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This is the translated and modified version of The Poorest Rich Man Chinese novel. The names of the charters and places have been changed to give the global audience a more relatable experience. However, the plot and the storyline remain the same.

The Poorest Rich Man Complete Links

In this post, we have given all the links for you to read and enjoy the novel for free.

This novel will take the readers through the story of a young university boy. As a student, he has been living a terrible life at the university. Among a whole lot of students around him, Sheldon is the least affluent person.

Chapter 1 – 100

Chapter 101 – 200

Chapter 201 – 300

Chapter 301 – 400

Chapter 401 – 500

Chapter 501 – 600

Chapter 601 – 700

Chapter 701 – 800

Chapter 801 – 900

Chapter 901 – 1000

Chapter 1001 to 1100

Chapter 1101 to 1200

Chapter 1201 to 1300

Even to meet his daily expenses he has to run the errands of the rich kids at the university. In addition to the manual labor, he has to bear the mental burden of ridicule and mockery that these materialistic kids expose him to, through their derisory remarks and insults.

In ‘The Poorest Rich Man’ the hero has to face the discriminatory behavior of this girl who he loves very much. But due to his status, this girl ditches him for a spoilt rich child.

His life turns upside down when his sister from abroad contacts him and gives him access to the family funds, which he has been unaware of so far. His days of worry, bullying, and ridicule are over.

Yet the people around him, unaware of his real status, keep on treating him like the trash. He has become a spectator from the earlier status of a subject of ridicule now. He observes their shallow morals and laughs inwardly at their superficial and haughty mentalities.

He has made up his mind that the spoilt rich know only the language of power and money. They have nothing to write home about. One day he meets this girl. A girl who is part of that society but is far removed from it in terms of manners and behavior.

Would she be able to change his mind? Would she be able to give him the love that he has been missing so far from his life? Now he has the upper hand in terms of power and money, those who have treated him like animals so far are not more than small cogs in the machinery that he can operate. How would he treat them? Will he become one of them? Shallow, materialistic, and selfish? Or there is something else written for him by fate? Find out more here.

The Poorest Rich Man Online

You can read the complete novel online from our website for free. All you need to do is follow the links given here. The Poorest Rich Man Complete Links are arranged for you to start from whichever chapter or portion you would like to.

The Poorest Rich Man Chinese novel will give you all the pleasure that you want from a love story. Immerse yourself in the feelings, tread through the fortunate and unfortunate moments of Sheldon and find out how money and power can turn the tides for people.

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  1. All chapter of the poorest richman is not showing full content. Every chapter is missing a large proportion of story which ruin the flow of story.

    Please fix as soon as possible.

  2. The writer is ok? Did he got sick or the web page is the problem???
    Almost a month since last update and even the coments are awaiting for moderation… does anyone knows about this things???

  3. More than a week and no news about new chapters…. Are you gonna keep with the story or not?
    I like the story and the writing style… but at the same time in several times you said that there will be 2 chapter per day…
    I realy hope you will keep up with the story

  4. Tiene un cambio de historia demasiado drástico ya no entendí nada sigo esperando saber que pasa con la destrucción del mundo en 300 dias

  5. I realy like the writing style… even with the deviation and all…
    But i wonder what happen, no uploads for several days even the content list is no updated. Now it shows onli 1023 chapters but reality 1030…
    Hope there’s some new chapters coming or at leas the notification of the end of the story

  6. To much story deviation, what about the 2 coffins of god, what about sun alliance, what about world ending in 300 days, what about collection 10 swords, can anyone tell me where is Sheldon present i mean fromc chapter 900 and above it says he goes to his office,

    • Please check all chapter. All chapter are missing a good proportion of content in the chapter which ruin the story.

      Please fix soon as possible.

  7. Is it just me that thinks the writer is deviating from the original story? Sheldon us suppose to be racing time to get the orb to help him get strong enough to defeat the Demon god. What does that have to do with dealing with a serial killer

    • If I am not mistaking, the plot was drastically changed, including the characters and the main character…all starting with the Ghost sect arc…is like something’s missing, or we skipped a couple dozen of chapters..

  8. I already stop at chapter 931. I cant go further. Im still waiting for new release but no more then i have to wait for the updates here for chapter 932 above.

  9. I need to read the novel “The poorest rich man” from chapter 863. Can I expect you to update from that chapter. Thank you

  10. thank you for uploading so many chapter ive been looking for this for so many day im stock ing episode 67 but thanks to u i can continue reading this many thanksssssss

  11. Umm….How many Chapter Did you release Each Day? And…Are you gonna Release the chapter 186-187? (Just Asking)

  12. Please who can help me with where to read the poorest rich man from chapter 60 upwards. Really looking up to ur kind response

  13. I need to read the novel “The poorest rich man” from chapter 863. Can I expect you to update from that chapter. Thank you

  14. Im currently reading this as well. I am already reading upto chapter 600 plus. It’s an interesting story how he turned from rags to richest, from weak to becoming a martial arts specialist, etc.


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