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Chapter 1070

“Don’t talk about the Hanoi family matters. The top priority now is to solve the Jinchuan family matters. I can agree, but other people in the family will not agree, so be it. , You guys go take a rest first, and I will take you to meet them in the evening and discuss them together.”

Erye Takuya has no interest in the Hanoi family now. All he thinks about is the situation of his daughter. If he really takes his daughter up To Jinchuan Sukezo, he will live in remorse and annoyance all his life.

“Let’s go, let’s go back and rest first.” Er Ye Feixu naturally took Sheldon’s hand.

“Then we will go back first.” Sheldon nodded and said unnaturally.

Looking at the back of his daughter and Sheldon, Erye Takuya sighed quietly. If these changes did not happen in the family, he raised his hands to agree to his daughter’s relationship with Sheldon. Nothing else. It was because the daughter was willing, and Sheldon did. With strength, it can protect the safety of her daughter.

But now…

Futaba Takuya lit another cigarette. He contacted all the senior members of the family and asked them to return to the family tonight. There are important things to discuss.

in the room.

Sheldon released Feixu’s hand as soon as he entered the door.

Although it was acting for her happiness, he felt a little uncomfortable to hold another woman’s hand when Su Muhan was still in danger.

“Thank you.” Feixu’s face flushed, and she was already very satisfied to hold hands with Sheldon.

“Can I see the pendant on your chest?” Sheldon pointed his finger at the Haidong special pendant hanging on her neck and asked.

“Of course it can.” Feixu took off the pendant naturally and handed it to Sheldon.

Holding the pendant, Sheldonzi took a closer look. The pendant is indeed a little different from ordinary pendants, and the material is also a bit special. Logically speaking, it should be warm when worn on the chest, but after starting this pendant Very cold.

“Is this a pendant from your ancestors?” Sheldon looked at it for a moment, and in order not to attract Feixu’s attention, he returned the pendant to her.

“Yes, my dad said that grandpa hung this pendant on me when I was born, and he said it was a very important thing, so I must not lose it, but I still don’t know what this pendant is. Meaning.” Feixu said strangely when he hung the pendant on his body again.

“Maybe your family is very important.” Sheldon smiled. He believed what Feixu said, which means that although Feixu is a princess of the Haidong tribe, she probably doesn’t know anything about the Haidong tribe, let alone Youlong Island. .

“Are you interested in this pendant?” Feixu touched the pendant, feeling the coldness on it.

“It’s not interesting, just a little curious. I haven’t seen such a sudden pendant.” Sheldon shook his head and said casually.

“By the way, I don’t know your identity yet. How can you have such a strong strength that even the top killers of the Hanoi family can easily repel them. Could it be that you are a mysterious master of the Huaxia War Department?” Feixu suddenly Looking at Sheldon, he covered his mouth and chuckled.

“I am not a member of the War Department. I have only exercised myself since I was young. I have a little strength. The people who clean up the Hanoi family have luck. If I go alone, I am not necessarily his opponent.” Sheldon said with a smile.

“Cut, I don’t believe you!” Er Ye Feixu curled his lips.

Up to now, she clearly remembers the situation when Sheldon started her hands. It was just a flash in front of her. With a momentary effort, the assassin who was about to kill herself was beaten more than ten meters away. With this strength, she was in the warhead of the country. Never seen it.

“Haha, let me tell you when I have a chance in the future.” Seeing Er Ye Feixu couldn’t help it, Sheldon could only laugh and punch.

In the evening.

At the request of Futaba Takuya, all the senior officials of the Futaba family returned to the manor.

They were originally living in the manor, taking care of all the properties and business of the manor, but since the family’s gradual decline two or three years ago, only a few people are still holding on to their previous jobs, most of them left the family to live outside .

On the one hand, they use the identity of the Erye family to make money, and want to drain the last bit of family benefits, on the other hand, they don’t want to stay in the family, fearing that something bad will happen to them.

But now, as the head of the family, Takuya Futaba asked them to come back. Even if they were 10,000 unwilling in their hearts, they still wanted to come back. After all, the family has not completely fallen down yet, and Takuya Futaba is still their Patriarch.

Besides, what benefits can you get if you come back?

In the manor’s living room, everyone gradually came in, communicating with each other about the situation outside during the recent period, and it was obvious that they hadn’t put Futaba Takuya in their eyes at all, and they didn’t even say hello.

“These white-eyed wolves!” The person who had been in the family turned his head to the side of Futaba Takuya, gritted his teeth and said in a low voice.

“Forget it, don’t worry about them, there is an old saying in China that says that husband and wife are birds of the same forest, and the disaster is about to fly separately. Even the husband and wife are like this. Isn’t it normal for our family to be in the same family?” Laughter, he has already seen these things clearly and thoroughly over the years.

And just taking advantage of this opportunity to kick out those who are not so loyal to the family, once there is a chance to restore the family, get rid of these deworming, only good and no harm.

“Patriarch, how are the preparations for the marriage between Feixu and Jinchuan’s family? We have planned this for so long. I think we should solve it as soon as possible. This is also good for our family!” After a while, someone rushed. Futaba Takuya said.

The speaker is called Futabasuke, and in terms of seniority, Futaba Takuya’s nephew.

It was also the first time he saw the family’s decline and took the lead to leave.

After he finished speaking, everyone’s eyes were on Futaba Takuya who was sitting in the first place. They all knew in their hearts that as long as Feixu married to the Jinchuan family, the family would be able to get help, and they could also get a lot of money from the family. Benefits and benefits.

“I called you back today to talk about this matter.” Futaba Takuya glanced at them and said lightly.

“Is it to tell us the wedding date, the patriarch can rest assured, even if we are busy, we will take time to participate, but I don’t know if the things that the Jinchuan family promised us have been done, Feixu can’t marry in vain!”

Erye helped his eyes Zi stared wide.

“Wait for this matter until Hui Feixu arrives.” Futaba Takuya waved his hand.

Hearing these words, everyone stopped talking, but they had their own calculations in their hearts, thinking about how to get the benefits into their own hands when the Jinchuan family’s help was received and when the benefits were delivered.

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