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Chapter 83

After throwing her in the passenger seat, Max bypassed the body and sat in the driver’s seat.

As a result, as soon as he entered the car, he was hugged by Ava inside.

“Hey! Stop making trouble…”

Ava’s hot body stuck to him, and for a while, Max felt a little hard to breathe.

The faint fragrance of her body, accompanied by the mellow scent of alcohol, penetrated his breath, making him feel a little feverish.

This woman is too hot!!!

“Hey, woman, I warned you, let go of this young master…”

Max impatiently pulled Ava off her body, and then put down the back of the front passenger seat, trying to give her a quiet rest.

“Go to bed! You’ll be home soon! If you want to send it-Chun has to wait until he sees him, Jack will send it again!”

Sometimes Max had to admire his determination.

He looks like a playboy on the surface, but in fact, he has extremely high requirements for animals like women. Where can an average woman get on Max’s bed?

Of course, Ava is not an ordinary woman!

It’s just that he is not used to taking advantage of others, and he doesn’t like to go to bed with women casually!

In short…

Do-love this kind of passionate work…

He has a little bit of cleanliness!!!

He never touches women casually!!!

This is his purpose, and of course, it is also his secret!

Why is it a secret?! Because, thinking of his dignified young master of the European Union, he didn’t even have a bed-warming woman, so many people would laugh out of it!

Therefore, this has always been an unknown secret!


Ava, who was lying in the passenger seat, cried.

She seemed uncomfortable, a pair of small hands were constantly tearing her clothes.

The forehead and neck are already hot and sweaty.

Her beautiful apricot eyes, at this moment, are as red as rabbit eyes, cute but innocent.

Her eyes were scattered, “lost”, and tears were still glowing, making the man feel pity when he looked at it, not to mention that she is still crying now.

“Arthur, Ava is uncomfortable… uncomfortable…”

She coquettishly.

The whole person began to move towards Max.


Max cursed, not knowing how many bastards had given this woman multiple “drugs”.

Ava sat up, leaned her head on his shoulders, and kept rubbing against him, her little hand hugged his waist tightly and refused to let go.


A brake sounded and Max stopped the car to the side of the road.

In his body, a certain woman has already begun to boldly lay hands on him.

Even, her soft and hot lips have already begun to wander around his neck, “licking”…

This woman…

Bold enough!!!

It seems that Allison Jack has trained his woman well!

However, Max’s concentration has always been amazingly good. He has been trained to have no desires since he was a child, and even in the end, even drugs can no longer produce any seductive power on him. Therefore, he, for things like women, they are simply invulnerable!

“Hey! Sit down…”

He pulled away from the woman who was holding him like an octopus.

As soon as he grabbed her arm, she found that she was as soft as mud as if she was about to melt in his hand.

At that moment, Max felt that her body was starting to become hot and dry inexplicably…

Just as he was in a daze, Ava leaned towards him with a pair of apricot eyes…

Her lips were half an inch away from his lips.

She chuckled slightly…

The eyes are “blurred”…

The heat splashed on Max’s face, making him somehow difficult to control.

“Hey! If you dare to come by, I’m rude to you!”

Who cares who she is, if she provokes Max, he will not let it go!

The girl was still laughing, but there were still tears in those crescent eyes. The next second, she smashed away, her hot lips tightly holding his lips. valve…

Brother Arthur, why are you willing to want that woman, but why are you not willing to want me?



She grabbed Max’s hand and prompted him to “touch” and play with her tender and hot body…

Facing her provocative and hot kiss, Max did not refuse.

Because he could not find a reason for rejection!!!

When she struck at him and kissed his thin lips, he knew that all the intellectual factors in his body had completely disintegrated in that instant.

“Ava, you asked for this!”

He stretched out his hand, grabbed her, let her spread her legs, and sit on him.

Hugging the back of her head with big hands, pressing her on the steering wheel, and continued this heart-burning kiss domineering and rude.

This is a strong kiss…

When his lips pressed tightly against Ava’s red lips, the sudden intimacy made Ava feel much more comfortable…


Wet lips, entangled with her crazily…

“Max” couldn’t help but overflow between her red lips, one after another, it severely stimulated the tight things under Max…

Max smiled “confusedly” and bit her red lips, “Little girl seems to be very skilled by Allison Jack…”

She knows how to seduce a man!


He bit her lips, Ava couldn’t help but exhale in pain.

The pretty eyebrows frowned and looked at him dissatisfied.

Max let go, and in the next moment, opened his lips, and directly bit her neckline which had already been scattered…

Then, there was a “bang…”…

All the buttons fell apart in the car.

The dress popped…

Max pressed a button on the car at any time, and in an instant, all the curtains on the car windows were pulled down.

Everything in the car is completely blocked from the outside.

And inside the car…

The temperature rises greatly…

Moreover, what made Max’s blood spurted was that this woman…

Much bolder and hotter than her appearance!

“Sex”-sense breast-clothing is the kind of hollow and translucent design, which wraps the two round and full snow peaks inside…

The corner of his evil lips conjured up a satisfied smile.

Hands, hooked Ava’s shy and ruddy cheeks, “Unexpectedly, you look so simple on the surface, but in your bones, it turns out to be so…wind-“Sao”…”

This surprised Max.

But, also exceptionally satisfied!!!

Ava stuck to Max’s body, and she rubbed against him with an uncomfortable feeling…

Desire-seeking dissatisfied Ava kept overflowing to her lips, and she let out a sad cry…

In the body, it seemed that some insects were gnawing at her frantically, so uncomfortable!!!

Is she dying…

Otherwise, why would she be so hot and she can’t find a vent?


“I need to…”

Mu Ling murmured in pain, begging in a low voice, she didn’t even know what she wanted.

She only knows that her body is so empty…

Moreover, it is the kind of itchy empty!

She is always looking for something to fill herself up!

Max stared at her with a “disturbed” stare…

This girl…

She has an extremely youthful and lovely face, like an innocent child on weekdays, but she is very surprised. It turns out that she is such a woman in her bones…

Hand, can’t help grasping the two soft-soft balls on her chest.

At that moment, he felt the woman on him, and he was choked…

In the next moment, she exclaimed with joy…

She likes his “kneading”-kneading!!!

Undoubtedly, such a murmuring sound was like a catalyst for Max…

As a result, the heat in his body rose wildly…

The excitement filled his whole body.

Every cell in the body seems to be clamoring for her!

He stretched out his hand and rudely tore off the obstruction on her chest.

And that soft feeling suddenly seemed to melt his heart…

And obviously, the woman on his body is already ready to be captured by him…

She held Xingmu in a “bewildered” manner, and her fiery lips wandered wildly on his sturdy body…

“Lick”, gnaw, suck…

Wherever she went, her lips and teeth left a series of marks that she had bitten excitedly.

What a hot and sexy woman!!!

Facing her hot and humid marshland, Max has not had much concentration…

Only a “hiss-” sound was heard, followed by Ava’s “Ah…” “Yan”, her little bottoms-pants-had been scrapped in Max’s hands.

In the next instant, his hot big hands hugged her cocked-“butt”.

One pulls up…

Then, heavy pressure…

A little bit, swallow his hot huge-big one.


Ava screamed…

Ava’s small face suddenly wrinkled with pain…

“It hurts, it hurts, oooooh…”

Tears rushed down her eyes…

She buried her head in pain and took a hard bite on Max’s shoulder.

“Chao” red body, trembling constantly.



Max let out a curse.

Below him, he squeezed tightly into the woman’s body…

Let him, the whole nerve line collapsed very tightly.

He never thought that this woman…

She is still a virgin girl!!!

When his hugeness touched her thin film, he already knew.

He wanted to get it out of her body, but he couldn’t do it…

Wrapped in her tight body, he couldn’t bear to come out…

Even, he just wants to sink deeper and deeper…

Until he used his body…

It pierced her film symbolizing a girl…

Hearing her yelling pain, Max stopped moving around her waist, but he still did not pull himself out of her body.

He stared at the little face wrinkled with pain in front of him…

Chapter 84

“To beat…”

He coaxed her lightly.


She seemed to be coquettish, rubbing against him in his arms…

Provoked Max only felt the fire all over his body rushing wildly.

Finally, he couldn’t bear it again, grabbing her waist with both hands, moving up and down…

Action, but he has to be more careful than before!

Indeed, he never thought that Ava was still a virgin.

Jack had never touched this woman, which surprised him too much!!!

“Ava, bear with me, you will get better soon…”

His kiss, freely on her lips…

He tried to use this trick to divert her attention…


“Yan” sound accompanied by the man’s rough gasp, rang one after another in the car.

From the pain at the beginning to the end, Ava became more and more excited…

The whole person, as if sitting in the clouds, fluttering, **…

It feels so beautiful!!!

“So comfortable…”

She is a simple girl, she just said what she felt.

What’s more, she is drunk now, and she doesn’t even understand what shyness is, and what is the relationship between men and women.

Her approval undoubtedly gave Max a stimulant.


The two people shook wildly in the car…

He, time and time again, wanted this fairy-like woman in his arms with dissatisfaction…

Until, in his arms, she did not know whether it was because of being too excited, or too tired, or because of too much alcohol, and fell asleep deeply.

Max looked at the lovely rosy and pink cheeks in his arms, and the corners of her dizzy lips couldn’t help but lift slightly…

This accident today surprised him…

Unexpectedly, this woman is still a virgin!

Big hand, can’t help but attach her cheek…

The eyes were sunken a little…

She is already asleep.

Buried in his arms, breathing evenly.

Max put her in the passenger seat, only then did he notice the red blood in the car…

It was a sign that she transformed from a girl into a woman.

Max glanced at her deeply…

The lips curled into an arc of bait, “I don’t know what Jack Allison would like to know, how he would react! But…this young master is looking forward to it!”


All night, two people, just spent crazy in the car…

Until, a few hours later…

It lights up.

“Little boy! Go to school with that schoolbag…”

Quill, a cute bell blasted wildly in the car.

One sound, another sound…

Ava in the passenger seat, when she heard the urging bells, gradually came back from her sleep.

Last night she dreamed that she was entangled in the car with Arthur…

Although it is indeed a very beautiful dream! But how much is a bit shy.

Ava woke up hazily…

Reach out and find the phone…

However, what she “touched” was not the crumpled feeling on the head of the bed, but… the hot and firm hand feeling…

Like, a man’s body?!!!

Ava subconsciously tilted her head to see…


She screamed with fright, where was the bedside table lying beside her, she was a strong man!

Moreover, this man…!!!

She was so scared that she covered her mouth…

Turned out to be…


“How could it be he?”

She screamed in horror. Only then did she realize that she was the same as Max next to her…

A trace-no hang!!!

Only a man’s windbreaker was criticized on her, don’t think, it must be Max.

She wanted to throw away the windbreaker, but when she saw her naked appearance, she could only wrap her clothes tighter.

No need to ask, she has already guessed what happened last night…

Tears involuntarily flowed down from the eyes…

But Max still just squinted his eyes wistfully, watching her…

Poker face.


Ava scolded him.

“Uuuuu…you are in danger!”

Max shrugged lazily and said nothing.

Do not explain or deny.

The ringtone of the mobile phone still kept ringing in the car.

Max grabbed the phone and glanced at it, “Allison Jack called, listen!”

He threw the phone to Ava.

Ava’s face was pale, her hand holding the phone, shaking constantly.

Max lazily put his hands under his head, squinted, and continued to rest.

Last night, he was tortured by this woman and lost a bit of energy.

Therefore, what he needs most is rest.

He hasn’t slept enough yet!

However, the immature ringing sound didn’t mean to make him feel better. He opened his eyes and looked at Ava.

“Take it! If you are unhappy, just ask Allison Jack to help you get revenge!”


Ava’s body was still trembling, her eyes were full of tears.

She never thought that the man who wanted to leave for the first time was not Jack…

She gave herself to others!!!

She knew that she had been given “medicine” and that the person who had given the “medicine” was the group of yellow “hair” monsters yesterday. She vaguely remembered things, but she couldn’t remember what happened later.

“What happened yesterday…”

Her voice trembled a little, “I don’t want to be known by Arthur…”


She held her trench coat and wept bitterly.

Max squinted his charming eyes, and chuckled, “Why? I’m afraid he knows you are not clean and doesn’t want you anymore?”

“Do you tube!!!”

Max hated his attitude.

He soiled himself, but he could still talk to her in this tone.

Rogue! Bird-beast!!!

However, she couldn’t blame him, because yesterday she didn’t have any resistance at all, even…

Very proactive!!!

“Max, I forbid you to mention this to Brother Arthur! Did you hear that!!”


Max shrugged lazily, “I always don’t care! It’s just a show, don’t worry too much!”

In a gesture, his hand was about to pat her shoulder.

“Don’t touch me!!”

She dodges, not allowing him to touch her.

It’s all disgust written under her eyes.

However, Max didn’t care about her disgust at all.

“You are called crossing the river and demolishing the bridge!”

Throw it when you are done!

“Shut up!”

Ava didn’t even look at it, grabbed a piece of clothing on the ground, and threw it at Max.

So dying, thrown on his head…

It’s so immortal, it’s still… her breast-clothes!!!

Suddenly, Ava flushed with embarrassment.

Kill her!!! At this moment, she just wanted to find a hole to bury herself.

“Hey! The woman’s breast-clothes and head are very unlucky!”

Max grabbed the clothes and complained as if dissatisfied, but there was still a wicked smile on the corner of his mouth.

Ava glared at him, stretched out her hand, and snatched the clothes in his hand, “It’s good to be bad luck!”

“Hurry up and listen to the phone!”

Max “rubbed” her ears, “How old are you, the phone ringtone is so naive!”

When he said, Ava’s cheek flushed with shame, “I want you to take care of it!”

She held her mobile phone and looked at the caller ID on the phone’s screen. She was shocked for a long time.

Eye sockets, red…

Tears, keep coming out…

Brother Arthur called, she knew, they must be looking for her crazy!

However, she didn’t dare to take it, and she didn’t dare to face him…

“If you don’t answer it, hang up!”

Max frowned, seemingly unhappy.

The most annoying woman shed tears!

Moreover, holding the woman who shed tears, there is no way at all!

Ava wiped away her tears and choked, “Max, you are not allowed to speak.”

Max glanced at her lazily, and then lay down again, closed his eyes, and rested, not taking care of the crying woman beside him.

Ava dried her tears, adjusted her emotions a little, and cleared her throat before answering Jack’s call.

“Brother Arthur…”

Her voice is very low and soft.


Jack’s tone is particularly bad, but his worry is easy to hear.

“I… I’m outside now.”

Ava’s voice was still a little timid.

“Come back.”

Jack’s tone was simple and neat.


She answered obediently.

Then, the phone hangs up.

Ava sat in the passenger seat, clutching Max’s clothes in depression, biting her lip, not knowing what to do.

Clothes or something, she was torn to pieces by the bastard around her a long time ago. How can she go back with this look?!


Ava called to him.

There is no answer.


Ava shouted again.

At this time, Max raised his eyes lazily.

“Can you help me buy some clothes?”

Now, she can only ask this man for help!


Max’s eyes looked her up and down.

“What are you looking at!!”

Ava hugged herself tightly, “You tore my clothes, what’s wrong with you buying them for me!”

Max sighed and shook his head, “Hey, women are trouble!”

While sighing, he dialed his phone.

“From the inside out, buy a set of clothes for women! Height 165, measurements…Visually 38, 32, 34…”

While talking, Max glanced at Ava again from top to bottom without evasiveness…

“Remember to disinfect! I’m on the second ring line.”

The phone hangs up.

Ava only glanced at him and wanted to thank him, but felt very strange.

The clothes were torn by him, and he seemed to have done this for himself for granted.

Ava got out of Max’s car after changing her clothes. She didn’t want to stay in his car any longer.

Going home, Jack sat in the hall with a calm face and waited.

“Where did you go last night?”

Jack questioned her like an interrogation.

“Go for some small wine.”

Ava answered truthfully.

It still smells of alcohol.

“Drinking?” Jack frowned, “You know you don’t know how to drink, but you still drink? Run out rashly like you did yesterday. What if something happens?”

“What can happen? Who dares to touch someone from Allison Sect?”

Ava said she didn’t even dare to look at Jack’s eyes, “Besides, am I not doing well now?”

Jack’s deep eyes gripped her tightly, “Why did you change your clothes?”

His sudden question made Ava stunned for a second. The next moment, she made up a reason, “Drinking too much and vomiting dirty, so I just found a store to buy it. I came back after putting on a set of clothes.”

Jack’s faint blue eyes tightly locked her flushed face.

Obscure eyes flickered…

Unpredictable, can’t guess what his mind is at the moment.

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