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Chapter 777

Alyssa groaned for a moment, then responded, “Yes.”

“Huh?” Peter stretched out his hand to help his forehead, and said earnestly: “It’s all for this, and you are so calm. Do you think Karl will let you go? Huh?”

Alyssa replied very simply: “No.”

“Then you still…” Peter looked at her calm expression, and was anxious: “Aren’t you afraid of him?”

She was still calm: “There is nothing to be afraid of.”

Peter was about to continue speaking, and Tina interrupted him: “Wait, what happened? What are you thinking about Karl? Why can’t I understand you?”

“It’s nothing, it’s just a little contradiction between me and Karl.” Alyssa gave Peter a calm look and motioned him not to tell Tina.

She didn’t expect that Peter would come to the door directly after learning about this, and it happened to be when Tina was discharged from the hospital.

Alyssa had originally made up her mind not to let Tina know about it, and didn’t want her to worry about it.

“Bypassing me!” Tina listened to the conversation between the two of them just now, and realized that things were not that simple.

Tina glanced at Alyssa, then turned to look at Peter: “Alyssa doesn’t want to tell me, you tell me!”

It was impossible for Peter to hide words in front of Tina. He glanced at Alyssa with an embarrassed expression, and told her everything.

After listening to Peter’s words, Tina almost dropped her chin and muttered, “Alyssa, you dare to give Karl medicine, awesome!”

Alyssa twitched the corners of her mouth and said nothing.

In the next second, Tina exploded in a sudden, with a tone of hatred for iron and steel: “You thought I really praised you! You are confused, even if it is a man you don’t want, why do you want to make it cheaper? That b!tch Mian!”

Peter explained: “Karl and Alyssa are divorced…”

“Shut up!” Tina snorted coldly, and Peter immediately shut up and turned his head to look out the window.

“Also, is Karl someone you can fool if you want? He can kill you with his fingers…” Tina was angry at first, and then she started to worry, “Or you Go abroad to hide?”

“I know you are worried about me, but this matter is not as serious as you think, and I can solve it.” Alyssa knew that their original intention was to care about her.

But this is a matter between her and Karl, and it should not involve too many people.

Peter and Tina looked at each other, and both fell silent.

After a while, Peter said: “But this thing is indeed done beautifully!”

Peter and Karl had been in friendship for so many years, although the last time Karl sheltered Miana made Grant angry, it didn’t make them both turn against each other.

In the end, he was still a little unhappy, but Miana also broke her leg and was hospitalized, which made him feel better.

Hearing that Karl had been given the medicine by Alyssa, he felt a little more happy. Nevertheless, he was happy, he became a little worried about Alyssa.

He originally thought that Karl and Alyssa would get back together one day, but when he saw Karl covering Miana regardless of right or wrong, he had to believe that Karl really cared about Miana.

Karl was cold-tempered and unpredictable, but he was desperate for the people he cared about.

As a result, Peter became even more worried about Alyssa’s situation.

Alyssa had a good relationship with Tina, and he had already regarded Alyssa as a good friend, so he hurried to Alyssa to ask about this.

Tina glared at Peter: “Pretty!”

After Tina was discharged from the hospital, she went home to recuperate, and her parents had already returned, and Alyssa didn’t need to make any more soup.

But Alyssa spent more thoughts on preparing for the lawsuit.

Time flickered, and more than a month passed.

In early May, the weather in Rostenvel became hotter, and it was the season for wearing skirts.

The custody dispute between Alyssa and Karl had not been long since leaving the court.

At this time, news of Karl and Miana entering and leaving the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital was spread over the Internet.

There are photos and videos, and some people have seen them in the hospital.

Alyssa’s mobile phone receives dozens of news items every day, all of which are related to Karl and Miana.

Every piece of news has a real punch.

People on the Internet and in the entire Rostenvel are talking about these two people.

“Probably they are getting married?”

“There was only news before, and neither of them personally confirmed it!”

“It should be announced this time!”

“Mr. Adams’ marriage is really bumpy.”

“Maybe rich people do this.”

Alyssa just went to the supermarket to buy something, and could hear them talking about Karl and Miana.

She recently caught a cold again and wore a mask when she went out.

The closer she left the court, the more irritable she felt.

She didn’t want to listen to these people talking about Karl, so she just picked a few things and returned home.

Since Karl visited her last time, she hasn’t seen him again for more than a month, and only saw a few blurry photos taken online.

But it can be vaguely seen from the outline that the person in the photo is really Karl.

After Alyssa drove home, she sorted out all the photos she had seen online in the past two months.

When the first news and the first photo came out, Alyssa was not sure that Miana was really pregnant.

However, the news and photos of them entering and leaving the hospital recently have been overwhelming. Karl did not come forward to stop them. He really planned to leave it alone and prepare for a big wedding.

It will probably be announced in a few days.

That night, Karl and Miana…

Alyssa pulled the corners of her lips, barely smiled, then turned off the computer, picked up the phone and stood up to call Alvin.

As Alyssa expected, within a few days, Karl and Miana announced their marriage.

“Yesterday, Karl, CEO of the Adams’ Group, announced his marriage to his fiancé at a business dinner. The time is set in the middle of next month…”

As soon as this news came out, the upper circles of the Rostenvel stock market boiled again.

Alyssa sat in front of the TV, watching this news report while eating instant noodles.

Tomorrow is the day of the court session, and she has no intention of cooking or thinking about other things.

She only knew that she must get custody of Grace.

Early the next morning, Alyssa went to the court neatly dressed.

She met Alvin at the gate of the court.

Alvin noticed the black marks on her eyes and asked, “Did you sleep well last night?”

“At this time, it’s weird to be able to sleep well, isn’t it?” Alyssa turned her head and glanced at Alvin: “Your dark circles are also heavy.”

Chapter 778

Alvin has indeed spent a lot of thought settling the case for Alyssa in the past two months.

During this period of time, his nerves have been very tight, afraid of losing.

“I’ve been a little tired recently. If I win this lawsuit, I can take a good rest.” Alvin suppressed the anxiety in his heart and explained.

Alyssa felt Alvin’s nervousness, and said soothingly: “It’s not up to people to make things happen, it’s up to the heavens. Even if you lose, there are other ways.”

Alvin said with a solemn expression: “If you won’t lose, go in.”

Alyssa looked back and said, “I’ll go in later.”

Alvin’s eyes flashed strangely and asked her, “Who are you waiting for?”

“Wait for two friends.” Alyssa said.

After hearing Alyssa’s words, Alvin glanced at her again and went first.

Not long after he walked in, Tina and Peter arrived, and Alyssa was waiting for the two of them.

They had previously said that they would come to the courtyard, and Alyssa was here waiting for them to enter together.

Tina and Peter have not reconciled yet. Both of them drove over in their own cars. Tina’s legs could not drive yet. The assistant drove her.

One of them walked in front and the other walked behind.

“Alyssa!” Tina walked to Alyssa first.

Immediately afterwards, Peter also walked over and asked, “Is Karl here?”

“I haven’t seen others yet.” Alyssa looked far away, neither could she see Karl’s figure, nor Smith’s figure.

Peter shook his head: “Go in first.”

Recently, online news about Karl and Miana’s wedding date has been raging, and they all know that he is to avoid mentioning it.

Alyssa nodded slightly, and went in with Peter and Tina.

Until the court session, Karl did not show up either.

Clifford also appeared in the court, and he also came to watch the court.

Smith hurriedly appeared in the court just before the trial.

Karl was absent, but the court still had to go.

Alyssa and Alvin looked at each other, not knowing what was going on.

Smith only said one sentence: “Sir has something to do.”

The lawyers Karl hired were naturally the best, but Karl did not show up, so he still lacked a little confidence.

Alvin was essentially afraid of Karl, and Karl’s absence made him more comfortable and relaxed.

Alvin is wearing a deep black suit today, which is very different from his usual style, and it also seems that he is more stable than usual.

“Although the economic conditions of the two sides are very different, but as the CEO of the Adams Group, does Karl have time to take care of the children and give them enough love? Material is important, but for a child under four years old, The love of loved ones is more important…”

“I think you are changing the subject, what we said…”


The lawyers on both sides are not abstinent, and both sides have come back and forth. The trial lasted for three hours before it ended.

Until the end, Karl did not appear.

At the gate of the court, Alyssa called Smith: “Mr. Smith, why didn’t Karl come?”

Smith slightly nodded his head, still as rigid as before: “Ms. Palmer is in a physical condition and is hospitalized, so Boss can’t get away.”

Alvin and his party who followed, happened to only hear Smith’s words.

Tina couldn’t help but sneered, “He doesn’t care about Grace because Miana has a child in her stomach, right?”

Alyssa lowered her eyes slightly and pulled Tina’s arm.

“Isn’t this something obvious? How tight was Karl’s pressure before? Now that the court is officially opened but not showing up? It’s spread all over the Internet. Who doesn’t know that Karl’s fiancé is suspicious, and their good will be coming?”

Tina got more and more angry as she walked to the side and kicked on the pillar.

She came out today to do a private business, without window high heels, her feet hurt a bit, but not serious.

Smith didn’t seem to hear Tina’s words, and only nodded at them, then turned to leave.

Tina said to Alyssa with some worry: “If he finds that b!tch woman, let him find it. Anyway, Grace’s custody right belongs to you.”

Alyssa smiled at her and turned to look at Alvin.

At this look, she found that Clifford was standing next to Alvin.

As if she hadn’t seen Clifford, she just set her gaze on Alvin’s face, and said with a little gratitude, “Thank you.”

The result of this trial was better than expected.

“You just have to wait for the verdict to come down with peace of mind, and don’t forget what you promised me at that time.” Alvin carried a briefcase behind his back, and he really has the rigorous and steady temperament that a lawyer can have.

Tina looked at Alvin vigilantly, and asked Alyssa in a low voice, “What did you promise him?”

Tina only recently learned of Alvin’s existence. She always felt that Alvin was not serious, so she was a little worried.

Alyssa said, “Be serious.”

“Keep everything from me.” Tina curled her lips without concealment.

Alyssa sorted out the messy hair on her forehead for Tina: “No, I will tell you everything when the dust settles on Grace.”


At this time, Peter said again: “Alyssa, you won the first instance, but what if Karl appeals again?”

Before Alyssa could speak, Alvin replied for Alyssa: “Miana is already pregnant and hospitalized, how can he appeal? Besides, Karl’s current situation is not suitable for bringing up a child.”

Peter is also a man, and he can naturally see that Alvin is unusual for Alyssa.

But after all, Alyssa has been with Karl for so long, and Karl’s friendship with him is not a day or two. Even though he and Karl have conflicts now, he still has a kind of opinion about Alvin.

Therefore, he didn’t look at Alvin with kind eyes.

But now, what is right and wrong? Karl and Alyssa were already strangers.

“I’m leaving first. I’ll call if I have something to do.” Peter came to watch the court just to know the result. It depends on the situation that Alyssa won the first instance, and he didn’t want to stay here any longer.

Seeing Alvin is a little uncomfortable, it’s better to miss seeing him.

Alyssa nodded at him: “Goodbye.”

Peter made a calling gesture towards Alyssa, then turned into the car and left.

Peter left, but Tina didn’t plan to leave: “Alyssa, I will go to your house to accompany you?”

“I have other things to work on. You should go home and take a good rest and care your legs, so that the root of the disease will not fall.” After Tina stood for a while, Alyssa was afraid that she would be tired, and helped her into the car.

She had been injured for a hundred days, and Tina had only been resting for less than two months, so she still has to recuperate.

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