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Chapter 1071

half an hour after the marriage contract , Erye Feixu slowly arrived in the living room in the eyes of everyone’s desire, but to everyone’s surprise, Erye Feixu was right. Holding a man’s arm, he was still a completely stranger they had never seen before.

As the youngest son of the Jinchuan family, Jinchuan Jiesan has a lot of fame in the country, and everyone here knows him.

But seeing this scene now made them feel a little confused, and they even started to talk about Sheldon’s identity.

If this is a young man who is more capable than Jinchuan Sukezo, it would be nice to say, if it is an ordinary young man, then their abacus will be completely empty.

“Boy, who are you?” Thinking of this, Eryesuke didn’t hesitate, got up and walked in front of Sheldon and asked. He was still looking at his words, trying to determine this person from Sheldon’s temperament and dress. The approximate identity.

“This is exactly what I want to tell you today. Regarding the marriage contract between Feixu and Jinchuan Sukezo, I have decided to revoke it. There are two reasons. One is Jinchuan Sukezo’s character is not good. live a passer-by, you know this kid has done something. ” “

the second, and Chen Fei Xu song is fall in love, the two established a relationship, I, as her natural father will not wreck duck. “

two Ye Takuya hooked Er Ye Feixu.

Sheldon took her and walked to Erye Takuya in the eyes of everyone’s surprise.

“It’s hilarious!”

“That’s right, we don’t know the current situation of our family. We just waited for Miss Feixu to marry the Jinchuan family in exchange for the Jinchuan family’s help. Now we unilaterally break the contract, let alone help, I’m afraid The Jinchuan family must come over to find trouble!”

“Yes, Patriarch, how can you be so confused!”

After a short while, there was a lot of noisy sounds in the meeting room. Although the sounds were different, the purpose was indeed the same, which was to condemn Futaba Takuya’s decision.

“It’s all quiet, noisy and noisy, do you still look at me as the patriarch?” Hearing their voices, the fire in Futaba Takuya’s heart burned violently, and finally he couldn’t help but slap the table hard. , Asked loudly.

In any case, Erye Takuya is the head of the patriarch. Hearing his words, the living room quieted down instantly, but most people were still looking at Sheldon.

“I can’t give my woman to someone like Jinchuan Sukesan, watching Feixu live in pain for the rest of his life, so that my father will feel very guilty!”

“I will block the Jinchuan family, and you have nothing to do. Relationship.”

Futaba Takuya frowned as he scanned the crowd.

“But the patriarch, this is not just a matter for your own family, but also for our entire family. Only when Feixu married to the Jinchuan family can we get the help from the Jinchuan family and enable the family to survive this difficult time. Saying that Feixu will not be allowed to marry in the past, what should our family do?”

Erbasuke said again first.

“I have my own way.” Erba Takuya put his hands around his chest. If there weren’t so many people here, he could slap Eryesuke’s face directly. No matter what, he was his uncle. The faces of many clansmen disobeyed what they said, and they didn’t even see themselves in the slightest.

“You have a way, what can you do? If you have a way, how did our family fall to the way it is now? You have only become the patriarch less than 20 years, and the once glorious family has gradually fallen in your hands. I see It’s better to choose a capable patriarch to take your place!”

This time speaking, it was an old man with gray hair and a thin body.

He has a high status in the Futaba family. He is Futaba Takuya’s cousin and a strong contender for the position of patriarch after the death of Takuya’s father. However, because Takuya is a biological son, he was supported by the family. There are more people, and this is the only way to win the old man with a small advantage.

However, the current situation has changed, and the old people who supported him have passed away more or less, and even if they are still alive, they have handed over their power to the next generation, and have enjoyed their twilight years ever since.

“Uncle Shoji said makes sense, since as the patriarch of a family, the natural family in order to be considered, but now it has to give up his daughter to the future of the family, I think you simply do not fit when the patriarch!”

Two leaves just Masaharu After speaking, the voice of agreement immediately sounded. They all relied on the old man’s higher status, so they launched an attack on Futaba Takuya.

They all knew in their hearts that if a patriarch could reappear, he would be able to marry Feixu to the Jinchuan clan under the command of the family. Even if Takuya Futaba opposed it, it was of no use, because the family motto of the Futaba clan since ancient times is All clansmen must unconditionally obey what the patriarch said.

Of course, the current Futaba Takuya is an exception.

“What do you mean, do you want to directly reverse it?” The reactions of these people completely exceeded Futaba Takuya’s expectations. He knew that there would be opposition, but he did not expect to be treated this way.

“Why would we want to reverse it? We just hope that the patriarch can make the right decision for the family and sacrifice Feixu’s own happiness in exchange for the glory of our family. This is a very worthwhile thing!”

Erye Masaji sneered. Said with a cry.

“I have told you that this is impossible, and I will not give Feixu to someone like Jinchuan Sukezo!” Futaba Takuya flicked his sleeves, his tone very firm.

“I don’t think the patriarch intends to discuss with us at all. Instead, it seems that he has made a decision and came to inform us. If this is the case, let’s go away!” Futaba Masaharu did not give in at all. He did not become the patriarch at all. I have always been dissatisfied with Futaba Takuya, now is the best opportunity to overthrow him.

As long as Futaba Takuya can step down, he is sure to let himself or his son succeed in taking over.

Although it will not be able to solve the problem of the family at that time, it can take advantage of the complete decline of the family to get more benefits from the family. At that time, even if the family has completely declined, there will be no relationship with them. Anyway, what should be obtained is already After getting the hand, they have no feelings for this family.

“Then you all leave!” Erye Takuya didn’t give them a good temper.

After ten minutes of work, even if the family meeting was completely dism

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