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Chapter 1060

sheldon and Er Ye Feixu were drinking tea. At this time, all the Hanoi family members returned to the family. After a night of investigation, even the hotel was in the hotel. I checked it inside and out, but no clue was found.

The one who was repelled and injured by sheldon was called Hanoi Saburo, and the one who led the investigation was the core disciple of the Hanoi family, called Hanoi Liugu.

At this moment the two of them were standing in the hall with their heads down.

“Let’s talk about it, what’s the situation?” Hanoi Chuan, the head of the Hanoi family, was sitting in the first chair and looking at them. Although he has not heard the report, there has been no news from last night until now, and he knows it in his heart what happened.

“Patriarch, I rushed over immediately after receiving the news from Saburo, but I checked the hotel and the vicinity of the hotel and found no trace of them. They may have left long ago.” Hanoi Liugu was shocked by the words of the Patriarch. I shuddered, but still endured the fear in my heart to report.

“It’s really a bunch of waste.” Hanoi Chuan slapped the chair and said angrily.

“Patriarch, the Chinese man is very strong. I was injured as soon as I met him. During our investigation, we found two Chinese residents who registered to stay in the hotel, but we didn’t find the one who injured me.” Saburo followed.

“Did you see his looks clearly?” Hanoi Chuan asked.

“It was too dark to see him clearly, but I remembered his voice. If I was in front of me, I would definitely recognize it!” Hanoi Saburo shook his head and said.

“There is no difference between what you said and what you didn’t say!”

“We spent three years from planning to hands-on. As long as we can catch Erye Feixu, we can successfully make Erye Family ours. The affiliated family unexpectedly failed when they were about to succeed!”

“This failure not only means that we have missed the best opportunity, it will be more difficult to do it in the future. The Erye family will definitely be prepared, and they will even use this matter to make a fuss and trouble us!”

Hanoi Chuan held the armrest of the chair with both hands. As he spoke, he became more and more angry, and directly pinched the armrest off with force.

Looking at the two clansmen in front of him, he wanted to step forward and give a few slaps.

Hanoi Saburo and Hanoi Liugu did not speak. Although it was true that the operation failed because of the sudden intervention of the Chinese people, in the final analysis, it was still a problem in their hands. After the Patriarch traced it down, the responsibility was still on them.

“Patriarch, if we issue an order to investigate the whereabouts of this person, I think there should be a chance. He is so strong and a Chinese.” Hanoi Liu Gu didn’t want to involve him because of Saburo, so After thinking for a while, he said quickly.

“I have already ordered this before you come back!”

“Okay, you go back and rest first. I will inform you if you have any news. Remember to stare at the Erye family during this time and take a look. What special actions do they have, it’s best to send a few confidants in to find out the relationship between the Chinese and their families!”

Hanoi Chuan waved his hand weakly.

At his order, the two of them had to turn around and leave after nodding their heads.

Two days passed.

In the Erye family, sheldon still lives here. Erye Takuya will tell him the latest information about it every day, but sheldon is completely uninterested in these situations. He is full of thoughts about how to talk about the sea. Things of the Dong people.

At noon that day, while having a meal with Erye Takuya’s women, sheldon glanced at the pendant on Feixu’s chest.

He knew that if he didn’t take the initiative to ask, he would probably not know for a long time whether he was a descendant of the Haidong people, nor would he know the secret of Youlong Island.

“Miss Feixu, the pendant on your chest seems to be something special.” sheldon seemed to ask casually after eating two bites of rice.

“You mean this pendant?” Er Ye Feixu was taken aback, and pointed to his chest.

“Yes, I think this pattern is like a totem or something like a mark. It’s not like our ordinary pendants should look like. It is from your Erye family’s ancestors?” sheldon smiled, his tone relaxed and natural, with the slightest feeling. Nothing is wrong.

“You are quite discerning, this is…” Er Ye Feixu smiled lightly.

“This is indeed a pendant from our family’s ancestors, but it’s nothing unusual.” Before Er Ye Feixu finished speaking, Takuya interrupted her.

“It turned out to be so.” sheldon pursed his lips and smiled.

Although I did not get an exact answer, I can clearly know that Takuya Futaba did not want to talk more about this topic. Based on what I have seen and seen in the past few days, sheldon is almost certain that this Erye family should have been thousands of years ago. The Hai Dong nationality.

“By the way, Mr. Chen, I am afraid I will trouble you to do something today.” Seeing sheldon no longer asked, Erye Takuya was relieved.

“Just say it.” sheldon smiled.

“This afternoon, I want you to accompany Feixu out. Although it is a bit dangerous and has not been completely resolved with the Hanoi family, this matter is more important. I don’t worry about the other masters in the family. I just want to trouble you. “Futaba Takuya looked a little embarrassed.

“No problem, I’ll just go.” sheldon agreed without any hesitation.

“Then I will work hard for you.” Seeing sheldon’s promise, Erye Takuya also smiled.

After dinner, sheldon and Er Ye Feixu left together.

“What are you going to do?” Sitting in the co-pilot, sheldon asked a little curiously, her eyes still swept over her chest as she spoke.

“Hey, I went on a blind date.” Er Ye Feixu was a little embarrassed, but he still told the truth to sheldon.

“Blind date?” sheldon almost dropped his chin in shock.

“No way, our Erye family is too weak now. My father must let me marry someone else and use the power of other families to protect our Erye family so that we can live safely in the future, let alone the Hanoi family now. “Er Ye Feixu shook her head helplessly. From the very beginning, when her father said to her, she meant to refuse.

But she is the eldest lady in the family, and she must put her family first.

“Are you willing?” sheldon asked seeing her expression.

“I’m very unwilling, but I don’t want to, and there is nothing I can do. Let’s meet them, otherwise, if we offend this family, then we Erye really don’t have a foothold in the country of Japan.”

Erye Feixu’s expression Some helpless.

Since she became the eldest lady of the Erye family, her destiny has not been arranged by herself, and she has already wanted to do it all these years, not to mention that it is a good thing to be able to make some contributions to the family.

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