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Chapter 1054

should know that this is only the death of a South Vietnamese special soldier. If it is Huaxia, or special soldiers from other countries that they can’t afford to offend, then The trouble can be big.

Now let the special forces of these countries find a place to live on their own, although it will be a little messy, but if things happen again, the responsibility of their warheads will be less.

“It seems that the war department is scared.” When receiving this news, sheldon could guess what they were thinking, and said with a smile.

“Yes, a country’s top special forces have disappeared inexplicably, and there is no clue left. I think the Japanese country has never encountered this kind of thing.” Guishuan also echoed.

“Needless to say about these things, let’s find a place to live. Nobody else except South Vietnam will bother us. It’s just that it’s too difficult to find the Haidong people. This race should have been fully integrated into the society of the Japanese nation. “

Thinking of the mission to the country this time, sheldon felt a little big head.

Looking for the Haidong tribe in the vast sea of ​​people, and this race is still deliberately hiding its identity, this kind of difficulty is no less than finding the Dragon Island in the ocean, but it is not dangerous.

After leaving the training base of the Wa country, the three of sheldon returned to the hotel where they had previously lived. Anyway, there is still nearly half a month before the start of the competition. After inquiring about the location of the competition in the country two days before the start, just rush over.

Only when checking in at the hotel, the ghost operator stared at a girl who came to check in, and she seemed to be dressed as a special soldier from the Japanese nation.

In every country, the special forces are not only men, and a small number of them are performed by women. After all, some tasks are far less convenient for men than women.

“Fell it?” sheldon asked with a low laugh when he saw that the ghost operator had been staring at the female special soldier.

“Don’t talk nonsense, I’m not interested in these women, I’m just very interested in her necklace.” The ghost operator shook his head, his eyes still on the woman’s body.

“Necklace?” sheldon frowned slightly, and said, “Why are you interested in other people’s necklaces? Are you a pervert?”

“I can tell you that her necklace is absolutely unusual. I feel like The pendant of the Haidong tribe has a special totem of the Haidong tribe on it, but I am not very familiar with this race, so I can’t be too sure.” The ghost operator still shook his head, and then whispered in sheldon’s ear.

The ghost operator’s voice was not loud, but it sounded like thunder in sheldon’s ears.

“What are you talking about, a special pendant of the Haidong tribe?” sheldon’s pupils were tightly locked, and his eyes were tightly locked on the woman in the hall. There was indeed a very thin necklace on her neck with a pendant on it. It’s too far to see clearly.

“It looks like, but I’m not sure.” Seeing sheldon’s emotions so excited, the ghost operator said quickly, for fear that in case he missed his eyes, sheldon would be too disappointed in the end.

“It’s not easy to be able to look like it. Anyway, we are getting closer and closer to the Haidong people.” sheldon exhaled deeply, and even his hands trembled slightly when he spoke.

“What are you going to do, just ask?” Guishuo continued to ask in a low voice.

“I don’t know, let’s see the situation first.” sheldon shook his head, facing the Haidong people, he didn’t know how to contact them so as not to make them feel scared and disgusted. Speak out the secret of the island.

“Then I’ll take Xiaofei up first.” After receiving the room card handed over by the front desk, the ghost operator said to sheldon, and then took Bai Xiaofei’s arm and walked towards the elevator.

sheldon nodded, did not speak, still focused on the woman.

I don’t know how long it has been. The woman has already checked in. sheldon followed her and went up the elevator all the way. When the elevator stopped on the twelfth floor, the woman left. sheldon was still watching.

Knowing which room she lives in is a good start for sheldon.

As for when to contact her, I have to wait to think about it. Anyway, I can’t go up rashly anyway. Once the other person is shocked, even if the person is really from the Haidong people, they will be shocked. I will not say anything about the Haidong people. .

Sitting on the elevator back to the room, sheldon smoked a cigarette and sat on the sofa, thinking about it all the time.

“Brother Chen.” Bai Xiaofei didn’t know what was in the hall. He was thinking about the game at the time, and he didn’t hear the conversation between sheldon and Guishuan.

“It’s nothing, let’s go back to the room to rest and let him sit for a while.” The ghost operator did not say to Bai Xiaofei, pushing him into the room, and after closing the door, he also returned to his room and closed the door tightly. Close tightly.

sheldon didn’t move. Except for occasionally smoking a cigarette, he spent most of the time looking at the window in a daze.

After a long time, sheldon cocked his legs.

When he left the Japanese training ground, he was still thinking about when he would come into contact with the Haidong people. He didn’t expect to be met by himself only two or three hours later.

Moreover, based on the pendant alone, it seems that this woman’s identity in the Haidong tribe is somewhat unusual, which is more able to get the secret of Youlong Island.


sheldon exhaled a foul breath, thinking that his parents and sister are still on Youlong Island so far, his heart was tingling with pain, and even his breathing was not smooth.

I don’t know how long it has been before, sheldon got up from the sofa. He had already changed the cigarettes in his hand. I don’t know how many cigarettes in his hand. Looking at the scenery outside the window, sheldon thought of something from his childhood.

Ever since he can remember, Chen Diancang, the grandfather, has been living in the impression, including now that he is getting closer and closer, even only a short distance away. sheldon can’t imagine who he is. He has never been in his mind. There is nothing about him.

And he didn’t know why Chen Diancang would act on his parents or his sister. He couldn’t guess Chen Diancang’s true intentions.

“Come out.”

Taking a look at the two rooms in front of him, sheldon squeezed out the cigarette and said lightly.

As soon as the voice fell, Guishuan and Bai Xiaofei both came out of their respective rooms.

“Brother Chen, why are you suddenly so depressed?” Bai Xiaofei asked concerned. He was thinking about it in the room, but he couldn’t guess why sheldon was in a good mood when he left the training ground. Why did he become so silent when he arrived at the hotel? .

“When I was in the hotel lobby just now, the ghost operator saw a female special soldier from the Japanese country. The necklace hanging on her neck seemed to be a special pendant of the Haidong ethnic group.” For Bai Xiaofei, there was no need to conceal these circumstances.

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