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Chapter 1069

Sheldon had to keep up, and when he walked by Futaba Takuya, he smiled awkwardly at him.

In the room, Futaba Takuya took the first place.

Sheldon and Feixu sat down, the two of them still holding hands.

“When did you two have such a relationship?” Takuya said that he had also passed this age. Seeing her daughter and Sheldon intertwined, he understood what happened.

It’s just that this thing happened too quickly, and he didn’t have the slightest preparation at all, which made him feel a little at a loss.

“Dad, I don’t want to be with Jinchuan Sukezo, nor do I want to sacrifice my own happiness. You should know what kind of person he is. If you really marry him, I will be ruined in my life.” Feixu let go of Sheldon’s hand and stood up and said with excitement.

“I know.” Takuya looked up at his daughter.

“So, I and Sheldon are already together now, I hope you can fulfill us.” Er Ye Feixu sat down and continued to hold Sheldon’s hand.

“When are you…” Erye Takuya looked at his daughter and then at Sheldon.

“It’s been started since we met.” Feixu said first.

“Oh, as a father, I certainly hope you can have a good home, but if the Jinchuan family does not provide help, our Erye family may not be able to support it for half a year, and other people in the family will not agree.” Erye Takuya sighed and said helplessly.

“But it’s your daughter, you can’t sacrifice my happiness!” Hearing what his father said, Erye Feixu was a little emotional, “You should know what kind of person Jinchuan Sukezo is, if it weren’t for Sheldon in time yesterday If I arrive, I am afraid I will be insulted by him!”

“What did you say?!” Futaba Takuya stood up abruptly.

“I didn’t say anything.” Er Ye Feixu realized that he had said something wrong, and quickly sat down.

“Sheldon, what happened during your two days at Jinchuan’s house? Does that bastard Jinchuan Sukezo want to do something to Feixu?!” Seeing her daughter refused to say, Niba Takuya hurriedly asked Xiang Sheldon .

“That’s it.” Sheldon nodded, “Jinchuan Sukezo wanted to embarrass Miss Feixu. When I went, the lady’s clothes had been torn to pieces by him and thrown on the ground.”

“This bastard thing!”

“I haven’t done anything before The rumors from the outside are regarded as one thing, thinking that the young master of the Jinchuan family would not do that kind of thing, now it seems that it is really a complete walking dead!”

Futaba Takuya slapped the table hard, even his lips trembled with anger.

He can accept his daughter’s sacrifice of love because of family development, but he cannot accept his daughter marrying such a scumbag.

“So, I want to be with Sheldon and push the marriage contract with the Jinchuan family!” Feixu squeezed his fists, looking at Futaba Takuya with a look of expectation in his eyes.

“This matter is still very difficult. Although I want to cancel it now, after all, the family is not my decision. Other people in the family should all oppose it, and the Jinchuan family will also hold on to it.” Futaba Takuya Shen He sighed deeply, sat on the chair and smoked a cigarette.

“Do you smoke?” After taking two sips, Futaba Takuya threw the cigarette case in front of him.

Sheldon caught it and drew a point from it.

“So, you are also acting in a scene to force me to come forward and cancel the marriage contract with the Jinchuan family as a couple?” After smoking two cigarettes, Futaba Takuya squinted his eyes to look at Sheldon, who can become a family member The patriarch is enough to prove his ability to observe words and colors.

“No, we really love each other!” Feixu said first.

“I don’t care if you love each other sincerely, or if you want to act for me, but I won’t let you have any contact with the youngest son of the Jinchuan family. I will try my best to say it in the family. As for the Jinchuan family, I will Find a way to deal with them.”

“Anyway, I will not use my daughter’s happiness and reputation for the rest of her life to exchange for the future of the family.”

Takuya Futaba clenched his fists, it is difficult for him to imagine someone like Jinchuan Sukezo once his daughter married What kind of life will he lead, and if he didn’t know the situation this time, he would personally push his daughter into the fire pit.

“Patriarch Takuya, I don’t know if I should ask you something.” Sheldon said, smashing the cigarette butts.

“Just ask, you are the benefactor of our Erye family, and now you are Feixu’s boyfriend, as long as you want to know, I will tell you.” Takuya waved his hand.

“What kind of grievances did you have with the Hanoi family? As far as I know, this family hardly does anything to the people in the country. Why did you even send a killer to assassinate Feixu this time?” Sheldon asked.

This is a question buried in his heart. Only by understanding the grievances between the Erye family and the Hanoi family can we better help Feixu, and Sheldon does not want to be involved in the struggle between the two Japanese national clans inexplicably.

Although everything is for Youlong Island, it is better not to cause trouble if it is unnecessary.

“The hatred between us and the Hanoi family can be involved hundreds of years ago, but this is only the news passed down by our ancestors. From the time I can remember, we have not had any intersection with the Hanoi family, nor have there been any conflicts.”

“This time I was also caught off guard by the Hanoi family’s sudden action against Feixu. Maybe they knew that our family’s situation is not so good now, so they want to take this opportunity to destroy us.”

Futaba Takuya shook his head helplessly.

Before the family was defeated, the Hanoi family was very honest, so honest that it made him wonder whether there was any grudge between the two families, but now that the family has just shown a trend of defeat, the Hanoi family can no longer sit down. Living.

This made him feel very disgusting in his heart, and at the same time he made up his mind that if the family can recover, the Hanoi family will be dealt with first, and at least they will never dare to hit their own family again.

“They dare to act on Feixu, it means they have been planning for a long time, then it will definitely not be just this time, and you still have to be more careful in the future.” Sheldon did not hear any value from the words of Takuya Futaba.

“This is indeed the case. Feixu is a special soldier of our country, and also has the title of female soldier king. She is very strong, and she is not the opponent of that killer. It can be guessed that the Hanoi family must have sent the family’s top killer, no Wanting to kill Feixu, just wanting to wound her and kidnap her away to threaten me.”

Erye Takuya agreed with Sheldon’s words, so before Sheldon’s voice fell, he quickly said what was in his heart. .

“That assassin’s strength is indeed very strong.” Sheldon nodded and agreed.

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