a lie, it was indeed to treat her.

Of course, even if sheldon did something, she would not say anything. After all, the man in front of him saved her twice in one night. It stands to reason that he is her life-saver. Even if sheldon now asks what happens to her, she will acceptable.

“You’re welcome.” sheldon waved his hand, it was pretty good without being misunderstood.

“You haven’t told me what my name is. I think you are not from the Japanese nation, but from China, right?” Er Ye Feixu looked at sheldon’s back. In her heart, the love for sheldon has been slowly buried. under.

“sheldon, indeed from Huaxia, come to the country to do something.” sheldon replied lightly.

“My name is Erye Feixu. I am a special soldier from the Japanese nation. I came here to participate in the special forces contest. I didn’t expect to be chased by the family’s enemies. Thanks to your help, otherwise I don’t know how to escape this disaster today. “

Er Ye Feixu shook her head. She didn’t know how the other party was staring at her. She didn’t even have a hunch, and the family didn’t give her any news. When she went out today, she was suddenly attacked.

She desperately tried to get rid of the other party. If sheldon hadn’t arrived in time, she would have died behind the hotel now. Thinking about what happened today, she would feel scared. Live threatening his own family.

Then she is the sinner of the Erye family.

“It’s just a coincidence. If someone else passes by, I will definitely help.” Thinking of the scene that I saw just now, sheldon’s face was flushed and a bit dry, but he still suppressed the bad thoughts in his heart as much as possible.

“Anyway, thank you for your help today.” Er Ye Feixu took a deep breath, hurriedly covered himself in the quilt and put on the clothes.

“Well, your physical injury has no effect.” sheldon also breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the rustling sound of dressing behind.

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