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Chapter 761

Since childhood, Alyssa has had a weak family relationship. When she was in school, she deliberately failed the exam because she was always pretending to be ugly, so she was always excluded. It was only when she met Tina that she was the first friend to treat her sincerely.

Tina probably never knew that Alyssa would save her back then, and it was only a momentary thought, but Tina remembered it for so many years.

When the island explosion happened that year, she was rescued by Clifford and spent three years as a vegetative. She also spent all her savings looking for her everywhere.

In a sense, Tina was more important to her than Karl.

But Miana wanted to attack Tina!

Alyssa’s eyes were getting colder and colder, and she slowly tightened her hands holding the steering wheel. Miana asked for this!

Miana can do anything to her, but Miana wants to attack Tina.

Alyssa took a deep breath, calmed her mood, and then slowly started the car back.

After she got home, it was still early, just nine o’clock.

Alyssa found a mask and a peaked cap, and changed into inconspicuous black sportswear. After being fully armed, she went out.

But when she had just left the house, she saw the opposite door open.

Dave held a black plastic bag in his hand, and he was supposed to go downstairs to take out the garbage.

He looked at Alyssa’s fully armed look, and a touch of surprise flashed in his eyes: “What are you going to do?”

Dave was very keen, and Alyssa felt that Dave probably guessed what she was going to do.

However, Alyssa still pressed the urn in her throat and said, “I have a cold, going for a walk.”

Dave nodded and didn’t ask anymore.

The two entered the elevator together.

When the elevator reached the first floor, Alyssa put her hands in the side pockets of her clothes, and walked out slowly, as if she was really going for a walk.

After Dave threw the garbage into the trash can, he glanced in the direction where Alyssa had left, and followed.

Alyssa noticed that Dave had followed, and turned around and asked him, “Are you going for a walk?”

Dave nodded: “Yeah.”

Alyssa frowned slightly, she felt Dave deliberately.

After walking two laps in the community, Dave was still behind her.

Alyssa couldn’t help it anymore, recalling people’s footsteps, and walked outside the community.

Dave followed, with a very calm tone: “Miss Alyssa’s dress is too conspicuous.”

Alyssa’s footsteps paused slightly.

Dave continued: “I never pretended to go out to kill people before.”

Alyssa was a little helpless: “I said I was going…” Did she kill?

“You have murderous intent,” Dave said faintly, his eyes sharp.

Alyssa was taken aback. She was just very angry and wanted to repay the revival of cotton. She had never thought of killing Miana. This is a legal society, and she is not a person outside the legal system like Dave.

“Even if it’s not a murder, it’s hurting. Do you know what to do to leave no trace?” Dave’s eyes suddenly showed nostalgia.

Did he miss the days when he was a killer?

Dave’s tone became more determined: “Maybe Miss Alyssa needs my help very much.”

Alyssa hesitated without making a sound. After a while, she nodded and turned and walked out.

When she left the community, Alyssa was about to take a taxi, but Dave stopped her: “Walkout for a while and then take a taxi.”

Alyssa listened to him, and after leaving the community, she took a taxi to a very lively street.

After getting on the bus, Alyssa reported an address, and after speaking, she changed her words and said a business world very close to that address.

Dave glanced at her with approval in his eyes.

The address she first reported was the address of Miana’s house.

Along the way, she and Dave didn’t communicate either. When they got off the bus at the mall, the two people took a taxi to the community where Miana lived.

Coincidentally, as soon as the taxi arrived at the gate of the community, Miana drove back.

Feeling Alyssa’s gaze, Dave turned his head and looked out the window: “That’s her?”

“Yeah.” Alyssa nodded.

Dave looked familiar, but couldn’t remember where he had seen her.

At this time, the driver’s voice rang: “Here. Are you getting off here?”

Before Alyssa could speak, Dave said, “No, I found the wrong place. Let’s go back to the previous mall.”

Although the driver was a bit dissatisfied, he didn’t say much.

After getting out of the car, Dave said: “I will get the woman’s one-week itinerary the most in the morning. You can pick the most convenient time to start.”

Alyssa was stunned: “How can you do it for a week?”

Dave shook his head: “You can wait for the result. As for how to do it, you don’t want to know.”

Alyssa suddenly felt a little bit shy. Is it good or not to find such a person as a bodyguard?

Her original plan was to follow Miana for a few days and find a suitable time to start. Dave saw through her thoughts and offered to help her check Miana’s itinerary. Although this was a good thing, she could not accept Dave’s help in vain.

She asked him, “Do you have anything you want me to do for you?”

Without even thinking about it, Dave said, “No, I have nothing to do with a woman’s help.”

The slightly arrogant tone of this self-confidence made Alyssa feel stunned for a moment, and Karl also had this temperament…

Back in the community, Alyssa and Dave went back to their houses.

As soon as Dave entered the door, he dialed Karl’s number.

Karl had always answered his phone quickly, but it was the same this time, and he was picked up without a second ring.

“What’s the matter?” On the other end of the phone, Karl’s voice was mixed with a hint of imperceptible tension.

“What do you think your ex-wife wants to do to your current girlfriend?” Dave, who is usually unsmiling, said this with Karl in his tone of voice.

Karl only asked, “What?”

“Who knows? Immortal maybe half disabled.” Dave’s tone was as flat as he was talking about the weather with Karl.

Karl’s voice was deep, “You help her, don’t let her do it herself.”

Dave sneered, “Karl, are you ordering me?”

There was no anger in Karl’s tone, but he said lightly, “You can also choose not to do it.”

But this was heard in Dave’s ears, but it was full of threats.

People always start to regret and reflect when their lives become shorter and shorter, and Claire does the same.

After knowing that she had cancer, she was discouraged. Looking back on her for half a lifetime, she suddenly realized that she owed Karl the most.

Now, Karl is the only reason for Claire to survive.

Dave didn’t want Claire to die, so he could only let Karl push her around.

Karl did not force him, because Karl knew that he would willingly let him be at his mercy.

Dave also knew Karl’s thoughts, but there was nothing he could do. Who would let him not want Claire to die?

Chapter 762

Dave had never received such a threat. Although he felt a little unwilling, he could only swallow the breath aggrievedly.

He took a deep breath before saying, “I think Miss Alyssa wants to do it herself.”

Karl just said, “She doesn’t need to get dirty with these things.”

“You mean, I deserved to do this kind of thing?” Dave really felt that Karl was a strange person. He was never soft on threats and exploits. He was cruel as long as he could achieve his goal, but he was really good to Alyssa. Careful and considerate is horrible.

“You have a bad memory, I said, you don’t have to do it.” Karl’s tone remained calm.

Dave, who had experienced strong winds and waves, was also shocked by Karl’s shameless look.

He was so angry that he hung up the phone and kicked the trash can next to him.

Karl was hung up by Dave and was not angry. He calmly put the phone aside, and his eyes fell on the computer.

The next day.

Alyssa got up early and drove to find Alvin.

Yesterday, because of Tina, she released Alvin’s pigeons, and Alvin was still a little angry.

Alyssa went to the morning tea shop to buy breakfast, only to find Alvin with the information she had compiled last night.

Alvin and Tina live in the same community. She has been here several times before. When she gets to the door, she has to call Alvin and ask Alvin to come down to meet her.

Before Alvin got up so early, Alyssa made several calls before he answered the phone slowly.

“Are you up? Can you come to the door to pick me up?”

Alvin, who had just woke up and was still half-asleep, immediately jumped out of bed when he heard that Alyssa was at the gate of the community: “Are you at the gate of the community? I will come down immediately, you wait…beep…”

As soon as he finished speaking, he hung up.

Alyssa thought that Alvin had to finish washing, and would only come down after changing clothes.

As a result, Alvin came quickly instead.

He wore a windbreaker casually, slippers on his feet, and his hair was messy like a chicken coop.

Although Alyssa has seen how messy and dirty Alvin’s house is, every time she sees Alvin, he looks like a neat noble son. This is the first time she sees him so grounded. …

Alyssa looked at him blankly: “You…”

Alvin urged her: “Come in now, what are you doing in a daze? I heard that many celebrities in this community are so pretty. I plan to get one. If I let them see me like this, how can I get them!”

As soon as Alyssa walked in, Alvin dragged her inside.

“I’ll go by myself…” Alyssa pulled her hand back.

Alvin only noticed that Alyssa was holding breakfast in her hand. He seemed to be taken aback for a moment, and looked down at Alyssa, “Brought it for me?”

“Yeah.” Alyssa nodded, “I didn’t eat either.”

Alvin’s eyes lit up all of a sudden, reached out and took the breakfast in her hand, and pushed her shoulder with a hand to let her go forward: “I’ll mention it, you go faster.”

Sometimes, the more people are afraid, they will come. This sentence is not totally unreasonable.

When Alyssa and Alvin walked to the elevator entrance, the elevator door just opened, and a delicate-faced woman came out from inside, who didn’t look familiar, maybe she was a star who was not very popular.

Alvin reacted very quickly and dragged Alyssa to block him. He lowered his head to cover his face.

The woman glanced at them and left with a weird look.

When the woman walked away, Alyssa said angrily: “Since you are afraid of being seen by others like this, you can’t wash your face and change clothes before coming down?”

“Isn’t it because I was worried that you will be waiting below, and hurriedly came down to pick you up?” Alvin was convincing.

“Okay, okay, let’s go in.” Alyssa was too lazy to fight with him, and got into the elevator.

When she arrived at Alvin’s house, Alyssa found that his house was much better than when she came last time.

Although it’s still a bit messy, it’s not dirty.

Alvin put breakfast on the dining table, dropped the sentence “You eat first” and I run into the bathroom.

There was a sound of water in the bathroom, and Alyssa did not eat breakfast first, but waited for him to come out to eat together.

She deliberately brought her breakfast, and of course she had to wait for him to eat it together, otherwise she would be very rude.

More than ten minutes later, Alvin came out.

There are still drops of water on his face, and the hair on his forehead is slightly damp. The hair is not as messy as before, but it is not as delicately groomed as usual. There are two bunches of dull hair on the top of his head, which looks a bit childish.

Alyssa couldn’t help but take another look. Does Playboy Alvin still have another side?

Alvin felt that Alyssa was watching him, and smiled unkindly: “Alyssa, what are you staring at me like this? You suddenly discovered my handsomeness, so you want to…that?”

He made an ambiguous look.

Alyssa twitched her mouth, opened a box of breakfast, and threw the lid directly on him, saying without expression, “Are you as handsome as Karl?”

This sentence blurted out, and Alyssa herself was taken aback.

Alvin’s face collapsed all at once, and he seemed very upset.

Alyssa remembered that Alvin had said before that his father was always admiring Karl, which made him reject Karl.

Alyssa knew that she had said something inappropriate: “Sorry, I have no other interest.”

Alvin stared at her for a moment, and said uncharacteristically, “My dad always praised Karl. I think it was because my dad didn’t look down on me, so he always praised others. But even you missed Karl. , Maybe he really excels.”

“You…” Alyssa raised her head, looking at Alvin in surprise.

“I will have breakfast, I’m so hungry.” Alvin didn’t want to continue talking with her, so she changed the subject.

He opened the breakfast box, his eyes widened: “Is this breakfast so good? Which one? It looks so delicious.”

As Alvin said, he picked up a rabbit-shaped rice ball and put it in his mouth.

From this breakfast shop food was bought for Grace by Alyssa before. The style is exquisite, there are many patterns, and the taste is good.

Alyssa opened the other boxes and arranged them in front of Alvin.

The two sat face to face at the table for breakfast, Alyssa had nothing to say, but Alvin said something from time to time.

Alvin seems to really like this kind of snack. Alyssa estimated the content of Alvin based on Karl’s previous food intake, and bought a few more portions, but Alvin could eat them all.

After eating, Alyssa didn’t expect Alvin to pack the lunch box, she started to pack it herself.

Alvin leaned back in a chair lazily, watching Alyssa standing at the table busy packing her lunch boxes, and suddenly said, “I haven’t had breakfast at home in a long time.”

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