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Chapter 1057

“Who is the person who did you today?” sheldon still sat on the sofa and didn’t look back, for fear that he would see something that he shouldn’t see again.

“It’s a member of our hostile family. I don’t know how to get the news from me today, and I suddenly chased after him.” Erye Feixu shook her head. She didn’t know what was going on, and even the family never let her notice , But when she saw sheldon still turning her back to her, she laughed out loud, “You can turn your head back, I’m already dressed.”

“Yeah.” sheldon heard her words. Just turned his head.

“I haven’t asked you yet. How come you, a Chinese from China, appear here, and you seem to be stronger than the opponent. Are you a special soldier from China to participate in the competition?” Er Ye Feixu was bright. Her eyes were fixed on sheldon, until now she felt like she was dreaming. When she encountered danger, a man suddenly came forward and turned the danger into safety. This is exactly the same as the plot in the novel.

“My friend is a special soldier, I just came with him.” sheldon smiled and waved his hand and said.

“It turned out to be like this, but although you helped me, you also caused the Hanoi family. They are the top killer organization in the Japanese country. I’m afraid they won’t let you off easily.”

The emotion in Erye Feixu’s eyes turned into worry. Although the man in front of him has some strength, it is still difficult to resist the Hanoi family within the territory of the country. You must know that this family has a history of hundreds of years in the country. The killers in the family are famous all over the world, and even the war department dare not easily provoke .

“Oh? The Hanoi family?” sheldon raised his eyebrows.

“Have you heard of this family?” Er Ye Feixu asked.

“I’ve heard of the famous Hanoi family, how come I haven’t heard of it.” sheldon said with a smile, originally wanted to light a cigarette, but thought that there was a girl in front of him, so he gave up.

“So you are in trouble. Why don’t you go back to the family with me. My father and I will explain today’s situation and discuss how to ensure your safety. Although our Erye family is not as strong as the Hanoi family, how can we say we are in the Wa country? There is also a good status. I think that with the protection of the family, the people in Hanoi dare not do

anything to you at will.” Er Ye Feixu thought for a while and said a way she thought was fair.

“This is not impossible.” sheldon smiled at the corner of his mouth listening to her.

To be honest, sheldon is not afraid of this Hanoi family. Even if all the elites of their family are sent out, it is impossible to cause any damage to him, but this is obviously an opportunity to distance himself from the woman in front of him.

The family she was talking about may be the Haidong people thousands of years ago. If you can get acquainted with this family, you will have a greater chance to explore the secrets of Youlong Island.

No matter what, sheldon would not reject her idea.

“That’s good, you go talk to your friend, and then go home with me immediately. I am worried that the Hanoi family will know the news soon. Once they send someone to surround this place, it will be very troublesome for me to want to leave. a. “

see Chen song consent, two leaves Fei Xu quickly opened a quilt out of bed, she only wore simple clothes, she is uneven appearance of the head.

sheldon just glanced at it and immediately lowered his head.

“Why are you still stunned, waiting for the Hanoi family to come to your trouble.” Seeing sheldon still sitting motionless on the sofa, Er Ye Feixu pushed sheldon’s shoulder.

“Okay, I’ll talk to my friend, and I will make up under the hotel in ten minutes.” sheldon smiled faintly, got up and walked out of the room.

Returning to his room, he explained the specific situation to Guishuan and Bai Xiaofei. sheldon put on his coat and left the hotel.

Below the hotel, Erye Feixu had already been waiting here.

The two got into the car together, and under the command of Erye Feixu, they galloped towards the direction of the family.

Just a few minutes after sheldon left, several people in black suits rushed to the back of the hotel. No one of them was holding a dagger in their hands, and even a few meters away they could faintly smell the blood on them.

“Lao San, are you here?” The leader stood on top of the construction rubbish, looking around at the surroundings.

“It’s here. At that time, I was about to succeed and I was about to seriously injure Feixu. A man suddenly appeared to stop me, and his strength was very strong. I was not his opponent at all.” I was beaten back by sheldon. Said the person hastily.

“You guys go to the hotel to check. Once you find that the person lives in the hotel, you don’t need to notify, do it right away!” The person waved his hand and said in a low voice.

They have never been affected by others in the Hanoi family. The sudden situation made him feel very angry. If Feixu was seriously injured, the task assigned to them by the patriarch could be completed. You can also use Feixu to threaten Erye. Home.

But now the cooked duck flies away from the mouth, which means that everything they have done before has been drenched, and they have been stunned by the grass, and it will definitely be several times more difficult to find Erye Feixu than this time.

“Do you know the other party’s intentions, do you simply want to save Erye Feixu, or see through your identity and want to trouble you?” After thinking for a moment, he turned his head and asked. In his impression, he thought it was their Hanoi family. People who have ever offended.

“I don’t know the specifics, but the other party is not from our Japanese country. He sounds like a Chinese accent.” The person who was repelled by sheldon continued.

“Hua Xia…” The man continued to ponder, and waved his hand after a moment. “Is not the Chinese people does not matter to us, since it affects what we dare Hanoi family, it will die!”

two leaves from a family where the hotel is not near Chen Song, in the second Ye Fei Under Xu’s guidance, it was not until three hours later that he arrived at the city where their family was located.

On the way, sheldon did not deliberately go to her to learn about the family’s situation, but Erye Feixu has always concealed something, and most of what he said was of no value.

Realizing that Erye Feixu might be hesitant, sheldon did not continue to inquire. First, it was almost determined that Erye’s family was the Haidong tribe, and secondly, he did not want to arouse her resentment and vigilance.

Another half an hour passed. Under the command of Er Ye Feixu, sheldon parked the car at the gate of a manor. Just as it stopped, a young man in uniform came forward.

“This is my friend. I brought it back to the family and asked my father about important things.” Er Ye Feixu took the lead to get out of the car and said, pointing to sheldon sitting in the cab.

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