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Chapter 1059

saw that sheldon was reluctant to say, and Takuya Futaba did not insist on asking.

After a meal, sheldon was arranged to rest in the family’s high-end guest area. After bidding farewell to Feixu, sheldon led the way to the room with the housekeeper.

Pushing the door open, sheldon saw the luxurious decoration inside. It was said that it was a guest room, but in fact it was no different from an ordinary house. There were three rooms and two halls, which contained all the basic living facilities.

“What’s the situation at the hotel?” Closing the door, sheldon put down his bag, and asked Bai Xiaofei on the phone.

“Brother Chen, we saw a lot of people patrolling back and forth under the hotel, and they seem to be looking for you.”

Upon receiving a call from sheldon, Bai Xiaofei immediately walked to the window and looked down.

“Yeah.” sheldon nodded, this was what he expected.

“Do you want me to go down and solve them?” Bai Xiaofei continued to ask when they saw them walking around in front of the hotel for a while, and there were even people who kept coming in and out of the hotel.

“Don’t worry, if they didn’t bother you, then they don’t know anything.” sheldon rejected Bai Xiaofei’s proposal and hung up the phone after saying this.

Bai Xiaofei sighed while listening to the busy tone on the phone.

“sheldon didn’t let you do it?” After so long of understanding, the ghost operator can already understand Bai Xiaofei’s condition from his tone and actions.

“Yes, Brother Chen told me not to move here, and said that if they provoke us, I can do it.” Bai Xiaofei sighed and said.

“sheldon is right. We are in the country of Japan, and we don’t know the other party’s background and strength. If we provoke them, it will only cause us trouble.”

“You should also curb your reckless character and continue If this continues, I don’t know when you will get into trouble, depending on how you explain to sheldon.” The ghost operator continued to play with the compass in his hand.

Hai Xin Tu is in sheldon’s hands, and he can only constantly make divine calculations and check hexagrams to understand whether sheldon will encounter trouble or danger recently.

“I know, this is not because I asked Brother Chen, and didn’t act on my own!” Bai Xiaofei scratched his head. He is not a person with a developed mind and simple limbs. He just can’t bear the warlike thoughts in his heart, but he will still do it. Please ask sheldon before.

“Okay, go to bed early, now sheldon has been in contact with the Haidong people, and may need our help at any time.” After drinking the water in front of him, Guishuan picked up the compass and walked back to the room.

“Are you sure that family is the Haidong tribe?” Bai Xiaofei walked two steps quickly and took the arm of the ghost operator.

“It’s not certain for the time being, but it’s very possible.” The ghost operator didn’t dare to make a guarantee. After all, the Haidong people were completely hidden, and it was impossible to determine their identities based on such a few clues.

“Okay.” Bai Xiaofei shrugged and let go.

the following day.

sheldon got up early in the morning.

Living in the Erye family, sheldon’s goal is to find evidence that this family is the Haidong tribe, and as long as he finds it, he can be sure.

“Little brother got up very early.” As soon as he walked out of the guest room, he saw Erye Takuya facing him. When he saw sheldon, he immediately greeted him and asked with a smile on his face.

“Get used to it.” sheldon smiled faintly.

“Come with me to the tea room for some morning tea. It was just delivered from your Huaxia Wuyi Mountain some time ago. By the way, I have something to tell you.”

Erye Takuya pointed to a tea room not far away.

sheldon did not refuse.

Sitting in the tea room, Futaba Takuya made tea and told sheldon about the situation he had just reported in the morning.

“Little brother, my people visited the place where you live with Feixu last night. People from the Hanoi family have indeed arrived there and have begun investigating you, so you must live in our family during this period of time until The danger is lifted.”

Futaba Takuya brought the tea to sheldon.

“Why did the Hanoi family kill Miss Feixu?” sheldon asked with a sip.

sheldon thought about this carefully last night. He didn’t want to provoke a killer family to bring trouble to him, but after all he has already intervened in this matter, and if the Hanoi family is resolved, Futya Takuya will be right. My impression has changed for the better.

This will be of vital help to one’s own affairs.

“This situation is very long to speak of. We and the Hanoi family are feuds. When I was young and did not become the head of the family, I already knew about the grievances between the two families. I don’t know why there are grudges.”

Futaba Takuya took a deep breath and said slowly.

“Historical grievances.” sheldon did not expect this.

“Yes, as far as I know, the Hanoi family shouldn’t know why, but after all, it’s the grievances of our ancestors and we inherited it like this. Normally, neither of our two families would provoke conflicts without authorization. The match between the two was still decades ago.”

“I was surprised by the unexpected situation, but it is already investigating. If the Hanoi family deliberately wants to break the current peace, our Erye family will accompany to the end anyway.”

When he said this, Futaba Takuya’s tone was very firm, and the courage of a family head was vividly displayed on him.

“It stands to reason that your Erye family also has some status in the country of Japan. The Hanoi family should not declare war on your family for no reason, and they will still act on your daughter. There must be a reason for this.” sheldon held the tea. Squinted and thought.

“Yes, I have the same idea.” Erba Takuya nodded and agreed with sheldon’s opinion, “But what is going on depends on the follow-up investigation.”

“Patriarch Takuya, since I already know about this, then I will definitely help you.” sheldon pondered for a moment and said.

“No, you have saved Feixu once, and now you are the benefactor of our Erye family. How can I let you take risks because of our family’s affairs? You can live here with peace of mind and wait until the crisis is resolved!” Listening to sheldon’s words, Futaba Takuya quickly waved his hands and refused.

“Okay, I’ll listen to you.” sheldon did not continue to insist, but obeyed his intention.

Drinking tea in the tea room, Erye Takuya also learned about sheldon’s situation. sheldon was chatting with each other, but his eyes were constantly scanning his body. You know, Feixu’s neck is hanging with the sea. The special pendants of the Dong people may have some special accessories on the master’s body.

But it is a pity that sheldon did not find any ornaments about the Haidong tribe from Erye Takuya.

Of course, sheldon was not discouraged. He had already entered the family at this time. The investigation didn’t need to be too anxious, just take it slowly.

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