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Chapter 1055

“Then what are you doing? Hurry up and ask her about the situation of the Haidong tribe. What if she runs away?” Bai Xiaofei was a little nervous.

“Don’t worry.” sheldon took his arm, and when explaining the situation to him, he already guessed that this kid would be very excited.

“How can we not worry about this? If she ran away, where shall we find another Haidong tribe. They are not easy to find. If the time delay is too long, we can’t stay in the country forever.”

Being dragged by sheldon in this way, Bai Xiaofei sat down on the sofa and smoked a cigarette that sheldon had placed on the table.

“You can’t say that. She is a special soldier. She should only live here when she participates in the special forces contest. And the hotel has her registration. Now if we go so rashly, we will definitely be scared. Don’t talk about the Haidong people. The police are all It is possible.”

“You must first understand her situation gradually, and then find ways to get close, and when the other party is not disgusted, pick a suitable time to tell the Hai Dong people’s affairs, and then you have a chance to get the situation of Youlong Island.”

Ghost calculation Zi opened the mouth to explain for sheldon.

“He’s right, this is exactly what I think in my heart.” sheldon nodded in agreement, many times he could think of going with the ghost operator.

“Then wait?” Bai Xiaofei understood, but still felt a little too procrastinated.

“It now appears that there is no other way than waiting to find opportunities.” sheldon shrugged and continued, “If she has left before we can find her, then we can only look for other things. It’s the best way.”

“It’s a shame.” Bai Xiaofei sighed.

“This is the way there is no way.” sheldon gave a wry smile.

After talking about this, sheldon went downstairs alone. Since he has been living here for some time recently, sheldon naturally wants to understand the situation around him clearly. Although he has no enemies in the country, he is not allowed to have enemies. Chased here.

This is not in Huaxia, everything can only rely on oneself, and it will not be as casual as in Nanyuezhong.

Guishuan and Bai Xiaofei were originally prepared to follow, but he refused. Guishuan did not have any strength. Even if they encountered danger, they would protect him. Bai Xiaofei came to participate in the competition. sheldon did not want to involve him. Into those things of oneself.

With a cigarette in his mouth, sheldon sat down in the elevator.

It was completely dark outside. Looking at the bustling pedestrians outside, sheldon’s mood became a lot lighter, and he wanted to drive a bit.

Since his parents and sister have been on Youlong Island for such a long time, there shouldn’t be any big problems. Besides, after all, they are still related to Chen Diancang. sheldon doesn’t really believe that he can really kill the killer. , I can vaguely guess from some of the things my father told me about my grandfather in the past.

Walking on the road, sheldon thought about how to contact the woman and how to ask about the Haidong people. After all, the three words Haidong people should be taboo for the current Haidong people, and they must not be mentioned. .

sheldon felt a bit big thinking about this.

Seeing a supermarket next to him, sheldon was about to go in to buy a pack of cigarettes. Suddenly his eyes became sharp. With the blessing of the power of the Nine Turns Yuan Shen, sheldon could keenly feel all the dangerous situations that occurred around him.

And right now, sheldon felt that something dangerous was happening in the alley behind the hotel.

sheldon was stunned for a moment, and walked towards the supermarket.

This is not in China, and I am not a living Buddha. I don’t need to be nosy to cause unnecessary trouble for myself.

But as soon as his front foot stepped into the supermarket, sheldon stopped suddenly.

Because sheldon suddenly realized that if it was just an ordinary danger, he would not have any warning at all. This was not an ordinary fight at all, it was probably a contest between two cultivators.

“Get a pack of cigarettes.”

sheldon stood at the door and handed a paper currency to the counter.

After getting the cigarettes and the change, sheldon immediately turned around and walked towards the back of the hotel. After all, someone similar to a cultivator appeared in the place where he lived, and he had to go and see clearly.

sheldon didn’t leave fast, and didn’t intend to expose himself until the identity of the other party was investigated.

There is a dark alley between the supermarket and the hotel. From here, you can go to the back of the hotel. The back of the hotel is completely different from the bustling street in front. It is a wasteland that has not yet been developed. You can see buildings everywhere. Rubbish.

sheldon was against the wall, and the further he walked, the more he could feel the fluctuations in the back, but from his own perception, he didn’t seem to be a cultivator, but both sides were very strong.

When he walked to the corner, sheldon looked around and saw the situation behind him at a glance. He saw a man and a woman fighting on the construction waste. The men took the upper hand, and it seemed that a few more rounds of fighting women would be. Lose.

sheldon lit a cigarette and was about to take a couple of puffs to go back. Since he was not a cultivator, it was the situation within the country. sheldon didn’t want to care about these things.

Just as sheldon was about to turn around and go back, he suddenly discovered that the woman not far in front of her seemed a bit familiar, judging from her clothes, she seemed to have seen it somewhere.

Suddenly, the woman’s figure moved to see her, her chest was illuminated by moonlight, but her chest suddenly flashed with light.

It was precisely seeing this light that sheldon was stunned.

This woman was no one else, but in the hotel lobby, she saw the woman with the Haidong special pendant.

Thinking of this, sheldon didn’t hesitate. After throwing away the cigarette in his hand, he immediately threw himself up. He was still thinking about how to contact this woman. Now he took the initiative to give the opportunity to himself. Of course he wanted to seize it.

sheldon’s speed was very fast, and at a distance of more than ten meters, it flickered almost instantly, and the man just raised the dagger in his hand and pierced the woman’s chest.

The woman’s physical strength was obviously exhausted, and she had no ability to stop her. Just as she closed her eyes and prepared to meet, she suddenly felt a breeze blowing in front of her, followed by a slight noise.

The pain of being stabbed by the dagger did not come as expected.

The woman opened her eyes, but found that she didn’t know when, a majestic figure suddenly appeared in front of her. Looking at the situation, it was the man in front of her who had resisted the offensive for her.

“Who are you, why do you want to intervene in our affairs?” The other party was also shocked by sheldon’s sudden attack, and frowned and asked in a low voice.

“Hiding behind me.” sheldon ignored him, but protected the woman behind him with his arms.

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