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Chapter 759

Peter had red eyes at this time, and he could not hear Alyssa’s words.

Alyssa wanted to stop them, but couldn’t get close at all.

She raised her eyes to Miana, expecting Miana to stop her voice, but Miana did not see a trace of anxiety, but a slight smile appeared on Miana’s face, which seemed to be very proud of Karl because he was fighting Peter.

The store manager had already brought people over, and they separated Karl and Peter.

One is the CEO of Adams’’s and the other is the boss of AdamPic Media. Both are characters that ordinary people can’t afford to copy. The store manager didn’t dare to step forward. He only persuaded them from the side: “Mr. Adams, Mr. Grant, You guys don’t fight!”

A waiter walked over and whispered to the shop manager’s ear and said, “Manager, I have called the police.”

Alyssa was very close to them and heard what the waiter said.

If the police came, it would be no good to Karl and Peter if the incident became a big deal. After the trouble, they might really not be brothers.

Their friendship for so many years does not have to end up that badly.

Seeing that no one dared to go up and persuade, Alyssa pressed the corners of her lips tightly, turned around and picked up a coffee cup from the table, and slammed it to the ground.

The coffee cup fell to the ground with a loud “pop”.

The whole cafe suddenly became quiet, and Karl, who was still fighting with Peter, paused slightly and looked over at Alyssa, before being kicked to the ground by Peter.

Alyssa was also taken aback. She dropped the cup to interrupt Peter’s attention and pull Peter away. Karl was focused on doing things, even if he was fighting, he would not be easily affected. Even if he was affected, he would look at the place where the cup fell instead of looking at her.

And… there seems to be a trace of worry in his eyes…

Alyssa didn’t have time to think about it. Seeing Peter still going up and fighting, Alyssa walked over in three steps and two steps, pulling Peter hard.

Half of Peter’s face was red and slightly swollen.

He gasped and pointed at Karl and said, “Alyssa, what are you trying to do with me? I’ll beat him up a little sober today!”

Alyssa grabbed him tightly, lowered her voice and said to Peter: “It is your and Karl’s matter, find a place to solve it in private, don’t you want to make a big trouble tomorrow, will the headline be seen by Tina!”

Peter was still unconvinced at first, but after hearing Alyssa mentioned Tina, he calmed down and didn’t struggle to rush over to continue the fight.

“Karl, how are you?” Miana exclaimed, and walked over to help Karl up.

Karl’s face was calm, even though the corners of his mouth were red, his eyes were still sharp and frightening. After he stood up, he pushed Miana away.

Miana’s expression looked distressed. Before Karl could speak, she said aggressively, “How can you do this? First came up and slandered me, and now you beat Karl like this again. Is there something less evil? Waiting to receive the lawyer’s letter!”

Regarding Miana’s threat, Peter didn’t even pay attention to it. He sneered, “Is it Miana? Wait, I will break your leg sooner or later!”

“Alyssa, let’s go!” Peter took a deep look at Karl, then turned and walked out.

Miana has never been threatened like this before. The men and women who appeared next to her either bowed under her pomegranate skirt or were polite and obsequious to her.

Her face turned pale with anger, and she couldn’t speak for a while, and could only watch Alyssa and Peter walking outside.

Miana turned her head to look at Karl, complaining a little, “Why don’t you say a word, they are all gone!”

Peter’s fierce presence was in sight, and no one dared to stop him.

After Karl’s gaze followed the two of them out, he looked around at the people watching the play again. His eyes were cold, and the people who watched the play were so swept by him, they turned their heads and did not dare to look again.

At this time, Karl was looking at Miana, he fixedly looked at Miana, his eyes deep, without saying a word.

Miana was uncomfortable looking at him, and asked with a dodging look: “You… why are you looking at me like this?”

“I’ll ask you again, did you really do nothing?” Unlike the calm before, Karl’s voice was very gloomy.

Miana hesitated for a moment, and then he said the same answer as before: “I don’t have one.”

Karl curled the corners of his lips, and a dreadful bird flashed in his eyes, but he spoke with a gentle voice: “I see.”

Miana felt that Karl was a little weird, but when she heard Karl’s voice, she didn’t think much about it, and said aggrievedly, “I really don’t know why they slandered me like this. What’s the misunderstanding…”

She said this deliberately, just to make Karl think that Alyssa deliberately slandered her like this.

“Really so?” Karl said these two words meaninglessly, then turned to look at the store manager who was hiding from the side and dare not say anything: “My assistant will come to compensate your store for the loss later.”

After he finished speaking, he raised his foot and walked out.

Miana hurriedly followed and said dissatisfied: “Obviously it was Peter who did it first. Why do you want to compensate for the loss? I know you don’t care about the money, but how can you swallow it?”

Karl’s steps were big and fast, and Miana could only keep up with a trot.

He opened the car door and sat in. He ignored Miana until he started the car and drove far.

Miana thought with some worry, does Karl know what she did?

In a black car in the parking space on the other side of the road, Alyssa and Peter sat in the car and watched Karl’s car drive away before lowering the windows.

Peter clenched his fist and hammered the steering wheel fiercely: “Alyssa, you shouldn’t have stopped me just now, you should let me deal with that stupid Karl!”

Peter was still angry, he could say anything with one mouth, even he dared to scold Karl.

Although Alyssa was also a little angry, she was still calmer than Peter.

She said leisurely: “Do you dare to scold Karl like this in front of him?”

Peter choked for a while, then twitched his mouth: “Alyssa, we are now allies on the same front. Is there any such thing as you who stabbed allies like this? I usually don’t dare to scold him…”

Having said this, he paused slightly, shook his head and said, “Speaking of which, I never thought in my life that one day I would dare to shoot against Karl and defeat him.”

There was a hint of pride in his tone, and Alyssa couldn’t laugh or cry.

If it hadn’t been for Karl to walk away when she dropped the cup before, Peter would definitely not have the upper hand.

Chapter 760

Alyssa lowered her eyes, looking at her fingers in a dream.

In the coffee shop just now, the scene of Karl standing in front of Miana relentlessly replayed in her mind, making her upset.

“I really don’t know what Karl is thinking, Miana, that woman…”

Peter on the side was still whispering, Alyssa listened halfway but didn’t want to listen anymore.

Peter sensed that Alyssa did not listen to him anymore, so he stretched out his hand and waved in front of Alyssa. Alyssa recovered, and looked at Peter blankly: “What?”

“What do you think? I just spoke to you and you didn’t listen anymore?” Peter tilted his head and looked at Alyssa.

Alyssa groaned for a moment, then sighed slightly and said, “Miana will deal with Tina like this because she hates me, and she tried it on Tina.”

“Don’t say this kind of thing, it doesn’t matter to you.” Peter didn’t get angry when he said this: “If you have to be blamed, blame Karl, what you found…”

When Karl had amnesia before, Miana regarded herself as his fiancée. Peter had been among thousands of flowers, and there was no way to see what kind of woman Miana was. Since then, Peter has not had a good impression of her.

Alyssa frowned slightly, this incident still caused a rift between Peter and Karl.

At this time, Peter’s cell phone rang.

Don’t know what the person on the other end of the phone said, Peter’s voice suddenly fell cold: “I found it? I’ll come over right away.”

After hanging up the phone, seeing Alyssa watching him, he explained, “The staff member who was bought by Miana is found.”

He laughed hard: “We will pass now.”

Alyssa drove along with Peter again.

The place was chosen in an underground garage.

A thin man stood there timidly, guarded by two of Peter’s men.

When his men saw him passing by, they respectfully yelled, “Mr. Grant.”

Peter walked straight to the thin man, his lips evoked a curve of evil, and he reached out his hand and gently patted the man’s face. There was no anger in his tone: “Do you know who I am?”

“Know… I know…” The organizer’s staff are naturally in contact with people in the entertainment industry for a long time, and of course they know who Peter is.

Peter’s expression suddenly changed, and he suddenly raised the volume: “Those who know you dare not to play me!”

He suddenly roared like this, and the men next to him trembled. Alyssa also felt a little intimidating.

“I…I…” The thin man’s legs trembled with fright, “I” didn’t say a word for a long time.

Alyssa looked down on the phone for a while, found a few photos and took the phone over, handed the phone to the person, and asked, “Did this woman instruct you?”

What she showed the thin man first was a photo of an internet celebrity. The thin man shook his head quickly: “No…”

Alyssa showed him several pictures of the 18-line celebrities she found online, but he denied them all.

Finally, Alyssa turned over Miana’s photo: “Is that her?”

The man nodded immediately: “Yes, yes…”

Alyssa paused, then looked back at Peter.

The reason why Alyssa found some pictures of other women for this man was because she was worried that the man would identify a woman casually. Although at Miana he almost admitted that she did it, Alyssa still wanted to confirm again.

When Peter heard that the man has identified Miana, he was so angry that he was about to go up and beat someone again. Alyssa quickly stopped him: “Peter, calm down!”

Peter said loudly: “I can’t calm down!”

Alyssa stopped in front of him, and said firmly, “This matter happened because of me, and I will take care of it.”

Peter asked her: “How do you deal with it?”

“I have my own way.” Alyssa didn’t want to involve Peter because Miana and Karl were really against him, so she didn’t want Peter to intervene. As for her, she had broken up with Karl anyway, she was not afraid of anything.

Alyssa said again: “You should go to the hospital to see Tina. don’t know what happened to you, but the love for each other is still there. It’s okay to look at each other. She is just bragging.”

Peter nodded silently and said nothing.

After Alyssa and Peter separated, they went straight back to cook soup for Tina.

She said she would cook soup for Tina every day.

Alyssa boiled chicken soup for Tina, simmered in slow heat all afternoon, and sent it to the hospital to Tina in the evening.

She called Tina before she went, and Tina was waiting for her soup.

Alyssa brought not only soup, but also rice and a light side dish.

As soon as she entered the ward, Tina stared directly at her… the bag in her hand.

The bag contains an insulated lunch box.

Tina rubbed her hands happily: “Alyssa, what soup did you make for me?”

“Chicken soup.” Alyssa put down the bag with a smile, and asked her: “Where are your agent and assistant?”

Tina struggled to sit up and said, “I let them go out for dinner.”

Alyssa reached out to help her, put two pillows behind her, opened the tabletop, and took out the lunch box from the bag.

Tina patted the table childishly, yelling: “I’m starving, I’m starving…”

Alyssa glanced at her with a smile, took out the food and soup, and put them on the table.

Tina couldn’t wait. She picked up the spoon and opened the soup box, scooping the soup into her mouth, and sighed after drinking, “If it weren’t for the injury, I wouldn’t have a chance to drink your soup. It’s pretty hurt.” and soup is worth it……”

Alyssa’s face was pale, her voice sinking slightly: “What nonsense, what’s good about being injured, you want to drink soup, just call me and let me cook a pot for you.”

Tina scooped the spoon, and said in surprise: “Oh, it’s a joke, why are you so angry…”

Alyssa felt a little irritable in her heart. She lowered her eyes, trying to make her tone sound as relaxed as possible: “You drink the soup while it is hot.”

Tina ate all the food and soup that Alyssa had brought. After eating, she patted her stomach and lay on the hospital bed and rubbed her stomach: “I start to like the feeling of being hospitalized.”

Alyssa glanced at her, and she immediately grinned.

“Take it well, I’ll come back tomorrow.” Before leaving, Alyssa reminded Tina in a worrying manner, and then left with the warm rice.

She unlocked the car, opened the door of the back seat and put the bag in her hand on the back seat. When she opened the door of the front seat again, she paused for a while before sitting in.

Alyssa sat in the car with a cold face, and did not start the car for a long time.

Tina was injured, and Grant became angry. Why should he not be angry?

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