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Chapter 811

Although Alvin didn’t know who was calling, there were few people who could make Alyssa’s mood fluctuate so obviously.

He glanced at Alyssa’s cell phone calmly, and said, “I’m going back now.”

Alyssa nodded towards him with a smile.

After Alvin left, Alyssa answered the phone while walking home.

After she answered the phone, she didn’t speak immediately.

A rustling voice came from the phone, and after a few seconds, the other end of the phone became completely silent.

In the quiet background, Karl’s voice sounded more low.

“What’s the matter with you and Miana?”

Karl’s tone was faint, and she couldn’t hear any emotions.

Alyssa knew that this matter would surely reach Karl’s ears sooner or later, but she never thought that Karl would ask her directly in person like this.

“This matter is not important.” Alyssa’s tone was also very weak: “Where will you meet today?”

Karl asked, “Is there a reporter in your community?”

Alyssa paused, and Karl confirmed that there was a reporter at the gate of Alyssa’s community.

“You take Grace out, can you make sure that you won’t be photographed by the reporter?” Karl asked.

To be honest, Alyssa cannot guarantee.

This is where she worries most.

Karl said directly, “I’m here.”

Alyssa hesitated for a moment, and said aloud, “Okay.”

This is the end of the matter, this is the safest way.

Grace wanted to see Karl.

She couldn’t take Grace out of the house at the risk of Grace being photographed by the reporter.

When Alyssa returned home, she saw Grace sitting on the sofa obediently.

She also put on a new dress that Alyssa bought for her.

As soon as she saw mom coming back, she ran over: “Mom, when shall we go to see Dad?”

“He will come, we don’t have to go out.” Alyssa touched her head and explained to her.

Grace blinked: “Then when will he come?”

As long as she can see Karl, it is the same for Grace whether she goes out or stays at home.

“Before noon.” In fact, Alyssa had not confirmed the exact time with Karl.

Grace’s eyes lit up: “Okay.”

For Alyssa’s shoulder injury, she has to go to change the dressing today, and it seemed that she could only wait for the evening to go out for a change.

As Alyssa guessed, Karl had come to see Grace before noon.

It was less than ten o’clock when he came.

Brought toys and dolls.

As soon as Grace saw him, she rushed over, raised her head and smiled at him: “Dad!”

Karl took the-toy to Grace, and she didn’t rush to take it apart, but talked to Karl arrogantly.

Alyssa stayed quiet and didn’t say much.

Grace probably felt that she was too enthusiastic about her father and left her mother indifferent, so she turned around and smiled and called Alyssa: “Mom.”

Alyssa laughed at Grace, and when she turned her head to look at Karl, the expression on her face gradually faded: “What to drink?”

Karl did not look at her either: “Water.”

Alyssa poured the water over, and when handed it to Karl, she whispered, “Will you stay for meal at noon?”

Karl finally looked up at her, his eyes a little strange.

Alyssa wanted to confirm something.

She thought about it, but was not sure about it.

Seeing Karl’s delay in speaking, Grace became anxious: “Daddy stay here for dinner.”

Karl lowered his eyes to look at Grace, and said, “Yes.”

Alyssa pursed her lips: “Then I will prepare lunch first.”

Chapter 812

As soon as Alyssa stood up, she heard Karl’s voice flashing again.

“No need.”

Alyssa looked back at him.

Karl said in a low voice, “I have already ordered food from Best Day.”

Alyssa’s eyes flashed, and she didn’t say much, she just gave a faint “Oh”.

Someone from Best Day soon delivered food.

Best Day has a special delivery service department. Of course, the delivery fee is also very expensive. After all, the style of the food delivered to the diners is exactly the same as the food eaten in Best Day.

The waiter who brought the food came in and arranged it before leaving.

There are a lot of dishes and a large table full of them.

Grace is the happiest, has a good appetite, and eats more than usual.

If it weren’t for Alyssa to stop her, she could eat more.

After Grace was full, she went to the side to take apart the toys.

Although Alyssa’s shoulder injury was not serious, it still affected the movement of her arms a bit.

She and Karl sat face to face without looking at each other.

Alyssa had almost eaten, turned to look at Grace who was not far away focusing on dismantling the toy, and then raised her head to look at Karl who was on the opposite side.

Karl felt Alyssa looking at him, so he glanced at her, and said quietly, “If you have something to say.”

Alyssa slightly opened her lips, and asks: “Have you found the person who put the Miana video at your wedding?”

Karl’s hand movement paused: “Isn’t it you?”

Alyssa chuckled lightly: “Is it me? You know it best in your heart.”

“Are you afraid that I will make trouble for you, and now you are starting to excuse yourself?” Karl’s tone was with a trace of disdain.

Alyssa did not speak immediately, and Karl continued: “Do you still deny that you did not find Miana’s video?”

“I didn’t do it.” Alyssa took a deep look at Karl, “Karl, sometimes people are always clever but they are mistaken for cleverness.”

“If I had the ability to make trouble at your wedding, would I go around such a big circle and give the video to the media?”

Alyssa paused, as if suddenly thinking of something, and said casually, “Oh, one more thing, Alvin received a piece of evidence that Clifford killed Wilfred, and I don’t know who gave it to him. Clifford found this kind of thing in his hands, and the entire Rostenvel didn’t know how many people could be found…”

Alyssa noticed that when she said this, Karl’s face was expressionless, as if he hadn’t heard the deep meaning of Alyssa’s words.

It seems that these things really have nothing to do with him.

Alyssa’s eyes were locked tightly on Karl’s body, and she asked softly, “Karl, what do you think?”

Karl lowered his eyes and slowly took a towel and wiped his hands.

Then he slowly said, “Alyssa, you think we are in a relationship like before, do I have to tell you everything you ask?”

He sneered: “Don’t forget, we are already divorced.”

“Oh, you don’t need to remind me. Alvin is chasing me. I think he is pretty good, and Grace likes him too.” Alyssa picked up the cup and drank, as if she didn’t care what she said to Karl.

However, when she drank the water, the corner of her eye was secretly aiming at his reaction.

The atmosphere in the restaurant has become somewhat depressing.

Alyssa raised her head to look at Karl, but found that his expression has not changed a bit.

Not only that, he also said: “If Grace really likes Alvin, it’s okay.”

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